Better Late Than Never

I would like to apologize to Miss Cosmo for not seeing this earlier on her space.

10 years ago: I just did the maths and I think I was really into Judo (el qadseya) and Karate (afterschool) and all that rubbish. Oh and I also remember 10 years ago as if they were yesterday *question mark*.

5 years ago: Got into KU - 3elom idareya. Made fun of my friends who switched majors. Little did I know, one semester later and I'd be joining them. I don't regret that decision, I'm kinda happy I made it.

1 year ago: Graduated, got a job/scholarship. Basically the first year "b khe6ety el khamseya". 3ishtaw

Tomorrow: Hopefully view an apartment. An apartment which I already decided that I will take based on its location, no matter how it looks.

5 snacks I enjoy: popcorn, sandwiches (the stuff you see bel jam3eyaat malot Americana), apples/oranges, baskin robins cookie chip icecream (no scoop BS, the 1litre thing), o jeben abyath double cream with french bread.

5 bands/artists that I know the lyrics to most of their songs: masma3 aghani. But I do remember some of 2pac's songs ?

5 things I'd do with $100,000,000: play the market, get into real estate, open a 3 storey garage, buy a really big house for my family, and finally fill it with cars.

5 locations I like to run away to: like cities? i dunno but i'd like to check out Milan with my mom. 6ereej el ma6ar, gym at 7am, stay at dowanety alone, dealership/garage with cars to look at,

5 bad habits I have: do everything at once, never seem to think what i have is enough, willing to do stupid stuff to prove a stupid point, cars and their 'trade', willing to 'ashtery ra7ty' and pay instead of

5 things I like doing: racing/speeding, workout (weights), workout (have a Steps session with Thomas the hungarian coach), calculate cashflow with a pen and piece of paper with no calculator, and .. think about 'how it's gonna be' 1 yr from now.

5 thing I will never wear: deshdasha weya goula/bazmaat, saudi jacket with deshdasha, a tie without a suit, pink shirt or whatever, light green shirt or whatever

5 TV shows I like: ENTOURAGE, OZ, desperate housewives, and i used to like friends and less than perfect

5 movies I like: way more than 5, but : the godfather trilogy, goodfellas, lock stock and two smoking barrels, reservoir dogs, casino

5 people I'd like to meet: my grandfather mn sob oboy, my grandmother mn sob omy, and not sure really but.. robert de niro, naom chomsky, and 'everybody' who my dad says "ysalem 3laik flan" belnady and cant remember him *question mark*

5 biggest joys at the moment: whenever i get the chance to talk to my family, thinking that ill secure the apartment tomorrow, no one guessing where im from right, my smallest sister going into univ, knowing that my brother is 'gad-ha' back home although he just turned 18

5 favorite toys: cars, laptop, credit cards (shfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh), not sure what else there is



Tetris has got to be one of the best metaphors of life. Here are some thoughts as to why.
In both LIFE and TETRIS:

1- Chances are, you will do better if you know what your next step is.
2- These chances double, if you know what your next TWO steps are.
3- Sometimes, you may dread the next step, but somehow can figure a way for it to work out to your benefit.
4- Talent is much more relevant than luck. Luck is the losers' way out.
5- Planning carefully and taking your time can prove to be rewardful.
6- There is a fine line between 'planning carefully' and greed. Greed will almost always leave you out with nothing.
7- Time is of the essence. The faster you process, the faster you are ahead.
8- Never think you are special. You're not. Never think that you will get what you want. You won't. You are only special because of your talent. You will only get what you want, if you make it happen yourself.
9- Concentration and determination are your best friends.
10- You have the right to say about what you have achieved only when you have accomplished something, and only then. And NOT while you are doing it. Nothing is guaranteed.
11- Make the best of what you are given. Whining and bitching will do nothing but waste your time, and fuck up your concentration. (Refer to numbers 7 and 9).
12- Restarting a game of tetris, is the twin of a new day in life. It is only what you make it. Not the game, nor life care about your excuses.
13- The more time you spend at it, the better you get.
14- There is no going back in what you have done.
15- It is better to play A L O N E. Distractions will almost always ruin your run.
16- If you have the talent, there will always be a chance for you to make things right.
17- When you do get lucky a few times here and there, it is better NOT to question why.
18- It is never personal. Never. If you do not get what you want, it is because you haven't thought it out like you ought. Everything bad that happens is your fault, and your fault only. It is never personal.
19- The more you achieve, the harder it gets.
20- The faster the pace, the higher the reward. The bigger the risk, the bigger the profit.
21- Sometimes, you see things that are not there.
22- Some other times, the things you do NOT see are the things that will help you out.
23- Always expect the worst. Always expect the worst. Always expect the worst.
24- Never settle for what you have already achieved.
25- If you only want to be normal, it is easy. You will only need to be organized and 'allign' from one time to another. If you want to be different, you will have to think ahead.
26- It is wise to always have a second way out. A plan B. A 'next move'. Think: "Two steps at a time. Two steps a time. TWO STEPS AT A TIME".
27- If good things happen, know it in your heart that they will NOT last.
28- Also, if bad things happen, know it in your heart that they will NOT last neither.
29- Self confidence in life, is knowing that you can do better the next time around in tetris.
30- No matter how good you are, there will always be an end to what you have achieved.
31- You are not your memories. You are not what you have 'scored the last time'. You are here and now. Who cares what you used to be?


"Say it ain't so"

-Dedicated to a specific someone:

The world would be a much simpler place if there was a differentiation between love in movies, poetry, and novels, as opposed to what love really is.

Love is a blend of a number of things, including and not limited to respect, loyalty and appreciation. Anything crossing these lines, and you are merely dreaming. Granted, it is quite some dream.

That is all you needed to read. Continue at your own will.

In movies, poetry, novels, the matter dealt with is not love. It is lust. Not sex. Not love. Lust.
Mara thanya 3ashan abary il thema: what is presented in movies, novels, and poetry is not love, it is lust. And no, lust is not a synonym of sex.

Lust is craving, wanting, longing for something. Ya3ni il zebda, most people would also have a "lust for love". Mind you, love as is presented in movies/novels/poetry.

"Yarait wa7ed/wa7da y/tegoli chethy" : after reading or listening to a poem.
"Yarait wa7ed/wa7da y/t7ebni chethy": after watching a movie.
"Akh lo wa7ed/wa7da y/t7ebni chethy": after finishing a romantic novel.

"Oh but who said we want the kind of love in movies/poetry/novels? We are not shallow, we know that there is a difference." You do? Where did you get that concept of love from? To be loved forever and ever, no matter what?

Love exists, sure it does. Love makes living a lot more easier, sure it does. Love is a blessing, sure it is. But this is the kind of love defined above. Not what you would like to believe love really is as you see it presented. No? Suit yourself.

Movies are an illusion.
Novels are fiction.
Poetry is exaggerated.

No wonder people are fucked up when it comes to love. They are looking for an exaggerated fictitious illusion.



1- islamic history as a whole
2- islamic history post-wafaat il rasool immediately
3- the need for nou6 bo 100 dinar
4- 3ali il baghli's articles
5- how lame 3abdile6eef il id3ay can really be sometimes
6- how premarital relationships negatively affect on actually getting married/tawfeeg el zawaj
7- Corvettes
8- efficiency of organization
9- how good sleeping on the floor is/feels
10- il dara3a 3al bent anytime, anywhere
12- keeping up to date with the news - 7ata lo headlines
13- level of self content financial independence brings
14- the need for education/higher education
15- importance of getting rid of all lebanese accents from ads
16- urgent need to get rid of most lebanese presenters on TV
17- arabic/islamic calendar
18- growth hormone
19- how dull it is to wake after 12 noon
20- british accent
21- bad influence of songs on your subconscious
22- how expensive MTC/Wa6aniya minutes really are
23- importance of men knowing how to cook
24- how expensive internet providers in Kuwait really are
25- importance of men knowing how to "housekeep"
26- acknowledging the fact that homosexuality is a disease, and a perversion .. and how it's not "cool", nor acceptable
27- Vitamin C as the ONLY cure to the flu
28- what wonders honey can do
29- family ties/family gatherings
30- ponytails on girls
31- rou7at il ba7ar
32- caps on girls (kebabees, baseball caps)
33- ponytails sticking out of caps on girls
34- privacy of marriage - or any type of relationship for that matter
35- how long lying makes you look bad to the person you lied to
36- honoring one's word
37- political influence on world economy
38- Johnny Depp as the next De Niro
39- China
40- noise a Ferrari V8 makes over 6k rpm
41- beauty of e7jaab
42- conversation between spouses
43- how important it is for parents to understand to raise their kids through "leading by example"
44- how lame it is to make lists like these
45- being solely responsible for your actions
46- knowing the arabic alphabet by heart
47- deshdasha (bedon ghetra wi3gal) as both casual/official clothing
48- 6ireej el ma6aar for driving pleasure
49- making long term investments
50- lighting when it comes to presenting anything - photos, houses, rooms .. everything
51- israel's presence as a testament to what kind of bullshit the call for World Democracy really is


Show Me The Money

From Boiler Room:
"Anybody tells you money is the root of all evil doesn't fuckin' have any
. They say money can't buy happiness? Look at the fuckin' smile on my face. Ear to ear, baby. You want details? Fine. I drive a Ferrari 355. What's up?"

It's really straightforward, life is what you make it. What you make it depends on three things the way I see it. Religion, money, and more money. Then again, there's a very fine line between greed and motivation, as there is quite a subtle difference when it comes to getting rich and forgetting who you are. That's where religion comes in. To live by "wa lan tanaalo al birra 7ata tunfeqoo mema to7ibooun" and still believe in "al maalo wal banoon zeenat al 7ayaat al donya".

Most would argue that health is really more important than anything else. Granted, espicially considering that you can't make all the money you want without being healthy in the first place.

Money isn't evil, infact the best thing that can happen to anyone (the way I see it) is to make a lot of money. The catch however is to know what to do with it, and what to spend it on. Let's face it, you buy things for three reasons.
a- You need it.
b- You buy it to make you feel better about yourself.
c- You buy it to make yourself noticed.

Prove me wrong.


Of Social Significance

There are only a number of things that are easier than talking. Breathing is one thing. Talking shit is another. The easiest thing to say is "No, that is not right", and/or "I can get a better deal than that".
The hard part being to actually back up what you claim. And ofcourse the hardest part being to actually change your addressee's opinion.

This is not the best example, as it does not really illustrate what I want to say. However, I thought a real occurance is much better/clearer than an imaginery situation, even if it just faintly touches on the subject. From yesterday:

We were all in the dowaneya for melchat ekhti, just finished having dinner. The 'basherna 3anek', 'shlonkom ba3ad', '3asakom merta7een' have all been used prior. I'm going around with the gahwa o fanayeel and the 'fathers' are discussing the cost of building a home. I get to the guy, let's call him Bo-Ameer, who is talking to my dad, and deliberately fill up il finyaal. Since now we're all one big happy family, I just stood there listening. Every time my dad would say something about our home and the costs, Bo-Ameer (okho niseeby now, who is also a cousin of the family) would say "ghali" or "la yoba ma dawart 3adil". Two things were running through my head: hal Bo-Ameer hatha is either clueless; and/or this guy knows way more about building than my dad does since, apparently, he has 3 homes. Or was it two homes o arth. Something like that, you get the picture. When they got to debating what to do with il masaa7, whether wayh wa7id or wayhain. My father, obo Bo-Ameer and his brother said wayhain. He insisted on the no-need for that, and that wayh wa7id is enough. I was filling finyaal my uncle, and said "etha el bena tejaary, akeed wayh wa7id a7san". I probably should've kept my mouth shut, since the discussion now shifted to what is really necessary, and how 'el q8iyeen fisaq, yasrifon 3al shay o ma ye7tajona'. Fair enough, I thought. A typical gathering of agreement and disagreement.

So I reach Bo-Ameer again, and offer some more coffee, he extends his hand and I take my time placing his finyaal over the others, chakchaka while I fill it (the fair amount - 3ala golat wa7ed mn el rabi3 7azrat el 3arab) so I buy some time and ask him: 3ami tara 7isbat baitna ma3a ilmawad. He didn't agree. My father explained that it's true, i7sab el meter for us is bel meter including mawad. He still didn't approve. Mojarad "?".

Don't get me wrong, I really admired Bo-Ameer. He's definitely someone who I'd want to sit with in the future. Ofcourse, he was trying to look out for his cousin and try to score him the best deal out there.

However, as they talked, my mind drifted searching for the one single time where somebody would say something and NOT be commented on. Negatively, ofcourse. To look at it the other way round, even when Bo-Ameer was talking, a lot of the other men would comment, sometimes make fun. All in good spirit ofcourse.

As for my browsing through the many encounters, I have reached none.
Now that I think of it, I realize that I do it too. And a lot at that.

So a question rises: are we all know-it-alls?


7i6 7ailhom Bainhom

While in the dowaneya tonight, one of the guys was flipping channels. I believe it was Al-Rai that had their 9pm news on and I told him to leave it on so we can all see what's new with the Israeli withdrawal of the Gaza Strip.

To my content, they were showing footage of the Israeli DFs fighting and pushing, pulling and struggling with the Jews who were not so 'ready' to leave Gaza just yet. Little talk started here and there discussing the thin line between optimism and ignorance, when it comes to freeing Il Quds, Inshala jireeb. Then we started talking about the kippot and what it signifies, why they wear it and whether or not anbeyaa' bani israel wore it or not. The philosophizing stopped just as an Israeli officer literally smacked the jewish guy, forcing him to the ground, and then his fellow officers ganging in on the guy. I let out a "eeh, 7aaaailek feeh ***** **** **** ****, la t'heda".

So then a friend talked about how it was crucial for them to evict all the jews, for their own good ya3ni and all that, with suicide bombings and what not.

The whole discussion then shifted to how "yestahloon", and how "etha 3ala b kel adab we7teram galolhom 6el3aw, o 6a7ola bachi wisyaa7, 3ayal lama dababat tedish b ebyot el falas6inyeen o ma7ad yet7acha sh maalah?"

Now, when they showed a kid who was like 5 or 6, crying his eyes out, I wondered. How come all we see of the Palestenian kids is "throwing stones" and cheering burning a US flag. I'm not saying I was 'happy' I saw that kid cry, I'm just thinking out loud how one-sided the media is (can be). As for the kid, I hope he gets over it. If he doesn't, he can go fuck himself when he's 16 or something. Yeah, I am truly that honest slash rude, however you see it.

Not that I personally care, but the fact that I get the "gal3at il falas6an yestahloon ely ga3id yseer fehom" quite a lot, suggests 2 things:
a- people who say that have no clue whatsoever what's really going on there, blinded by the "falas6an's" actions during the Iraqi invasion
b- they regard 'what is happening there' only concerns "il falas6an" and they have nothing to do with it

Sure, I blame parents/individuals themselves for not either explaining/knowing. But then again, I blame the media too for presenting not-even-half-the-truth.

What do you make of the withdrawal from Gaza?

PS: any remark with the implication of "laish ma tero7 tejahid ehnak 3ayal" will only suggest how naive you, sir/madam, are


Ma Nin3a6a Wayh

A while ago, I read somewhere that the German Foreign Minister 'ga6 naqza hal kobor' 3ala one of the Kuwaiti officials. Who exactly, I do not recall. That's beside the point. What matters is that we Kuwaitis have managed to make the Germans like us yege6on naqzat. It would have been decoded to: "meta inshala naween tedfe3oon ya 7elween?"

Intermission. Khal en6ag6ig i7saabatna for a minute.
We got "il min7a il ameeriya" which was 200kd for every Kuwaiti; rounding things up and saying the population of Kuwaitis altogether reaches 1,000,000 would mean that 200million were scattered here and there. That's the number two, with 8 zeros next to it. NEXT.

Starting from September's salary (yanzil in October ya3ni), the 50kd raise will be issued. I don't have the statistics, but then again I don't really need the exact figure. Actually, I'll only need to say that this raise would cost the government more than 85million and stop right there.

Come October, the Assembly will be trying to return the amount of money being deducted from Il Mitga3deen who have paid what is deserved. Thinking about how much that would cost is just another irrelevant matter. "Akthar mn 85million", o khalas.

And with oil prices now peaking at $67 a barrel, averaging what, 62? no worries. Our beloved country bitsid hal "3ajz".

I'm talking about "il 3ajz" which the Ministry of Health is suffering from : "3ajz maaly le meeziniyat il 3ilaaj bel khaarij." Ila chaan Allahuma hal tefesfis ehny wehnak with all that money. Itseer, oboy, laish ma tiseer?

One question would be: wasn't il min7a il ameeriya, in addition to the 50kd raise issued because of the fa'eth bel meezaniya lel 3aam il mathy?

If so, you're telling me nobody projected costs of treatment in Germany, per patient, for atleast 3 years ahead? I can do it if I got the figures, and I suck at maths.

Water/Electricity bills anyone? The I-dunno-how-much-being-spent on a stupid stadium, that ALREADY looks dated, anyone?

So, we've been reading, hearing, watching everybody brag about how "il islaa7" and the campaign against corruption o madri sheno, and they can't even pay their bills? Two different matters, I know. But still, related in a sense. What sense you may ask? The sense that "we" are just not ready to take ourselves seriously. That's it.

I can only imagine how this would "make us look jedam il 3aalam". Wila bas habaabkom 7ana o rana womens' rights o 7achi ba6aali.
Kuwaitis now in Germany can't get treatment unless the government pays the debts, in full, cash.

I'm not really sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if that includes all Kuwaitis. And not those who are there on the Health's expense.

So much for those who say "health is more important than money".


"6aalig, agolich 6aalig"

Let's get one thing straight, these are not reasons 'why I think divorces happen'. These are what I
know to be some of the reasons: either first hand (from the divorced himself) or second hand (mangoola 3an the divorced himself directly).
Reasons which I have personally deemed as 'just plain wrong'.

Now, since I only mentioned 6 examples in my last post, I would like to level things out here.

If in any case you doubt credibility, do so at your free will. No offence, but that would only go as far as to prove that you have not yet met all the people you should have to make a comment on such a matter.

The fact that some of the ladies (speicifically) did further certify knowing of some of the reasons mentioned in the other post, suggests that there is no point in excluding any more.

Moving on.

-a- The unknown. Could actually be for no reason, or perhaps reasons unknown. Personally, I would like to think of it as the latter. In any case, mo kafo min el asaas. The common :

-laish 6alagt?
"sara7a, ana ma3idt ashof nafsi ma3aha"
-sheno y3ni?
"madri .. a7es mo metwafgeen, madri"
-ma tadri?
"e, ya akhi ma ashofha tesla7ly
"ma adri"
"ee chethe.. madri"

-b- Man seeking social status, therefore marrying a girl from a well-known well-respected family. Bint iflan o 3ilaan.
When struck by the fact that bint iflan o 3ilaan is infact a human being with needs (mind you, different standards - which by the way I think she is fully entitled to), needs that he can not support. He decides it was a 'wrong decision', and decides it's time to go. I am not only talking about finances, nor am I ruling finances out.

-c- Il 3ain Il Zaygha. Man married woman for looks, and looks only. Although the woman may still be regarded as beautiful at the time of divorce, we all know that once you have had something, it's just not the same anymore. Not to mention, that there will always be the younger, tighter girl. Ma widy agol that some men actually want a beautiful woman as their wife to 'show off'. Itrizzah perhaps, yegiz feeha another perhaps. Anyway, some girls are to blame, if you know what I mean.

-d- Family strikes. I chose to 'forget' to mention that some of the mothers constantly urge their daughters to get a divorce with promises of "azawjich ely a7san menah, entay kelman yetmanaach". However, for the sake of this post, I can not neglect it. Change 'mother' into 'family', though. Pressure could come from the whole family, uncles aunts and cousins included.

-e- Men who see divorce as the easy way out. If he can afford the divorce, he would spare no expense at 'buying his way out'. This is a reason, in the sense that he feels secure with or without marriage.

-f- The girl(s) on the side. Totally different than -c-, on your own on this one I'm afraid.

Obviously, none of this would have reached me if the man was fit for marriage in the first place.

Just know that most of these reasons are associated with premarital relationships, b shahadaat the divorced themselves.

Ofcourse, 'more serious grounds for divorce' as is mentioned in one of the comments do exist. But that is NOT what I am discussing here, not at all.

3ala sa3eedin aakhar, who else is happy that the likes of 3ali Il Baghli, Dr Naji Il Zaid, 3abdelme7sin Jamaal amongst others are back to writing articles. Bas naagisna 3abder7aman Il Najaar o cham wa7id.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer 3abdili6eef Il D3ay double what they pay him, so that he extends his vacation.


"6alegni, agolek 6alegni"

Words uttered so casually from a wife, as if challenging a husband to do so.

Wrong reasons include:

-a- False idea that while she has the 'looks', men will still be interested. If that's what you have on offer, a body and a face, no wonder you say "6alegni" now.

-b- False idea that when she married waladna ely tegola now "6alegni", she would have everything she ever wanted. Including things she cannot afford on her own, nor did she afford when she was eb bait ahalha. If you married for money/getting things, no wonder you say "6alegni" now.

-c- She could not stand being 'related' to the women of her husband's family. o 3ad ya rait sij, 7amawat-ha wila halaga, wila shayfeen ro7hom 3alaiha. Be more original, no wonder you say "6alegni" now.

-d- Agreeing to a certain 'shar6' before marriage (e.g not working in this specific place), but after getting married she changes her mind wagt el sijeya. Mostly goes something like this : ana ma darast 4 isneen jam3a 3ashan tiyeeny ent wetgoly ma ashteghel bel mokan el flany, mo 3ajbek khalas 6alegni (Again, just an example).

-e- Always comparing her marriage to some friends' marriages, or whatever. Just ocmparing. If you thought marriage was a competition, then no wonder you say "6alegni' now.

-f- Not getting all that she has expected from marriage. Different from (b) since this is not about money. Can range from sex life to feeling she lost 'her love' for her husband. Not understanding how to communicate and jumping to "6alegni", as stated in (a) because she believes she can still appeal to other men.


Changing Lives

When you have a whole life you're used to, how would it feel to wake up the next morning and find it all different? This isn't a philosophical question. And no, I don't mean you wake up being the richest man in the world, or the most beautiful woman. Nor being with the richest man, or with the most beautiful woman. Rather, the same you who is reading (writing in my case), shifting lives in a matter of 13hours.

To live daily for me means having to spend my days with Kuwaiti politics, cars, borsa, rabi3 elnady, dowaween. Don't get me started on work (a.k.a skipping work), or family. Family is a really big issue for me, I'm talking The-Godfather-Trilogy-big.

The way I see it, I'm not 'going to a new temporary life'. The way I see it, I'm 'leaving a permanent life behind'.

It's interesting because I don't have any friends, or know/heard of anyone who was put in the exact same situation before. So if you don't know what I'm talking about, you're sure to not be alone. By the way, if you thought of the word 'routine', then you are way way off.

So back to the question, how would it feel to have to change lives in 13hours? Literally.

"Never let yourself get attached to anything you're not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you spot the heat coming around the corner"



1- premarital relationships
2- weddings
3- nino on tuesday night
4- il rayah if you're not buying
5- girls driving sports cars
6- il sal7iyah if you're not buying
7- starbucks
8- egyptian movies 6agat el limby w madri sheno
9- indian movies with aishwarya rai
10- highschool graduations, gabel kanaw el banat thab7eena. hal ayam 7ata il shabab
11- intekhabat el jam3a. goes for all colleges. goes for both genders
12- girls driving Jaguar XK8s or X-types
13- guys in Ferraris
14- nino as a restaurant, gair 3an tuesday night
15- Cadillac Escalades
16- 20" chrome wheels .. goes with spinners
17- songs/103.7/madri cham bas hathy marina fm
18- latest mobile phones .. "el sony il yideed cham alf camera feh?" "el samsung il yideed yesawir video 10 degayeg? basawir ta6lee3at sa7bety"
19- body kits on japanese cars
20 japanese sports cars
21- blogs
22- getting cars from il wekala. tara theyre ripping you off. get a clue
23- guys in Porsches
24- J-Lo's movies
25- Pamela Anderson
26- plastic surgery for breasts
27- Ultra gas. el banzeen ely bel ma7a6a lona akhthar .. laygherkom maysawi shay
28- shari3 el 7ob post-2002
29- marina crescent. like i said mo 6abah bas gatheeny feh .. daraina
30- knowing meno shebak ma3a meno
31- knowing eflana ely kanat tegiz wayed meno akhath-ha
32- Lexus .. eeh lexus, lexus and mercedes benz don't go in the same sentence. if you don't know that, you need therapy
33- Brazil's national football team
34- baggy low-waist jeans for guys, low-waist jeans for girls
35- accessories for girls, chains for guys
36- xenon lights
37- el distoor .. thab7eena feh
38- travelling in the summer
39- nino .. yakhi tenba6 chabdi lama artaz o ma a7asil mawgif
40- burger boutique aka burger + fries bil raayah
41- working in a bank
42- apple notebooks
43- atkien's madri atkein's diet
44- coffee
45- ipods, mp3s, u know .. hal sowalif
46- 3abdile6eef il d3ay's articles
47- the whole "zawaj el mut3a 7aram o wosakha" saying
48- the whole "il sena bel nar" "il she3a bel nar" saying
49- sheesha/gahawy sheesha .. what the fuck?
50- democracy
51- this post .. (a friend suggested it .. fuck u man heh)



If you think photo albums are a necessity in life, this is not for you. If you believe in remembering the 'good old times' by pictures/tape, this is not for you. If you are one of those people who actually feels bad when he or she realises that he or she forgot his or her camera to a 'significant event', this is not for you.

Uh-oh, tough crowd.

Memories. When did that only mean a photo, a video tape, or a compiled DVD these days?
I think that nothing tops a conversation when it comes to reminiscing.

To recall something solely based on a photo or a video kills the sweetness/bitterness of the whole thing. Audio and visual backup is appreciated, however should not be relied on; nor should it be the trigger to remember. Example, do we need photos and videos of the Iraqi Invasion in 1990 to remember? Deep down inside, you know that you do not remember the invasion every single day. Deep down inside, you know that you are merely reminded.

On a more happy note, birthdays, graduations, gatherings of friends or family are all valid examples too.

That said, let me demonstrate. I do not have photos of:
* graduating high school
* turning 18
* birthdays
* gathering in 3eed or something similar
* shalaih or mazra3a trips (neither family nor friends)
* pictures of being rewarded something (that's because I don't go)
* and no, I don't keep the invitations just incase
* graduating college (again, didn't go.. neither the college's one nor the whole University's)
* weddings

Now that I think of it, the "oldest" picture of myself I see these days dates back to perhaps when I was 15.
"Oh but whyyyy, you'd look soooo cute emqater o b eedik shahada, etraweeha i3yaalek ba3dain." Sod off.

Wondering to myself why I feel this way, I only am left with two explanations.
First being that I have an eventless life, nothing special goes on, so why spoil humanity's history by occupying their space.
I resent that, so it's definitely not it.

Second, is knowing that life isn't looking back. If you need to remember a good thing that has happened to you in the past, so that you are motivated to achieve in the future: I say spare me the drama.

To me, that means 'never be satisfied with what you have'. I never am. This may sound sad but I sincerely hope I never will be either.
I am now at a point in my life where people expect me to chill and just enjoy myself, take it easy and just be laid back. "Take it one step at a time", they say.
F u c k . Y o u . How's that for one step at a time?

"Shda3wa, tara kelha sora". I know that, and so I expect you to understand that "Shda3wa, tara kela post".

I do not feel that extremely towards the whole photos and videos thing. It may just appear that way for demonstrating purposes.

ye3aatebny laih ana naasi
yegoli kaif tensa kel elithy faat
ken ma yakfeeh 7aathir e7saasi
bas yaby ma salaf mn basmaat