An Essay in Time

1. Pending.

- deshdasha
- ghetra we3gaal
- marag la7am
- "fotocheeny" elbait
- "ga3t-eljedir"
- weekend
- shabab el de3iya
- zaad elkhair
- temetwir sa7777
- really hot weather
- a7la banat beldenya
- izwaraat
- dowaween
- bekhtesaar kol ma latha wa 6aab .. not just in the food sense

2. Past.

Came back from The Da Vinci Code. I reckon five to seven people asked me if I saw it, telling me that they have read that the movie does not deliver as much as the book. That would in fact be an entailment of a presupposed truth - that you thought the book delivered.
The movie is okay. It would have been a lot better actually if the Langdon character was not played by Tom Hanks. Worlds apart from past performances, he comes off as giving you the impression that this is a Disocovery channel's documentary where he just narrates. The heroes of the movie are Audrey Tautou's legs. If you think I'm kidding then okay, the best performance was from Alfred Molina - despite the fact that he does not have a lot of screen time. If you, as I, think of Audrey's legs are merely adequate, then you'll probably finish the movie and foresake it the minute you walk away.
Interestingly, you wouldn't. The narration is good, especially with the flashbacks (or scenery let us say) from the past. Not really a surprise there noting that Ron Howard is directing.

All that aside, if you know the history of what is known as Christianity in the present day: watch the movie. If you don't know that, then simply don't watch. Think of it as a prerequisite, actually, that you gather an understanding of what the holy trinity belief is; why it is found in the first place; as well as, and none the less importantly, some general knowledge about the role of the Church - or better yet the influence it had some centuries ago.

If you just read the book, then that's not enough. Fuck the book, fuck Dan Brown, and fuck you too. It's a story of fiction, and at the heart of it - I assume as well as I should - is the argument revolving around The Last Supper painting.
Point being, the story is way too ambitious and in itself does not hold.
Besides, if you're a Muslim/a then the story should not be of any significane to you as it does not insult neither your intelligence nor your faith.

PS: If you do watch the movie, regardless of whether you have read the novel, try to relate to the true characters who are in fact telling the story in a way: Jean Reno's "Fache", and Paul Bettany's "Silas".

3. Future.

Two thirds across the path, I have trotted. Unconfirmed results, I await. For it is only in mid-August may one rest, that is when one faces one's moment of truth. Demanding as it may have seemed or have been reported, analogized at times as being a mountain's top which one shall climb, is what proves to be incorrect.
A title in life, one should pursue; since it is a title that wealth, indeed brings. Patience is a virtue to have, I must; said easier than executed, to that I conform.



Because I was more serious preparing for my IGCSE Biology exams than I am serious nowadays for the sake of this degree, I present to you 34 more movies. All hollywood, and all supposedly out on dvd, available on torrents, aired on some channel, even came to Kuwaiti cinemas - point being, the only excuse you have for not watching any of these is because you chose not to. If you didn't know about any of these, then that's even worse.
Gents, whoever has already seen most of these, you and I will seriously make good friends.
Ladies, whoever has already seen all of these then, baby, will you marry me?

^ makes more sense now in 2006 than it did when it first came out

^ proof that you don't need anything but good dialogue and good acting to make a great flick

^ not many of this genre that i know of, anyone?
^ anyone else thought this was genius?
^ anyone else felt like an idiot at the end for falling for it?


^ "you wanna go home, or you wanna go to jail?"

^ "iz no' as though iz a bag a fakin peanuts, izi?"
^ one scene makes it all worthwhile
^ arguably THE best movie of ALL time

^ watch and relate to Kuwait & drug distribution^ epic
^ the quote-movie

^ fucked up

^ ahahah

^ interesting to say the least

^ i cried

^ better than the godfather imho .. ok, at the same level

^ best in its genre .. if it has a 'genre'
^ 7tenths: this is the movie with "YOU REALLY ARE A FUNNY GUY"

^ not sure if there's been better dialogue
^ i laughed

^ disturbing, great nonetheless

Count how many you've watched - not for the sake of counting, but so you can WATCH THE REST.



Movies you need to watch after semester 2.

^ silly dialogue at first
but it gets better

^ only the best fight scene .. ever
disturbing to an extent

^ tries way too hard to excuse geishas
watch only if you claim to be opinionated
or if you appreciate some major cinematography

^ che guevara is way overrated
good character study though .. if you're into that kinda stuff

^ an answer to all the silly and simple-minded fucks who think elkwait is some special kind of place where only the wrong resides
also, unique POV since your narrator is a 12 yr old boy

^ only watch if you have a sense of humor ,, or it'll just go over your head
for those who've already seen it: "stop dripping" AHAHAHA

^ wish there were more of those

^ just in case you've been living in a world where you desperately need to consider killing yourself for not watching this yet

^ solid in ways brokeback mountain can never dream of
and btw: fuck all you homos and homo-lovers out there

^ makes you want to blow that hollywood sign up

^ probably best popcorn movie since ..

^ i was genuinely surprised when a friend told me she hasn't seen it yet
seriously, what the fuck?

^ what 'film' is all about

^ must watch again

^ definitely must watch again