قزران إيشماتوف

- "ssa7a" = motar amreeki 3alaih dabaat o baybaat ya36eek nes nagham, nes thakhama .. mn 3agadha eb headers 6ar el6air

- "zawaj ma3a elmowa3ada bel tamaluk" = tegolha lely ma3ak 3an eflana mn 3aammat elsha3b teshofha tawha naazla mn agda3ha motar gomar arba3ta3ash

- "ala wa ena elda3y ebn elda3y gad rakaza bayn ethnatayn" = elsog kela mertefi3 ela sahmek ma bain el3arth wel 6alab mafeh gair hal we7da el3ella 3ala galbek

- "la ya khawaat il galb" = shella eb range rover o ya 7abatha lo kan sport supercharged ye6awfonek ta3bir elshari3 beljabreya mn masafi6 el masyad laih el nady .. KEL YOM

- "sog eldar lel 7efay wel 7arameya" = sog elkwait lel awrag el maleya

- "bank el taflees wal id-haar" = bank el tasleef wal idekhaar

- "il moqaffala" = il mogfala (sharika mosaahema)

- "wain ahl el nakhwa" = shsar 3ala elsafwa <- theba7t wa7ed mn elrabi3 feha

- "bait-ny wedkhal b galbe ya galbe baab, baab .. wekh6er eb rejlaik yasmar doob, doob" = alo?

- "la ta7sabana al sha7ma fe man sha7maho 3athalo" = said to anyone who's bulking for the upcoming winter

- "elnaas magamaat" = tengal lel shella as to why you chose to sit in the front passenger seat

- "sheb l-itreek" = gaseb mal awal

- "saaaaaaaaaa-m3aikom, 3a6na wa7d steak" = mota3adidat il aghraath

- "kefaya kheda3 goleli weda3?" = reflexive response to hearing the word 'bas'

- "ma7amad 7amaagy" = mestakwil

- "eesh dun thank saw" = you have to be there

- "mestebee7 el 7aal" = mesteree7 el baal

- "jareema fil 7ay ilhaady" = mota3adidat il estekhdaam

- "wa hakatha" = said in 5 different tones, each tone gessa werwaaya

w eb haik khelsit el7ekaya


Temetwir: Her Majesty's Knight

'saach allah belkhair 3amity

My recently acquired British accent does not shine, it seems, unless I am in a lecture or seminar. If I was addressing my professor, in that accent, and then turn to a friend sitting next to me, I code switch - phonologically speaking. It's not intentional or anything. And it doesn't matter since that's not the point.
The British lexicon is what has stuck with me, it seems, at all times. That includes messaging on MSN with some of my friends. Il melag ely 'yesolfon' bel engalaizi lama 'yel3ebon intarnat' ..

At any rate, I reckon since a number of my lovely readers noted out that my last installments on this space have been rather grim, I figured a lighthearted post for a change wouldn't hurt anyone, now would it.
So, here is a list of silly things I have said/written/done throughout the last year.

1. greeting my mother on the phone: "'alaw mum!"
2. at the dry cleaners: 'say again love?', and yes, I do point to my (left) ear
3. for whenever I say 'teslam' bel Kuwait: I say "chairz", and yes, sometimes I give a thumbs up
4. in lecture/seminar, lean back, support my chin up with the side of my middle finger, and have the finger 'you point with' (madre shesamona) across my lips.. not "over", "across", thumb is on jaw.. you're trying it out aren't you?
5. use "sod off" instead of .. you know
6. write: 'oy!' when i message my brother on msn and a few other lads
7. said to cousin when he started bashing me for ignoring his messages: who took the jam outta your doughnut?
8. "AAW BALOWX".. many, many times
9. 'me mate' ya3ni "wa7ed mn elrabi3", bit specific
10. one of the lads ya3ni "wa7ed mn el shabab", more general
11. ridiculous instead of 'ayshay'
12. 'stop being such a ninny' for "ta7acha 3adil larrrenik 3ala 3ainek al7en"
13. highly unlikely instead of 'don't think so'
14. frequent usage of: 'silly', 'jolly good', 'aces' and 'utterly'
15. ending with tag questions, goes without saying 6ab3an
16. press on my lips to force a small grin .. depending on different circumstances
17. tilt my head when eating a sandwich .. which btw is the british thing to do anyway, eat sandwiches instead of "snacking", i guess? but the head tilting is just the jam on the doughnut
18. say 'behaviour' a lot, to describe many things .. speech, acts or commenting on tales
19. "be a dear and .." bedal ma3alaik/ch amer
20. say marvelous, brilliant and gorgeous

And other atrocities of a smiliar nature.