"To hell with all the poetry, and too bad for the self claimed trying to put into words a description of the explanation for the state they're in in attempt to sell it for anything but what it truly is; misery. Fuck everything and everyone in between. It's not that complicated nor is it even second to your personal declaration of the non satisfaction you don't get from rapidly extsinguishing the juice of and for your aging process from all the bullshit that got you addicted to living in the first place. Trust, loyalty, honesty deprived. Everyone who ever tried to capture its essence was instead desperately trying to account for all the things immediately lost upon the act of using the single most powerful, certainly most popular drug and excuse of all time. No one ever said it wasn't real. It's just taken for granted. Surely may indeed be a reason for a lot of things that make you feel the world just stopped spinning, taking notice of your glee, that kodak moment only now it's frozen in thought in your drugged out mind for that passing shifting second. But it sure as hell is the one single undisputed reigning force making the planet turn round its axis pushing for all the things the world could do without. Love is freebasing life."