المتر جم يطق؟

Things that tend to get on my nerve and almost always get me into trouble when discussing. But then again that may be due to the fact that I don't dis-anything, and tend to do a lot of the cussing:

  • Self-claimed liberals iterating their disapproval of the activities held by self-claimed islamists that are directed at the youth (camps and what not). As they spend, you spend. And no, dinners 3ala sharaf eflaan ely tawah rad mn el3elaaj don't count, nor do the news conferences held as a reaction to something self-claimed islamists originally threw in the field begging you to hold a conference in reaction to. Conclusion: disapproving the outcome of what others initiate does not hinder the continuance of similar initiations in the future, nor does it undo the effect it has already founded for you to see and comment on in the outcome. Initiate something other than insisting on kissing the lady's cheek when you greet her eb jam3eyat elkhereejeen o enshala mako ela kel khair.
  • A girl gaining extra points on the Hot or Not scale depending on the brands she's wearing, or the car she's driving. So I'm just gonna come out and say it since I'm sporting the 18+ icon up there on the screen: I don't get the attraction in wanting to fuck a Miu Miu bag, nor the behind of a new Maserati. What ever happened to being sort of an old school, more of a legs kinda guy.
  • People insisting on telling me things like: "carbohydrates are the reason why i'm not losing weight, so i cut them down from my diet" when we talk working out routines and nutrition; and then as an alternative to cutting down carbs, they order 20 chicken nuggets from Themanya o Thimaneen (peeling the skin off before eating, in their defense) with their reasoning being: "bet3alem dr 7sain dashti ya3ni?". Eeh wala ba3alma shlon ya3ni, khal yedig 3alay ..
  • The thesis: "ent e7mid rabik, 3ayish a7san 3eesha belkwait, kelshay metwafir lek fa lateg3ad te6la3ly eb sowalef demogra6eya o majlis ma majlis, khal ye7elona o neftak mara wa lel abad". Mofo, the one thing making us 'na7mid rabna ena 3aysheen belkwait' is whatever rights issued by default to yourself and I (as citizens or otherwise) in the constitution.Tabi talqi elmajlis, talqi eldistoor. Talqi eldistoor, talqi the rights given to you that make in turn enek 'ta7mid rabik' laish 3ayesh belkwait. *blank*
  • Idolizing politicians. Be it on the grounds of their long history in the field (read: a7mad ilse3doun), or their newly known stances on certain issues which happen to coincide with how you feel/think. In both short term and long, the only thing idolizing politicians will do is just weaken your arguments. Appreciate, but nothing more.
  • Just as much: expressing unrelenting animosity and hostility towards the other politicians who bat for the other team (that came out wrong). Same reason as afore mentioned.
  • Whining about the Kuwait stock exchange as lacking this or that, and only being suitable for eflaan o falantaan. All it is is incompetence on your part when it comes to understanding/researching the: what, when, and who. 3ashaw rab3 elsoug..
  • You studied abroad, you graduated, you came back, and now you are stunned from the state your country is in. No harm done. But stop acknowledging the problems, and start addressing them. Otherwise, shut the fuck up if you can't initiate an argument without basing it on anything different than "ayam kent bamreeka ..", "lama kena bebrai6anya ..", "we7na shella eb faransa .."
I conclude with saying something that has just occured to me o kelesh malah sheghel bely foug abad: new meaning can be added to one's understanding of guilt when one makes a baby cry. And new found purpose can be found in one's life when one makes a baby clap and sing (as far as 'singing' for a baby goes)


  • welcome back :)

    the situation in kuwait and all over the middleast is boiling!!! and from what I see at least, we are not doing anything except analyize and assess!

    should there be a mix of politics and religion to begin with...I think why not..and my perfect example is Iran...god bless them...they created a country out of rubbish and they were faced to a deadly and costly war but they stood and fought...both the government and the ppl...why??

    becuz they had the right ingredients and measurements of politics/religion/nationalism

    now back to kuwait...the brand-names phenomena has been going on for as long as kuwait had oil...its nothing new...and it is very shallow and irrelevant to the scale ;P

    moshkelatna e7na al-3arb ena yn6ebq 3alina almathal "ma3a alkhal ya shagrah" ya3ni etha wa7d meda7 a politician..klena serna ma3ah and the other half against him...bas wallah lw ts2al wa7d why he is pro or against that politician he will just repeat what everyone else is saying without actually lookin into the person himself....another factor of the lazy generation...we dont even want to think for ourselves!!

    Iam not gonna generalize of course...its just how I see things are happening right now

    allah karim...tell me what can we do?? or what must we do?

    sorry i got so into it...bs sij 6agat chabdi min hal 3alam...its so crazy now...sij akher alzaman

    I dont know if what i wrote makes sense or not...but try to make the sense out of it :/

    its nice to have u back, even if its just for a lil while :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30.8.07  

  • If things getting on your nerves makes you come back; then let them get ;)

    "new meaning can be added to one's understanding of guilt when one makes a baby cry."

    I tend to make my niece cry to see how cute her face looks when crying; and it's the only time that she will let me hug her (when she's crying).

    By Blogger True Faith, at 31.8.07  

  • Welcome back! we missed your writings!!

    By Blogger Farroos, at 31.8.07  

  • 7akeema hala wala.
    1.i disagree with saying that theres a lot of analysis and assessment going on .. i would say instead that the only thing dominant for the most part is 'commenting' (which i also see is diff from 'voicing an opinion' as well)

    2. i envy iran for their current strong foreign policy (which i think every1 would agree is worlds apart from what Khatimy had in mind when he was president) .. but i dont see them being better off than us in kuwait in anything else.
    im not an expert at their interior state of affairs, but im willing to bet that citizenship-wise, we're miles ahead fa el7amdelelaah welshekir for that

    3. as for what we should do, i think u answered the q urself when saying: think for ourselves .. endless times, my discussions with friends/acquaintances have ended when they say "betkon afham o a3lam mn x/y/z ely sarlah esneen wibneen eb hal majaal?"..

    wa hakatha :)

    true faith, ta7rijeen elwa7id bs ma3ach 7ag adri emgasir fa sam7eena yal ghalya

    as for making babies cry, i'm talking the screaming tears sort of thing .. i once bumped my niece's head by mistake into the top part of her crib once as i was carrying her, and i can honestly say that the second she cried my understanding of a lot of things i thought i had figured out for good shattered to pieces

    thank you so very much kind sir, and please do accept my sincere apologies for the lack of postings

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 31.8.07  

  • aywa aywa welcome back akheeeran :)

    By Blogger Yara, at 31.8.07  

  • Great to have you back ,, even when you are in a bad mood :) The one thing I disagree with you on is the dagers of the Islamist Youth Camps (especially elesla7). They are recruitment and brainwashing camps and not just PR. In addition, because they are "malalwa" parents don't do their homeworks and tend to trust any and everyone there. The end result is a LOT of sexual assault on defenseless kids :(

    By Blogger UmmEl3yal, at 31.8.07  

  • yara
    im not back, but chairz :)

    mother earth,
    ya hala wala
    i must say, i did NOT see that one coming.. sexual assault on kids? you took me by surprise.
    what statistics are you basing this on? are there any confessions/cases/court rulings and sentences to support them if the statistics are based on claims?

    that aside, let's focus on the activities and camps those guys work on and set up to attract kids/teenagers.. your argument is that they 'recruit and brainwash' the youngsters there, fair enough for the sake of argument, but where's the non-brainwashing/recruitment attempts from 'the other side' to win them over and show them what's what?
    i.e. how is it that (self-claimed) liberals do not even put in the effort to create an environment where a child, a youngster, a teenager, an adolescent can, at least, make a choice?

    i for one dont see any attempts, instead, i see self-claimed liberals whining about how is it that the self-claimed islamists are doing this and that and they wonder how is it that people are so naive as to believe in them and trust them with their children.
    again, fair enough for the sake of argumenr, but where's the alternative on their part?
    wela il mas'ala bas naby enghayirr fekir elnaas, o we'll just wait it out and come out and live happily ever after whenever that happens?

    you can tell i miss these conversations :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 1.9.07  

  • Good morning son :)

    As for sexual assualts, I myself worked with 10's of teenagers and more than 6 much older men (in their 40's) and they all had similar experiences. All adults have reported that this is very common and KNOWN to the leaders of those groups :(

    One of the perpetrators is the current Imam in the mosque right in front of my house and who was a PE teacher in goverment elementary school. When complaints increased he was asked to retire !!

    As with all abuse of minors it ends up the kid's word against an adult who is these cases with beard and "knows God" !! This is in addition to the shame, fear and guilt associated with the abuse in general and in Eastern societies in specific.

    This is NOT limited to the Islamic camps in Kuwait. Similar cases are documents in Egypt and KSA. But as in everything else these issues are dealt with in pure acadimic basis to abvoid political tensions.

    As for alternatives, I'm not sure what you're refering to. But I put my kids into summer camps and desert camps. But I know they are made for educational and commercial/recreational reasons. No hidden agendas. But when you claim this is for FUN or for building "Islamic Presonality" - not sure what that is - while the real reason is recruitment, this is plain manipultion of defenseless kids and stupid parents.

    If by alternatives you mean liberals creating similar brain washing opportunities, then they'd better not :) The winning is not based on missed opprtunity or lack of defenses as you hint. The issue is against manipulation and making choices for kids who have no capacity to know what is going on.

    I talked a lot, sorry :( But I have a personal experience with the victims of those camps and it kills me when people deny or doubt these experiences.

    By Blogger UmmEl3yal, at 1.9.07  

  • yay a new post :)

    if librals and islamist just stopped arguing and shut up, actually do something for a change, wede be better off

    i dont get why men would know what designer bag the girl is carrying in the first place, wasnt that a gay guys thing?

    if one more person talks to me about carbs, weight, dr dashti or whoever else tells u to starve urself im gna commit murder! would u just shut up and let ppl stuff their face whichever way makes em feel comfertable

    i HATE politics with a passion :)
    but would never want to 7il the majles ... dude what will we have for entertainment?

    and THANK U for addressing the ana-dares-bara-i-forgot-how-to-be-kuwaiti-cause-the-4-years-i-spent-abroad-makes-me-superior
    SHUTUP already, ur too appaled by all means move back!

    how about u post more often? :)

    By Blogger eshda3wa, at 2.9.07  

  • omi oryaana,
    first things first, im staggered at the numbers you mention (both for volume, and age).. im not going to act like i havent heard of child molestation/rape before in kuwait, but it certainly wasnt to the degree of getting me to only think of it when i hear abt these camps and activities set up by self-claimed islamists..

    no, i did not mean that liberals should create similar camps (which you have labelled as a means of brainwashing, to which i have only agreed to label as such for the sake of argument)..
    what i was throwing at from the start was the fact that i personally dont see liberals working as a team (let alone as followers of a school of thought in politics), especially when it comes to financing something to help their cause.
    if anyone wishes to tell me that it isnt anyone's place to "market their cause" or "manipulate ppl into making favoured decisions", then i must insist: politics isnt exactly what you were born to do

    i could almost see it coming: someone telling me that (some of those) self-claimed islamists have foreign funding (or better yet, govt funding?) and thus can spend it in purpose of -an argued state of- brainwashing and recruitment

    granted, but im pretty sure an awful lot of self-claimed liberals are of enough wealth to create environments that are anything BUT similar to those in the camps of the islamists.
    so no, of course i was not advocating how liberals spend their money, nor how they should go about it if they wished to spend it.. i was rather addressing the fact that liberals seem to do nothing but a lot of talking even though the resources to making themselves heard are in abundance

    if anything, i want liberals to step up to the plate instead of making my life all that bit more miserable when they knock everybody else down in their speeches :)

    - i think both liberals + ilsalaf belta7deed mn elislamists need to primarily get their heads around the idea that politics isnt abt laa elwa6aneya wala ildeen.. but its a bit like a teenage/high school movie really, when all you (the characters) should really care abt is being the most popular kid in school for the semester..
    if that means "yom a7ayee el3alam, yom asma3 la6meyaat, o yom 3arbeed" .. so be it yakhi, wela shalla 7aadik dash eb hal ma3ma3a

    - i was under the impression gay guys would be more interested in looking at what shirt im wearing rather than what bag that girl is carrying..?

    - what gets on my nerve is the fact that MOST ppl who tell me theyre going on a diet dont ever bring up: saturated fats, hydrogenated fat, sugar content, and sodium content.. 7aftheenly hal kelmetain: 'galoli la takel nashaweyaat' o ghatheeny fehom

    - ever noticed how an overwhelming majority of the Daris Bara bunch happen to be self-claimed liberals? ;]

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 2.9.07  

  • Son Dear,

    I agree that the librals (if we can claim there are some in Kuwait) are behind in organization, PR and effort. Just because the Islamist are "active" that does not justify their actions :)

    So as usual we are not so far apart in our views ;)

    By Blogger UmmEl3yal, at 4.9.07  

  • mbarak 3alek alshahar

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12.9.07  

  • nice to see u post again oo mbarak 3laik ilshahar :)

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 13.9.07  

  • ummel3yal,
    mbarak 3alaich elshahar yal ghalya

    3alaina o 3alaich 3asaach mn 3aydeenah ya rab .. make sure yosif doesnt sneak a sandwich in his school bag :)

    ya halaaa walla 7abebi 3alaina o 3alaik, 3ash mn shafik.. hope that ur done with the UK by now and can enjoy ramadhan among ur loved ones

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 13.9.07  

  • Embarak 3laik elshahar 3zizi o 3ala kil your readers :)

    yallah ,, I need your mental and physical efforts to help the Iraqi orphans please!

    By Blogger UmmEl3yal, at 14.9.07  

  • finished my undergraduate studies, starting on my MSc inshalla next month, but now i'm Bahrain spending few days -AT LAST- of Ramadan then returning back to the UK :)

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 14.9.07  

  • ''I don't get the attraction in wanting to fuck a Miu Miu bag, nor the behind of a new Maserati. What ever happened to being sort of an old school, more of a legs kinda guy.''

    That cracked me upp man ! You have a way in writting thats very much amusing me. I must agree with you on the whole themanya w themaneen scenario! Diets shud not consist of junk period.

    By Blogger h, at 14.8.08  

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