Certainty makes life a lot more easier. Knowing what you know to be true is one thing. Certainty is on a whole different level.

Thing is there aren't many certainities, simply because people do not agree on how to certify. Some may regard everything their parents say as the ultimate truth. Others take that from religious figures. Some unfortunate others, 'believe' in certain people - for example politicians.

Most ideas have proven to not withstand the test of time. That's because they're just ideas. Ideas of man to his fellow man, on say - how to conduct his life. Democracy for example. Yes, it sounds fair and yes it seems like the 'right thing to do'. But then again, it's just an idea.

There is a group of people who regard science as the ultimate truth. Hatha ely gal 3omra ma tebakhar, tebakhar we7tarag mako? The extreme thought being: If something cannot be explained by science, then there is no explanation for it. Period.

So what makes me so sure that the ultimate truth is in religion? I was told by my parents? I heard it from religious figures? What, I can't think for my own?

I consider myself lucky. And yes, I pity those who question "religion". I mean the mere thought they have of life being meaningless and "it's all about fun" and "having a good time" until they cease to exist is really depressing. What they may deem as old-fashioned is infact the truth - etha totla 3alayhe ayaatona, galaa asa6eero el awaleen. What they may regard as "mowakabat il ta6awor" is infact what brings them down sooner or later.

The only way "they" can question faith is by asking who and when. Take the afterlife question, it's like as if they want an exact date. - wa yagolona mata hatha al wa3d en kentom sadigeen, gol lakom mee3aado yawmin la tasta'kheroon 3anho saa3taan wala tastagdimoon. And -
yas'aloka al naaso 3an el saa3a, gol ennama 3elmoha 3enda allah. wa maa yodreeka, la 3alla al sa3aata takoon gareeba.

People, ena wa3da allah 7ag fa la tagorranakom al 7ayaat al donya.

Philosophy has always tackled life and its meaning. It's really very simple. Summarized in:
e3lamo annama al 7ayat al donya la3ebon wa lahwon wa zeenaton wa tafaakhoron baynakom wa takaathoron fel amwaal wal awlaad ka mathalle gaythen a3jaba al kofaara nabaatoho, thoma yaheejo fa taraho mosfarran thoma yakoono 7o6aaama.. wa fel aakherati 3athaabon shadeedon wa maghferaton mn allahe wa rethwaan .. wa ma al 7ayaat edonya ela mataa3 el quroor.

And why do I pity them? Why do I feel lucky?

ena alatheena la yarjoona legaa'ana wa rathoo bel 7ayaat el donya wa e6ma'ano beha
walatheena hom 3an aayaatena qaafiloon olaa'eka ma'waahom al naaro bema kanoo yakseboon.. ena alatheena aamano wa 3amelo al sali7aate yahdeehem rabehom be eemanehom tajree mn ta7tehom el anhaar fi janaat el na3eem.. da3waahom feha sob7aanaka allahomma wa ta7eyatohom feha salaam .. waa akhero da3waahom ann el 7amdo lelaah rab el 3alameen

The same applies to those who believe that "el denya taghayerat 3an ayam il rasool". Ily yesma3 yegoul chena al7en Islam was restricted and applied only to that time when il rasool (salla allah 3alaih w aaleh) was alive.
If you're afraid of being ridiculed for the "takhaluf" your country is in; then Allah is much much more entitled to your fear than whoever they are you are thinking of.
And if you are desperate to change the ways of how life is in your country, so you can live the way you want the next .. cham tabon? .. 1,000 years? Then think how nothing 1,000 is opposed to eternity. Wa yasta3jeloonaka bel 3athaabe wa lan yokhlifa Allahu wa3dah wa inna yawman 3enda rabbek ka alfi sanaten memma ta3udoun.

True, there is a big difference between being a Muslim from being an Islamist - mind you, as it is used/shown in politics. But that does not mean you have the right to look for an alternative way of life. You think Islam has some rulings which are harsh? Which are a bit old-fashioned? Which are "fashla jedam elnas hatha deenna"? You think because whoever it is you want to be like are more 'advanced' than you, then they're right? Well guess what - nomati3ohom qaleelan, thomma nath6arrohom ela 3athaaben galeeth.

In the end, just think about this. Does it apply to you 1,400+ years later? I hope not.

wa etha totlaa 3alayhim ayaatona bayinaaten gaala alatheena la yarjoona legaa'ana e'ty be quraa'nen gayre hathaa aw baddelh, gol ma yakoono ly an obaddilahu mn telgaa' nafsi, en attebe3o ella ma yoou7a elayy .. enny akhaaffo en 3assayto raby 3athaaba yawwmn 3atheeem, gol law shaa'a allaho ma tallawtoho 3alaykom wa laa adraakom behh.

edit: Some of you may know Shaikh Il Mohaajir, he once said (my attempt at translation) : it is only if we are slaves to Allah, can we be free.
Think about it. Think REALLY good. Only if we are enslaved to Allah - can we be utterly free in life.


  • Kudos to you.

    Regarding being enslaved to God; Unfortunately, that is being applied incorrectly by many, even worse, those feel obliged to force their teachings upon others. Things to them are either black or white.
    Islam is very flexible, which many seem not to understand.

    By today's cultural teachings, some religious acts are flagged 'inappropriate'! A simple example is holding a knife in the right hand & the fork in the left.

    Pity to what people have become;

    A bit off topic, it would be nice if you changed that green into a bit darker color. That plus, if you could include the verse's name & number for each quote;
    The reader might attain more by reading the whole 'sora'.

    By Blogger MBH, at 11.9.05  

  • For the first time in my life I actyually attended Al-Muhajir last year. I was soooo impressed at the way he spoke, it was so "normal" it's sad that the preception we sometimes have are mislead. I felt just like those that go to Church, it's not radical. My husband by my side and we just listened and learned so much.

    Us going was our conscious decision as two adults that want to learn more. Not forced into relegion, wich I think that belief must come from within and not because you're told. It was very enlightening.

    By Blogger samboose, at 12.9.05  

  • mbh
    islam is flexible, in the sense that it applies to everything .. fe kel shay telga a7kaam

    and not flexible in terms of compromise

    i did change the color to a darker green but unfortunately i dont know the soora and ragm elayaa

    its a fact for everybody to see that the shee3a figures are gentler in the way they look, walk and talk.. even if el le7ya 6eweela, 3ala6ol emratiba mathalan, clothes is another example.. and u saw how el mohajir talked .. as opposed to how some of shyokh el sinna conduct speeches at for example khe6ab salat eljama3a.. thats not to say one is right and the other is wrong, lena ofcourse each 'group' is following riwayaat from their group's history and the men that lead them

    elmohajir is a very good example as a 3aalim and not just someone who studied religion o sawaha gisa o rwaaya .. as opposed to sayid elgalaf bel majlis.. now that uve seen and heard both .. u know exactly what am talkin abt :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 12.9.05  

  • Ya36eek il 3afya : ) that was really nice

    By Blogger PeTiTa, at 12.9.05  

  • la fotha fooka ya ra3i el mowater.

    By Anonymous zeecu, at 12.9.05  

  • petita ye3afeech glad u think so

    zeecu a7sant .. looking fwd to ur next post

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 12.9.05  

  • Only if we are enslaved to Allah - can we be utterly free in life
    First of all I loved this. 6ab3an its true and we are all enslaved to rab al3alameen. every single creature on this earth is.
    And how wonderfuly said,
    Do u know Al7abeeb 3li aljiffri? what do u think of him? I've heard and seen sooooooooo many negative things about him bss to tell the truth I'm not fully convinced by them all. There are websites and tapes etc,
    anyways I would love to hear your side

    By Blogger Noor, at 12.9.05  

  • Mashallah may God BLESS you for this wonderful blog, such a nice & beautiful thing to see, keep it up :)

    wa salaam

    By Blogger Faith, at 12.9.05  

  • noor i didnt recognize the name but i searched and saw his pic, and upfront i can tell you he's not a "shaikh shee3i" .. that said, i honestly dont know 'what' he is all about.. but ive seen him on tv a few times

    quite frankly, ive had my share of experience with the other parties, and im not too curious to know what he (or any1 else) would have to say, because i KNOW that no one will change his ideas - simply because the sources rnt agreed upon .. if u know what i mean

    faith teslemeen, really appreciate that cheers :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 13.9.05  

  • Umm I think I gave off the wrong impression, He is SUFFI, not shee3i.

    Literally your right, noone is ever going to change their mind just bcuz the other party believes in differnet mathahab.

    Its such a shame that one message of equality has been split into different sections

    By Blogger Noor, at 13.9.05  

  • noor
    oh a ssoufi, no wonder i didnt take a liking to him heh

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 13.9.05  

  • Noor

    "Its such a shame that one message of equality has been split into different sections"

    I have to say that Islam split into 2 'correct' ways: She3a & Sunna.

    I think of others as either extreme or has been made as to satisfy certain interests & positions (political).

    By Blogger MBH, at 13.9.05  

  • Temetwir:
    u don't like soufian? why?

    im not with the she3a or any other part to tell the truth, to follow the religion just as habeebani delivered the message , Sunna.
    And any other parties included the shee3a have been known to have formed politically.

    By Blogger Noor, at 13.9.05  

  • i came across el ssoufiya in uni last year, the extent to which they believe in "philosophy" is too much.. the whole thing about "becoming one with god because god is everywhere" is a bit silly to me too, but ofcourse u cant just summarize it

    who is habeebani?

    besides, its how u look at it.. i dont wanna hurt anybodys feelings, so i wont get into islamic history PRIOR and after wafaat el rasol -salla allah 3laih w aaleh-

    yes, it was political.. but who decided to split due to politics depends on who YOU are .. if ur catchin my drift ;)

    that said: el shee3a wel sina differ in a7kaam, bear that in mind .. its still islam, its not like different teachings, its different details

    shataan bain el amraan.. ppl dont even know what theyre talking about when they discuss this issue

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 13.9.05  

  • Well, my dad is Sunni & my mom is She3ia. On the other hand, my friends call me 'Sheeni'!

    I read, ask and see the differences between both, She3a & Sunna, and choose the best. Not the best as in what suites me, but to what's more logical to me, with respect to the sources I have.

    For example, I do combine noon & afternoon prayers, but only when necessary [sick, exhausted, very busy...]

    If you want to know about a certain path, you should read about it from those who follow it.

    By Blogger MBH, at 13.9.05  

  • I agree with MBH when it comes to knowing the two and deciding the logical sence behind it.

    Some things I see as extremes on both parts, I'm sure God dodn't want the seperation of Muslims and agree with the fact that it was a political issue and not religious.

    At the end of the day we all believe in the 5 pillars which is the basis of Islam!!

    By Blogger samboose, at 13.9.05  

  • mbh mas'alat el jam3 isnt a problem, and it can be handled linguistically as well as by science.. i know what u mean and i do believe that yes, one should read from NAS THIQA and not somebody off the street who u and him happened to have a discussion with

    that said, u say logics .. o i say "deeno allah la yogaas bel 3egoul" :)

    yup thats what i meant when i said the diff is in the details :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 14.9.05  

  • Temetwir, I believe your statement has more to its context.

    If you're gonna take it as is, then how would you explain 'Al ejtehad bel deen'?

    Al Ejtihad is about logical analysis with respect to known sources.

    Correct if I'm mistaken...

    By Blogger MBH, at 14.9.05  

  • mbh
    if u mean "el ejtehaad" as in becoming a mojtahid and marji3
    then its the fruit of studying yrs and yrs and yrs... and yrs, more like a "professor" because ireally dont know how else to say it (in english).. this is 3end elshe3a

    its totally different from "al geyaas" 3end ba3th el sinna - dont quote me on this, but maybe el marje3 el 7anbeli for el sina have al geyaas? one of the 4 have it

    this is why i say deeno allah la yogaas bel 3ugol, el ejtehad wel marje3eya ma tegees bel3agel, ako estenadaat mo'asasa .. yes ofcourse el Quran is one

    in short, el geyaas results in a7kam o tesharee3 ma anzalla allaho beha mn sul6aan

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 14.9.05  

  • I don't intend to ridicule anyone for being shee3i sunni or suffi. sara7tan i believe we are all i5wan and saying alshahda nd believing in Allah ( sub7anehi o ta3ala~)is hopefully our gain to paradise inshalla :)

    *temetwir: by habeebana i mean the prophet sala allahu 3alahi wa salam:)

    By Blogger Noor, at 15.9.05  

  • noor i know what u mean and im all for that

    but u and me both know that el shahadtain isnt enough for eljanna .. laken elwa7ed yad3i wegol allahuma ej3alna kelna mn as7aab-ha

    oh and 7abeeebna, u said habeebani got me confused .. my bad

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 15.9.05  

  • that was one EXCELLENT post . jazak alla kheir.

    By Blogger Brava Valentia, at 21.9.05  

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