Sh7aga ?

it hasn't been long since i was first referred to a certain blog..
needless to say, it was a reference not that of applause, but one of "6a hatha/y shga3ed y/tigool"

at first I didn't give it much thought, i mean why would i? it's just a post on the internet

bas ashof el salfa imsakhat, u know where there would be a list of "buddies" with links to other blogs .. in an attempt to hold back my prejudice, i thought i'd check it out

bas laitny ga3adt 3ala 7a6ety .. its not personal, i dont even know who most of those guys/girls are, but some of the shit they post is just .. shit?

to make life much more easier, ill list a number of things i noticed on most blogs, a trend if u may:

1- im a muslim, but

a) i drink
b) i think premarital sex is worth talking about with my friends, which i will later post on my blog, which i will then discuss further with my friends, and yet make another post making an account of what has happened in the discussion, by the time im done with all the drama, i would have gotten laid a number of times, which i think ill just post on my blog and talk with my friends about, come back later and make an account of all the ... u get the idea
c) relationships with the other gender mean the world to me.. my existence revolves around them.. i know im hot, but i always seem to bitch on my blog .. i guess deep down inside i crave for the attention and reassurance i might get in the comments
d) i immediately oppose any "islamic" law that is suggested/passed bel majlis

2- im kuwaiti, but

a) i make Kuwait look so bad in my posts on purpose, just because im nostaligic .. i get a hard-on thinking about the days i used to rock dem clubs in the -enter country-
b) not only do i think that the social traditions in kuwait are worthless, i think theyre really worthless theyre worth (ha?) making a post on my blog about them.. ay shay ay shay lama adish mokan rab3y/ahaly ga3deen feh lazim asalim? shakhbaary ely yes'elon 'shlonkom', just get to the point
c) i intend to make everybody else believe that NOTHING is accomplished bel kuwait bedon was6a, just because i was given a ticket for speeding/running a red light o lama khalait sa7bety tekalem weld 3amha ely i3yaal khalat weld yeeranhom kelhom bel daakhelyia 3ala asaas e6aye7 mokhalafty .. ma sawaaly shay lena mo rotba

3- im americanised, westernized.. or whatever the fuck u want to pass on .. so

a) male gay friends are the best
b) ay shay aro7 el jam3eya? 3al agal markaz sel6aan, ee ok
c) 3ady asawy ely abeeh (in the company of friends) in public, even when i know that people might get an (the wrong) impression aw ra7 yethayegoon.. i live my life on a day-to-day basis.. i dont give a fuck im a free spirit

although to some, the above may have come out a bit too strong (esmala, wain ely kelwa7ed is entitled to say whatever whenever wherever), i .. dont care really



  • Could not have said it any better .. just accept it as there some people who are totally gay and some gals who are totally fucked up .. oh well whatcha gonna do :/

    By Blogger Zorath 3000, at 7.7.05  

  • glad to see others noticing the current trend by the so called kuwaiti blogger community..

    hear hear.

    By Blogger Zeecu, at 7.7.05  

  • well that is so true or 100% true thats why they have blogs !!
    Freedome of speach.
    although its not that freely but imagine them saying it out in public sheyfokhoum.

    thats why we blog!

    By Blogger Judy Abbott, at 11.7.05  

  • nooni
    whats ironic is, those who go on and on and on about freedom of speech, are the ones who cant stand anything being "spoken" in contrary to what they have to express

    i know its their blogs, and i know its their opinions and the way they wanna lead their lives.. imo i just think its sad.. thats not to say i dont enjoy the "drama-free posts".. some prove to be quite the characters, i have nothing against them personally, infact i grew a liking to some.. its called mutual respect, btw

    agreeing to disagree

    last but not least, elwa7id yamshi 3ala qanaa3ta, mo 3ala qana3at gairah.. so if "they" choose to just blab on their blogs and choose not to do so in public 3ala goltech, then that just goes to prove how weak of an arguement they have for an excuse of a life

    i mean, if u dont have the courage to actually be who u r "out there".. what the fuck ru doing trying to convert me to something ur NOT in the first place over the net?

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 11.7.05  

  • hey I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like this trend...you're a breath of fresh air that's what u r.
    jazak allah khair

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13.7.05  

  • 9ij inah you brought up a lot of good points (o some i see in people around me lil asaf) bas laish lazim itsib :P you can do it without the cursewords (it would still be very effective) .. other than that rock on! :P

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28.9.05  

  • Heheh Temetwir, I know this is an old post but in my facination with your blog I'm starting from the begining and I will comment accordingly :

    I completely agreed with your post at first glance, then I kinda realized that my blog is sort of the things u mentioned..

    Hmmm I guess some bloggers (I mean me since I dont know any other blogger personally) just like to exxagerate their lives on their blogs, maybe add a few fake things to conceal their identity, and maybe put in stories just for the sake of entertainment.

    I can definetly tell you that for the fear of my sister (who is another blogger and she doesnt know I blog or that I read her blog) finding out who I am, I have completely twisted around my identity and put in a few fake stories in my blogs. This is because I love to comment on her blog :P

    Anyways, I sincerely sincerely respect you for your religious values, it is something other Muslim bloggers (that are insanely popular I might add) lack. Allah izeedna eeman oo moqawamah 3ala il kha6a2 :)

    By Blogger mabya3ah, at 13.5.06  

  • Is this your first post? Ya7lailik Wallah. I liked it :-)

    Disagree with point one though, you see there are many things that are considered wrong like lieing, disrespecting parents, cheating, Shmi3na il drinking ili Thabi7kom intaw Kila il ta3leeq 3alaih? It's wrong Ma Gilna La', but Shmi3na oho.

    I seriously do not think this comment will be seen, since its posted 1 year after this post was written. But what the heck :-)

    By Blogger Hazolat, at 11.8.06  

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