"Ana Ashik"

The assumption of someone being gay worries me. True, I do have my differences with homos. And yeah, fuck the lot of you out there. But, it also has to do with the incorrect thought, as I see it, of the exclusivity of certain matters. A straightforward example would be style and clothes in general. True, I have my differences with a lot of the 'in fashions' out there - men should know exactly what I mean here. But, it also has to do with the incorrect thought, as I see it, that deals with a guy knowing about clothes and how some people would jump to the conclusion of him being gay. Sure, I would assume (incorrectly, but I doubt it) that a gay guy (a faggot to be politically correct) would take fashion in general more seriously than normal guys (yes, normal); but I do not see how that would translate into it being an exclusive zone for homos. I do understand the fact that homos have that certain level of emptiness inside, therefore I can see why they would feel the urge to fill it with something. Yes, literally and figuratively.

Another common, and irrational assumption is that any guy who talks to a number of girls is gay. I'm not sure who sets the limit of that number, perhaps it's 5 girls? 10? 20?
Not sure how that works, but anyway, what the fruit?
Sure, some girls feel easier around gay guys thinking that they're not dicks - come to think of it, maybe it's because those girls and gay guys have something in common. Yeah, that's what I mean.
But still, normal guys and rational girls can talk within certain boundaries about real stuff too. Real men and real women have a lot to say to each other, you know. Gay guys, you should be really really jealous, We got more BouNcE than all y'all combined.

Ironically, the same is to be said about guys who show 'no interest' in girls; where some girls would just leap to the conclusion that they're gay. How about: they're real men who understand that women are to be respected and not be regarded as an entity that is determined with a switch of either +interest or -interest? That, to me, sounds much more like it.

The thing is, unfortunately, most people know a lot more about the cliches of being gay; than the facts of manhood. And that is why I say that the incorrect assumption of a guy being gay worries me.

* Who's going to have the first gay idea that my posting of that profile picture is gay?


  • yeah that picture is really really gay.. i liked chucky more.. he's a reeeeeal man :P

    By Blogger Extinct Dodo, at 24.12.05  

  • I`m awake not alone... nice to know.

    Temetwir, I`m stupid some now (or may be always). I just want to ask:
    have you ever seen a guy, who was gay, but then he was recovered from this?
    Just about 1-2 weeks ago we were discussing this topic (about medical treatment for gays) with our teacher-psychologist.

    "Ironically, the same is to be said about guys who show 'no interest' in girls; where some girls would just leap to the conclusion that they're gay". Strange... did nott meet such an opinion. Next words sound more realistic.

    By Blogger Sever, at 24.12.05  

  • extinct-dodo only diff is i have nothing to prove.. so fuck the lot of ya ;)

    - im not sure if there is a gay guy who recovered.. but i do believe that it is highly possible since all that 'scientifically proven' bullshit about ppl being born gay proves nothing to me personally at all

    - the second thing, about guys showing no interest in girls was meant to be in the case of ONE PARTICULAR girl, and then she (that same ONE particular girl) would say "he is probably gay" just because maybe she isnt his type.. and he showed no interest ..
    i did not mean it as guys not liking ANY girls.. that would be "unbiological" (if that is a word)

    the point is: to be a guy does not mean that u must be interested in every single walking girl .. that's gay, but in a different way :P

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 24.12.05  

  • LOL TNC... i think you've been watching too many sappy kuwaity dramas this ramadan.. was it 3adeel ilroo7.. where the lesbo chick was touched by this flaming hot dude and she was miraculously 'cured from her illness'?! hilarious...
    sorry Tem i just couldnt resist butting in :">

    By Blogger Extinct Dodo, at 24.12.05  

  • extinct-dodo i think TNC is from Russia, and am sure she has a lot of better things to do than care about kuwaiti tv series

    but anyway..
    TNC, can u tell us more about what your teacher said?

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 24.12.05  

  • Extinct-Dodo... funny :) If I only could also understand every your symbol :) And also really I don`t like such things... kuwaity or russian, it`s not important :)

    Temetwir, I understood your point... just I`m suprised some, that there can be girls who can think so only because guy does not show an interest & so on. Ok, forget about it. It`s too long to tell, when we both understand:)

    Teacher... Our psychologist said, that it can be treated medically, because it`s a real illness. Of course there are different cases. The 1st time, when I knew about it... it was during reading Fitzgerald. There was described the one case.
    Also he told: look how many homosexuals we have now. But remember USSR. Just try to let others know that you are a gay... be ready to go to a prison. After USSR was broken, people have started to use their freedom as they can... & steel using it... & not only in good way. It`s a protest against those steel rules. But it`s a russian case.

    By Blogger Sever, at 24.12.05  

  • Tem arent we the defensive type :P
    hey i heard that its a scientific fact that homosexual people have premature reproductive organs and it affects their sexual preferences.. true/false?!

    By Blogger Extinct Dodo, at 24.12.05  

  • Extinct-Dodo, I hear about it 1st time. If to think logically... if to think of that quantity of homosexuals we have now in this world... then I can`t believe that there can be such an explanation.
    But it`s an interesting idea. And also I think it can be truth, but only in some special cases. But what do you think about it?

    By Blogger Sever, at 24.12.05  

  • very interesting post got me thinking

    I think you have a point, but only because being gay is obvious thus making people notice the clichés

    Fahamt ga9di?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24.12.05  

  • Oi! I was gonna post something similar this week!!!! Only better :p

    Umm, regarding the real men being thought of gay ... well, "Been there done that!", plus, I talk to a few girls (7-9?) and when I walk, I usually look down (you know why). So, yeah! that would push the idea into some (most?) girls' heads that I'm gay!

    The question is, is that a good thing? Is it good for a girl to think you're gay? Even if you don't care, rumors will spread! You know Kuwait :/

    By Blogger MBH, at 24.12.05  

  • I agree that there are so many misconceptions when it comes to gays.... but you know at the end I would just rather live my life and to go by "live and let live"

    By Blogger samboose, at 24.12.05  

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    By Blogger Hussa-G, at 25.12.05  

  • TNC the story abt how many gays there are now, as opposed to earlier times, for u for example in USSR makes perfect sense that homosexuality is just a phase that will pass

    oh and about u saying you are surprised because some grls say someone is gay because the guy shows no interest in them, i can understand your surprise but trust me, its SOO true

    extinct dodo no we're not, and the whole reproductive organs thing is 'gay' .. scientific facts are overrated ANNNND taken for granted .. makes me wanna smack somebody

    laialy q8 yes i think i understand what u mean, and that is what i say worries me .. its really sad that those cliches are looked as exclusives for homos, when infact its either something that was exclusive to men, or just exclusive to women .. u know what i mean?
    besides, for me personally, the assumption of a man being gay is the ultimate insult .. ive always said it and ill say it again: BEING GAY MAKES U A LESSER PERSON therefore assuming some1 to be one makes him a lesser person.. something which i dont see anyone having the right to do

    yes everyone, i do have the right to say that homosexuality makes u a lesser person hehe

    MBH yeah i hear u on the girls' stuff.. i think its a misconception abt men.. the 'advertised' concept of men not thinking with anything but their dicks ..
    as for is it a good thing for someone to think ur gay, yes i think it IS good in ONE sense ONLY: it tells you that those people who assume a person to be gay lack the required intellect to be worthy of appreciating their opinions

    samboose i think its more like misconceptions about MEN, and much more cliches that have to do with homos :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.12.05  

  • Temetir: Your profile picture is not a Gay picture but a manly (masculine) picture. And that from a girl point of view.

    I think gay people, are a sickness and a disease that Kuwaiti society have to cure them or kick them out. But some of them are not worthy for giving them any sympathy.

    When I go out to malls with my family or friends and we see them, we feel disgusted of the way they act, the way they dress and the way they flirt with anyone who walks by them. What can we do with that?? They are giving a bad example to young kids particularly young boys. I don't want them in my society, so they can corrupt our kids and give them a bad role models. Because society can't do anything with them.

    Bass shagool ela 3asallah laa yablenah.

    Anyway guys, Happy New Year.

    By Blogger Hussa-G, at 25.12.05  

  • 7issa sorry didnt see u there,

    - i have to ask, are you addressing charisma (the blogger), or are u defining it? heh sorry i just couldnt place that

    - about my profile pic, i was just being sarcastic as to how some ppl jump to silly conclusions .. but thank u nontheless :)

    - i agree about homos being a sickness and disease, but i think its more like "in the whole world" as opposed to just "in kuwait" .. and ur right, some of them deserve no sympathy whatsoever.. but sometimes u just want the best for people

    yes everyone, i am saying that i know what is best for homosexuals heh

    - about seeing gays in public while ur with family .. ur right in thinking it gives off a bad idea to kids.. i mean, how can u explain it when a 6yr old asks u "why does that man behave like a woman?" or "why does that woman look a lot like a man?" hehe

    society can do a lot of things, its just that, unfortunately, societies r considered to be modern and developed when they accept such diseases

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.12.05  

  • Temetir: Sorry I mixed two post in one.;p

    I know it's not just in Kuwait bit in the wide world but I was addressing the problem we have here in Kuwait. The problem being of Gays and Lesbians. Kuwaiti society is giving a blind eye to this problem. But what about in Islam? What can we do to cure the problem?

    Temetir, what can we do with them??

    By Blogger Hussa-G, at 25.12.05  

  • no one can say that someone is gay until they get to know them..
    bel q8 akoo malyoon alf wa7d into fashion oooo most of them riyayeeel
    oooo ba3dayn nes ileee ilnas ishoofoonhum gay (and are not!) yi6li3ooon arjal oooo mo7tarameen akthar men those who ppl consider "real men"

    By Blogger Clueless, at 25.12.05  

  • 7issa
    ur right, society as a whole is not addressing that problem..
    as for islam, the punishment differs, but if i remember right - dont quote me here, i have to research this - it can reach qatel el atnain bel rajjim .. it is the same for elzina, but sometimes even more strict (because elzina can have a punishment of 100 jalda o taghreeb 3an el balad for one yr)

    il salfa ya3ni mo le3eb, laken shayfa ely ygolech ely aman el 3egoba gall el adab? hatha ely 7aassil wana okhoch.. khaleehom, awal shay raga3aw for AIDs and most STDs .. akhrat'ha beshofoon :)

    as for us, what can we do? elsara7a madri 3an everyone, but personally, id rather not get involved with them because my recognition of their being is to a certain degree a level of my acceptance

    eeeeh.. elwa7ed shegool,,
    homos need to get a life, or get a hobby or something :)

    clueless yes, thats the point

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.12.05  

  • ya5y shfeeck 3alaa e5wanaa el gays, 3omerhom ma 2athaw a7ad, bel 3aks they're fun o they give us more options, ya3ney gabil ma tabdy et7achy banat, et7achy ejnoos cham youm, cheneck ma5eth tamhedy, it works tara, try it.

    o ent deer balik, taraa shakelhom 3alaa youm bemeskonik o e6e7oon feek tegere9 o tekemosh, laman tabchy:p

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25.12.05  

  • Temi, hehehe. Since when are fashionable guys gay in Kuwait? Kuwaiti guys are generally very fashion-concious and not only when it comes to mmen's fashion but they are also aware of women fashion trends. I appreciate it when a guy knows how to dress, I don't see it as gay at all. Bil3ax ana mashtehee il tihitimil la 3ala il walad wala 3ala il bint.

    But regarding guys having a lot of girl freinds, and not girlfreinds, what's your take on that? I'm talking about the guys who love hanging around with girls (metrosexuals) and feel more comfortable with girl buddies than guy buddies, and they might talk a little feminine too like say things like "ge6ee3a" or whatever. We have quite a few of those in Kuwait and people seem to always debate whether or not those boys are gay. Personally, I think they're hetrosexual but that they just hang around their moms and sisters too much so they learned to enjoy female company more and they don't realise they sound girly.

    By Blogger ZinZinQ8, at 25.12.05  

  • I plead guilty for having judged a guy of being gay since he wouldn't pursue me...but honest to goodness...it wasn't just that he didn't pursue me...I asked around and many, many girls told me that he was...i thought of asking him but then I didn't want him to be insulted...he's a very nice guy and I'd hate to hurt his feelings...and trust me..the moment this good looking forty year bachelor gets married...I'll stop thinking he's gay...:)...

    By Blogger MissCosmoKuwait, at 25.12.05  

  • i got a Q
    i know this guy , i know he's not gay , but i saw a pic for him havin " K7L " , and he also wears nailpolish " clear one "

    would that make him a gay ?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25.12.05  

  • Hi Tem,
    Slow down with the posting dude, I can hardly catch up, lol. Powerful statement you're making with this picture. This post must have given Abdallah Bilkhair several sleepless nights though……:-)

    I'm sick and tired of all this quasi scientific hoo-ha, to establish the factors which determine one's sexual preference, not only for medical/scientific purposes, but also to provide gay persons with some "legitimate" and scientific basis (I'm gay cause I've had little hormones supply while in womb, so in my case it's ok to be gay, yippppie). Whatever the reason's are of being gay (short testosterone supply while in the womb, active pre-mature sexual organs(this new to me), over-exposure to female dominance (being raised by a dominant mother and a passive/absent male figure), or or or, at the end of the day it comes down to the same phenomenon.

    I myself do not believe that a homosexual preference is different than other forms of sexual preferences which we in our society deem unnatural, like paedophilia, sexual preference for animals or for siblings. Many times the argument of "equal" sexual partners is being opted to challenge this thought. The mistake those who believe in this "sexual-partners-equality" theory is that they forget another important principle: natural and social compatibility. Sexual partners should have a certain natural (i.e. physical) compatible, which is one of the many distinguishes that distinguish human beings from other creatures. A man to man sexual engagement is an unnatural act, based on the natural/social incompatibility of these two men. But again, that’s my own opinion.

    Great post Tem.

    By Blogger BitterSweet, at 25.12.05  

  • zinzin ur right on the fashion thing..

    and as for guys who hang around girls much more easily, maybe they're players hehe .. but seriously i dont see how this guy can be gay at all.. first of all, girls dont just talk abt clothes and makeup (trust me, i know, and i know that u know that) so what if a guy can click easily with the nature/take of things that some girls have?
    dont forget that some guys can be just as clueless as some girls who DO have NOTHING to talk abt but makeup/fashion (boys would just talk abt football for example hehe)

    however, i would like to note that i, personally, am against "hanging out with friends who are girls" simply becoz i would like to believe i have my boundaries of respect towards girls.. if the grl is "okay with that", then good for her, im not.. if that (not hanging-OUT) makes me gay, i guess its her loss that she'll never know.. if u know what i mean :p

    finally, the usage of certain words are strange, ur right.. but that is merely social .. what if a grl says "ya 3ami" or "mn sejek enta mn sejek?" does that make her less of a 'girl' ?
    i dont think so either.. BUT in both cases, i would, personally, PREFER for each gender to stick to certain expressions as part of identity,, i wouldnt dare to cross that and assume something else

    i hope that made sense :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.12.05  

  • misscosmo YES! now i remember that, u remember what i said? i think we had a lil debate :)

    okay, so on what basis did the girls assume that guy to be gay? look.. for me, a guy being gay means that he likes other guys in ALL ways .. that's sick, and therefore an INSULT .. but for a guy to be respecatble towards women is just being himself, a man .. im sure a male-role-model in girls' lives acts the same way BUT because that role model is "so close", girls dont notice that the behaviour is similar .. get what im saying?

    anonymous 2
    a pic for him having K7L? K7L as in ke7el?
    how does that make him gay? seriously ya3ni being gay is a whole different level .. SURE, he might be acting DIFFERENT, but different doesnt just mean "gay" .. and im not sure why he would use nailpolish if its clear .. does it take care of nails or something?

    what .. ur gonna now say that any guy who cares about his representation is gay? hehe


    Bittersweet, hala walla..
    - sorry abt the posting heh, ill try to slow down
    - ur right on the whole scientific BS being offered supporting homosexuality .. what really bothers me though is that ppl treat "scientific fact" as a "fact" without questioning.. what if u dont approve of the method? what if it results r tainted? what has been raised in response to such results? .. seriously now, WTF is with ppl taking things for granted? not only with supporting of gays, but also the taking-of-granted the things that "define" gays in contemporary times and then assuming other males to be gay just becoz they show the same interest in certain matters..

    except one matter thu, which is sleeping with boys hehe

    i thought about what u said in regards to "sexual preference" and i think it makes very very good sense.. i mean, i can understand how someone would say 'its psychological' just as much as someone would say that a rapist cant control himself, its psychological .. i can understand that .. but i dont expect anyone to say that psychological traits are all "acceptable" and "normal" .. u brought up incest, and it IS psychological .. some ppl r sick, what ru gonna do? but the spread of those ppl doesnt make it right .. same goes with homosexuality

    the irony of the thing is, some homos would actually tell u "its psychological" and then act as if that that makes it perfectly okay *sigh*

    ur description of an 'unnatural act' based on the facts of social development and growth IS a scientific fact !! but some ppl r just too sad they dont even know it :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.12.05  

  • being gay is something and being fashionble is something else!!
    and if a guy is gentel it's great and he is not gay..He doesn't have to be a player to show of that he "likes" girls what the fuck!!
    and yeah Girls feel more comfy with gay guys..I guess it's bcz she knows that he has no intrest in her and she can be herself infront of him and wont fake it ;)

    By Blogger Rimyoleta, at 25.12.05  

  • Oh no!! The guy in that profile picture is not gay.. Please say that he's not gay!! Don't break my heart =(

    By Blogger Nunu-San, at 25.12.05  

  • rimyoleta could be true
    nunu, no he's not .. thats not what i meant

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.12.05  

  • " ...but the spread of those ppl doesnt make it right .. same goes with homosexuality ...." this sentence sums it all up, short yet powerful.

    By Blogger BitterSweet, at 25.12.05  

  • God with them... homosexual or not... they can be good or bad like all people... Live as you like, but don`t touch others.

    By Blogger Sever, at 25.12.05  

  • I get exactly what you're saying...in this case I can never really prove that he's gay until a "lover" of his tells me something!!...the girls that told me he's gay where his "bestfriends"...he hangs around them all the time..and I've hardly ever seen him with guy friends to judge his behaviour with other guys...I would marry him tomorrow if he asked me because he is perfect in every way...but that little voice inside me that tells me there's something different about him would haunt me forever and do major damage to my self esteem...(competing with women is hard enough..let alone men!!!)...and who needs that! By the way, he dresses immaculitly, speaks three languages, is sensitive, kind, sweet, charming, artistic and all around purrrrfect...but you're right...maybe he just prefers girls company and they're all his "best friends"! Who knows!

    By Blogger MissCosmoKuwait, at 25.12.05  

  • LOooooooooooooL . . gr8 post

    Hmmm that brings a thought , does the fact that I have a number of Guy Friends - Best Friends actually make me a LESBo !! I dont think so . .

    take care :">

    By Blogger PINKJAWBREAKER, at 25.12.05  

  • Why should your profile pic of MArk Wahlberg be gay? If a girl can put a MAriah Carey pic or whomever and still be considered normal, then why can't a guy do the same?
    maney shayfa diffrence sara7tan.
    except that we need to start thinking about mens rights in getting equal treatment as women do :P

    By Blogger Noor, at 25.12.05  

  • This is a really touchy subject, I know where I stand but seem to contradict myself because I don't mind sitting around with them.

    I've experienced the jealousy first hand and it really is creepy. Unfortunately, there is a huge sub-culture found here and it's growing larger by the minute. It's also gaining acceptance and I've heard enough info about them that would last me a lifetime.

    By Blogger Q8Prodigy, at 25.12.05  

  • bittersweet, thank you .. not to mention that i thought, and told u, that your post on this subject a week back was great

    TNC, i understand that our modern world demands a much more lenient approach towards MANY things.. but i just could never approve of homosexuality.. but ur right, thats just ME living, and their imposing their lifestyle on me is they "touching" me ..

    misscosmo, yeah, i think i know what ur saying.. "yerkab 3alaih" 3ala golatna bel q8i.. you reminded of a guy who i used to work out with in the gym, he was around 40, well spoken and loves travelling and all that .. but me, personally, i see NOTHING "gay" about that .. thats the difference i guess :)

    la bel3aks.. in case of lesbians its the opposite.. so ur good to go heh

    and btw another thing that worries me is the fact that some ppl consider a girl being gay as "shay ahwan" mn ena a guy is gay .. i mean wtf its just as disgusting - just had to put it out there

    noor, the question about my profile pic was meant to be a joke,, just to show how silly some ppl can be in assuming someone to be gay .. and yeah, tell me abt it.. doesnt it seem that men are "oppressed" ? Boo-fucking-Hoo hehe

    so ur saying that u disapprove of homosexuality, but would have no trouble sitting around and socializing with them?
    if so, that's understandable and ive been in similar situations.. as i was telling TNC, nowadays u just have to bend ur rules

    im not sure which jealousy u speak of.. and yes, im sure everyone shares ur sentiment in that it is, unfortunately, gaining acceptance and is attributed to "open-mindedness" or whatever dumb fuck name they wanna call it

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.12.05  

  • my take on it? the same way some ppl ask gays to stop trying to get attention and confirmation, i think ppl who point and label should also stop. that just gives more attention and acknowledges a 'fad'/ 'lifestyle' that shouldn't even exist to begin with. on top of it, they end up accusing others of being something that's 'sinful' bil Islam, o hatha el shay 7aram.. fa laish el wa7d elim atham? kefaya elly 3indena!

    those r my 2 cents.

    By Blogger MSB, at 25.12.05  

  • MSB that's what i mean when i say it's an INSULT

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.12.05  

  • i just realized i never commented on the '4 brothers' movie/display pic thing!!!! what did u think of the movie?? there r so many lines in that movie that r pure gold!

    By Blogger MSB, at 25.12.05  

  • MSB i saw it a while back so im not sure on the dialogue, but it was gritty which is always good.. plus the fact of no james-bond- heroic stuff, realism was there which, again, is good too

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.12.05  

  • alot of guys are labeled as being gay when they arent... kinda sad... i have a male freind, who maskeeen, has to constantly PROVE to ppl that he isnt gay... i feel sorry for him walah....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25.12.05  

  • temy..as much as I'd like to believe that it would be him at the gym...I doubt..this guy has been blessed with such good genes that you wouldn't give him past 26! The other issue here is "El Kamel Allah"...so he's just too perfect not to be gay..:)...sorry if I sound judgemental...but I'm being honest..and though some may wish to suddenly not be judgemental because Temy wants it this way...I'm standing my ground...so there...:)

    By Blogger MissCosmoKuwait, at 25.12.05  

  • from Four Brothers, i loved:
    * the bond of brotherhood that surpasses mere DNA
    * how each of them handled their mother's death in a diff manner
    * how the mother took invalids & with love & care turned them into men who would do anything but taint her memory
    * how sometimes pain makes us assume bad things about others, even when they're innocent!

    so many things.. but this post isnt about that.. so i'll be quiet now! :|

    By Blogger MSB, at 25.12.05  

  • gay people are pretty weird but i don't think they deserve a whole post about them...
    it shows u care.. sorta..
    the pic might be gay but it's a personal choice.. like the choice of being gay...

    oh forget it... i'm just really sleepy now...

    By Blogger Ms. Sarah, at 25.12.05  

  • misscosmo nah i doubt it im just saying u reminded me .. i dont get the "temy wants it this way" thu, anyho its aight

    MSB heh i think im gonna watch it again when i go back .. but yea those r some v nice lines

    swair this post isnt abt "gays".. u should read the ones before them..
    and no, being gay isnt a personal choice .. but yeah the pic is a choice,, i dont think i have anything to prove ya3ni but for the 5th (or 6th) time, answering the ques is 'gay' + ur damn right i care to make it known that i personally disapprove

    the whole gay thing has been challenged in our circles many times and all those faggots have to say is some gay shit like "what did we ever do to u" .. "oh but its proven scientifically that im born sick" blah blah blah

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.12.05  

  • yeah well silly me I thought that was maybe you! lol

    By Blogger Spontaneousnessity, at 25.12.05  

  • Hey there, love your blog :)

    I think that it actually depends. It's a given that Kuwaity guys care about their looks (their hair, clothes, etc...) so you don't have to worry about that if you're a Kuwaity guy in Kuwait. If you're a Kuwaity guy that happens to be abroad then that's another matter. I think fashion-conscience kuwaity men should tone it down when they're abroad. Some people might be all like "screw what others think, be true to yourself, blah blah blah" but if you really want to avoid being incorrectly labeled as gay then I guess you should compromise. Unfair? That's life *shrugs*

    As for the "girl" dilemma, I don't think that it's as common of a stereotype as the "fashionable faggot" stereotype. Some guys are just natural girl-magnets. Girls flock to said guys because of their charisma or what have you. *shrugs* As for the guys who avoid girls altogether or shy away from them, I do believe they're labeled as either prudes, losers, nerds, etc.

    Your excessive use of the word gay is quite gay.

    Merry Christmas Temetwir! :)

    By Blogger Drunk'n'Gorgeous, at 26.12.05  

  • MSB:
    I love the movie too :) Singleton is a great director. My favorite line was:

    "They're congressmen compared to what they would have been.."

    As for the real topic here..
    gays are really a rarity. real gay people. really they are. here:

    So more likely than not, a guy who doesnt show interest in girls around him is not really interested in sex that much, yes, there are people like that where sex isnt the top priority on their minds. I'm not saying I'm one of them :P but I know a couple.

    By Blogger mishari26, at 26.12.05  

  • انت ليش كله هواش؟

    تايك ات ايزي قايز

    By Blogger Mohammad Al-Yousifi, at 26.12.05  

  • anonymous 7abakat yat 3ala hal comment ely ma fahamta ? heh wely yer7amli waldaik do us all a favor and dont comment here mn elyom o raye7.. email me straight ahead if u got anything u wanna say ;)

    mishari26 hahaha trust me, no one would ever think that sex isnt a priority in ur case ya shaabna il la6eef :p but i do think every guy can relate to a certain respect towards certain girls (eg at the work place)

    kila ma6goog i wonder who i got that trait from :p

    anyway this thread is so dead :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 26.12.05  

  • 50+ comments for one post?! Now that's gay! :P But I have to agree with you, people will more readily label someone as a homo than just simply different :P

    By Blogger 7tenths, at 26.12.05  

  • Ok, I'm not going to touch the part on your past about gays - we both know how I feel about that.
    BUT - there has been a term invented for the kind of man who's hetro but likes to wear nice clothes and spends time with women etc. They're called "metrosexuals" and they're pretty popular down here in California.
    I know quite a few metrosexuals (they label themselves as such) who are in normal relationships with girls. In fact, I think a lot of Kuwaiti guys can be labelled as metrosexual (they like to wear nice and/or expensive/designer clothes, they are very conscious about their looks and image, and they show both girls and guys the same respectful personality as opposed to some guys who act differently around their guy friends than they would around their female friends).

    By Blogger McArabian, at 26.12.05  

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    Keep it up and I'll be sure to visit again.

    Cheers for now.

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