London ghair ..

if you're kuwaiti, chances are uve been to London .. if you're kuwaiti and over 20yrs of age, then theres also a chance you've been in London during the iraqi (Sadami wala itze3lon) occupation..

ive been to London more than any other place, ive also spent 14months over there (before-during-after) the occupation

i studied there chena 4 ebtedaa'ey eb academiyat il malik fahad, and my mom still has the photo of me shaking hands wiya il safeer el se3oodi ..
every year or so, there comes a time where i watch video tapes of me weya elahal b hyde park.. playing football with my little sister, chasing away ichlaab lama yigarboon yam omy, netmasha me and my cousins wensharrbik rippin' it q8i style jedaam i3yaal 3ammatna Margaret..
who can forget ayam walking up and down the stairs of the Underground, hopping between stations, or walking down some tunnels and hearing some guy/girl playing her instrunment..

i guess thats why when i first read about the bombings over there, it took quite a while for it to really sink ..
and once it did, i was more angry than sorry, more shocked than curious

frankly, i dont see how by bombing a bus or a station.. you "terrorise" a population..
to me, only thing u accomplish is bringing people together (..?)
if i were to believe that this is a genuine terrorist attack, i would question as to why the attack didnt target a more political scene .. a more significant place

but then again, knowing how my brain works, if the attack did target a more political scene, im sure i wouldve questioned "why bomb a deserted place and not terrorise a city by striking on the people .. u might as well while ur at it"

I'm not saying that if it were any different, it would have been more "suitable", ofcourse not.. but it's just the shock, knowing that it could have been anyone from any place all over the world (just like NY)

however, not to be overwhelmed by emotions .. i sincerely believe that the world we live in has set the bar a bit too high for someone to be heard..
one concert isn't enough ha.. it's gonna blow over (no pun intended) in no time? .. fine ne6la3lena b fantag wensawi 5 or 6 madri cham

and on a more serious matter .. if you cant make the world "listen" to u, make it "watch" u as u go to war claiming all that ur doing is "offering the iraqi ppl a chance to live in a democracy as we know it"

how do u make urself heard opposing that? hell, bomb some cities and ull get the media attention to take ur message all over the world in no time

im not justifying anything, im just saying that its as simple as narrowing it down to "cause and effect" .. if ull go at it, ill go at it too

all in all, i'm taking the London bombings personally ..


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