واتس ان أه بلين

"Life's a lot like being on an airplane. You get to be seated in a shuffle if you don't make something happen for yourself in the form of a request via being connected at the counter. Think of it this way, whoever issues your boarding pass may just as well be those who issue your existence in the first place. I know. And who you sit next to is just as interesting as your chances of winning that new BMW KFC had on promotion - not quite. But the most striking thing about life and being on an airplane are the passengers in First Class. If you haven't been on first class, then that just proves my point - some people made it. Some people didn't. Most even won't. Upon landing at our destination, and if I'm flying First Class, I can take 30 minutes to ponder over the question of whether I should make the decision of finishing this rant, or having the mindless courtesy of stopping and getting up to pack my laptop and bag and leave. For all the sad pricks in Traveller, they just have to wait. They "can't touch this".
If I decide I wanted to take a picture with the stewardess with the nice ass I've been eyeing all trip long just as the plane halts, what can the people in Traveller even do when they don't even know? There's a lot of symbolism in being on a plane, I'll say. Sitting by the aisle, or sitting by the window. What's better. For one thing, if this is Business we're talking about, then it doesn't really matter. People with money to spare tend to kick it off fairly well. So one idiot wouldn't mind budging for the other idiot to pass from or to the aisle. But if you're stuck with crying babies and toddlers who think it's cute that they run up and down, then you're fucked at being on the aisle. Except.
Except if you're one of those guys with arms the size of melons. Being on a plane, or trodding down the journey of life, you're still going to get noticed. People apologize when they bump into you, girls bump into you on purpose, guys try to bump into you to redeem their self esteem. Yeah. Some goes for if you're one of those tiny-waisted, long-legged, wide-eyed young ladies. With emphasis on young. Not so much the other parts.
Then again, everybody gets screwed on the plane just as everybody gets screwed in life. Cabin pressure knows no ticket bearer. Food doesn't taste better the nearer you sit to the front exit. Flight delays happen. In the end, everybody's got to be working for somebody, right?
If you really put your mind to it, planes are the devil. You make the decision you want to get on one, but you can't turn around if you change your mind. You don't choose what you want when you want it. You just take what's given. No matter how much some airliners try to give you the illusion of choice, you're still bound to the number of choices they decided you were worthy of being given. Where you take yourself in life is the same as where you decide to go on a plane. People around you change accordingly, and so do the people who serve you. It's a done deal, really. You just don't know it yet because you haven't come to the conviction that you're in the possession of a one-way ticket either way you look at it."


  • Hunh. Disturbingly accurate and oddly thought provoking. What brought this up? Although, it may merely have been your mind protesting the status quo.

    By Blogger SnoCone, at 19.11.06  

  • I would hate to think of my life as a one way trip with no control on my behalf :(

    We do not choose to come to this life or the people we are born to, but we do have a choice everyday as to how to live our lives and deal with the BS thrown on us from others. Otherwise we're robots.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19.11.06  

  • interesting.. never thought of it this way, but its relevance to what happens to us in life is true..

    so then, how do u interpret what happened to the people on oceanic flight 815? =)

    By Blogger MSB, at 19.11.06  

  • you need to write a screenplay.

    By Blogger rahab al majed | رَحَـبْ المــاجِـدْ, at 19.11.06  

  • lots of symbolism ... for sure you were suffering during your flight like me .... really interesting :)

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 19.11.06  

  • great analogy, it makes complete sense

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19.11.06  

  • This is what I hate about life; the lack of control, the small variety of choices, and the disability to return.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20.11.06  

  • Hmmm, yes...true; I nodded in full agreement when I first read this. Then it sat in my head and I was thinking...

    What accounts for all those little detours we take along the way to our final destination? For example, a woman who marries really young and has children, thinking that is going to be her whole world. Fifteen years on, she realizes the husband isn't all that in the providing financially department. And so she picks up and decides to start college, and gets a job outside the home, and starts providing what he can't/won't.

    So she changed planes midway? She caused a forced landing? I guess my point is that if you really really want to go from Traveller to Business, you can still can, inshaAllah. Or is that just an illusion of choice? Is she still on the same flight?

    Its another late night rambling for me...I am sorry if that made no sense.

    By Blogger BeeCrazy, at 21.11.06  

  • digital nomad,
    According to your analogy, you make it clear that once you pick a wrong choice it's wrong all the way down...

    Yes, that woman did pick it up & started providing what her husband can't/won't, but sooner or later, the husband will get upset, fights will happen & the marriage breaks.
    This all happened because it was a wrong choice from the start. And she had limited choices back then, just like the plane...

    Yes, we think we're making choices when it's all written in a book.
    We all take chances to find out what's already been setup for us.

    We're still "making choices"

    By Blogger MBH, at 21.11.06  

  • how philospphical, and seriously, an excellent piece of literary writing
    but temetwir, it is depressing, i like airplanes and now every time I'm on one, I will have to think about your collective theory
    you ruined it for me :)

    analyse this, what does it mean when almost every time you mount a plane with a traveller's ticket, you are advanced to business or first class? Luck is big in life??

    By Blogger White Wings, at 22.11.06  

  • very creative piece of literture :)

    But I dont agree with the idea!

    People can change the route ( what do u say to el taybeen weli ehtedaw le 6aree8 el sa7ee7??)
    they hijacked another plane =D

    and I dont understand what you mean in regards to the people in the first class!!
    I read it twice but either my brain is locked today or what i understood is correct?
    ya3ni what do they represent??

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22.11.06  

  • snocone,
    was bored on my flight, as usual .. i've been travelling like a spy in the past year, so i spent way too much time in flight hours for me not to notice a couple of things

    not sure if one-way-trip is synonymous with having no control, i dont see it that way
    hence, i do agree that there is a certain level of control available for everyone
    in fact, it would be 'abnormal' if this were not the case

    mm, as in Lost? heh madri

    wouldnt that be something :)

    during the flightS wint ilsaaj.. it's just depressing hehe

    not that i fully agree though

    true faith,
    i.e. the same things that make human life, human life

    digital nomad,
    wouldnt that be being in transit? only difference would be that planes and transits are known beforehand, while this is unexpected

    but then maybe this is talking about the analogy of airports and life :p

    no contention

    white wings,
    luck, i would imagine
    as well as perhaps something to do with appearances if u know what i mean

    people in 1st can be taken to be the shallow peeps who think that they can buy everything with money, even other people's times (for example)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 23.11.06  

  • Then why do I feel trapped in it? (The human life)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23.11.06  

  • Ah, but there have been unexpected emergency transits--don't ask me how I know. :)

    ugh. Airports. Well, thats better than being trapped in mid-air permanently. I'd rather be having this illusion of choice. As mbh pointed out, there are the pre-written "choices" we make that influence the rest of the journey. Thanks for another episode of thought provocation. :)

    By Blogger BeeCrazy, at 23.11.06  

  • i know what you mean
    you think just like a man :)

    By Blogger White Wings, at 24.11.06  

  • i'm working on a slightly similiar thing... bs in my story, life's like a huge elevator... madri, as soon as i'm done with it, i'll post it and give u head's up :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25.11.06  

  • on your previous post:

    By Blogger A3sab, at 27.11.06  

  • I'm far more distracted by the quotation marks, though.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27.11.06  

  • true faith,
    because we don't know anything but it .. ?

    digital nomad,
    most welcome, and thank you for the enriching discussion :)

    white wings,
    maybe i just meant 'neat and tidy', and nothing to do with 'appeal' in all its manners?
    see, now you're being more of a "kuwaiti islamist politician" than you would normally like :P

    good luck with that.
    looking forward to it

    om mejrin,
    thank you :)

    afham mn kalamich ena ur the sort of person who doesnt have any idea with a 7hr flight because they'll be too distracted with the clouds out the window?
    mathalan ya3ni

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 30.11.06  

  • حجي وينك :)

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 2.12.06  

  • Whereas I compliment you on how you made the symboligy between life and a plane ride, I have to disagree on the outlook on life.

    To me, life is about choices. Choices we make determine our path. You choose to be educated or not, and accordingly your life will take a different path with that choice. You choose if you want to be good or bad. You choose if you want to have a family or not.. you choose if you want to be successful or a bum.

    Sometimes the choices we make are wrong, but nevertheless, our lives will go on on this choice and we just have to accept the consequences.

    By Blogger Hitman1, at 3.12.06  

  • I don't know, I mean it is nicely put, but it's very narrow sighted when you really think about it, I don't believe that life is as limited as you just described, it still is in your hand, you can always go on another plane, but not another life, you can always go to first class some times and just any other class on another time, I still think it's easier than you made it seem =} but hey, how about when they crash?

    By Blogger Spontaneousnessity, at 4.12.06  

  • i wonder why u didnt win the kuwaiti top blogger !

    By Blogger Commentor, at 11.12.06  

  • kafi dala3

    i want a new post already :P

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26.12.06  

  • عيدك مبارك و كل عام و انت بخير :)

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 29.12.06  

  • metfarigh
    هلا والله! ايامك سعيدة وانت بخير وصحة وسلامة.
    شقولك ياخوي, موجود بس من رديت الكويت ونشاطي "البلوقري" مثل ما انت شايف.. ما عندي عذر واحد, بس سامحونا على القصور :) انت بشرني عنك شلون عيال عمومتنا "ذا برتش"؟

    that is also another way to look at it, life as a choices that have to be made (and make the best out of choices others have made, perhaps?)

    o 3eedik embarak, send my regards to bo fay :)

    not sure if i made it clear in the past, but whenever i write between quotation marks, i'm seperating myself on purpose from the content of the piece i.e. i may not agree at all with the 'speaker', may agree to some extent, or fully .. and everything in between :)

    anyway regarding what u said abt the 'ability' to do this or that, yes that's true .. but what makes you able to do that in the first place? that's the question, it's not a matter of whether you "can", it's a question of if you "could"

    3eedich embarak

    you are very kind, thank you.
    kel3am went bkhair

    hala wallah,, no promises as far as new posts go, bas inshala khair..
    3eddich embarak 3asakom mn 3owadah :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 29.12.06  

  • 3eedik mbarak, o 3asak min il 3aydeen wisalmeen =)

    dont disappear now..keep those posts coming

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30.12.06  

  • HELLO :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8.1.07  

  • temetwir
    where are you?
    Happy Eid and holidays

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9.1.07  

  • Interesting, just like almost everything you write.

    Though I find it very lacking in providing the accurate picture of the true life in which we live.

    It lacks the compassion, love, understanding and hope that exists in life for everybody (first class or coach). Your piece seems to have ommitted all those thing, and I wonder why.

    I think that as long as we have minds and a free will, our destiny is in our own hands.

    By Blogger Hazolat, at 10.1.07  

  • wainik 7aji? (i'm hoping ina ur a 7aji anyway lol)

    yalla, new post, i miss ur writings :D

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12.1.07  

  • ladies, my sincere apologies for the belated reply

    junoony, a very late: ayamich sa3eeda o kel3am wenty bkhair
    but ill make it up for u by saying: kel3am wenty bkhair mara thanya lel sina elhejriya in advance

    true faith, hello your fine self

    white wings ive been around, my dearest disagreeing-with lady

    hazolat, 3ash mn shafich.
    duly noted on the grim picture the piece illustrates.

    and btw personally, i would substitute "destiny" with "choices" in ur closing statement

    swair, (la wala lel7eeni ma 7ajjait)
    and its good to see u again

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 18.1.07  

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