المتر جم يطق؟

Things that tend to get on my nerve and almost always get me into trouble when discussing. But then again that may be due to the fact that I don't dis-anything, and tend to do a lot of the cussing:

  • Self-claimed liberals iterating their disapproval of the activities held by self-claimed islamists that are directed at the youth (camps and what not). As they spend, you spend. And no, dinners 3ala sharaf eflaan ely tawah rad mn el3elaaj don't count, nor do the news conferences held as a reaction to something self-claimed islamists originally threw in the field begging you to hold a conference in reaction to. Conclusion: disapproving the outcome of what others initiate does not hinder the continuance of similar initiations in the future, nor does it undo the effect it has already founded for you to see and comment on in the outcome. Initiate something other than insisting on kissing the lady's cheek when you greet her eb jam3eyat elkhereejeen o enshala mako ela kel khair.
  • A girl gaining extra points on the Hot or Not scale depending on the brands she's wearing, or the car she's driving. So I'm just gonna come out and say it since I'm sporting the 18+ icon up there on the screen: I don't get the attraction in wanting to fuck a Miu Miu bag, nor the behind of a new Maserati. What ever happened to being sort of an old school, more of a legs kinda guy.
  • People insisting on telling me things like: "carbohydrates are the reason why i'm not losing weight, so i cut them down from my diet" when we talk working out routines and nutrition; and then as an alternative to cutting down carbs, they order 20 chicken nuggets from Themanya o Thimaneen (peeling the skin off before eating, in their defense) with their reasoning being: "bet3alem dr 7sain dashti ya3ni?". Eeh wala ba3alma shlon ya3ni, khal yedig 3alay ..
  • The thesis: "ent e7mid rabik, 3ayish a7san 3eesha belkwait, kelshay metwafir lek fa lateg3ad te6la3ly eb sowalef demogra6eya o majlis ma majlis, khal ye7elona o neftak mara wa lel abad". Mofo, the one thing making us 'na7mid rabna ena 3aysheen belkwait' is whatever rights issued by default to yourself and I (as citizens or otherwise) in the constitution.Tabi talqi elmajlis, talqi eldistoor. Talqi eldistoor, talqi the rights given to you that make in turn enek 'ta7mid rabik' laish 3ayesh belkwait. *blank*
  • Idolizing politicians. Be it on the grounds of their long history in the field (read: a7mad ilse3doun), or their newly known stances on certain issues which happen to coincide with how you feel/think. In both short term and long, the only thing idolizing politicians will do is just weaken your arguments. Appreciate, but nothing more.
  • Just as much: expressing unrelenting animosity and hostility towards the other politicians who bat for the other team (that came out wrong). Same reason as afore mentioned.
  • Whining about the Kuwait stock exchange as lacking this or that, and only being suitable for eflaan o falantaan. All it is is incompetence on your part when it comes to understanding/researching the: what, when, and who. 3ashaw rab3 elsoug..
  • You studied abroad, you graduated, you came back, and now you are stunned from the state your country is in. No harm done. But stop acknowledging the problems, and start addressing them. Otherwise, shut the fuck up if you can't initiate an argument without basing it on anything different than "ayam kent bamreeka ..", "lama kena bebrai6anya ..", "we7na shella eb faransa .."
I conclude with saying something that has just occured to me o kelesh malah sheghel bely foug abad: new meaning can be added to one's understanding of guilt when one makes a baby cry. And new found purpose can be found in one's life when one makes a baby clap and sing (as far as 'singing' for a baby goes)