The Gym

i can only think of a few things that compare with that certain feeling when you go back to the gym after a long "break".. but now that i think about it, even those things which i think may be on the same level require me to be in a good state of mind to fully appreciate them, in other words: been working out.

u know when u always tell urself that ur gonna make the time, even for an hr, of every single coming day for the rest of ur life where ud go to work out.. but something always stands in the way?
welcome to my world

im not big on football, fa salfat el 7osa b mala3eb el mana6ig ashawit 6ombakheya is out of the question.. volleyball on the other hand i do enjoy, yet i dont get the chance to play unless we're in the shalaih (btw el le3ib yeseer mo sij lama nasfi6 seyayeer ba3ath across elmal3ab .. el khoof mn la tenkhefis el sayara sure does bring out il 3erj el holandy heh)

i guess what im trying to say is that im not a fan of "sports", however working out (not bodybuilding for those who dont know the difference) is another story.. it sure feels good to know u can run those 5kms and cycle those 10kms .. it even feels better when u do all that after a good hour of nothing but pumping iron .. let the good times roll

for those of u who work out regulary, im sure u wouldnt argue that ur state of mind will always seem level, ull have an easier time thinking and having a more positive attitude towards life.. i know this as well as u do, u see, but the thing is.. something will always fuck it up

whether be it mashaaghel o meshaweer, work-related (or studying purposes), cars .. u name it.. it could be anything

this is where it gets interesting, knowing that if u go to the gym you'll be better at whatever it is you are about to do, why can u never have that last ounce of will in u to make that little effort when in dire need

okay .. that being out of the way (u SERIOUSLY thought this was a post about working out routines?) i'm left to believe that maybe everybody needs to feel "bad" for him/herself from time to time.. a phase when everybody gives oneself the chance to blame others for his/her misfortune (and i dont mean fate by fortune)

ya3ni to project this back to the whole gym thing i had going on, anyone would "skip the chance to go the gym" on purpose, so to have the time to convince onself that 'its not my fault that i feel/look/am treated/whatever in this manner' ..
yes? no? khair inshalla heh..
ana agool el natural high weg6a3, shda3wa chethy kela tamreen


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