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I respect Dr Naji Il Zaid. Although sometimes his discussions are a bit .. unworthy of discussion (?), he makes up for it in most of his articles. I am constantly getting the impression that he has studied in the UK, because he constantly refers to Britain and its system/actions/reactions, spoken like someone who knows what's up.

Dr Il Zaid basically condemns the Ministry of Information for its 'banning' of certain books in its book exhibition. He does so because he believes that such an action taken by the Ministry only helps in the spread of the book. A valid point, and a good one at that, since he later goes into showcasing what the internet can do if it were to be utilised in spreading the book or whatever.

Dr Il Zaid draws a comparisson on how the British government has dealt in the past, and is dealing with preventing certain books, or the media from publishing certain news. He praises the government's ways because it 'goes through' the legal system. But then again, the books and news are published.

Now, my unsettlement with this is the fact that Dr Il Zaid acts as if he's dumb, when I know that he's not. The purpose of any 'official' institution to declare opposition towards a certain something, is to jot down in history that it does not approve of such a thing. That, ofcourse, is the case when officials know that other means of access are existant, should 'the people' choose to pursue whatever it is the official institution opposed in the first place.

Also, Dr Il Zaid is "sorry" that this is happening when Dr Anas Il Rshaid is Minister, and explicitly mentions his sorrow is due to the fact that Dr Il Rshaid 'studied Mass Communication in the United States'. What if he studied in Kuwait University? Would that have been okay?
To be 'granted' a Ministry, one does not have to have a background in the Ministry's field. That is simply because a Minister's duties are political, and not "field-oriented".

Dr Il Zaid knows that. He also knows that studying in the US or the UK does not make someone better, or more knowledgeable; therefore stuffing it in has no effect whatsoever. Dr Il Zaid also knows that an official institution's stances are to mark either approval or disapproval towards a certain case. He also knows that everyone knows what the internet can do.

Dr Il Zaid should excuse me for saying: you, sir, have no point and as the British would say, are talking rubbish.


  • teme, Dr. Al-zaid mentions the US education background because western education stresses on freedom of speech and publication while Kuwait's education does not. so a person with that background should be more supportive of liberties and more against censorship thats all. He expects more of him. And we as citizens expect more of him as well.
    And don't tell me Sabah Al-Ahmed's govt. is against those books to mark it in history. They just dont give a damn about these "minor" issues. Its a political game. They give islamists the right to ban books granted that they'll secure their votes for something more valuable to govt. for example the northern oil fields

    By Blogger A3sab, at 27.11.05  

  • om mejrin do u really believe that a person w/ that background should be more supportive of liberties? does it mean that those who have studied there have no choice in making up their opinions, which could be different from what they have been taught, or more accurately, the environment that they have been taught in

    but then again that doesnt relate in this particular case becoz we're talking abt a ministry, which as i say (and according to my limited understanding) is a political front and not necessarily a ... an educational one (?)

    no im not limiting the opposition to "sh. soba7's govt", thats why i do say "any" .. by that i do mean "any" (not necessarily q8 - hence the uk example too)

    and finally, to say that the govt gives the islamists 'this and that' so that they would secure votes on passing a law the govt wants to pass is VERY convenient, yet true ONLY in the case if it works with ALL 'players', and not only islamists - know what i mean?

    *yabeela topic 3an 7egol el shemal, bas elwa7ed shegol shekhaly :/

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 27.11.05  

  • teme, 6'a7aktni 3an 7iqool ishamal.
    ilzibdah inna the minister gives the imprression of being a liberal and thats why he was chosen for this post therefore I and many other like me expect him to endorse liberal thoughts including lifting censorship. Have you seen the Book fair in recent years..it shoiuld be called the Islamic book fair. all the books are about 3athab ilqabar, il7oor il3ain, al7ijab, how to be a good abiding wife and tafseer a7lam. Thats all.nothing else. I'm not against havign these books on display in the fair but other books should also be allowed. Readers should have the right to choose.
    I have a question for you: Are you with or against the splicing thats being carreid out by the ministry?

    By Blogger A3sab, at 27.11.05  

  • a3sab
    i know what ur saying, and if dr il rshaid was .. i dunno .. the CEO of a publisher based in q8, and then he'd censor and ban certain books, then surely one can criticise in public and display his (rshaid's) resume to prove a point
    but he's not now, is he..

    the book fair, ive been there last yr (or was it 2yrs) bas el sara7a i whizzed thru coz my sis em6arshatni, so i wouldnt know enradat lelsij

    and, splicing u mean of the ministry of information? im all for it, althu i must say i think ppl r a bit too ambitious in thinking/saying that this way we'll make up for all the past mistakes of the ministry and its violations - better yet, violations el modara

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 27.11.05  

  • teme alzaid got his phd from UCL

    a3sab r u with taking off censorship completely?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27.11.05  

  • that makes sense, but phd?
    i think he's an MD

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 27.11.05  

  • Temi, the censorship committy falls unders his authority its part ofthe the inoformaion ministry so by default he is the man to question when it comesto this issue. And by splicing i maen the splicing and banning of books by the ministry's committee.

    By Blogger A3sab, at 28.11.05  

  • a3sab
    i know what ur saying, and like i said i do NOT know what books r banned or why .. im just concerning myself with el zaid's analysis .. i think if he were to criticise he could definitely have been much more constructive.. but then again thats just me

    heheh tha7akt 3ala el splicing of books, ra7 baaly 3ala tafkeek il wezaara :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 28.11.05  

  • om mejrin i rec. u read s3ood el samakah's article on this, ma sawa feha la derasa b amreeka wala 7oreyaat b brai6anya o madri sheno



    By Blogger Temetwir, at 28.11.05  

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