Letter II

Not-so dear (male) homosexuals,

Wassup? First, let me congratulate you for the emphasis the media has been inforcing in favor of your 'story', for the past decade or so. Now that I think of it, I should be congratulating the media in convincing you that the lie of a story they publicize is true.

I'd like to know, but really I don't, why it is that you faggots take it personally when someone calls you homos? See? See what you made me do? You have me all confused now, you don't want to be called faggots, nor homos.

Anyway that's beside the point. So yeah, no, I don't hate you. No, I'm not homophobic. Yes, I feel sorry for you. I really, really do. You're probably going all sissy on me right now, hands on your waist and whining like a little bitch that you don't need my sympathy. You're right, you don't. You need your own, you need to understand that there's more to life than just attraction and sexual orientation and relationships. Grow up, if there's anything I ask from you homos (nicest way possible), it's that I urge you to grow up. Yeah, you may as well 'be' everywhere. Have the same jobs, drive the same cars, and everything else "we" (I'm not going to suggest that we are 'normal') do. But then again, your whole life revolves around something that is just plain sad. Fuck you and your ambitions, I don't care if you wanna be president; you're still a homo. Yes, I am saying that makes you a lesser person. No, you don't have to take my word for it.

Which brings me to my next point. If I say that I don't like, nor approve, of your ways nor would I accept you for who you are; what has that got to do with you? No really, what? Like, are you suggesting that you need my reassurance that your life is okay, and without it you'd get all worked up? What, you're going to go all 'homo' on me and want to talk about it in a room with only two lit candles?
Why is it that when someone makes it explicit that he or she does not approve of your way of life, you take it as if your world shatters? It doesn't, so just be happy there aren't more crazy mofos out there willing to kill one of you to prove their point. Don't you try, don't you even think about saying I'm okay with murder. Yeah, I know a thing or two about how a homo mind's works.

You see, I really think you're decent human beings. I really do. You're not defected, and you sure as hell ain't retarded. You're just stupid, plain and simple. I think naive is a better word, but yeah, I'll go with stupid. Now you're probably back at doing the hand-on-waist-thing and spitting 30 words a second about how narrow-minded I am and what not. Guess what? I wouldn't even care. Unlike you, I don't need your approval of my way of life, nor my way of thinking. Not even my sexual orientation. If I happen to think that women are beautiful and 'wouldn't mind', ba3ad ethenkom ya3ni, sleeping with them; that doesn't mean I'm objectifying women. You, on the other hand, look at one another and see nothing but an object. Relationships? You wanna be a couple? You wanna dedicate songs on 99.7 and call up Fozeya Ledrai3 telling her how your better-half isn't as tender and loving as when you first met? Well that just proves my point, doesn't it. You're in it for the wrong things, and for that I sympathize. Yes I am implying that the only motivation for any long-term relationship is to live together till death do us part, and I also think that the idea of having kids is also one of the biggest motivations.

Being the homo that you are, let me tell you what you're thinking about right now. You're calling up "your crew", telling them that this world is full of haters and all that homo-talk. Which really is typical since I do insist on your needing one another for support, and reassurance. So anyway, you're thinking "naaaah naah na naaa, what about those who can't have kids, naaaaa na naa naaah'. Or probably something as silly as 'me and my partner can always adopt'. Let me put it this way, all you think you know about yourself, you learned from one another, probably watching movies or something. I don't need to challenge you for it being true, I just need you to STFU if you're really happy about who or what you are.

Now, you haven't 'seen the light', so what is up with all the gay-pride stuff? Oh okay, I get it, you're celebrating "the scientifically proven fact that you are the way you are because of some genes passed along to you". Didn't I tell you that you just NEED, and in dire need, of reassurance to keep convincing you that you are what you really are?

No I'm not pretending to know more about you homos than you do about yourselves; I'm just saying that deep down inside you know it. That's why I feel sorry for you and that's why I don't approve of your life. I am a compassionate guy, you see, I just happen to say it in a different way. You can put that phone down now, and you can go back to seeking attention, and blaming society or genes for all the things that you just couldn't deal with.

I could just see it now. "There were gays all the way back to x century, and there wasn't any mediums you speak of that channel our interests". How would you know what their being gay constituted of? Oh, attraction to the similar sex, you mean? I thought you homos were more, like, had a whole way of life or something. Just STFU. Or you're gonna say something like, "but it was proven scientifically that..." blah blah blah.

I think that's about it. Espicially considering that there is NOTHING to speak about in the first place. As I say, there isn't anything wrong with you or something like that. You're just either way too horny or way too stupid. Your 'ancestors' aren't really your ancestors, so stop saying they are. Unless you want to tell me how you and whoever-it-is-you-say-was-a-homo are related? Yeah, didn't think so heh.
They were just the same as you right now, either too horny or way too stupid. I don't intend for this letter to sound like I'm a "gay basher" (man, the things you come up with), I intend it to be a message for you from all my heart, outside the boundaries of religion and social acceptance. No, not because they don't apply. But, honestly now my not so dear homo un-friend, it's because you're way too stupid to understand what religion or social acceptance would be discussing.


PS: This letter is a spin-off/prequel/sequel from/to Gigi's post.

I had the misfortune to accomodate a comment from a homo on this topic, so I'm dedicating this to all the homos out there as a sign of .. friendship? heh


  • my my my..
    somebody has issues with other people..
    shako0 inta feehom?
    live and others live..
    kill wa7id 7o0or..

    and no i don't approve of them..
    but i don't see how ur rant is going to solve anything...

    just say il7imdillah wil shikir and move on..
    they're not asking for ur help, nor can u aslan help them..

    ana i don't see what the fuss is about..
    people are free to choose what they want to be.. *Should be free* (but that isn't the case normally)

    By Blogger Baroque, at 28.11.05  

  • the 1st thing i say is that i DONT have issues with them.. o the 1st thing someone says is that i DO have issues with them

    i can just imagine where this is going ..

    "So yeah, no, I don't hate you. No, I'm not homophobic."

    "you don't need my sympathy. You're right, you don't"

    "Yes, I am saying that makes you a lesser person. No, you don't have to take my word for it."

    "You see, I really think you're decent human beings. I really do. You're not defected, and you sure as hell ain't retarded."

    charisma the point isnt to 'solve' anything, its just that when they go over n over n over AND OVER that they were born that way o madri sheno.. men ma el wa7ed yered 3alaihom b kelma.. galaw em3agideen o ur discrimanting blah blah blah

    ur saying its a right for them to be what they be, and that also means everybody IS free to say whatever .. if theyre trying hard to convince each other that its normal.. then by all means let them be.. its just that when they want to impose it on "us" and we have our OWN opinions (just like THEY do), its then and there ely ne6la3 e7na ely mdakhleen 3esna b shay ma ykhesna.. o tyeena wa7da mn 6eebich o sharwaach says ur being intrusive :))

    be that as it may, i dont think u read it all, did u? becoz i just read it again and i dont see shlon fahamtay ena i have issues with them..

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 28.11.05  

  • QUOTE:"I'm just saying that deep down inside you know it."

    y7laylik Mr. know-it-all :)

    I really feel sorry 4 u being u.

    P.S: I'm a heterosexual person.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28.11.05  

  • Let them be man, they'll go extenct anyway.

    Oh, and a free future advice :: Never use the "F" word and "homo" in the sentence... Bad things happen.

    -> I think these gays are increasing because the society is accepting them, especially women!

    Yes, I hate gays.

    By Blogger MBH, at 28.11.05  

  • I am a little bit pitiful. My doctor friend told me that his professor said that "homosexuality" is a psychological disease and that it was politically incorrect to classify it as such, so it was taken off the list. I don't believe the whole "I'm born with it" schtick, although it IS scientifically proven that some men are sometimes born with more female than male hormones and vice versa, but that's not classified as being homosexual/gay/lesbian. However, I do think that the initial problem is one's upbringing; for example, a male raised single-handedly by his mother might grow up in search for 'male' love. Many children go through traumatizing sexual experiences that scar them for life i.e. rape, forced sexual contact, etc. That's also a very big factor. But be for now if it has no personal affect on you, because raging ranting about it won't help...Take care...

    By Blogger Erzulie, at 28.11.05  

  • Firstly, thanks :)
    Second, I think the whole 'rage/rant' comments came from the heated, subjective intensity of this particular post. Being gay/lesbian is not hip and cool just as being straight isn't considered as hip nor cool...it's just the way it is. I don't know how else to phrase it. I just don't see the point of bashing the whole thing; I truly pity the individuals who went through unwanted sexual encounters, especially if they were still children at the time. Those things do scar a person, and sometimes, it's irreversible and it's hard to bounce back from it.

    By Blogger Erzulie, at 29.11.05  

  • man that was long, I did not finish it but I have and ID about the subject, what get to my nerve is not the homo people alone, it's other normal people who thinks what homos doing is OK, that is were the problem come from, other wise you would not have seen them expand this much.

    By Blogger Hattorihanzo, at 29.11.05  

  • erzulie,
    trust me, its not this post only.. its like a trend or something, ma 3alaina

    its just the way it is, ok, but that doesnt mean that we're supposed to deem it okay and fine..

    the funny thing is, ppl would tell u "let them be", when u speaking ur mind is actually "letting YOU be"

    bo fay,
    if i write a long post, it means i either just finished something for school, OR im skipping something for school heh
    and THANK YOU for saying that in the SIMPLEST way possible

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 29.11.05  

  • temy.. ;P
    ur writing iydawikhnee..
    laish hal contradictions?
    o0 sejj, i honestly don't know where you are going.. or what you even mean ;P~

    By Blogger Baroque, at 29.11.05  

  • charisma basee6a ur still one of my favs temoneen and la wala its not really a matter of contradictions as much as it is to level things out

    the problem is every1 is making a habit of jumping to conclusions, while i try my best to reason it in my own view

    i couldnt have stressed MORE in the post on the case that if anyone doesnt like or share what or how i think, then by all means knock urself out, it really reallllly wouldnt make a difference with me..
    i respect our differences but that doesnt mean im letting go of some of my view 3ashan sowaad 3yoonhom :)

    ela chan gaseb betsawoonli salfa o tegolon "laa enta ga3ed tetdakhal" .. hatha shay thani

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 29.11.05  

  • here u go..
    classic example of how 'they' just NEED the approval of their lifestyle or whatever they want to call it


    By Blogger Temetwir, at 29.11.05  

  • so u got issues with gay people, whats your problem man, just let them be

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29.11.05  

  • Temtem, I feel your pain :P hehe.

    But seriously, all this tyrannical political correctness that dictates that we can't say anything about homosexuality without getting some hippy jump down our throats and point fingers at us with convenient labels like "HOMOPHOBE!" or "CLOSEMINDED" or "JUDGMENTAL" gets annoying.

    I mean, you read my post. I made it clear right from the start that what I thought was bullshit is the NOTION that homosexual people are born that way. And yet I still got so many comments telling me things like "What harm have gays done to you!? Why don't you stop picking on them?" etc. etc.

    But seriously, what's so offensive about saying that homosexuality is a choice? Or that it is based on Free Will? Shouldn't that be empowering?

    Whereas the "story" they like to believe; that they were born that way, just makes them out to be the victims of their genes. Now why would anyone prefer that notion over the notion that it's a choice?
    1)Because it's convenient
    2)It removes all accountability or questioning of their choice
    3)They get to dismiss anyone who disagrees with them as Close-Minded, mota7ajjir, shireer etc.

    Anyway, kaifhum. Seriously, if that's their choice, and they're happy with it, there's nothing I can do.

    But where the danger lies is, if we accept that some people just happen to be born that way, then we run the risk of starting to think something along the lines of "If it's genetic, then misakeen it's unfair and cruel to judge them! Abbaih why should we even try to prevent it, in, say, our children?"

    Now if you're an atheistic European or whatever living in an atheistic country then you're right, you don't have any reason to prevent it. However, excuse me if I say that being a muslim Kuwaiti girl, I have the right to prevent homosexuality in my children if I ever have any and lasama7allah, one of them "yazatla ilfikra" inna he/she considers being gay.

    Let me tell you this true story of a gay boy I saw in some documentary. They were basically saying he had "always been that way". As proof, in the interview his older sister said that they first noticed it one day when she walked in on him when he was around 7 I think standing at her dresser and holding up one of her bras to his chest. Then the parents jumped in saying how unconditional their love was/is and how they never stood in the way of their son living the life he wanted. And trust me with that kind of "openmindedness" you can bet your bottom dollar that they made him know that he was very "special" and "different" and that it was ok and that they loved him and he was the best boy they could ever dream of having.

    Oo el-sara7a, if someone made me feel special and different for being a certain way as a kid then I see no reason why I should chose to be anything else.

    However, if there had been someone that had yanked that bra away from him and boxed his ears then I think it is unlikely that he would have turned out gay. Or at the very least what I'm saying is that him turning out gay wasn't inevitable due to his genes.

    However, can you really wonder that homosexuality has been on the rise since people have started believing that it's genetic and thus instead of snatching the proverbial bra away from these youngsters they instead give them a hug to prove their support, a shake of the hand to prove their respect and "openmindedness" while in their other hand offering them the proverbial pair of matching panties?

    Gigi, pragmatically

    P.S. by the way Tem yetrawaali ekoon a7san lo you linked to the actual post you were referring to rather than to my whole blog. I'm providing you with the link down below to copy paste for your convenience hehehe


    By Blogger Gigi, at 29.11.05  

  • anonymous2
    seriously dont take this the wrong way, as i really dont mean to offend u but.. ru stupid, or u just TOO GOOD at acting like it?
    email me ur answer .. im REALLY interested to know how ud still think i "have problems with gay ppl", not by what ive written, but also by what me and the guys discussed in the comment

    some of u just fascinate me, theres no other word for it.. and not in a good way, this also goes out to everybody who thinks i have "issues with gay ppl", stop wasting the space here for actual comments, if u want to debate me, fine.. if ur just gonna come here and summarize my life in a silly sentence, then fuck u and what u have to say

    yeah, thats how i roll :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 29.11.05  

  • gigi i didnt want to include u in my above statement. so here goes:

    i can not even begin to stress on how true ur 1st paragraph is.. and u can pretty much see some of the above comments and know exactly why i cant.. its just obvious

    and tell me abt it, i read some of the comments on ur space.. and btw thats why i wanted to write this piece too.. i did tell u that u spared me from all the drama, but the comments just proved to me that these guys need someone honest enough to just lay it on the table in a lingo that they have no doubt of what is being said

    good question u ask abt 'why not say it is a choice' .. it doesnt mean that it'll be okay or better or anything, but at least that'll spare us the drama of hearing over n over n over how theyre born that way or give us their whole story abt how they were shaped like that from circumstances in their childhood

    i think i already answered ur query of 'WHY would any1 prefer that its genetic, over it being a choice'
    and im still standing by it, until im proven otherwise, theyre acting as if they NEEEED the reassurance.. and will not take anything but acceptance.. u can just check the link i provided abt that swedish judge and see what i mean..
    theyre 'putting their lifestyle' out there, and we're just saying what we think

    let's get analogical here.. terrorism is wrong, yes?
    it hasn't affected ... i dunno .. Switzerland perhaps? so what, that makes a Swiss uncredible to criticise terrorism? shelsalfa ya3ni .. does it have to AFFECT ME, so that i can SPEAK my mind

    abt the example u give and the explanation, trust me.. I KNOW (monica style - oh MY IM GAAAAY IM GAY im quoting a woman)
    its like the thing abt "why dont u accept me for who i am?" .. umm, how abt coz u represent everything that im not? how about that u and i are "the" extremes of lifestyle, and everything fits in between

    bas methel ma geltay, o methel ma 3ayazt wana aradid .. when u speak ur mind its just discrimantion and narrow-mindedness .. but when u praise it it's open-mindedness and proof that ur an 'understanding person'

    gigi, i salute u .. and ya ok ill fix the thing with the link

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 29.11.05  

  • How about I put it this way:

    being gay.. is a disease that causes sterility!!!

    *nods head slowly with stern serious eyes*

    That is correct.. you mark my words.. the more gay you are, the less likely that you'll be able to have children! *gasp* *cry cry cry*

    So be careful. protect the family jewels from.. "the gay"

    Note: somewhere in this comment there's a joke, if you're angry right now? slow down, take a deep breath, and try to "get" it.

    By Blogger mishari26, at 29.11.05  

  • mishari lol
    wainy 3anek mn zemaan bas wainy 3anek :P

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 29.11.05  

  • Temetwir

    mo chenna el ros namat wel3asa3es gamat ?!

    By Blogger Mother Courage, at 29.11.05  

  • mc
    hathy enty gelteeha
    mo hatha ely yegolich "eny araa ru'oosan gad ayna3at ..."


    By Blogger Temetwir, at 29.11.05  

  • I can't stand 'raving' homosexuals. Doesn't help either that the media portraits them as being funny, nice, fashion-wise, and twenty-four-hour party people.

    On the other hand, I also don't care what people do in the privacy of their own homes. Really. One good thing about 'some' UK homosexuals (ones that I know of, at least) is that they keep their preference to themselves. They're normal, masculine, and interesting people who don't need to shun regular social skills or have 'gay' written all over them. On the other hand, the majority of homosexuals base their personalities and lives on their sexual preference.. i.e. they go to gay bars/clubs, tell everyone they know (and don't know) that they're gay, and generally try to fit into the media-created gay profile having the attributes mentioned above. Whether you're gay or not, you have a personality. Be unique, and practice sodomy in the privacy of your home without telling me about it!

    Don't tell me they have the right to live like this and celebrate their preference. Nature decided that heterosexuality is the way to go, and any other way is wrong. I'm trying not to include Islam's heavy opposition of homosexuality because many are not religious and wouldn't really care what religion states on the matter.

    Then again, this is my opinion and I'm entitled to it by the powers of the interweb information mega highway network.

    Speaking of opinions - (this is directed to some commenters here) - you can't 'not approve' of something and also 'tolerate it' and advise to let it be. Also, people aren't 100% free to do what they feel like doing. Religion and society govern our actions, and without those what good are we?

    Least you should do is speak your mind, otherwise, "3ala el denya el salam".

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29.11.05  

  • zeecu
    love the fact that UNTIL NOW, we've been able to move away from the most important things: religion/society and focus on the subject in other lights

    id just like to add that:

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 30.11.05  

  • Temetwir....BLA BLA BLA

    By Blogger meWHO!, at 30.11.05  

  • mewho!: I had the misfortune of visiting your blog and seeing what kind of posts there are. Nice alcoholic cocktail recipes you got there, dumbass.

    You're on the wrong blog. Can't stress this any more.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30.11.05  

  • loooool, i knew thats how you're gonna respond, take it easy man i was just messin with u, a happy face :) was supposed to be at the end of it, to show that its a joke.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30.11.05  

  • anonymous
    am sure u did know that this is the way id respond

    khobz eedik, ma3loom ma3loom .. :)

    and yea i dont get the joke w/ the sorry for u being u, so lets leave it at that and part our ways

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 30.11.05  

  • It's sad when your whole life centers around your sexuality.

    By Blogger Sapphire, at 30.11.05  

  • gays bring attention to themselves, with their pride parades 3ishtaw. Especially trying to do their world pride parades in Holy cities is outright disrespectful (did one in Italy, and I think tried/or did in Jerusalem) They do something like that and they don't want backlash?
    3an nafsi..i know one gay guy, and as much as i try to treat him like a normal person he's not especially when he goes into details about his bf, i tend to have physical reactions.

    What about the increase of homosexuality in arab countries? Kuwait to be specific..my friend just got back and said it was so widespread & "a business" now..we idolize the west in everything, even our sexual preferences.

    By Blogger Faith, at 30.11.05  

  • sapphire,
    sooo true, glad u picked that up from the 'letter' .. i like u already

    the 'increase' and 'decrease' just goes to prove that it isnt really anything "REAL" .. am not sure abt kuwait, but ive seen some on the streets and theyre really really .. whats a gay word for 'rude'? :p

    and u mean THEY idolize the west, not "we" ;) besides, am not too keen on blaming the west for it entirely.. i mean u and i and everybody else r exposed to it just as much and everything, but we have our brains to think for us .. which is why i say homos rnt 'bad ppl' nor 'lost identitied', theyre just stupid

    *i bet this is gonna upset some more homos

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 30.11.05  

  • mishari ga3ed lehom ga3da ;)
    nice one

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 30.11.05  

  • No problem. Just another grad student who wish she could comment on your posts more often.

    I guess some people are prepared to get offended the moment they start reading someone else's opinion, just waiting for the trigger words to pop up.

    By Blogger Sapphire, at 30.11.05  

  • sapphire
    "I guess some people are prepared to get offended the moment they start reading someone else's opinion, just waiting for the trigger words to pop up."

    and if i may add .. no matter HOW MUCH u say that u really wish to speak ur mind, theyll just ignore and go over n over n over again saying the same stuff thats being replied to

    7amdela welsheker

    anyway good luck with ur studies, n yeah do comment more often :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 30.11.05  

  • Bil Thab6 .. i choose not to 'understand' and sympathize with gay people.. u asked me for my opinion and i gave it to you.. now why would you have a problem with that (im not talking directly to you but people who are pro-gayness) :P

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2.12.05  

  • 7amdila wel shikir!

    hatha 7isbala "Anonymous" y3i blogger username..

    Ya rabbi el mu5555555!!

    sij sij so pathetic

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2.12.05  

  • anonymous starting with "Bil thab6" ..
    i know that, and chairz :)

    the other anonymous, who ru talking abt, and what ru talking about..

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 2.12.05  

  • Anonymous said...

    7amdila wel shikir!

    hatha 7isbala "Anonymous" y3i blogger username..

    Ya rabbi el mu5555555!!

    sij sij so pathetic

    The irony... It burns...

    By Blogger Sapphire, at 3.12.05  

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