عندما "يفلس" بو ريكان

Bain il faiyna wil ukhra, ye6il 3alaina najim il estaath bo Raaikan mn khelaal samaa' Alqabas ib wa7da mn magaalata fa yesid enfoosna o yestal6ef, mn la awad tasmeyat'hom al7een 3ashan ma7ad yez3al meny, b kalemaat metnaaqma lakenha meftagra ela ay mathmoon aw tamaas ma3a il waage3..

Il shaab il la6eef bo Raaikan concludes that the assault on Kuwaiti students studying in Jordan is attributed to what 'nowaab el mana6eg el kharejeya' and what he, based on that label, nicks columnists who condemn Kuwait's loans to Jordan, 'kotaab el mana6eg el kharejeya' have to say. That is, the Jordanians implode and thus explode on the Kuwaiti students because of what those MP and columnists have to say.

Wallahi yabo Raaikan o ya guraa' bo Raaikan, ana agol lo na3kis el aaya o netsalaf mn el shaab el la6eef his concluding statement of advice to those MPs and columnists, and in turn advise him lo ena "yeltezim el ssamt" wayed ahwan 3al jimee3 ..

Ma agol ela "a3otho belah men kelmat 'ana'",, nefous, aii wallah nefous..


  • 1st comment 1st comment!! ma garait shay bs beghait ala7g!!!

    By Blogger MSB, at 16.12.05  

  • msb hehe la dont worry, im sure most of the gents and ladies wont find any interest in this topic.. come to think of it i dont see this getting many comments at all.. not that i blame them, why would anyone waste their time on something he has to say that is just pure nonsense and very very irresponsible

    im just disappointed in what some writers have to offer .. especially when it is in a language that seems to be unquestionably true or something :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 16.12.05  

  • Salam,

    I really had hard time reading arabic in english font. :)However, I think that Jordainian are harassing our students because “mako zelem be7komatna”. Same problem happened to Oman’s students about six months ago, they’ve threaten that they will withdraw all of their students, the next week, king Abdullah was in Oman to apologize. Why?? Cause there are “zelem” in Oman who care about their people dignity.

    Sorry for the long comment, but "mn 7ar ma feeny"

    By Blogger 3teej, at 16.12.05  

  • no.1 : lol bacher yakteb 3anik mithel ma ketab 3an nanonano :|

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17.12.05  

  • 3teej o 3alaikom elsalam wel ra7ma, forgive me for the use of the arabic/english fonts :)

    so yes, i definitely think you are right .. the government has not taken any decisive stance on this matter, although it has been ongoing for many years now

    as for the Omani students, i did not know about that .. BUT, you reminded me of the 16 kuwaiti martyrs in 1988, or was it 1989 (sorry i can't remember) .. it was 7aj, and saudi arabia arrested many men from the shee3a sect, some were from Kuwait, some from Oman also on the accusations of planned-terrorism or something like that

    what i have heard is that sul6aan Gaabous said the Omanis will be UNTOUCHED .. low and behold, they weren't and were let go by the saudis

    kuwait, however, lost the 16 men who have done nothing .. not only that but neither did the government at the time do anything !

    i apologize for the rant but you reminded me of that story .. but yes, since the government does not take action and says "it's the embassy or whatever" then i am with u in saying "mako zelem"


    no.1 ma fahamt belthab6 sh tagsideen, bas ely fahamta ena b yakteb "fe wa7ed mo 3ajba rayee" in his article?
    khal yes6efil estathna :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 17.12.05  

  • lol, lai hal daraja ba6 chabdik elee ketabt 3annah! Ma yeswa!

    Wa7ed men el sho3ara' fe 39r men el 39oor, eshtehar oO gamaw b3'6 el 'yahalo' men sho3ara' yesiboona; S'elaw el sha3er, laish ma trid 3alaihom? Gal :: Law arid 3alaihom, ra7 yenkitib 3anhom fel taree'7 "Wa radda al sha3er 3ala folan..", fa ana la oreed ta'7leed asameehem fel taree'7!

    This doesn't apply to you entirely, but I hope you get the draft ^_^

    By Blogger MBH, at 17.12.05  

  • mbh this isnt my first time to discuss articles in newspapers and it certainly is not just to do with bo Raaikan.. fa kelesh mo "ba6 chabdi le darajat eni akteb 3anna" .. not at all :)

    i just found what he has to say very irresponsible and kind of insulting in a way which, ironically, he claims he doesnt approve of (in earlier articles)

    and i dont think u can say "ma yeswa", its his opinion and he's entitled to it as (i hope) he has something to back it up .. saying "ma yeswa" goes way beyond that and touches his person, which is something i like to think of myself as never doing

    al ekhtelaaf bel raay la yofsid belwid gatheya :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 17.12.05  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17.12.05  

  • no.1
    i got that, and sorry i deleted it for reasons u would not want to know heh

    but yeah now i know what u mean :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 17.12.05  

  • no.1 : ehem .. sorry ! :|

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17.12.05  

  • as usual clueless... ;P

    By Blogger Baroque, at 17.12.05  

  • no.1 not at all, walaw its my bad :)

    charisma heh i wouldnt expect u to, sh lech bel kharabee6 o 3awaar elras?

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 17.12.05  

  • mane fahma shay:S:S
    a9lan where are you!!
    I missed seeing you around

    By Blogger Rimyoleta, at 17.12.05  

  • Temetwir, I meant with "ma yeswa" is that it ain't worth writing about the subject if the person is doing some Ad hoc writing without clear knowledge of what's s/he is writing about.

    Didn't mean it in a personal way ^_^

    By Blogger MBH, at 17.12.05  

  • Dear Temetwir ..

    Mu ohwa elly yeltezim essamt ..YOU STOP READING HIS AMAZING ARTICLES !

    By Blogger جنة الحواس, at 20.12.05  

  • broke
    yeltezim il samt shay, o yewagef yegra shay thani .. ya3ni khal net7acha bel3agel

    that said, lanty wala gairech yegoli sh'agra wela sha6awef

    o etha u have something to support kalamah il 3ashwa'ee tefathelay ahlan wa sahlan o yseer khair :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 20.12.05  

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