Pink Dreams and Black Ones

"What have I got to do to prove that I do love you, but I just can't do that?", Sarah pleaded, "Just tell me anything else and I'll do it".
"Fuck you and your charity, I'm not asking you to do it, I'm telling you to do it.." said Khalid calmly.
"You're being childish.. don't talk to me like that", she said feeling a bit uneasy, knowing where this was going to go.
"Listen, we've been together long enough for you to know that you don't get to call me childish. You also should know that you don't tell me how to talk to you. Who the fuck do you think you are?"
Trembling now, Sarah recalled the first month she got to knew Khalid. How he meant the world to her. How he would do stuff for her. If only she knew...
"Men ga3ed a7achee ana.." Khalid stormed. He also remembered how he was with Sarah. Putting on a happy face all the time, never once did he not do what she asked of him. Only difference is, he knew that this was bound to happen...
"I'm here, Khalid. I just don't know who I'm talking to anymore. You're being unreasonable". Sarah was in her bed, had the TV on mute, and her homework scattered all over the place.
"Look, this is getting way too boring. You either do as I tell you, or that's it, I can't be with you anymore. We don't connect like we used to". Khalid was in the dowaneya, had three of his friends dead-silent, and had Sarah on speaker.
"That's because you never asked this of me before. I never thought it'd get to this".

Sarah, a twenty two year old girl, never suspected two things. First, that Khalid would be a 'typical guy', and second, that anyone knew about her relationship with Khalid. If only she knew...

Khalid, a twenty three year old guy, never suspected two things. First, that Sarah would be any different from any girl, and second, that he would eventually show his true colors to her. The only difference being, Khalid knew all along that this was bound to happen...

"Shlon al7een? betsereen aademeya?"
"For the millionth time, FORGET it. I just can't"
"So you would, if you could?"
"That's what you're saying.." Khalid winked at one of the guys, who just shook his head, smiling.
"Khalid, is that all you have to tell me?"

Sarah had two brothers. She started to think of them now, and how they would feel if they knew what Khalid was asking for. She rejected that thought, and just wondered what her brothers' reaction would be if they knew that she is in a relationship.

Khalid had four sisters. It never crossed his mind that one of them would be in the shoes of Sarah, ever. He told himself that 'that shit doesn't happen in my family'.

"Yes, that is all I have to tell you."
"Okay then, I don't think this is working out. It's a shame you're putting the last two years behind you".

Khalid thought about that. For two years, he was building on his scheme. He knew Sarah was a nice girl, he suspected that he was the first one she ever talked to. But he, being the gentleman at the time, never asked. Of course, he would also tell Sarah that he did in fact talk to many before her, but that she was 'the only one who made him feel this way'.

Sarah, now seeing that this isn't going to work out, thought about the time it will take for her to get over Khalid. Her first 'love', she knew that it would be hard. If only she knew...
Khalid wasn't really thinking about anything but winning the bet with the guys. He just wanted Sarah to agree to prove to them that he can handle her. Sarah did not suspect a thing of course, she thought Khalid was in his room.

Khalid started, "to me at least, it looks like you've just been playing me. For two years I've done nothing but everything you ever wanted, and been the best you could ever wish for, and you can attest to that. Now look at you, you can't even do me a little favor."
Sarah couldn't help but think that all Khalid was saying was true. Simply because it sure was. Only difference is, she had no idea about Khalid's motivation.

If only she knew...

They talked for another thirty minutes.

Real men will never go behind the backs of other men. Know it.


  • knew that already..
    bs thanx for teaching it to me again ;)
    in context, "men are pigs" ;p~ just kidding..
    hehe it's a shame that most girls think that "love" drives someone to act or do something totally against their morals and traditions and that their fellow "loved ones" are always honest and "good" people..

    i call that being too naieve.. and just plain dumb..

    By Blogger Baroque, at 15.12.05  

  • salted caramel ee what a shame, but it takes 2 to tango

    charisma ur gonna have a hard time proving that u, or anyone else, isnt Sarah .. and an even HARDER time proving that 'ur lovers' arent Khalid

    anyway i hope this doesnt turn into "the guy is a prick", becoz he is .. and so is the grl..
    but yeah theyre both naive and wasting valuable time thinking abt 'pink dreams and black ones' :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 15.12.05  

  • ok this is definitely not what im hinting to

    khalid o 6ageta mo reyayeel
    sarah o 6agatha gal3athom elsara7a

    no victoms, no manipulation.. u get what u ask for..
    and yes, Khalid isnt the "typical q8i guy"

    el deera tars reyayeel, bs lena ma 3endehom hal sowalef ma7ad yadri 3anhom wana okhok :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 15.12.05  

  • i would never change for some guy.. i never have.. my standards and morals are like they are, when i am in love and when i am single..

    thats the thing with me, maya3jibny il 3ajab.. and i don't go changing for no one..

    and no, temetwir.. i am no sarah and he (if he exists) is no khalid or whatever his name was..

    sorry bs i don't bend my rules for people.. i don't change, and if he wants me, he gets the real me..

    By Blogger Baroque, at 15.12.05  

  • charisma
    "sarah" didnt change anything for him.. thats the point, laha raayha and she sticks with morals 3ala goltech to some extent.. or at least thats what she thinks :)

    what i was trying to show (and apparently failed) was to highlight that even if she thinks she has a limit, and she has morals.. shes already trespassed them .. way way beyond

    im not even going to mention SELF RESPECT, bas sh'hal morals eli mo 7aa6a e3tebaar to even her brothers as an example i used? ya3ni elmafrooth 3ezwat'ha

    im sure that some ppl exist who would say "y3ni she doesnt live her years lena she would hurt her brothers socially?".. i KNOW they exist..
    problem is they dont see the POINT: that she will lose her brothers, regardless if she does what khalid says or not.. its all in the principle ya jema3a

    y3ni 7ata lo Khalid san3 o zelem o habree7, yethal mo rayal lena emdar3im 3ala sharaf bent elnaas ..

    akhalsich charisma? il bent yenselib menha a3az ma 3endaha mn tero7 mn wara ahalha..
    fasreeha 3ala kaifech

    *when i said "u" and "ur" in the 1st reply, i didnt actually mean YOU :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 15.12.05  

  • heeeeey you got me all in suspence i thought id find out what he was asking for in the end.. what was he asking for?! i dont like to feel that my brains in the gutter.. maybe he was just asking her to.. uh.. umm.. okay well never mind

    By Blogger Extinct Dodo, at 15.12.05  

  • Where do I start?

    The story is very realistic, but I just can't help feeling that theres more. That you intended to write more but you just got bored. Madry. I could be wrong.

    Many girls get cheated like that. But the 2yrs thing is confusing me. A guy would do all that in 2 yrs for that one little thing? Madry seems very long, too long for most Kuwaiti guys. Madry. Mo shar6. I'm talking in circles.

    You depress me when you write these things. I believe in love. And I think there is nothing wrong with having relationships with the opposite sex, just as long as it is '3ela o9ool'. You ask me what is '3ela o9ool', yabeelaha ga3da. Bes believe me there is a way that a man can be involved with a woman romantically without degrading her and her family and still maintain his title as a 'gentleman'.

    By Blogger Delicately Realistic, at 15.12.05  

  • Oh, and I just istaw3abt the title.
    Good going bro.
    I like I like.

    By Blogger Delicately Realistic, at 15.12.05  

  • extinct-dodo i really didnt want to limit it to anything..
    i can see where u get that idea (i mean u made it clear when u say in the gutter), but i also think that it could be asking for something way waaaay different..
    so yeah, everyone can see it differently and relate to it the way they want to i guess..
    oh and welcome, i think ur a 1st timer here

    dc ur cheating, wain ely b tadris? thanks glad u like the title n make sense of it :)
    am not sure if theres anything i wanted to "go on" with, but like i said above i didnt want to limit it so maybe thats why enty 7aasa ena fi shay kan wedi akamel wagola..
    the 2 yrs thing would imply that Sarah isnt the only (again, didnt wanna make it explicit) .. and plz dont limit it to q8i guys, thats not the norm :)

    i believe in love too, and i do think that love can exist between a man and a woman w/o tainting anyone's respect nor family nor anything.. 3ala goltech 3ala osoul

    a connection o respect and all that good stuff, probably yadreson/work together, sees her (rfeejat ekhta) or WHATEVER IT IS .. it'll all be romantic, shel meshkela b hal shay y3ni? ma daam ena mafeeh shay yetherr el athnain, thats love

    why do ppl have to go and ruin it all?
    y3ni look.. if its NOT marriage, and a grl OR a guy says "its too soon for me to marry" .. then why do they go and believe that a relationship, that isnt marriage, does exist and will work?

    ya3ni sh'hal kalak? akeed its not exactly the same, but it all has to do with involvement

    sorry dc but ur gonna have a really really hard time convincing me ena rayaal 3enda hal sowalef
    u say "title as a gentleman", and im saying acting like one :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 15.12.05  

  • thanks for the welcome temetwir.. see now, why is it that everywhere else in this great big universe, except the arab world of course, a male-female friendship (yes friendship is a sort of relationship.. theres a commitment of some sort) is socially acceptable, and works just fine?! no one would think anything vulgar or indecent of that sort of situation, while things around here get so badly tainted its just sad..

    By Blogger Extinct Dodo, at 15.12.05  

  • extinct-dodo
    men and women can be friends in the "arab world", anyone who thinks otherwise has no clue what theyre talking abt

    granted, there are certain limitations to that friendship.. ones which, as i say see it, maintain a much greater respect towards women and men alike.. and therefore do not affect the definition of friendship

    o tara 3ala fekra, everyone seems to treat the whole world as seperate cultures, except when it comes to "our" culture.. they treat it as a primitive one or something

    now that, i think, is just sad :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 15.12.05  

  • DR changes what she said:
    Bes believe me there is a way that a man can be involved with a woman romantically without degrading her and her family and still act like a gentleman.

    Better now?

    I can explain il3ilaqa 3ela o9olha shino, bs yabelaha ga3da. Bes meeting at work, school or some respectable place they have in commnon is ALWAYS great.

    Yes Im cheating.
    *DR goes back to her desk*

    By Blogger Delicately Realistic, at 15.12.05  

  • dc la mo better, and yes.. meeting in work/school/place in common/family etc are all potential places (or contexts lets say) for one to find love.. love which i think exists, and not love which i think is a bunch of -enter profanity-

    ely yabeelaha ga3da, email me ur argument and we'll see

    now, gomay dersay la al7en akasir khayzarant oboy fog rasich !!!11one!1eleven!

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 15.12.05  

  • 'meeting in work/school/place in common/family'
    these are all places where a person would put up a front (which can be obnoxious at times). best place to know what a person is really like is in their 'natural habitat' ie amongst close friends where they're sure to act like the people they really are.. and thats just not gonna happen if you have ideals that are so rigid..

    By Blogger Extinct Dodo, at 15.12.05  

  • this story reminds me soo much of the stories we hear all the time... im not saying all men are pigs...nor that all women are naive and innocent... the oppoiste in both cases can be true too... yet its soo sad that someone can have evil intentations to hurt another human being!

    Allah ye3eeen those in such situations and dont have the strength to stand up for what they believe in....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15.12.05  

  • LOL.. McArabian said it..

    I agree.. it's mind boggeling to me the way some girls let some men treat them. I understand it's hard in our circles .. but it's no reason to let someone walk all over you and your pride..
    No one ever needs someone that much..

    My mother once told me that if I was ever to like someone, that I should observe how the guy treats his mother and sisters, and it better be exceptional.. because he surely wont treat a stranger any better than his own flesh and blood.

    By Blogger Trevelyana, at 15.12.05  

  • extinct-dodo
    natural habitat would be what? dating? talking on the phone?
    school/work and places of the sort show character, actions and reactions.. i really think the whole "putting up a face" is an exhausted expression used as an excuse to validate a relationship, which ironically would only leave us with the same prediction: putting on a face, so its all redundant .. still on irony, both partners have way more space and chances to expand on "putting on a face" in such relationships simply becoz observation is much much smaller in comparisson

    fa la7ad yegoli its putting up a face (when it comes to contexts im describing, or mathalan arranged marriages), lena i can see many ppl relating to the story (which isnt surprising since it IS true), and obviously both partners r putting on a face

    wel bent? mo fathya? thats the point, kharbo6a wethya3at wagt. but,
    wait a minute, waaaaaait a minute, do i sense agreement that the whole relationship thing is BS?
    i hope so.. if not, UR SOOOOO GOING DOWN..

    daydreamer, glad it rings true .. and again it has NOTHING to do with how men are or how women are .. expand a little peeps, e x p a n d, realize what the context is

    leeno, "no one ever needs someone that much" .. very true, which again tells u something abt relationships of the sort

    ur mother is a very smart woman, regards

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 15.12.05  

  • Every girl should know that if a guy really loved her he would've gone the right way.




    No other way is right.

    By Blogger True Faith, at 15.12.05  

  • McArabian, two years she spent with him; Two years he spent with many.
    That's the difference. He already had scored with others, and thought of Sarah as another flower to pick. It's not like she was the only one! Heh, that would be pathetic.

    Due to the abundant amount of "Khalid", girls are losing faith in men and the possibility of finding someone.. the one.

    Due to the abundant amount of "Sarah", men are losing faith in girls and the possibility of finding someone.. the one.

    By Blogger MBH, at 15.12.05  

  • Bitter hearts beating in lonely Kuwait...must we always bring out the worst case scenarios...and the irony of the whole thing is when temetwir states that he believes in love...paaaleeeeeze!

    By Blogger MissCosmoKuwait, at 15.12.05  

  • hehe i know temmetwir..
    bs madree i somewhat disagree with "the wara ahalha part"..
    as u know, the only way guys and girls can commmunicate and get to know each other here in kuwait is thru the phone.. not saying i approve or i disaprove.. it's just a fact no one can say no to..

    bs that doesn't mean that a girl has to go thru 100's of guys and be a imqazilchia rasmy collecting arqaaam and stuff from stupid guys she meets on the streets, and etc..

    a girl has to choose and go with her gut instincts.. mo kill man hab o0 dab..

    + if anything becomes serious her parents should know and the marriage preparations and things should be done..

    mo0 innha ta36ee galbha hag wa7id o0 tikh'6a3la... she has to have certain standards and morals..

    3ala go0lat my mum.. there's gonna be lots of guys throwing themselves at you and what not, bs that doesn't mean you have to do the same..

    oh well i tried ;P

    By Blogger Baroque, at 16.12.05  

  • meta sar kil hatha?! i checked ur blog last night ma kan fee new post.. this morning, mo bs new post, wila 23 comments!!! guess a lot happened 'while i was sleeping!'

    (i do have comments on this subject, but it'll have to wait till later cuz i gtg!)

    By Blogger MSB, at 16.12.05  

  • true faith enty wainech 3ani mn zeman? jad jad wainech 3ani mn zemaan !!
    some1 who gets me, finally heh

    mbh thats a v good point abt the 'losing faith' in one another.. wel meshkela ely yegolon chethy are the same ones who do it .. hatha ely ygolek ya mn sharalah mn 7alalah 3ellah

    misscosmo ma fahamt, why is it ironic that i believe in love? its just that we define it waaay diff'ly .. but still i dunno what u mean by ironic

    charisma, first: no, thats not the only way boys/grls can communicate..
    if THATS the only way for them to communicate, then u know something is wrong..
    again, im sure u dont mean its the only way.. look above and ull find many other scenarios for 'meeting'

    tell u what, u mention ur mom.. if ur sitting with her, and 'he' calls, would u pick it up infront of her AND talk to him normally (as a guy, none of that 'hala 7abebTI' stuff)..
    if not, thats what i mean "mn wara ahalha", so how can u not agree 100%

    u say:
    "mo0 innha ta36ee galbha hag wa7id o0 tikh'6a3la she has to have certain standards and morals"

    trust me on this.. aghlab el shabab (mabi agol kelhom lena i know that would be unrealistic), elmohem aghlab el shabab will 'lose' even if it were an ounce of respect to grls they talk to

    like i said to dc, why do u just HAVE to go and ruin something very decent by going the wrong way, when u can have the same consequence in a manner that is more respectable for u, ur family now and ur family later if u ever have kids

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 16.12.05  

  • OH, and 3AYEDEEE YA BELADEEEE!!! today's our national day!! :)

    By Blogger MSB, at 16.12.05  

  • msb heh u were commenting as i was..
    anyway maybe u didnt refresh the page?
    - will be waiting
    - happy national day :))

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 16.12.05  

  • mafeeny sabr, i just have to say one thing relating to this topic.. the title says it all.. DREAMS!! it's all dreams and pigments of their imagination.. she thinks she's the only one and that he RESPECTS her/LOVES her... he thinks she's like every other girl and beges 3laiha and doesnt realize that what goes around, comes around o ehwa 3inda khawat..

    time to wake up people... ok sij sij i have to go.. more later!!

    By Blogger MSB, at 16.12.05  

  • no.1 : ur stories et7abe6 :(

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16.12.05  

  • MSB thanks for mentioning Khalid's sisters.. i was worried that it was overseen..
    guys always tell themselves that "that cant be in my family" .. wellll YOU are YOUR family and YOU are doing it .. the irony of it all..
    the phrase "tertha 3ala khawatek?", i think, is insufficient .. it doesnt get the msg across .. something more like "tertha ekhtek tesawi feek chethy" is more on the spot ..
    ppl try to emphasize on "disowning" the grl or whatever, and i beg to differ.. the thing is, the grl isnt hurting her family or their name or whatever.. she is just bashing HERself, HER respect for herself.. *sigh*
    sure, some cultures differ, and i "respect" that in the sense that i acknowledge it, but that doesnt really concern me since it isnt my norm ..

    anyway in the words of imaam 3ali "Kama tadeenu, tudaan"

    no.1 el denya 7aalha ketha ya shaikha
    im sorry if its rude or anything becoz thats not what i intended :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 16.12.05  

  • It's ironic to say that one believes in love even though one refers to it as "just a hollow hole that represents nothing and has no value"....

    By Blogger MissCosmoKuwait, at 16.12.05  

  • noor me and chucky have a lot of common, so thats probably why.. be afraid, be very afraid

    misscosmo *sigh* ur referring to this, rnt u?
    "i have fallen in ur so-called love
    so deep did i infact that i found nothing all the way thru 'the fall'
    its just a hollow hole that represents nothing and has no value"

    misscosmo i blame "you people" for messing with the definition of what love is, and making it all about relationships and chocolate and flowers and romance and dates and moonlights and candle-lit dinners and all that FUCKING whining about whys and hows and whens and whats..
    so yes, it is a hollow hole that represents nothing and has no value ..

    all im getting from "you people" is how 'oooh how can u not believe in this so-called love, its really nice and gives a reason to live and enjoy life'

    u know what, u can have the word 'love', 'you people' just treat it as that .. a word
    we're on a whoooole diff level

    one day.. one day u will see the light :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 16.12.05  

  • hahahaha

    You really made me laugh with that comment :P

    Many think like me and agree with your philosophy of relationships.

    But we are the mo3aqadeen of this community :P

    By Blogger True Faith, at 16.12.05  

  • Just remember one thing people.
    What goes around, comes around.

    By Blogger Hussa-G, at 16.12.05  

  • true faith
    aint that the truth..
    i do agree that many think the same, but as u can see, many think otherwise

    exactly :)

    the 101
    fekra .. bas ely gasadta lama gelt el deera tars reyayeel, was to address what ppl usually say when they title "q8i guys r so and so"
    bas ham ma3ak 7ag, yabela 3ala yom inshala.. laish la :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 16.12.05  

  • mcarabian i like the shallow and superficial bit, and as for the 2nd comment u can read the previous post or look up (i think delicately realistic said it) and find what has been said abt school/work/family and stuff like that

    relationships sure are different, no one is saying otherwise.. but those that include hurting a lot of others ppls feelings is just plain selfish, wrong and downright sad

    i give this 4 more comments to turn into a feminist post *sigh*

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 16.12.05  

  • LOL Temetwir

    i agree that there are some "silly" relationships like those. but there are some serious ones as well ... either ways depends on the couple themselves , their background , education and how they met ! ...allah yehanii sa3eed ebsa3eedah ! ;-p

    By Blogger Mother Courage, at 16.12.05  

  • I feel so sorry for sarah. I mean, why wouldn't she believe him? Allah yaster 3ala all the sarah's in kuwait and ya7fith hom. I wouldn't call her stupid, I'd call her a normal girl who was brought up to trust and give people the benifit of the doubt. temetwir zain chithi I was so happy I finished the semester today and after reading ur post I'm a bit down:( Oh well, Allah yiqaweeni along with my fellow sarahs.....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16.12.05  

  • mother courage thats all nice and "cute" .. just prove it :)

    the muse thats a fair point, why WOULDNT she believe him? insaan fathy dedicating time to all that nonesense
    translation: "he's in love"
    and im not sure abt giving trust and benefit of the doubt, personally id go a step higher and say "shalla 7aadha emsawya chethy bel asaas", u know?

    mabrook enich khalastay, u just had to rub it in my face didnt u? DIDNT u? .. im writing an essay (my 3rd n last) .. antum al sulafaa' wa na7nu al khulafaa', allah y36eena menma 3a6aach hehe

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 16.12.05  

  • haha.. yala et-hoon.. mabuga shay.. and about the rubbing it in ur face part.. ill take that back.. i have 4 exams after christmas and 3 papers.. wish me luck:) hehe

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16.12.05  

  • the muse !! damn that's cold, ana 3 essays (plus a couple of other assignments) o 6aga chabdi ..
    allah y3eenich .. if ur in the UK, let me know if u ever heard of any MA's being failed for their essays. i.e. getting less than 50% (im serious heh)

    zaheb eldowa gabel el fal3a

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 16.12.05  

  • first of all, ur doing ur masters forget about the grades ur gonna get cause they won't make a difference as long as u pass ur fine. for now all u need is i think any grade over 40 or 45 im not sure but im sure if u get a 50 thats a passing grade. However, not for ur dessertation u have to do a good job on that cause if u wont they wont give u a masters degree they'd give u a post grad diploma. Anyway, don't worry with Masters degrees over here they aren't to strict they'll pass u but dont expect a distinction (A) if u haven't handed in something thats really good. If u need help with ur work I dont mind helping u .. unless ur doing something business related then trust me i wouldnt know how to help u hahaha.. Waiiiiiiiiiii3333333333333333333333 lay3aaa chabd obo chabdi minhom.. motakhalifeeen hal deera... ma3alaiii bacher london o 3ogob ha kuwait biladunal kuwait for christmas then its back to this shit hole .. excuse my french.. la sij sorry dont mean to be rude here but i dont know what else to call this place im in.. 3adi taf ignore me im just having a REALLY bad day.. so, GOOD LUCK!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16.12.05  

  • oh and one more thing if la sama7 allah u do manage to fail, you have the right to re do your work or retake the class once... and you could always petition and ask to re do the essays.. they usually give u one extra chance..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16.12.05  

  • themuse
    i really, i REAAAAALLY couldnt care less if i got a pass only or one w/ merit or one w/ distinction

    come to think of it, i dont care abt anything hehe.. the thing is, im writing the essays as i would have written them in q8 (when really, we didnt really do much of that anyway)

    i asked one of my profs upfront, he was a bit stunned but he said "we try not to, we try not to" .. as in not to fail anyone

    but yeah i hear u on the petitioning and all that, its just that i really only want a 50% pass .. not becoz im lazy or anything (well actually, yeah heh) but more importantly i dont care for what im studying .. and, its not really gonna be applied when i go back en allah a7yaana..
    but oh well.. allah kareem inshala

    and la im not doing it in business, doing it in linguistics :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 16.12.05  

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