Old School

Shaghlaat akala 3alayha al dahru wa sharib.

  • saying 'sarookh' or 'p-tshooou' when you think someone is lying
  • van dome madri vin doom madri van damme ely b layla gallery
  • teseki3 bel salmeya ray7een radeen - ayam ma kanaw yeshtaghlon 3al ishara ely 3end mojama3 shaaha o tdakhlek 3end marks spencers/marina
  • threatening with "thalath jemsaat emfawla" .. not two, not four, lazim 3 GMC'at wela ur just bs'ing
  • samraat bo 7anan
  • wetha ent kelish imwaly, mix taw7eedat
  • baskot kabten majed - ely feh sowar (or smthng) wel le3ba ely habaw feha b sibat hal baskot .. goes something like this: u 'bet' some of your pictures, supposedly for a 'rare picture' (4 cards for 1?), then you and your 'opponent' go at it by trying to 'flip' the cards/pictures (laid on the floor, u 'strike them' with ur hand) .. those which flipped are yours now .. so on and so forth .. madri, shay chethy
  • teseki3 b saikal bo gaary 3end masafi6 'koleyat el tejara' .. 3izz o rabi 3izz
  • 3abdelwahab b hazzard
  • ta'jeer gowaary bo 4 towayer bel khairan
  • dam elsalfa sarat 3al khairan .. eldowaarif yam Kubbar
  • o ham dam elsalfa lel7een 3al khairan: putting your 'manhood' on the stake bel Rothtain if you didnt jump mn a3la nagaaziya
  • khaarba khaarba.. bel khairan, waiting for a group of girls to take an aisle for bowling and then going to play near them (heads up for el khamma: 4pm)
  • mo7agig konan (or conan)
  • tasjeelat dimeerah
  • lel7een baly bel khairan .. le3bat el "boksaat", betting you can score over 138 (ma ansaha) in 3 tries
  • sleep overs (cousins?)
  • egzooz bo 7anafeya
  • 7adeegat il she3ib
  • sheghel ely ent etkalem flana, o weld khaltek yekalem bent khalat-ha
  • aw ent etkalem flana, o sa7bek yekalem rifeejat'ha .. sagilny 3ad bel 7anna
  • dreaming about an LX ("fol-lagma" 6ab3an) as the ultimate ride
  • trying to convince il imghatreen 3end dakhlat markaz sel6an ena u have family inside on weekends
  • or trying to convince them that ur friend is actually ur cousin who is emarati/ba7raini/se3odi/e3mani/eg6ery o wida yet3asha bel ma63am fog .. 7abakat?
  • talefon bashaar ("bedon aryel" .. kanat moseeba hathy)
  • 'composing' new tones b 'kitkat'
  • el tha7ka ely bel ghaseb te6la3: hahaaay (cinema, masra7eya)
  • tazweer shahaadat
  • not just nicknaming cars, lah yarait .. but also going the whole 9 yards and making a sticker/painting the car to make it more obvious (i3yal mishref fahmeen gasdi)
  • teweyil bel gowaary
  • agdam? wendy's
  • neo geo .. side soccor, side kick soccer.. shay chethy
  • "sonic vs mario"
  • which is to say: 'naaytendo vs seega'
  • street fighter .. 'shenshen aboogid', o nesait shkena nesami "sonic boom" .. shay aghba mn 'aboogid' ohwa akeed
  • watching ila aby wa omy ma3a elta7eya (i think thats what its called)
  • clapping in the cinema lama ykhalis el filem
  • yelling "ayshaaaaaaay" lama yeg6e3oon lag6a bel filem, or 'shda3waaa'
  • commenting on a scene bel cinema
  • keeping an eye out for il aflaam il hendeya .. btw rani look-alikes/rani sound-alikes, "fi majaal?"
  • actually, considering 'fi majaal' as a line worth saying
  • thinking that racecar paintjobs 'balwa'
  • going even further back in time, considering 'ay wa7ed emghater' as "mo7taram" o "seeda"
  • listening to 2pac and not understanding a word
  • NANA (the 'more mature' of you will know what i'm talking about)
  • ayam ma kan il 'gaz' sij 'gaz' 3ala "shari3 el khaleej"
  • thinking that el derasa bara = 24/7 partying
  • caring about embarayaat elqadseya wil 3arabi
  • caring about embarayat el kuwait wil se3odeya
  • te3ebith belgaid
  • ya 6ayib elgalb / elsad wel hejraan / ya naar sheby / men tekoon .. you get the idea
  • gaz bel range rafi3 el keshin 7ada (ba3th elnas, salemly 3al maserati el zaity)
  • nafs salfat gaz el range, bas b discovery
  • i remember a time when only hotties drove discoverys
  • jandool el madeena el tarfeeheya
  • "il 7essin" bel madeena el tarfeeheya
  • "sayaratda3mon" bel madeena el tarfeeheya + il khairan
  • come winter, lazem puffed sport coats (even if it's 20 degrees outside)
  • i remember a day when "mothee3aat il lbc" kanaw 'shay'
  • motaba3at kas il 3alam b shagaf .. o laah etseer za3al etha fareegik engalab
  • mais elghanem ely kan 3end villa moda
  • ta7weela
And a lot, lot more which I can't remember right now.


  • baaaaaih sha5bary :D
    9ij ayyaam
    -wella ayam ban6alon el taf9eel (a7mar eb aswad o0 yaktib 3alaih crazy 2)
    -wella ayam majalat el jareema
    -wela ayyam el video el dowali bil salmiyah

    By Blogger 7asoon, at 24.2.06  

  • - fe majaaaaaaaaal

    - el 9ad o el hejraan calssic

    - sleep overs? is it 3addi to say i still do that :p

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24.2.06  

  • ambeeeh wendy`s!!! lazim elarbe3a nroo7 lama nkoon she6ar during the week ow nsawey homeworksatna kamlaa ;p ow ham hardees elly yam sul6an ;p ow aqdam ARBEES!!!! they had the BEST ball pool ;p hehehe

    street fight ;p lool i used to love that game ;p

    ama 3an sayarat yeda3imon.. lool we still play it in kheeran bs new version.. where we (the family) nestawley 3al sayarat kilha ow guys el3ayla maykhaloon a7ad yel3ab ma3ana ;p ow lazim ekon fe 2 balls na7thefhom 3ala ba3ath! lool imagine that! wow that brought back memories!

    ow muthee3at LBC! eb TeKHSaR ;p hehehe

    Chie chieZ elba7ar!! ollllaaa!!

    and the thing about only hotties drivin discovery.. i hear ya ;p
    it used to be the "it" girls car back in the days

    ow remeber ayam lorenzo gabel la eghayron eldecorations? kan makhbaz sakka ow fe 2 tables madre 3 ;p

    thanx for bringin back the beautiful memories :)

    By Blogger jiji, at 24.2.06  

  • BAAAL... returned back to the 6foola days when watching Mexican soap-operas on MBC used to be shay and the highlight of the day especially Casandra and the other one can't remember its name.... sleep overs starting to get over it over in the past two years....oo 3la 6ary Street Fighter reminded me of Super mario on the gameboy contests used to held on who finishes the game. in Bahrain in alayam il3'abera ppl used to hang out in Sheraton and 3adliya.... il9ad wil hejran and 3bdulmajeeds Raheeb hours used to listen to them.... and lots of other things just can't remember them

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 24.2.06  

  • 7asoon hahah yebt'ha 'rayyyyt' b majalat eljareema + el veedyo el dowali .. 3ala rasi bo 3ali

    laialy mair feek it3adaina webtalaina .. and yeah its okay if u still have sleep overs, e7na taragaina sar feha shalaihaat o mezari3 heh laken el fekra 'heyya heyya'

    jiji 3ayal e7na wendy's kena sa3at nero7 weya elwaalda o wa7da mn khalaty "ameenat sirr el3aylaa" we3yalha .. ayaam wallah yabeela 7ad yerridah o yet3ab 3alaih

    elmontazah sarli yemken 3 esneen mo raye7 (i think), al7en atwaga3 lo aro7 bas awady il yahaloo el ferr3 lol

    chichis lel7eena mawjood chena, 3end el mashroo3at etha mani qal6an.. etha ohwa ely eb bali 3ayal ely fogah ma63am markaz sel6aan salfeta salfa hatha ayam el ssiba wel imwaa3ad mn awal elseb7

    lorenzo ana athkir lama el shabab kanaw yathreboon mowaterhom 3end el fog 7adir hehe

    metfarigh hahah mo casandra yam3awad khalek men haathy, shesemha ely kanat metshawhaa? hahah elwalda ma kanat tertha en6aali3 "il mofaseekh"

    o sleep overs yeah like i told laialy sarat enek tebaat bara elbait.. wela kelesh kelesh el rabi3 dagaw silf o e3beraw zarookom el ba7rain :P

    salfat 'raheeb' o 'elsad wel hejran' a7la shay lama etghayer bel kalemat:
    عندي شفر قير عادي, اقحص بالأول وأطيـــــر .. رهيب والله رهيب hehe

    tekfoun, what will our kids have to talk about?? :/

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 24.2.06  


    temwiter..what made u remember all this ...u reminded me with the captain majed pics..each one had his special move to flip the pic loooooooool...

    and come on u can get older songs..like 9aboo7a malat miami band :P...

    u forgot the laser in the cinema :P....
    walla ayaaaaaaam...now thats how our parents remember their old times...

    By Blogger SpiKeY, at 24.2.06  

  • LOL

    Sleepovers still exist ..... I guess

    Uh, and I still play mario .. occasionally ..... nintendo sixty-four

    By Blogger ScarlO, at 24.2.06  

  • LOOOOOOL, aham shai "agdam? wendy's" 9ij agdam... ya36eek el 3afiya

    By Blogger Qa6Wa, at 25.2.06  

  • remember hungry bunny? and the free movies that came with the wajbat?

    athker etloo3 chabedna lama e7e6oon da3ayana in the middle of the movie..

    and Dr. Mario is still loved :p

    By Blogger Ms. Sarah, at 25.2.06  

  • spikey saboo7a malat fergat el talfezyon, fa ent etha SIJ tabi miami 3ayal hathy "3ashaw wala 3ashaw"
    o laah, chan taby etkharebha ezyada? tedish "studio" ely bel madeena el tarfehya aw 7adeegat el she3ib weya rab3ek o tsawroon(ely b3dain y36onek sharee6 yfashel :p)

    scarlo super mario NAYTENDO64 ely etyam3een 100 najma .. izgerrrt

    meow ye3afeech :)

    swair heh eeh, aflaam van damme? :p chena kintaaky lal7een 3endehom hal 7arakaat

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.2.06  

  • LOL!

    caring about embarayaat elqadseya wil 3arabi
    caring about embarayat el kuwait wil se3odeya
    'composing' new tones b 'kitkat'
    and the pogs

    omg shakhbari..

    ktv2 when we get back from school
    wait for the national anthem/athan then goof troops LOL.. oo home improvement on sundays

    -madeena tarfihiya:
    *the indiana jones' game
    *making the music videos

    -when laser disc was "in"

    -the sega mega drive

    -the penguin game on sakhr

    -going out with friends to "egg" and bibi gun down sa3eedi ppl(evil I know but hey we were kids)

    -prank calling ("diyayatna fog sate7kom kishooha pls" we thought it was FUNNY..)

    and as swair mentioned
    -hungry bunny

    olla u brought back memories..
    some of which are better left unsaid..

    what made u write/think of this?

    By Blogger the11thmuse, at 25.2.06  

  • 11th and also spikey e3therny ma sheft so'alek 'what made u remember all this'

    in reply to u both, i was talking with a friend about 'ayam gabel' bel kuwait and how id rather be there right now,, so its nothing special

    el ba6reeg on sakhar 3ajeeeba
    tabon etkharbonha? "hala febraayer" heh

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.2.06  

  • I think you described the 90s perfectly :D

    Wendy's, going there every single Wed after school to try my English on the poor cashiers :P

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25.2.06  

  • lol hala febrayer..
    madamha kharba kharba (LOL i cant believe i just typed that)
    nabeel sh3ail when he first sang "ya dar" LOL

    -hulk hogan/summer slam/ ultimate warrior

    -micheal jackson

    ok im gonna stop.. !

    By Blogger the11thmuse, at 25.2.06  

  • hulk hogan? jimmy 'super-fly' snuka? tony 'the tiger' garia? the british bull dogs?! the iron sheikh? junk yard dog?! ANDRE THE GIANT! :| saktoony a7san!

    By Blogger MSB, at 25.2.06  

  • sapphire
    the 90s, a time when everything reached its peak o mn 3ogobha gamaw yemaskhoonha!
    ps: i still dont know how to talk "ordering-from-a-restaurant-english"

    heh ya dar .. stickers shyookh 3ala jaamat el sayara .. kabaat (basebcall caps) 3alaihom esmik (wetha embadi3, esm el dala3)

    i loved the WWF, and no matter how much of 'acting' is involved.. those guys put boxers, pro football players, basketball players and almost all sports-ppl combined to shame in terms of athleticism

    *to this day, ma shift wa7ed yerfa3 fog raasa like the ultimate warrior lol

    PS: sapphire and 11th
    i confuse between the two of you a lot :/

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.2.06  

  • msb LOL.. i know .. teme doesn't seem to know what this post did to all of us.. I can't stop either...

    remember the time they made hulk hogan wrestle ultimate warrior in the cage.. oh the horror! oo 3ad they didn't want to cause they were friends..

    or wait bil ghazo when hulk hogan said "saddam will get out of kuwait".. ahhh he was my hero..LOL..

    teme: lol confuse me and saphi all you want dahling.. i don't mind:D.. if u want me to make reading your comments easier for you i can get into stuey-mode.. all you have to do is let me know.. hehe..

    By Blogger the11thmuse, at 25.2.06  

  • (listening to 2pac and not understanding a word ) <<

    lool. Sometimes ag3id ma3 my friends O nitathakar el silly stuff ely kina nsaweeha. Ya shei5, just thinking about it is so embarrassing. Bs 3ad, those were the "good old days".

    By Blogger Taqo, at 25.2.06  

  • the cage! that was so cool!!! bs akrah shay el snake!! :@

    bs hatheela meyaneen.. yarmoon roo7hum all over the place!!!

    By Blogger MSB, at 25.2.06  

  • 11th
    la its not really related to 'what' u 2 ladies say .. laken madri

    and given that stuey = violent, i can see where thats coming from since u too were a wwf fan

    redneck mofos lol

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.2.06  

  • 7asoon, 3ala rasi Great Teacher Onizuka! lol!

    Temetwir, Aaaiiihh ... Ayyam.....
    * Hungry Bunny
    * Burger King's maze in bd3
    * Zaina Oo na7ool, 7kayat 3alamiya, sanafer, Fairdi, LuLu Al 9a'3eera (y7i6oona 3ala Dubai Sama)
    * Mortal Kombat
    * Karate Kid ("Wax in, wax out")
    * Sonic on GameGear
    * Lamma t3alig el le3ba Oo enta mendimij. e6alli3 el sharee6 Oo teg3ad tenfakh fel fat7a malat el Sega Mega Drive :p

    Kids have no childhood anymore :/

    By Blogger MBH, at 25.2.06  

  • "Lamma t3alig el le3ba Oo enta mendimij. e6alli3 el sharee6 Oo teg3ad tenfakh fel fat7a malat el Sega Mega Drive"

    la sho3oreyan 3a6aitek HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAY malait el cinema wel masra7eyat (mentioned in the post) yekhreb bait il faslaat

    and yeah tell me abt it, im really wondering what kids nowadays have in their early yrs, let alone when theyre quite older o etyeehom azmat el khiffa

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.2.06  

  • mbh OMG.. wax in wax out.. o LOL.. lama tinfakh fil li3ba lama it3alig LOOOOOL

    oo teme.. ee lol i was a wwf fan.. LOL.. says a lot huh?..looooooool.. ok seriously im gonna stop commenting now.. ill try..

    By Blogger the11thmuse, at 25.2.06  

  • 3aseer jam3eyat eltha7ya

    "sham3at el7ob" 6alal salama

    ole cafe

    3alam el6efel "7awali"

    mamsha elsurra / mamsha mishref bermothan

    scanner " ele yesme3on feh el phone calls "

    school bags 3ala sala7ef el ninja :P

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25.2.06  

  • Tem, I don't mind being confused 11th at all ;) *coughcough a fellow WWF fan from the past*

    Pirated VIDEO tapes bu dinar :D

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25.2.06  

  • Heh, that was funny :) And about the Sul6an thing: I didn't know guys had it that hard! Athker il Nintendo bil bait kena nitkhanag 3alaih...oo athker lama ligaina bel bathtub; 7aasha may oo shashta ra7at feeha:/ Lail7een ma nadree mino khareba bes it comes down to my brother and sister :P Oo a7la le3ba Street Fighter...we9alt akher mar7ala ma3a okhoy...Athker kena nashbek il old, gray keyboard to the TV oo nel3ab Pac Man...I think il keyboard lail7en bil makhzan...

    By Blogger Erzulie, at 26.2.06  

  • 11th heh being a wwf fan is better than watching 'lady lady' all the time.. the even-better-thing being a combination of both, so ur still aight dont worry

    anonymous heh some of what u mentioned "come a little later" .. but some others are SPOT ON

    sapphire like i told 11th, i think its abt the whole "postgrad uk vibe" .. if ud think the uk and a postgrad can have a vibe in the 1st place heh but anyway it isnt personal o welne3em fekom both

    o la tensain, VCDs mn 7awali ely eyonech 2 cds for 1 movie, tasjeel cinema, o ye3allig lama terakbeen el "vcd player" 3al playstation .. damn

    erzulie heh shemwasil el nintendo el bathtub!
    and street fighter was, and still is i guess, THE fighting game.. none of that 'Tekken' 3D sh1t can match it heh
    and i dont know whats a 'old gray keyboard' :/

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 26.2.06  

  • saphi darling.. hahaha pirated videos loool (now its pirated dvds).. and im sorry for calling u "saphi dahlin" .. if u've seen absolutely fabulous u'd know why.. p.s. i tend to get into several characters and for the moment im betina cause ur saphi dahlin.. oh just go watch abs fabs! oh and kudos on the whole postgrad. uk thing.. good luck babe!.. i know it could seem like its taking forever .. bas mabuga shay.. and ull be done..

    By Blogger the11thmuse, at 26.2.06  

  • itha benzeed ow n3ed 3ala elpast mara7 nkhalis.. i agree with all of u bloggers and u to temetwir :)

    i wish i could relive the 80s and 90s... *sigh*

    By Blogger jiji, at 26.2.06  

  • i can't believe we lived without internet access , DVD players, ipods and most importantly mobile phones !!! God there wasn't much fun, thank God we made it to witness the new Millennium ;-p

    By Blogger Mother Courage, at 26.2.06  

  • jiji
    la enkhalis yam3awda, and i for one am definitely living with the 90s state-of-mind hehe

    mother c
    u have got to be kidding me, those are just a few of the things that are making me wonder: what kind of childhood are kids nowadays living?

    i do admit kena jeleleen 7aya shway, laken el7amdelah el kel 3agal .. but the point is, wain il thekra bedon hal shaghlat

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 26.2.06  

  • reason why i said khalas.. is cuz there is much more to remember! 6efl elmustaqbal in muthana! al3ab khalejeya!
    waitin for ktv2 to start!
    family matters with steve urckle! full house! disney stuff!! wayed wayed! its too much le daraja it aches me ina i cant list kil shy hney :) u can check our blog.. there is a (blast from the past) post :p.. maybe u can relate to it ;p

    By Blogger jiji, at 26.2.06  

  • Erzulie, The gray keyboard?! Wouldn't that be "9akhar"??
    I remember playing with one of those...

    Temetwir, how come you forgot MIRC -> DALnet -> Flooding channels, especially channel Syria :p (I have no idea why! lol)

    Tabi aqdam? SkateRollers bo kha6 :p

    Tabi ham aqdam? Flying kites! (I still do this in winter on the beach near AppleBees :p)

    Tabi a3taj b3d?! te9eyed 7mam Oo Balabel bel naba6a wella el shadda'3a 3ala el s67!

    Nerja3 bel zeman ma3 3annaba? etyaL! (marbles)

    By Blogger MBH, at 26.2.06  

  • jiji, RELIVE THE 80'S!!!!! NO WAY!
    Disco, Hippies, Fros and the clothes! THE CLOTHES!

    A big no no goes for the 80's!

    If there's a time I'd be able to live, I'd want that to be the 90's or the days of the Prophet Mohammad (hopefully, with good toilets and sewers! ;p).

    By Blogger MBH, at 26.2.06  

  • mbh: i was a baby back in the 80s! not a teenage fashion victim ;p or music victim ;p

    i mean life used to b soooooooo simple and mellow.. i like that..

    and ofcourse we all wish we were there back in the days of sayidna mu7amad 9alla allah 3aleh ow 3ala ow 9a7bah ajma3en.. those were the BEST of times

    By Blogger jiji, at 26.2.06  

  • jiji, la fo'9a faki!
    Simple they were. Slow, but tough, I think.

    But hey, at least wars then didn't damage at least a nation! Plus, if someone gave you a hard time, just slit their neck and you're done!

    Seriously, killing would be much fun and would have a purpose! (Muslims vs. atheists).
    Frankly, I've been day dreaming of myself as a samurai back in those days, then emerging in a war and knocking heads down! lol...

    By Blogger MBH, at 26.2.06  

  • "baskot kabten majed - ely feh sowar"

    I never told my friends I used to collect those so my brothers would let me in the game. I was pretty good too.

    By Blogger teagirl, at 26.2.06  

  • mbh: samurai!!!!!! shlon nigazt faj2a 3ala martial arts!!!! u remind me of my lil bro and his obsession wit "samurai jack" of cartoon network.. or as he like to call him "naser bo jack" ;p

    By Blogger jiji, at 26.2.06  

  • 11th

    I don't mind being Saphi dahling at all! I miss Absolutely Fabs, though. School is taking away from my TV time >< Postgrad is hell, don't let anyone else convince you otherwise :P

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26.2.06  


    -pizza i6alia..kila kina nakil ihnak
    -showbiz..greatest place after madenat il tarfehiya

    there was a program on tv..the theme goes like this...triktriktrrtriktriktreekalachikale..something like that..used 2 watch it ALL the time

    -miami..ra7at 3alainaa

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26.2.06  

  • hahaaaaaaaaahahahahaa, hatha kella endall edell 3ala shay wa7ed; ineek shayeb YA SHAIBAAAAAAAAAA :)

    By Blogger Hattorihanzo, at 26.2.06  

  • remember saved by the bell?? elly feh the cool kid zac?

    By Blogger jiji, at 26.2.06  

  • -Video el tha7ya
    -Standing to watch the videos of ely yarge9oon with fake backgrounds bl madina el tarfeheya
    -Wajba om ni9/ sab3emya o khamseen fils mn KFC
    -Listat (names of el gezeza)
    To name a few.

    By Blogger Goalchi, at 26.2.06  

  • saphi dahlin.. lil asaf I convinced myself LOL.. too late to back out now LOL..

    anonymous.. pizza italia sab3a thimanya LOL.. and the cartoon.. hhehehe only i always thought it was krikrikri a krikrikri palachi kala notehri.. hahaha I know I'm way off LOL

    and jiji LOL saved by the bell Zack... oo screeeeech oo mr belding omg!..

    teme dahlin.. stop this madness.. Im a compulsive everything.. pleaaaaaase post something new.. commenting now is addictive!

    By Blogger the11thmuse, at 26.2.06  

  • Hehe wain Hungry Bunny elly b-Kaifan?

    By Blogger Sedna, at 27.2.06  

  • jiji dawart bs ma legait b ur blog, direct link la hentay?

    mbh /nick safeer^el^mout
    o 3ala 6ary lityal, sheghel ely te3ed-hom o itbaadil weld 3amek bely "a7la" heh

    anonymous teslam
    showbiz! shlon nesait.. ur absolutely right hehe

    hattorihanzo heh shfeek bo fay 7a6 3alaina, kelhom 21 rabee3 :P
    wel shabab shabaab el galb wana okhook .. 3ashan la tez3al

    goalchi aywaa el fake background studios, 7alatik etdish, ana 3an nafsi a'amal ena el ashre6a thaay3a a7san la te6la3 fethaaaye7
    - wajbat kfc ely t7achi 3anha chena kan esemha SS .. shaklek weld le3daileya heh

    sedna hungry bunny ely bel madeena el tarfehya wenty elsaja.. ely ta3bereenla jesir atwaga3 kan yam el jandool

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 27.2.06  

  • hehe, 3agad still do all these stuff

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27.2.06  

  • LOL i read the post to my brothers (the ones who're two to three years younger than me) and they remember the Sega lama etgalig, oo ESPECIALLY lama the WWF stars (Owen Hart and Yakazoona oo The Undertaker) came to Kuwait and they went with their friends and Sean Micheal(i think) touched one of their friends' hand and he swore to NEVER wash his hands LOL

    and when they went on Saba7 El Kahir Ya Kuwait and the muthee3 asked if they acted and they got up to fight himm, just to show him they're not playing lol

    By Blogger Ms. Sarah, at 27.2.06  

  • its blast from the past.. my friend Nanu wrote it.. sure ill link ya :)


    By Blogger jiji, at 27.2.06  

  • swair bada3 sa7ebhom ely ma yabe yaghsel eeda .. o eeh chena sema3t ena 6agaw mothee3 lama sa'alhom

    jiji thanks a bunch, 3ajeeb el list feh katha shaghla nafs il shay tara!

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 27.2.06  

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