ثاني يوم دوام

"Yala, rawna sha6artek", told Theraar Marzoug. Theraar looked over his shoulder to meet a pair of gloves extended in Marzoug's hands. Taking them, he looked back straight ahead to the car. But he was distracted by the two police cars in the corner of his right eye, silently the flashes turned, round and round they went, blinding him with the red and blue laser. He directed his gaze to the parked BMW 6 series coupe. He saw the what looked to be a man's head tilted to the side, resting on the window. He wondered if the sight itself was surreal, or if it was the silent yet filled with flashing lights ambiance that got to him.

He slapped the two gloves on his hand as he walked slowly towards the BMW, covering his forehead and looking towards the police cars. He motioned with his fingers, turning his wrist round a few times, to the four police officers looking over from a distance. Two of them hurried back to their cars, and in a second all the red and blue was gone. Both patrols now had their high beams directed towards Theraar.

He tightened his lips and licked them anxiously as he walked round the BMW, looking down at the street and checking under the body from time to time. His eyes met the open eyes of the young male driver as he was making his turn across the hood. He came to the door handle to the driver's side, and pulled it gently open. The young male's body slided with the gapping of the door, falling into Theraar's extended arm. He mumbled a few words, and gently pushed the body back into the seat and immediately reached for the young man's wrist.
He continued to mumble a few words as he saw the infamous needle stuck in the young man's arm. He looked up to the grey eyes of his peer. Reaching his hand in his left pocket, he gently positioned the arm on the thigh of the seated body as he extracted a pair of plastic cases. He stood up, and nodded towards Marzoug as he was opening the cases and fllling them with his hand. Marzoug was just closing the Ambulance's rear door and was now making his way towards his new to the job friend.

"Ma sheft shay ba3dik 7aboob", said Marzoug casually, patting Theraar's back at his arrival. Theraar silently reached for his peer's forehead and drew his hand downwards slowly closing the dead man's open eyes.


  • there's 2 things i love about this:

    1.) its an update;)
    2.) those 3 little letters..BMW

    on a more serious note.. these scenes have become more & more frequent in Kuwait, unfortunately, but its not very often you see people writing about it. I think ur actually recording Kuwaiti history, in a way. Djya know wha' ah mean?

    By Blogger rahab al majed | رَحَـبْ المــاجِـدْ, at 22.8.06  

  • *Cursing those who bring death to youngsters, and sell their souls for a small lumpsum*

    By Blogger MBH, at 23.8.06  

  • junoony,
    - thanks, and i'm a benz guy .. i think bmw is worthless if it werent for their M-power engineers

    - you're right, i don't see anyone even discussing it .. actually, it's only mentioned when some idiot wants to make an idiotic excuse to allow liquor in kuwait saying: "look at the bright side, less ppl will use drugs" ..
    yeah okay .. mashala they care

    3endik eyahom..
    it's appalling the not-doing-anything about the dealers..
    fal7een ly bas eb hal iraneyeen wel bakistaneyeen

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 23.8.06  

  • *sigh*

    You hit a nerve.

    By Blogger Sedna, at 23.8.06  

  • Temetwir,
    I wasn't aiming for the dealers either; But those who think they're so high that they can't be touched.

    Those, I'll enjoy seeing their throats get slit and their blood drained: drop by drop.

    By Blogger MBH, at 23.8.06  

  • sedna,
    i try to imagine what his mom feels

    id rather have them have their way on earth .. if you know what i mean :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 23.8.06  

  • Temetwir,
    Seeing that pig, saddam, being treated with justice, tears my nerves and soul apart.
    I know what you mean, but it's just more soul-clensing to do it with your hand...
    Investing money in cloning saddam; One for each of those who hold a grudge... AAAAH

    By Blogger MBH, at 23.8.06  

  • A nice read indeed and on this note I would like to say “Allah yahdee those who do drugs”

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23.8.06  

  • Wasnt expecting that.

    Once again, u surprise me. I think its the first time i read a drug abuse related post in 'our' blog world.


    By Blogger Delicately Realistic, at 24.8.06  

  • mbh, i dont want this to steer off the topic of drug abuse among guys my and your age so i will refrain from replying on the sadam trial .. BUT you know better especially since ive discussed it in an earlier piece and how i think it is a disgrace, not justice

    o salimly 3ala IL MAR7OOM SHAHEED IL 3ADAALA Slobodan Milosevic(h)! aktar mn haik mafeeni ool shee

    laialy, thank you .. o allah yahdeehom enshala, o yesabir ahaleehom
    i think it is something that should be looked at with empathy and not pity

    dc, lo ma il7aya chan 3araft shlon i sweep you personally off your feet ba3ad, i dont settle for surprises when it comes to your fine self bas khaleni sakit
    and yes unfortunately, il mas'ala jedan manseya
    o en radat lelsij, most spaces only take a whiny toned stance to rant about "shabab el kwait el sseya3" and "banat lekwait el met7ajbat ely yestegelon eldeen" methel manty khabra..
    so i wouldnt expect any worthy, real, tangible themes to be discussed dam hatha sagf il 6ar7, but that's just me

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 24.8.06  

  • Substance abuse is like the family's dirty little secret. Everybody knows it and no one wants to talk about it. I understand the Goverment's denial as this will trigger issues best be sweapt under the carpet - who deals, why, and who is protecting whom? But two things I would like to know your opinion about:
    (1) Why don't we see serious public attention to this problem (other than ana b3d mo weyakom or ya3jibni 7ya2ok kind of campaigns)?

    (2) What drive young (and mostly rich and famous) kids to drugs? In other 'normal' societies it's a scape mechanism for those who suffer. This is not the case in Kuwait.

    Any one with personal experience with drug addicts? Any insight?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24.8.06  

  • Mother dearest,
    i think it's because we have a so-called government that cannot seem to function well enough to secure basics: fair elections, water, electricity .. that in turn would mean so-called parliament as well as the people being too caught up in basics, that they cant really turn to 'details' - this of course is in no way an attempt to undermine the importance of pursuing drug abuse, on the contrary, i.e. i personally consider it a "basic", but say it is "detail" because we have a government and population that cannot get "the basics of basics" right. consequently, we have diversion of attention.
    not good, mom. not good.
    1b. i also think it's because we don't have a "trafficking bureau" that is HEADED BY A VETERAN in police/maba7eth service: a Soba7y doesnt count.
    aamana belah, but our ministry of interior is headed by a Soba7y which makes it a lot more of a political position than a practical one - yes, i understand that ministries are not meant to be limited to technocrats, but that does not mean that i should give it to the next Soba7y in line to get him ready for a bigger responsibility in the political scene.
    which here completes my loop in saying: in need of a trafficking bureau.
    i would imagine there is something similar to this in between il maba7eth o amn ildawla, but i'm talking about a fully independent entity that has "nothing to do" but pursue this, because we all know that there's a lot to do.
    1c. simply put, le'ana ma 3endena qathaa' mostagil tamaaman

    2a. i dont think it's society-dependent; am under the impression that only "rich folks" (or those affiliated with dealers) can "afford" the to-be-fatal substances all over the world.
    2b.you do mention that it is used by people who suffer, and this is where (i think) reasons differ: what exactly are we suffering from?
    eg when i hear of a movie star being addicted to drugs, i think "it's probably because ma buga shay ma sawah, so he takes it to what he sees as the next level".
    i think it can play to be the same among the youth (and here i am talking abt the 25+ youth) e.g if someone has had everything laid out for them on a platinum unlimited draft visa since they were 15, and a group of those managed to not make something out of themselves in (high) school for example or college, i.e. staying co-dependent, then the same can be attributed: feeling of insignificance and 'oh well, ive done it all' ensues

    factor in lack of TRUE faith (o raja'an la7ad yestamleg 3alay o yegoly 'i know a bearded dude who is an addict') and lack of decent parenting, then add to that Citizen A who can afford 10 hits split between himself and Citizens B and C who are his friends, we arrive at one of the reasons (in my personal opinion) to try to account for substance abuse.
    please not that i did not use "explain why", but "account to why", as i believe there is a difference

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 24.8.06  

  • btw mother dearest,
    i know of a guy who was with us ayaam il ghazo (o akbar meny b wayed 6ab3an not my age) ib london who died from an overdose at a much later point in time

    not sure what the age difference was, but im sure he overdosed.
    and since he's the only guy i ever knew who was an addict, i dont think i would really forget something like that

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 24.8.06  

  • Amazing is all I can say.

    I have an uncle who died of OD, left 8 kids behind. 2 widows.

    By Blogger ScarlO, at 24.8.06  

  • As my ex said (So sorry for your uncle Scarlo):

    Really amazing and happennig a lot these days

    By Blogger Dakhtour, at 25.8.06  

  • جميل و مليء بالصور :)، وحزين طبعا. هل حاولت الكتابة بالعربية؟ أعتقد أنها ستكون محاولة جيدة

    أدعوك لقراءة رواية "أ سكانر داركلي" لفيليب دِك عن المخدرات أيضا. رواية ممتعة و تحولت إلى فيلم تمثيلي مُدَعّم بطبقة من الرسوم

    By Blogger إمهاوشجي, at 26.8.06  

  • Allah yakfeena shar il-mo7'derat .... bas jan zain low ilnass tete3th mn hal 7awadeth :(

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 26.8.06  

  • @scarlo,
    wow. how old was he?
    that's very sad indeed

    @bo s3ood,
    thanks, and yes lel asaf it is very sad .. but hey since you're our pharmacist, how long does it REALLY take for the body to completely kick out of its addiction to some of the strongest shit out there? is it more than 2 months?
    seriously, i've heard that the ONLY way to rehabilitate the body is to completely ignore it and let it suffer (really suffer), until it regulates itself back .. is this true? i guess the idea is "if you give sedatives, then you're only changing the addiction.." or something

    أشكرك استاذي وللأسف لا لم أحاول الكتابة بالعربية, لكن انشالله ما باقي شي وأرجع الديرة فأكون في محيط بعيد عن التحدث والكتابة للعمل بالانجليزية الشيء الذي يجلعني لا شعورياً أكتب بنفس اللغة للتسلية ايضا ان صح التعبير

    وعلى فكرة عندي الفيلم لكن للحيني ما شفته ولا كنت عارف انها رواية بالأول

    ameen, o allah yahdy eljimee3 ya rab
    elsara7a yakhi lazim yekon fi taw3eya akthar mn chethy .. ana many emla7eth shay gair fi mosalsalfat ramathan ely dayman yekon feha modmin mokhadarat,, o 7ata bel mosalsal ma ye3aljon el mawtho3 ka gatheya ejtema3eya .. unfortunately, not everyone grows up in an environment with constant presence of parents and questioning - and i like to add faith too here, so it's not a big surprise that we see such sad occurences

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 26.8.06  

  • لم أشاهد الفيلم حتى الآن لأني أنتظره على الدي في دي، و لكن ما قرأته من آراء مختلفة عن الفيلم تبين أنه ليس للجميع، حيث أنه مليء بالحوارات و قليل الإثارة، و لكن من دعاية الفيلم واضح أن تقنية الروتوسكوبنغ (وضع طبقة من الرسوم فوق الممثلين و الخلفيات) جميلة و تفيد بعض الأفكار المستخدمة في الرواية (مثل "بدلة التخفي" مثلا)

    لكن أعتقد أنه سيعجبني لأني أحببت الرواية. على فكرة كاتب الرواية هو نفسه كان مدمنا في وقت ما و لديه الكثير من الأصدقاء الذين تأثروا من المخدرات (سواء بالوفاة أو أمراض بالدماغ أو غيرها)، لذلك لديه معرفة جيدة ببعض الطرق التي يستخدمها بائعوا المخدرات و زبائنهم للترويج و التمويه و ما شابه.

    كاتب الرواية كتب أيضا "مينوريتي ريبورت" و "بِاي تشك" على ما أظن

    By Blogger إمهاوشجي, at 26.8.06  

  • imhawishchi,
    indeed kind sir you are right, i just checked and found a book that has a number of his stories (Philip K Dick).. minority report is one of them, but the book is less than 500 pages so i'm guessing they are all short stories

    regardless, minority report is, i think, one of the few genius scripts written.. and i am not at all surprised that it started out as a story and not a screenplay!

    i also took a look at the movie (downloaded as always is the case for me here), and the rotoscoping looks extremely impressive .. it definitely adds to the feel of the movie (and i've only watched 5mins!)

    personally, i cant get enough of a good dialogue and a decent interaction on film .. let's hope the movie lives up to the expectations you have coming from the book :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 26.8.06  

  • Its soo sad to see what happening to young ppl with a bright future awaits them! I knew some1 who was a drug addict. The person grew up in a broken home and they were filthy rich. Therefore, to make up for all the problems that they r going thru, the parents gave them whatever they want whenever they wanted. The person grew up & fell in luv. When their parents refused that they get married, the person decided to abuse drugs... So sad, indeed... It was either the persons way or the highway...

    This is the result of having spoiled kids!

    By Blogger Bella Color, at 26.8.06  

  • Well, I am here in the states, and the drug use among Muslims was I thought insignificant...until my mom went to give ghusl for a woman whose son beat her to death because he wanted money for drugs and she did not give it right away. And a close friend of my dad has a son, who is amazingly bright, from a very stable family, is quite religious (truly so) and yet became an addict. He went so far as to sell some of his mother's and all of his wife's jewellery in order to maintain his habit. He is currently in recovery, but it was quite a task to get him there. And the alleged drug-pushers? Muslims as well. From respectable families. :S
    The saddest part is that without direct confrontation of this problem, it cannot be adequately resolved. The problem is always swept under the rug until it is way too late. Thanks for the thought-provoking post. Stirred up a lot of memories.

    By Blogger BeeCrazy, at 27.8.06  

  • Exactly Teme... U need a long period of time to get rid of this shit from your body... As u know 3endena markaz el edman ely 9ayer bel 6eb el nafsy... Ehnak el 3elaj e6awel... It depends on the case o eshkether el modmen ra7 yetfa3al ma3a el 3elaj... AKo nas ye6le3on eb fatrat qeyaseya momken etqel 3n el 2 months... A ako nas e6awlon more than 7 months

    El moshkela ena ako wayed e6ebon o ye6le3on and after 1 week etshofa again in the same place... Allah yeb3ed el jme3 3n hal we9akha my friend

    By Blogger Dakhtour, at 27.8.06  

  • Great Analysis my son :)) The government is part of the problem so we should not expect it to solve it. I was wondering why don’t the victims’ families take action to stop the cycle and teach others from their tragedies; something like Mothers Against Drunk Driving in the US and Canada. Other NGOs should have a role too. This lack of public interest is what amazes me.

    I think the strongest factor in the war against drugs is balanced and active parenting. Overprotection is as bad as overindulgence. In all cases the children grow up with no real internal protection against temptations. You mentioned religion as a safeguard, but religion is not always effective without other social skills that help the person to adopt without being overwhelmed with conflict and/or guilt. The example d.n. gave is extremely common; truly religious and intelligent young men and women falling into addiction to bear the emotional conflict and cultural shock. Parents, unfortunately, are rarely equipped with the skills and information needed to address this issue.

    On a different note, there is a trafficking bureau called:
    لجنة دارسة خفض تدابير الطلب على المخدرات والمؤثرات العقلية
    LOL ..not sure who heads it, but the title says it all ;)

    More later :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27.8.06  

  • dealerz R rulerz


    By Blogger Erzulie, at 27.8.06  

  • bella color,
    some people like to say "spoiled kids", when i honestly see it as "rubbish parenting".
    i'm not saying that parents WANT their kids to become addicts, or menaces to society, or any other 'label', but surely the fact that there seems to be a trend for addiction does hold parents in first regard to questioning.
    what you mention is sad indeed, and i sincerely hope that this someone you know has recovered and is leading a healthy life now

    digital nomad,
    perhaps it is because you're in the states that it may strike you as peculiar hearing of "muslims" abusing drugs (i'm trying my best to not mention murdering their own mothers, la 7awla wala gowata ila belah, ena lelah wa ena elayhe raji3on),, but the thing is back in kuwait they are all muslims as well - addicts as well as dealers (REAL dealers) - not to mention Iran which from what i hear is a great supplier and market as well.
    i mean, let's not forget that Afghanistan which is supposedly run nowayads by "salafi warlords" is also the number one exporter of 'some' either extract, base of or drug itself (heroine?).
    despite all that, i still maintain and argue that faith between one and oneself is a lot different than being labelled to be a follower.
    i full heartedly agree with confrontation,, i mean there is already talk in the west about legalizing drug trade and consumption! such travesty indeed that legality be taken as mutually exclusive with moral corruption.

    bo s3oud,
    yes, i have heard of this center .. o eeh wala meshkela tu7zzin elwaa7id lama tesma3 3an flaan 6alla3 met3aafy, ga3adlah esbo3ain o radd yet3aa6ah.
    allah yel3an ely kan elsebab

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 27.8.06  

  • mother dearest,
    - i think the family victims of drug abuse in such a confined society may feel the shame is too much a burden to share.
    personally, i dont see it as shame, but i think its more bordering on the lines of disappointment.. i mean, i remember some tv show where interviews with supposed ex-addicts or family victims are done with voice-alteration and only a shadow appearing. maybe its way too easy for us to "judge and decide", because maybe we dont understand..?

    - parenting. exactly. i have nothing more to add.
    sure i do mention religion, but it is only speaking of experience as my parents have instilled that in me .. so for me, personally, they go hand in hand.

    - heh aham shay esim el bureau .. forget the name, i wonder why i havent heard abt it before,, tagseer meni wela menhom, i wonder


    By Blogger Temetwir, at 27.8.06  

  • white poison!
    youth gone. wasted for no reason.
    wallah 7aram :(
    it is surreal!

    By Blogger No3iK, at 28.8.06  

  • They're medics?

    By Blogger 5ada, at 28.8.06  

  • no3ik,
    that pretty much sums it up, doesnt it?

    paramedics, yup

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 28.8.06  

  • Yet another victim, and yet another reason to execute any drug dealer in our country. Law courts should never have any sort of mercy on drug dealers.

    Unfortunatley though, they dont have mercy on them, but they have wasta on them :(

    By Blogger Hitman1, at 28.8.06  

  • il7amdila wil shikir, allah la yableena, wallah ya7fith il jamee3

    teme!!!! mabuga shay!!!
    how's the dissertation going?!
    biltawfeeg inshala..! I haven't been here for a while, i've got LOADS to do.. but im happy cause this means once i'm done, I'd have lots of interesting posts to read. YAY.. keep it up..

    By Blogger the11thmuse, at 28.8.06  

  • hitman,
    so true .. letting them go without even a slap on the wrist, and assuming the capture of half a kilo of this substance or that in possession of x nationality makes it alright is nothing short of a tragedy

    ajme3een .. it's going not-so-much as planned, bas inshala khair.
    tawny emsali elfayir, gelt achayek emaily o arrid .. fa allah kareem enshala yafrejha

    good luck to you too ma'am

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 28.8.06  

  • cheny I posted a comment here few days ago

    By Blogger Spontaneousnessity, at 30.8.06  


    By Blogger Chai-7aleeb, at 31.8.06  

  • spontan.
    what do you have to say about substance abuse

    chai 7aleeb,
    elaahy ameen, a7sant

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 31.8.06  

  • This post got me thinking about something else, so am linking back to it in my own blog...hope you do not mind, and please let me know if you do. Thanks! :)

    By Blogger BeeCrazy, at 2.9.06  

  • digital nomad,
    not at all. please :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 2.9.06  

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