ردّ قلبي

He motioned the car through the narrow street paved by either side with cars sideway-ingly facing the walls to the houses of their owners. He mumbled, practicing his lines and changing the tone to test what way would be best if this were a sales pitch. But he knew it wasn't. Yet he still mumbled and practiced the lines, seeking one that sounded just right.
Picking up his phone from the spotless and never used for what it was intended car ashtray, he dialled in the number of his friend. Six digits through, he decided to knowingly choose to press a "7" instead of a "6" for the last digit before calling because he knew that she was now in possession of this number. He knew so because she was his best friend's younger sister.

Shfeeha 3ad, kelha 'alo ha gowa Wlayyid, alo? Aasif hatha mo ragam Waleed? Ee hala wala Arwa, ana Maitham refeej Waleed. La ma3endi shay daag 3ala hal ragam, bas abee atzawejich ya ekht el ..' he told himself.
The first time Maitham saw Arwa was when he made his way through the gates of Kuwait Airport's arrivals, coming back from Spain after a trip with Waleed. This was seven months ago. And he never saw her ever since.
He told himself that he was blowing her image out of proportion, that he just has this idea, not this girl, in his head because he only saw her once. So he never could be serious about what his head told him when he drove, in the shower, before going to bed, waking up, having dinner, and most importanly, when he spent time with his best friend. Waleed.

But since he spent time with Waleed - a lot of time - he was reassured that "Om Waleed's Household's Alumni" were all graduates of the highest standards. There was a reason why Waleed was Maitham's best friend. And now there was a reason why Maitham could not bear himself being Waleed's best friend.
The car rolled slowly to a stop. Maitham still had the "7" completing the phone number, and not Waleed's "6".
Maitham could swear this was the millionth time he had pressed this "7" in the past five months after knowing from Waleed that this number was now his sister's. Maitham could also swear this was the millionth time - and one - that he has come to his senses and decided not to call the "7" number, but the "6".

Walla o wala tadry 3an hawa daarik, lo betgolaha 'ana Maitham refeej Waleed' betgolek 'o khair ya 6air, taby awage3lek?' he told himself some more.

Maitham questioned the procedure of it all. What does one do when one wants to marry one's best friend's younger sister. Does one talk to one's best friend's mother? Does one let one's mother talks to one's best friend's mother? Does one talk to one's best friend?

Maitham figured that there were a lot of ones there. But he also came to this conclusion:
en kalamt el om, el esbay begolek 'laish ma kalamni ana, mo rayal eb 3aina?', o en kalamt el esbay, begolek 'o shako ent yayni ana, wain ahalek maykalmon ahalha - ely hom ahaly, wela ma tedil bait ahaly ya 7ath ahalek?'
He sometimes questioned if all this confusion was worth it. Banat eldeera ma ekhlesaw, but then again not all banat il deera grew up in the same environment as he knew his best friend did.

He deleted the "7" and inserted a "6" instead, calling the number straight away. Smiling to himself at the thought of actually blurting out a jokingly 'hala yal niseeb, ana ta7at', he looked over at his side view mirror to see the approaching car near his. Waleed picked up as Maitham turned his head to make sure the approaching car could pass between his and the sideway-ingly parked cars facing the walls of the houses of their owners.
"Hala Maithemo, wainek?", came the familiar sound.
"Ta7at," Maitham managed to say as he was stunned at the sight of Arwa in the approaching car, now in front of him waiting for their garage door to open, "enzil ebser3a, o shouf etha waaldetik belbait. Omy tabee etkalemha."
"Inzain ya 7abeeb omik. Dish eldowaneya en6erny 3ala ma anzil, bas latsakir 3ala bab el garage ekhty betrid mn el jaam3a ba3ad shway."


  • Hala wallah :)

    It's about time to get a new post!

    For some reason I sense this one is not all fiction ;)

    Do you believe there is such thing as love from first sight?

    By Blogger UmmEl3yal, at 8.10.06  

  • latro7een eb thaak elraay, mother dearest

    and no i dont believe there's such a thing as love from first sight .. i do think it is possible for one to be infatuated with something if one can fill in the spaces beforehand based on solid experience and logical deduction slash realistic expectation though

    i dont see 'love from first sight' having the ability to cope with these measures .. so i would not imagine something concrete arising from something that wasnt even there in the first place (imho)

    only question is, where does 'a Maitham' draw the line between what he thinks he knows about 'an Arwa' relative to what he already knows for fact and loves about 'a Waleed'?

    personally, i dont think a maitham will necessarily be interested in an arwa if he saw her not knowing she was a waleed's sister

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 8.10.06  

  • I totally agree! Perceptions are part sensory and part cognitive. I might like someone because he/she looks kind or smart and/or because I think she/he's kind or smart because of what I know about his/her background (education, job title, family, friends .. etc).

    Maitham's perceptions of Marwa are definately biased by the inferences he made based on her relationship to Waleed. (BTW, strange choice of names)

    Most "shocks" in marriages and relationships come from the gap between our perceptions and the reality. Arranged marriages do the exact thing: assuming the person is good based on the family name, the education, the salary or even looks.

    By Blogger UmmEl3yal, at 8.10.06  

  • la la la.. a Tem update? & on my birthday ba3ad? Min gaddi! :D

    i always enjoy ur writing, mashallah 3alaik.. although i have to say, I think "Maithemo" is thinking too much with his heart & not using his sense.. which unfortunately tends to happen a lot, it seems..

    By Blogger rahab al majed | رَحَـبْ المــاجِـدْ, at 8.10.06  

  • cute :)

    By Blogger Ra-1, at 8.10.06  

  • mother dearest
    granted that maitham's perceptions are biased because of what he knows about his friend, but i disagree that this is the same as having an opinion about someone based on the family, education and workplace.
    i think this is much more concrete and pretty much "real".
    however, i have no contention with saying that most shocks arise because of "a gap" between dreamlike perceptions and the implementation of reality imposed on all couples.
    that said, "love" o "ta3aruf" before marriage can prove to be just as wrong in calculation

    bel nehaya elmas'ala te3oud 3ala shely yabeeh elwa7id mn elzawaj w shely tabeeh elwa7da mn elzawaj .. and not necessarily "meno" yaboon if you know what i mean

    yebga el so'al: how does one go about asking for the hand of his friend's sister?

    kel3am wenty eb alf khair, el3omor kela enshala :)

    interesting that you would say that about the Maitham character,, i would say the exact opposite: that he's thinking way too much with his head (ena ekht rfeeja betkon nafs a6ba3 rfeeja) and not with his heart

    be that as it may, life would be a boring 'place' if it were solely dependent on one and not the other, wouldnt it?

    ideas on how you think it would be best for a guy to ask for the hand of his friend's sister?
    o la henty salmeely 3ala true faith wayed etha kalamteeha ma3alaich amer

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 8.10.06  

  • Hi again :)

    Still your mom?

    I would ask my friend to arrange for a meeting between our moms :) This way he went by the traditions and did not surprise or override his friend. Makes sense?

    By Blogger UmmEl3yal, at 8.10.06  

  • laialy
    i reckon that's as far as it goes.
    o 3ash mn shaafich

    laih bacher ba3ad.
    and yes that makes perfect sense, i'll share the wisdom with a couple of friends and see if they contend with that - but i wouldnt think so, it seems just right.

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 9.10.06  

  • i LOVED it!!! w maitham ya zeena w siij wht do u guys do law 7abaitaw ikhit rifeejkom? go to the friend or the family?

    By Blogger um-miT3ib, at 9.10.06  

  • ahh so typical of tem's writing, leave us hanging :/ because i guess thats why we are all so interested, because all your writing tend to leave alot of room for us to fill it in the way we want..they all seem to be short glimpses of our reality

    anyhew, i personally would think maitham should talk to his best friend first..ya3ni if we were best friends and he didnt tell me and his mom came i'd feel kinda stupid :/

    By Blogger Faith, at 9.10.06  

  • om mit3ib,
    i'd do what ummel3yal said.
    what do you think should be done?

    and thank you

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 10.10.06  

  • Maitham decides to take matters in his own hands ..
    Maitham talkes to Arwa ..
    Maitham Tells Arwa i'll talk to Waleed..
    Maitham doesnt know how to..
    Waleed yiktishif il salfa ..
    Waleed gets angry at both ..
    Maitham loses Waleed's Friendship..
    Arwa loses her brother's respect and trust..
    Waleed doesn't talk to Arwa..
    WAleed doesn't talk to Maitham..
    Arwa loses her own self respect..
    Arwa.. breaks up with Maitham ..
    Maitham loses all ..

    its a win-win situation

    By Blogger Sloth, at 11.10.06  

  • tinkerbell,
    not impressed

    it can't get any 'more wrong' than that, can it

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 11.10.06  

  • I would recommend talking to the friend first, because Maitham's mother going directly to Waleed and Arwa's mother may seem odd, if Waleed and Maitham are really close. Maybe Waleed might take offense...but I hope not! Some brothers get that way about their sisters--they don't want any riff raff eyeing their girls, even if the riff raff is a close friend. I trust Waleed and Maitham are close enough in all aspects of social compatibility where such issues would not arise. Good luck to Maitham! :) (Are going to get a part 2, or should I just fill in my own conclusion in my head?)

    By Blogger BeeCrazy, at 12.10.06  

  • afterparty,
    glad you brought up the point of respect, which i think is extremely relevant here.
    again, i agree with you that it would be best if the guy talked to his friend first and told him abt his intentions and that their mothers will soon speak about it.

    digital nomad,
    that's exactly what it is: "aha? but where have you seen my sister at?".
    loving the point of social compatibility you brought up, you never fail to add to a topic

    never was my thing to do a series really as i always say that i just write these pieces based on themes to toss around and discuss with you folks, and not a storyline which really ever develops :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 12.10.06  

  • TF kahee yammee etsalim 3alek wetgollek matga9er :)

    By Blogger Ra-1, at 13.10.06  

  • 6ali3.
    I should have known better than to change my number.
    My bro was '5'
    i was '8'


    By Blogger Delicately Realistic, at 15.10.06  

  • Asking the girl is bad in so many ways.

    But I don't understand why he asked his mom to do it.
    I think he should've asked his BEST friend, since the friend knows his so good, he can judge whether or not he's suitable for his sister or even if his sister is suitable for his friend...

    By Blogger MBH, at 16.10.06  

  • Allah ysalmik we 3afeek :)

    etha tabi tamshi 3ala ele9ool '7al the mothers deal with such things o tali t9eer '7e6bat elrayayeel. Best friend's sister or not best friend's sister ele9ool e9ool.

    O taqabal allah 6a3tik :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16.10.06  

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