Making up our minds is the non-effort on which we base our day-to-day interactions. It is the most unconscious thing I can think of right now. Granted, I may not strike you as a person who is capable of even thinking (i.e you already made up your mind); and even if you can force yourself to give me the benefit of the doubt, honesty compels me to make it loud and clear that I am not trying too hard to think of anything else which is as unconscious.

First of all, saying 'unconscious' over and over is just my way of trying to seem smart. What it basically means in this particular case is that you automatically put together an idea, or a label in some cases, towards the certain someone or something you have just come across. And live with it, be it wrong or otherwise.
Second, to each and every one of us there are certain equations we have composed at a certain point; equations which if people fit in, they equal (literally equal as in the = sign) something.

The only thing worse than misconception, is systemised misconception. Know that bitches, KNOW IT!

That being said, nothing is that simple. Am I saying that having certain criteria to like someone and see whether or not they fit is wrong?
Yeah, that's pretty much what I had in mind.

Taking stuff at face value is virtue at specific occasions. Other times, it's just lame. This time, it's sad.

Now, people occasionally make bad judgements, don't they? No? Fuck you, what do you call accidents/divorces for example? That's right, they're examples of bad judgement.

Bad judgement in regards to hearing/reading something or meeting/seeing someone = misconception.

In all fairness, the source where/who you read/hear something from plays a big role in the transfer of thought. I'm talking about both credibility and the way the thought was presented.

Example: you're reading this and going "what the..?", because I'm failing to make what I want to say crystal clear.

Regard this post as an introduction to following ones. Which by then I hope you would know what I mean by misconception; in so that when I write something about examples of misconceptions, you'll know what I'm saying.


  • "The only thing worse than misconception, is systemised misconception." <-- can misconceptions be systemised? doesnt systemised indicate planning beforehand? if so, how can this be construed as 'misconceptions'.

    Later u define misconceptions as "bad judgement in regards to hearing/reading something or meeting/seeing someone". I thought bad judgement was just that, i.e. bad judgement ;) thats because u can choose to make a bad judgement about something but u cant choose to have a misconception?

    and i thought what misconceptions where beforehand! now im just confused ;)

    btw.. awaiting ur later posts of misconceptions.. and more thought provoking content ;)

    By Blogger Iatra, at 20.7.05  

  • iatra
    ur confusing me too..

    when i said systemised misconceptions, i was referring to the paragraph right before it.. lets see, does "stereotyping" make a good example of systemised misconception?

    - bad judgement is taking an exit on a highway to escape an accident jedam, only to be welcomed by a jam that lasts a good hour

    - misconception is when u base ur definition of something that isnt simple, by either a single event, or from unreliable sources..
    example: somebody watches the news and says "all muslims r terrorists"

    if ur thinking of dictionary-definitions of both "bad judgement" and "misconception", then i apologize for not stating that im borrowing an already established phrase/word in language, and employing it/them into explaining what i have to talk about

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 28.7.05  

  • i read a buddhism philosophy book, which had a very basic idea... true and genuine:

    "when we talk, we always attach our personal perspective to it. so if i talk about a problem i had with some one, it will be my view into it.. rather than the truth"

    By Blogger Bloo, at 1.8.05  

  • vintage
    yea i think thats obvious.. but "ur own perspective" doesnt necessarily mean that u r lying or that u r tampering with the truth

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 2.8.05  

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