شيم اون يو

Dr Wafa' Sultan is 'one of them people'.

From one of her (translated) speeches, she says:

"When religion becomes the measurement for your humanity - specifies your rights and draws the features of your freedom - you will undoubtedly conflict with that religion whenever you try to fly in the skies of your humanity, whenever you demand your rights, or try to enjoy your freedom."

Dr Sultan, 7abeebty entay, if by "flying in the skies of my humanity" and my "right to enjoy my freedom" you mean that I would be excused to drink an enough amount of alcohol and act like a moron afterwards; or if I were to be excused for if I were to go to a rock concert and jump up and down like a monkey because, hey, by the definition of evolution, and on the basis that there is no god and organized religion is just a figment of humanity's imagination, "it runs in the family that I would jump up and down", besides I'm young and full of life and I can say or do whatever I want because I'm free; or maybe you're 'about more than that', Dr Sultan, maybe you're about me enjoying my freedom and having access to all the many (banned) books of the 'West' that will encourage me to think and 'discover myself' through the idea of that there is no god and there is no "master plan", rather, there are only dreams and there are only "O what wonderful horizons lay ahead in the midst of secularism where I can offer you a drink of my piss because it's how we roll back at where I come from - the land of the free", yeah, Dr Sultan, you really tend to know what's up; maybe you, Dr Sultan, being a psychologist and all, want to encourage my potential thoughts of having sex with seventeen 19 year old girls because it is healthy for my personality that I reward myself with what I believe is my right, and god forbid that I would implode if I were not to have it and thus explode in a suicidal bombing in a mosque because 'the mosque' is where I was banned from having that sexual relation with my pretty and gorgeous group of babes; oh no, come on, Dr Sultan, why do you have to be like that? I'm not "objectifying women", I'm just entertaining the thought that a young, free soul like myself could convince seventeen 19 year old girls to jump in bed all at the same time because, with respect to YOUR definition, THAT would be me 'flying in the skies of my male humanity'; and you, Dr Sultan, have no right in taking that away from me because that's who I am goddamn it; yes, Dr, yes, I was abused as a child by females and I was attacked by my uncle and that is why I feel the urge to get back at society in fucking seventeen 19 year olds all at the same time; then again, maybe you're about more than that, Dr Sultan, maybe you're about 'being okay' with me experimenting with drugs, putting my life on the line, which, mind you, Dr Sultan, is "statistically proven" and "empirically shown" to be the case by the 'Western researchers'; Dr Sultan, maybe you're all about encouraging young men - 6ab3an ba3ad ethnich Dr, madri chan tesme7eenly aseer rayaal, 3ady tara aseerlcih mo rayal afa 3alaich because it would be your right to take that away from me because you are free and un-bound with religion which limits your flying in the skies of your humanity - so as I was saying, Dr, maybe you are all about the fine young men from the Middle East to show that they have become civilised and up-to-date by forgetting to study, and major in, Sharee3a and the like, rather, you would have them study fine arts and music and, while they're at it, re-check with themselves 'if they were born gay' so they can be free and not restricted to what religion wants them to be..

Oh yeah, Dr Sultan, if you are about any of the above, then okay, I just needed to know, "no judgement". Thing is, my faith urges me to know, and that if I did not know, would then ask, before opening my mouth and start accusing your fine philisophical doctorate self.

Dr Wafa Sultan, who, at one stage in an interview wanted to incorporate a verse from the Holy Quran into her speech and did a miserable job at showing that she actually knew the verse, was told to "not iterate the verse if you do not know it by heart".
Here, she asked how the man who was debating her would explain this verse to his kids. The man in return has asked her to "get out a copy of the Quran and read it for herself first", and then she insisted he read it to her.

He told her that she was responsible for what she said, or else, she would be nothing but an 'ignorant' person; who just talks and talks about the things he or she DOES NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT.

She then snapped back at him saying "I read more than you read, and I understand more than you could understand."

I'm sorry, Dr, but it really REALLY doesn't look that way. Lel amana ya3ni, wa7id sefir.

She then goes on debating why "we" (Muslims, I would assume) call "them" 'ahlu ketaab'. Arguing, she was, the fact that they were 'ahlu kotob', and that we, Muslims were the ones who are "ahl ketaab", one book she insists, which limits us because it was "from" the Middle Ages.

Akh ya dektora lo enich sakta o raa7mah 7aalich.

Dr Wafa, etha tesme7eenly 6ab3an eny akoon daaris o faahim o te3tarfain eb shahadty, I see why you are having a hard time. Taking "ahl ketaab" literally as 'one book', and arguing the "plurality" of ketab into "kutob", is by far the weakest and most pathetic attempt at illustrating Muslims as 'prejudiced'. Ingalbay ana agool.

Moving on.

Later on, Dr Wafa states:

أنا لست مسيحية لست مسلمة ولا يهودية أنا إنسانة علمانية لا أؤمن بالغيبيات

Upon which, the man has asked her "mol7ida?".

Key word being asked. It's called intonation.

After asking her again, Dr Wafa, to me at least, seemed to "snap" again saying that he had no business because that is personal. 3ayal tekfain, sh maalah raaza wayhech o tegoleen ana lany kait kait kait, 7aaba ite3arafain ?

Then, the Dr goes into saying "leave everyone alone into thinking whatever they want to think". Comment: golay 7ag nafsich.
Actual reply: Christians for example believe in the holy trinity, and I as a Muslim believe in the "one and only God". Not a holy son, not a holy ghost, "ain't nobody there but one" according to my "Middle Aged" belief. Tabeen ta7kimeen bainny o bainah yal "3almaaneya" .. 6ayyib, 6al3y jedamich wely ye3afeech.

Two last notes.

First, Dr Wafa is calling for 'respecting others' faiths' when she herself does not have the courtesy to even know what she is debating. I ask this: if this 'one, single book Muslims have, that belongs back to the Middle Ages' accusation was true - how do we explain the revolution of the sciences on the hands of 'Muslim scientists' all throughout the "Middle Ages".
I am sick and tired of talking about what Muslims used to be, but that does not give me the "right" (3adil dektora?) to say that such events did not happen. A little history course would do wonders for Dr Wafa Sultan. It really, REALLY, would.

Second, on their site, MEMRI state:

Attacks on Arab-American Psychologist Wafa Sultan: Islamist Sheikh on Al-Jazeera Calls Her Heretic; Syrian Sermon Calls Her Infidel"

I, being I, have nothing to say about the 'Syrian sermon' because I do not KNOW if it was true or not. Nor do I care, because it does not serve my purpose. Nor would I find it strange if it DID happen.
It's called "knowing what's up" Dr. It's when you have the decency to differentiate.

What I do care about, however, is the pathetic way of presentation.

As I have made clear above, the man debating her ASKED her if she was a 'heretic'. Asked her, "are you a heretic?" after, keyword now being AFTER, she had stated that she is not a Muslim, Jew, nor a Christian. Would it have been him "CALLING HER" a Buddhist, if he had asked "Boothiya?".
Afaaaa, lajaiteena eb enich mit3alma, o "gaarya", o "faahma" o 3amlatlena feha fettewat infetaa7 o ta7athur, wakhrat'ha athrach bas 7achi?

I am appalled, Dr Wafa + MEMRI, of your stance. You, being the translators, and you being the bilinguals, are responsible for LETTING PEOPLE MAKE UP THEIR MINDS. Not directing them. Isn't that what you are ACCUSING "us" of doing?

That is, you should include a question mark after a question. Better yet, you should include "I AM ASKING YOU IF YOU WERE A HERETIC", show it. NOT SKIP IT. Definitely NOT resort to something like "he called her a heretic". According to freedom of speech, where does 'making up an event that did not happen' fall under?

What did happen was that she CALLED HERSELF a Non-Muslim, Non-Jew, and a Non-Christian. Therefore, putting the man in a position to ask in order to continue a conversation.

It's called pragmatics.
And it's specifically called "giving the floor".

And if it was a "personal matter that he has no business in asking about", then why say you are NOT a Muslim/Christian/Jew?

Again, it's called the MAXIM OF QUANTITY in the co-operative principle.
There's another maxim too. Maxim of relation.

That's elementary. If you do NOT know this, what can you possibly "understand" and what could you have possibly "read" about that makes you certain to make such a statement as: "
أنا أقرأ أكثر مما تقرأ وأفهم أكثر مما تفهم"

Besides, "heretic" is the WRONG translation. Athiest is MUCH closer. Apostate too, but that would be a bit different. Heretic is the incorrect translation.

This translation and this presentation of the events can only mean one thing. BEGGING FOR SUPPROT from the Non-Arabic speaking world. That, or simply not knowing the basis of translation. La belaaah khosh research institute.

"Nabey il Islam" ely 6aye7 men 3ainech gaal: ra7imma Allah imre'en 3arrafa gadr nafseh.
Fihmay ya idbesha.
Igray, igray. Ayasty mn denyaach balah.

Yes, I read a few books too Dr Wafa + MEMRI. In my country, and within the 'limits' of my faith. I have learned everything that enables me to observe, think, conclude, then think again, and ONLY THEN, utter my thoughts.
Who knows, maybe if you let aside your prejudices of Muslims, you'll learn a thing or two.

Yes, I understand that the ones who have burned down embassies are so-called Muslims. Yes, I understand that you are "scientists" and only believe in science or whatever.

It's just that me, being a Muslim, would be obliged to report events as they exactly unfolded. Or else, I would be lying.

Lying, ladies and gentlemen of the secular world, is something that my faith states is a "forbidden act".

I have been to a number of the sites that speak of your interview. And the only source they have in which they can understand is your site. Whatever happened to self-confidence? Whatever happened to being held accountable for everything you say, and report?
Wain il amaana il 3elmiya? What if someone in 2 years was to write a paper on this subject and used you as a source. Do you condone fabricating sources to serve your purpose? That falls under 'freedom' too?

What does your 'freedom' have to say about this, I wonder?
According to the semantics of your definition, it would entail that you are 'free to lie because you are free to say whatever you want'. Is that it?

Is that REALLY it? No?
Then act like it.

Because it sure looks like it, Dr Wafa. It sure looks like it.


* I did not want this to be "political". But what she says about the Jews being scattered and "working" together and all that. Madry. Sharraw il arth sa7? La imbala sharooha..
La mayseer.. ? Tekfain la sharooha? 7asha mayseer, sharoha agolech.

* What she says about "not seeing one Jew" doing this or that. Hatha wenty el sooriya? Khe6fy reelich kha6wetain betshofon hal yahood shga3deen yesawon bel naas.

* Aham shay lama galat "etruko al naasa fi 3agaa'edahem" .. Khalas ya jema3a aamana bel jareer eben el maktaba elwaagi3 iben 7awaly ibin mojama3 iben el negra?

* Faisal Il Qasim, meta b yet3alam?

- - -

Sources and links:

* EDITED-OUT INTERVIEW showing ONLY some of Dr Wafa's contributions. Here.
If you are using Firefox, please copy the link to IE. (It only worked there for me). <-- see? being honest hehe

* Arabic transcript of the interview. Here from Al Jazeerah.

* Link to the translated speech I have quoted just the opening of. Here.


  • She is telling it like it is. She put her life to risk telling this truth that the whole world wants to ignore.

    By Anonymous Richard, at 10.3.06  

  • richard
    - how do you know she is telling it as it is?

    - do you read, speak, and write Arabic?

    - how many years have you spent in the middle east?

    - what books of the muslim scientists have you read?

    - you are the one here ignoring what more people in the world seem to know

    reply kindly sir

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 10.3.06  

  • Well I agree with u %100, my only problem is, that she doesn't worth the effort u have put in writing the post.
    The other thing is, Aljazera is always looking for this kind of people.

    By Blogger Diver, at 10.3.06  

  • لقد خلطت السم بالعسل

    نعم احتوى حديثها على مبادئ جميلة وبعضها موجودة في الإسلام كـ"لكم دينكم ولي دين" كما تحدثت عن احترام الإنسان كإنسان...الخ

    ولكنها خلطت الكثير من المفاهيم والأفكار
    ونسيت عصابات الهجانا والـ
    وبرأت غير المسلمين من اقتراف العمليات الارهابية

    وهناك أخطاء أخرى مثل

    بوذا ليس إلها بل معلم

    عن أهل الكتاب ، وصفتهم بأهل الكتب وأغفلت حقيقة التسمية الدينية
    بأن الكتاب هو
    The Holy Bible

    By Blogger iDip, at 11.3.06  

  • diver
    not at all, it's not "about her" i was just saying Dr Sultan as a way to address her whole 'school of thought'

    but ur definitely right, i really dont think the shallowness of her stance is worth looking into

    judging from what she had contributed, i am left to believe that she is prejudiced and really isn't there to "debate", but to lay her prejudices on the table.. something which really (to me at least) was evident in the manner she replied to the man in a number of times

    and ur absolutely right, thank you for reminding us of the Irish Repbulican Army, the Irgun, the Lehi Group (or is it Stern groupS .. not sure sorry)

    again, ur right.. what she said about Buddha was incorrect too,, the poor guy talked of enlightment and dharma and being a "teacher" or sometimes "master" .. calling him a God ma feeha ta3addy 3ala mo3tagadaat el akhareen? i wonder .. :)

    dont get me started on أهل كتاب because that was REALLY funny

    not to mention the way the clip was edited out, and i can only imagine being INTENTIONALLY mis-translated + leaving out the man's question .. taking advantage of the non-Arabic speaking viewer for them (nonArabic speaking viewers) to side with them (Dr + MEMRI)

    returning to what diver has said about al jazeera always looking for these kind of people.. i am not sure actually because i dont have al jazeera here, but i will say this

    from the VERY BREIF 3-4 minutes in the clip .. she demonstrates lack of knowledge in the basic facts of history (islamic, christian, jewish extremism AND science for example) .. and from her 'snapping' responses, i dont see her as someone who can hold her own in a real debate where you have to present concrete evidence to sustain your arguments (something which i am more than happy to do, Richard)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 11.3.06  

  • Dr. Sultan may not know that a women could not be more free than a Muslim women is.

    Free to be a respectable women her humanity is saved by her religion; living in dignity and pride.

    A woman; that have all men working for her, to keep her shining and never scratched or hidden in mud.

    Treated as a human never as a product soled for men’s pleasure.

    She must have not known that I the proud to be a Muslim woman feel that no other women is living better than I.

    Freedom is to be free to choose the right path to Heaven.

    By Blogger True Faith, at 11.3.06  

  • "Fihmay ya idbesha"


    temetwir i'm not sure etha ent la7agt 3leihum, but we did have athiest teachers in our depatment w they don't believe in spirtuality !!

    il7imdillah 3la ni3mat il 3agil !

    By Blogger Brava Valentia, at 11.3.06  

  • true faith eeh wallah

    i would dare say that she does NOT know this.. without a doubt ya3ni i wouldnt say "she may not know" .. i would say she "does not know"

    i would dare say that she is so incompetent, and so lost in her alleged 'reading and researching' that she has completely neglected the fact that Islam, being the "universal message" it is, is adopted and believed in many, many, many "cultures"

    therefore, i would also dare say: her demonstration of nothing but naivety (stupidity?) in assuming that islam IS the culture, or vice versa, goes only to show enha wa7da taafha tet7acha b omoor akbar menha :)

    wallahe mani khabir halshay laken ma astab3ida ..
    khobrech, ely 3enda "shahadat derasat 3olya" khalaas allam b kel 3elom el denya, khalas men gadah, yafty eb kaifa w yaby yemashy el bashareya kelha eb kaifa o yakteb bel jarayed ena el denya wel balyoon muslim kelhom qala6 wohwa el ssa7 o ye6la3 bel talfezyon yegol entaw malkom dakhal belnas, bas ana ely ly dakhal feekom

    o yaa maa o ya maa :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 11.3.06  

  • Hon, I would have watched spongebob squarepants or ... or teletubbies instead of this junk.

    She is dumb. That's all I can say. And faisal el qassim is an arse, it's common knowledge I guess, lol look at the text of the interview and try to count how many times he goes 'daqeeqa' and 'howa lam yaqol' .. *jester* would be a good nickname for him.

    Stupid question, lol: Why do you title your posts in Arabic? Fonts, I mean..

    By Blogger ScarlO, at 11.3.06  

  • Excellent post, you deliver as usual

    By Blogger Faith, at 11.3.06  

  • scarlonot sure "why" i write the topics in arabic .. bas chethy y3ni i dont have a reason and dont think abt it

    i think it started a while back and it stuck w/ me

    teslimeen kelech nethar

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 12.3.06  

  • " "Nabey il Islam" ely 6aye7 men 3ainech gaal: ra7imma Allah imre'en 3arrafa gadr nafseh.
    Fihmay ya idbesha.
    Igray, igray. Ayasty mn denyaach balah. "
    loved this part.. sa7 ellsanik..

    By Blogger Swair., at 12.3.06  

  • teme, i read it all!! interesting bas allah ihadak iljazeerah itmoot 3ala chithee.

    I beg you to make your next post shorter. pleeeeeeeeze

    By Blogger A3sab, at 12.3.06  

  • swair sa7 ibdenich :)

    om mejrin eeh i realized ina sej 6eweel el post, eb zoud y3ni.. apologies to everyone

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 12.3.06  

  • teme darling.. bravo.. and LOL.. ham arid wa3eeed wagol LOOOOOOL..

    the jareer thing CLASSIC ,, LOL

    oo the title of the post should've been "HEY INTAY" mo a7san?..


    By Blogger the11thmuse, at 12.3.06  

  • إي عادي أكو وايد منهم وكل مالهم ويكثرون بعد ونصهم مخلينها سالفة عناد بس

    LOL @ "Nabey il Islam" ely 6aye7 men 3ainech gaal: ra7imma Allah imre'en 3arrafa gadr nafseh.
    Fihmay ya idbesha.
    Igray, igray. Ayasty mn denyaach balah.

    LOLLL!!! 3ajeeb!!

    By Blogger NuNu™, at 12.3.06  

  • 11th
    hey entay ya bent el .... <- chethy el mafroth wenty elsaaja heh

    nunu :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 12.3.06  

  • Interesting

    By Blogger Sty, at 12.3.06  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Mohammed Is A Woman, Peace Be Upon Her, at 12.3.06  

  • It seems funny, but somehow you tend to find those who irritate you, then watch them & listen to them, then burn them in your blog after their boil your blood with their utter nonsence... :p

    I won't comment to the subject itself, since she's not worthy of my time.

    By Blogger MBH, at 12.3.06  

  • Great Post !!!

    Hal iNSaNa WaiNHa BiLThaB6 ? ?
    Lo aGooL e7ReGaT a39aaaaBy eSHWaYa !!!

    By Blogger DiiGMaa, at 12.3.06  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12.3.06  

  • sty 7ayallah elgaa6i3

    mbh as i was saying to diver, its not abt her (its just a 4mins clip anyway) but its abt that 'school of thought' in general..
    whom, by the way, lehom wujood bel deera ba3ad lel asaf o hatha ely yehemny

    digma thank u
    not sure what u mean "wainha", bas etha u meant where's she at, then she's a syrian living in LA (as i assumed from the little search for her articles)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 13.3.06  

  • y36eeeek el3afya.. sij taQher.. bs lehom yom.. allah ywarena fehom ya rabby ameen..

    By Blogger jiji, at 13.3.06  

  • Y7ayeek 7ajy..wala shinsawee I havent been to blogs in a month lol been busy very busy ;)
    Same7na yuba :P

    By Blogger Sty, at 13.3.06  

  • jiji allah y3afeech, o eb sara7a ehya ka "shakhss" ma te'athirr bataatan .. aftekir lo tegrain magalaat'ha bet3arfeen ena ma laha ssada, bel ethafa ela konha ma terja3 akthar mn september 11th .. hatha "faassilha el tareekhy" .. fa ely yagher 3ala goltech ena wa7da tafha chethy te6la3 bel tafezyon o tedde3y enha "garya o fahma o baa7thah"
    amma if we'll stick to "her being she", khaleha tenabi7 mn elyom laih bokra

    i hope we all can agree ena ehya ga3da tangid 3al shay wehy aslan mo fahmeta + ga3da takhle6 eb shaghlat akbar menha (namely, the distinct differences that must be laid forth between culture-specific and religion-specific factors)

    and the translation + editing out of the clip just goes to demonstrate how MEMRI themselves 3arfeen enhom ssaidat mo 3arfen ras`hom mn keryas`hom.. but still want to show the 'western world' ena ohma ely saydeenha o mestanseen ena "1 million viewers have watched the clip" (which btw i found out by chance on a US-based forum)

    mashala 3alaich ya jiji, ketabtay sa6ir o dagaiteeny silf 6a shkether garagt ;p

    sty masmoo7 o allah y3eenik, laken shoftek misaraat fa lazim en3aatbik shway o mn elyom o raye7 nachweek b cham kelma tagriss :P

    good luck :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 13.3.06  

  • la2 3ad itha chithy mara7 itshoofny lol..a5af y9eer za3al baina :P

    By Blogger Sty, at 13.3.06  

  • loool... ana ham istaghrabt ina ur reply 3alay was almost longer than the post itself ;p mashalla 3alaaaik ;p

    plus hathy ako minha wayd.. yn3y they believe bil7orya elshakhseya bs still yabon yaqni3onik inhom sa7 ow yabonik tser minhom! wayed 3alahom 7urya! sara7a they represent the typical arab mentality and ediology (madre spelling sa7 aw la2).. this mentality ow elnass elly yu2minoon feha 3ndehom ina ehom sa7 ow bs! ow ena ehma elfree ow elmodern!! shtaboon! 3ama ib 3enkom! to me.. hathela tawhom shayfen kher! hatohla bs yetghanon bilgeshra wala yadron ina elma3na ow elmathmon 7emdilla ow elshker against them!!! tawha tshof amreka ow betsawey ro7ha ana elly banqeth el3arab! ee kheer enshalla.. law kana feha kheer chan walwelat ib deerat`ha mo bara deerat`ha!..................................................................................................................................

    ...... (sorry magdar akamil cuz itha kamalt ppl will turn against me.. cuz am a tad bit racist ;p so ill rest here ;p

    By Blogger jiji, at 13.3.06  

  • I came across this quote and thought of sharing it :: "He's just a politician trying to save both his faces ..."

    Bas .. ma 3indi salfa.

    By Blogger MBH, at 13.3.06  

  • sty la yakhoy ma mn za3al inshala

    jiji kharra3tich bel reply huh? hehe

    mbh TaShaGLaB ya hatha hehe

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 13.3.06  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 13.3.06  

  • that a really really long post bas my reply in Arabic:
    اول شي يعطيك العافية على هالبوست الطويل عندي بس جم شي ابي اقوله... يا شين الاوادم اللي عاشت ببلاد بره ونست اصلها و فصلها و بدو يخورونه و ينجبونه .... و اللي يبط الجبد اكثر اللي يدعون الثقافة و العلم و المعروفة و يبتدون يتكلمون عن غيرهم على اساس انهم المتثقفين و المتعلمين و الفاهمين و غيرهم الجلهة الخمة اللي ينطرون من ايي و ينورهم.... و اللي ينرفز اكثر انها مثل ما قال الاخ ادب خلطت الحابل بالنابل و بدت تناقض و تقول كلام من عندها.... اقول لها اذا انتي بالدوحة روحي فيلا مودا اللي في الريتز تسوقي هناك و اذا مخنوقة روحي حديقة البدع او الكورنيش و شمي لج شوية هوه و اذا تبين تاكلين اكل حلو و خفيف روحي ريشو اللي في السيتي سنتر او كافي منت اللي على طريج سلوى و اذا الفراغة زايدة عندج روحي السيتي سنتر.... بس و اللي يسلمج مثل ما يقولون بالانجلينزي سبير اس اند كيب ات تور يور سلف.... و في النهاية الحمد لله على نعمة الاسلام و مسامحة على الرد الطويل

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 13.3.06  

  • متفرغ
    allah y3afeek, o sidagt yakhoy .. el meshkela magyoula:
    niss el ma3rifa enik tegol 'madri'.. o en radat lel sij, 3endi ana 3al agal, el niss el thany enek tegol 'ham madri'

    ya 3ami khalha 3ala allah

    o chenek badda3t bel listing of places? yam3awad isket la tiyeek al7een el daarsah wel faahmah wel gaarya "dektorat saykalojeyat il insaan" dr wafa sul6aan wetgolek ena hatha "3aglik el baa6en ely ga3ed yetmana zyarat hal amaken laken enta ga3id ta7rrim nafsek menha le'anek ga3id tadris fi dowal il qarb ely ga3deen yefeedonek .. y3ni la ent metragi3 mn baab el estefaada, wala mn na7yat el 7irrmaan"

    y3ni ana ma astab3id ena hal ashkaal hathy (ya ketherha 3endena) betgolek ena le'anek muslim akeed "deep down inside" mo mal thagafa o "badeehy" enek ta7rrim nafsik

    shlonek ent zain?
    yakhoy madry shfeni ham ana yannait o ga3adt methelha hehe

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 13.3.06  

  • Remember the "sensitivity vs. validity" thing Tem? why would she erupt in sensitive protest if he was saying nonsense?

    Methel magelt int. O ya36ek il3afya, ba7ar ba7ar mo blog smella 3alaik :)

    By Blogger familiar_stranger, at 13.3.06  

  • sar feeny @@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thought awal shy that ok u did reply bs sa6ren.. ow elbajy kalam zeyada mn 3ndek like tailing 7ag ur post ;p bs ba3deen ikteshaft el7aQeQa ;p

    By Blogger jiji, at 14.3.06  

  • FS
    this is DEFINITELY an example that backs up your "sensitivity vs validity" hypothesis, if u would

    duly noted
    o teslamly wit3eesh 7abeb il sha3b :)

    jiji :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 14.3.06  

  • *too amused by the This post has been removed by the blog administrator.s to post a useful comment* :P

    The world is filled with Dr Sultans. I recall that it was fashionable for self proclaimed female scholars to spring up and start preaching modernized Islam/what have you just last year. Sadly, the west laps these ignorant pseudo-intellectuals hungrily like they're speaking pearls of wisdom.

    By Anonymous Sapphire, at 14.3.06  

  • awal shay agool back ;p
    thanky shay good post fe3lan ashkerek 3alaih okhooy amanatan ashoof rayee ehny methel ray okhoy idip o thanks again

    By Blogger Hashemy, at 14.3.06  

  • sapphire
    im really sorry, but im still ur everyday ignorant and old-school bloke
    what's --> "/*s ?

    btw, couldnt agree more with the rest of the "useful comment" :))

    hala yal 7abeeb, hala bel gaa6i3 3ash mn shafik :)
    raayek o raay il3azeez iDip 3al 3ain welraas "wana ba3ad weyakom" :p

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 15.3.06  

  • Sorry about that. It's just HTML gone bad :P

    By Anonymous Sapphire, at 15.3.06  

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