"شالعيشة كل شي ممنوع"

This is going to address most of you. Okay all of few, except a few is much more accurate.

Some things are fixed and some things are not. Therefore when someone refers you back to a fixed thing, he is obviously not making it up; merely telling you about it. He is not held responsible for explaining to you why 'x' is the case. It just is. Come to think of it, you probably know 'x' is the case, but choose to make up an excuse for violating it anyhow.

For example, when I tell you 'listening to songs is forbidden', I don't need to tell you why. I don't need to convince you. I don't need to listen to your excuses. Fuck you and your excuses. All I am doing is telling you how it is, end of story. It's not personal, so just get over it.

Yes, I used to listen to songs. Yes, I know they're 'enjoyable'. And yes, WALLAH YES, I know sometimes 'they tell your story'. I also know that quitting is easy. In addition to knowing that, I happen to know that once you quit, songs just aren't that 'important' anymore. Yeah, I know a lot of things, and that's because I've been there. I really am trying to make it easy on you here.

Sometimes, someone would excuse himself or herself by saying "ee bas ana ma agsid shay lama asma3, o tara il a3mal bel neyaat". To that I say, what the fruit? Mo kelman 7afathlah kelmetain yeg3ad ye3eed o yezeed feha 3aad. I don't see you going around getting drunk and then say "that's just me, man. It's what I am." Note: for those of you who actually do go get drunk and say that, fuck you and who you 'are'. Yeah.
Other times, someone would say "shal 3ogad, laish 7aram? ma nestanes ya3ni? sheno, kel shay mamno3?" To that I say, la bilaah kadaina khair. How fucked up does one have to be for him or her to find entertainment in songs and songs only? More importantly, what kind of a character judges open-mindedness on such a scale?

Then again, who do you think you are going around excusing yourself and shying from responsibility? Responsibility towards yourself, that is. As for myself, this is different. I'm not telling you something which I derived (as you obviously did), I'm just passing along a message. A message set before you and I, and will continue after you and I. So yeah, give me one good reason why you would be worthy of challenging something like that?

When someone says that something is forbidden, a lot of people would argue. And it's a fact of life. Sects within one religion are indeed divided and sure do have their differences. But they never ever contradict in the widely known, let us say, fixed 'laws'. When I 'REPORT' to you that premarital sex is forbidden, just know it. Don't try to convince me otherwise. Not because you should care what I care, but because we both can just go and fuck off since neither you nor I are entitled to an opinion. Even those who have studied religion and its teaching all their life, they don't have a say in stuff like this. They really really don't. So don't try to quote one of them and try to impose it. If you have something to say to something like that, you might as well just forget about it.

As I say, I'm not making this up. I'm just telling you how it is. I don't give a fuck what or why you do so and so, but I do have a duty to 'report' to you if I see you doing so and so.

Songs are forbidden. 'But oh, they're fun!'. Men gas 3alaikom galekom we are here to have fun?

Note: There is a lot of talk and variation about 'classical music' and instrunments and all that stuff, so to play it safe - pun intended, this is mostly in relation to s o n g s. Aghaani. Dagdega. Sabboo7a.


  • Al-Aghani haram most people are aware of that, but so are many other things. And still no one pays heed o 3ad its fun and mood setter ba3ad sooo,,,, :P

    By Blogger Noor, at 26.11.05  

  • LOL forget my comment I just couldn't stop laughing at a3sab's comment!

    By Blogger Spontaneousnessity, at 26.11.05  

  • om merjin, it was intentional (tried my best to make it THAT obvious, but oh well).. but then again fuck isnt what most ppl think it is (it has that meaning yes, but in most cases it has nothing to do with that), it really doesnt - here is another example of me reporting heh -.. anyway like i said, mo ana eli ga3ed 'agoolich' ena 7aram ..
    comments on the matter at hand would be appreciated plz + ru suggesting that if i know something to be forbidden and then report that it is when i see friends doing it, then khalas i am completely abiding to islam and i do nothing wrong?
    i hope ur catching my drift by now om mejrin.. anyway plz do lemme know what ur stance is on the 'fucking' matter ;) and thanks

    om siraj, see what i mean? trust me on this, as will MOST WOULD TELL YOU whove been there, it isnt that much fun and it isnt that much of a mood setter, but i guess its just one of those things that u have to try for urself to actually know and understand as opposed to being reminded or told
    all it takes is to know the consequences, that'll fire up determination

    spontan, when u had enough of the laughing plz do 'remember' ur comment and let us know wasap

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 26.11.05  

  • 1) cause or case?

    2) Why limit the speech to 'he'?

    3) In case you're trying to cover up for yourself and make excuses for using the F word, then (A) I dare you to use it infront of the elderly, (B) why is it censored in radio and movies?
    I am aware that it's an alternative to sexual intercourse.

    * Calling a girl a bitch means you're calling her a slut/whore, where it actually means female-dog. It's still an insult both ways...

    Songs aren't forbidden, it's explicit songs that are forbidden; Ones with swearing and lyrics that publicize the work against God (sexual sounds, Death Metal which praises the Devil, ...etc).

    I've heard the quote from Prophet Mohammad, saying that those who listen to music will be punished by pouring molten lid in their ears. But the quote was weak and there are no other ones to support it.
    Regardless of all the disagreement noted above, I do agree that we're not here to have fun. Our body is a deposit from God, lent to us and we're supposed to return it as sound as possible (undamaged).

    By Blogger MBH, at 26.11.05  

  • said...

    1) what?

    2) so i dont have to say "he or she" every time + because im talking from experience (?)

    3.a) i do, u should see me at the gym/dowaween when 'elderly' r present, 7ayak
    3.b) its not.. ? has to do with who has access, eg kids

    4) calling a grl a bitch doesnt mean ur calling her a slut/whore xcept in certain contexts n thats the literal meaning.. so its not an insult both ways

    5) did rap exist 1426 yrs ago? if it did, did it discuss the things now being discussed in rap? what abt metal?

    6) the a7aadeeth game can be an endless one, so lets cut to the chase o ya7kem baina ketab rabi o rabik, besmelah elra7man elra7eem:

    (wa mena al naas man yashtary lahwa al 7adeeth leyathall 3an sabeel allah begayre 3ilm wa yatakheth'ha hozowwan, olaa'eka lahom 3athaabon moheen, wa etha totla 3alayhe ayaatona walaaa mostakberran ka an lam yasma3ha ka'anna fe othonayhe waggaraa fa basherrho be 3athaaben aleem)

    so guys lets cut the crap and talk abt the real issue here rather than my 'fucking' choice of words - which as i say was exploited deliberately .. laken elwa7ed shegool :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 26.11.05  

  • Temetwir,
    1) In your first paragraph, you wrote case. Is it case or cause?

    2) "s/he" ? =8D

    3) I meant infront of your father, grandpa, mom, grandma, ...etc.

    It's being censored because it's wrong. You don't see presidents exchanging fingers and curses, do you? (Although they do subliminaly think it... Ok, bad example)

    4) So calling a girl a dog isn't an insult?

    5) ?? So we agree! I don't listen to explicit music... and yes, rap did exist 1426 years ago, in the form poetry (dudes telling stories, but in a more meaningful way).
    Metal has flavors, the one I attacked is Death Metal since it, as I mentioned, praises the devil and/or is Against God.

    6) eL aya el kareema elee thekart-ha malha she'3el bel maw'6oo3...
    I listen to music while working, because I'm supposed to pay attention when Quran is being played, and I do have certain times of the week were I put only Quran and just listen.

    By Blogger MBH, at 26.11.05  

  • * I forgot to mention :: Finally! Something I can comment on!! :p

    Your previous posts were rather out of my scope XD

    By Blogger MBH, at 26.11.05  

  • 1) it is case
    2) makes sense, as ive used it before.. but again im talkin from experience
    3) TRUST me my father knows/hears me, sometimes he chips in too heheh
    4) calling a grl a dog is an insult becoz 'dog' has its limited semantics to belonging to class: animals, when girls belongs to class: human .. calling her a bitch is to attribute to her a number of characteristics based on the context in which it appears - the one ur talking about CAN be it, but not ALWAYS.. samewise goes to my usage of fuck .. its like the equivelant of bloody in the British english dialect .. jeeeeeez

    5) yes we agree

    6) ma laha sheghel bel mawtho3????? how so? read it again + if u dont understand it (which i really dont see why anyone wouldnt as its explicit) refer back to tefaseer

    ive heard and been in many discussions about "music", and thats why i made an explicit notice at the end of the post..
    btw i used to reason with myself that if i listen to aghaani 3ood then its "okay" .. but then u notice that infact ga3ed teges 3ala 3omrek and nothing else

    for some reasons im now thinking about janjefa .. worth a post on its own i think

    * afa laish what abt my last couple of topics that made em out of ur scope??

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 26.11.05  

  • I want to comment but I made a pact with myself that I won't comment on or even read anyone else's blog until I'm through with the new post I'm preparing for QQQ (my blog).

    Will come back to add my 10 cents to this topic later.

    Gigi, cheatingly*

    *yes I know that this is technically a comment and that I have obviously read this post but what can I say Tem. When it comes to you I can't help bending my rules a little ;)

    By Blogger Gigi, at 26.11.05  

  • Temetwir, will look into the tafseer soon, enshallah, to verify that it's within the scope of your subject.

    As for your previous posts ::
    Pansies :: Not a hunk, myself, and is aware of the fact that not all dudes are the same. What to comment on? :)

    Carebears :: I replied to your question in the pose + did a full analysis on common personalities. :)
    * I expected to see your comments there... none.

    By Blogger MBH, at 26.11.05  

  • Whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
    and plz watch ur language when talking about religion and convincing ppl 2 be good, u should be a good role model when preaching if u want ppl 2 be good, other wise, just keep it 2 urself.
    i love music & cant live without it and looooooooooooooooooooove 2 dance 2 it!!!!

    By Blogger Puppylove, at 26.11.05  

  • Temetwir, agressive, aren't you? :p
    Even though she started it, it's not right to counter wrong actions by another wrong ones!

    Pink Bubblegum/Puppylove, instead of attacking people blindly, you should first other posts to learn about the person's personality (only then you're allowed to judge), second: read previous comments to yours since they may contain answers to some of your answers, third: Never attack people without a good argument or at least a useful comment to add.
    Remember, this is his space! No one forced you to read!!!

    By Blogger MBH, at 26.11.05  

  • mbh la its nothing like that
    uve been here around to know something abt me, and so have the others

    y3ni when a3sab says it, i KNOW what she means, thats why i answered her b kel adab we7teraam

    madre mnain yayatni hathe shaadat ly 7ailha, nemaayen o rabi
    etrekha 3anek bas..

    o btw nice post u have there, chairz !

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 26.11.05  

  • enta eli shad 7elik mr. muscle man
    i liked reading ur posts, but enta mo kafoo!!
    understand what i say: post what ever u want my friend, but with manners or saying WTF, but not attacking ppl by saying:"fuck u dont listen 2 music"...thats caveman style
    anyways, keep up the good work my friend

    By Blogger Puppylove, at 26.11.05  

  • Pink Bubblegum/Puppylove, again with your attacking style.

    Yes I'm speaking of personality & manners, what's so funny?

    You, again, seem to provide evidence to your comments.


    Temetwir, I don't want a "good job, dude!" statement. Get your butt over there and post a comment! BURN SOME KARMA! :p

    By Blogger MBH, at 26.11.05  

  • Greetings Sir,
    hmmm, in short it said: do as you're told and don't argue & let your brain bring itself off as any other stuff it'd come out with matters none. Who is being portrayed?
    listening to, vivaldi's summer of 4 seasons for instance, gives me goosebumps and this is no new experience but it never ceases to fail.
    There is one more side to listening to music. You age, times change, surroundings too, but the song that you heard then will remain unchanged & it'll always roll you back to that happy/sad moment you lived.
    Would Allah be "interested" in filling someone's ears with molten iron as we've been told because s/he thought 3abd el7alim, shakira or frank Sinatra were gifted with good vocal cords & so much enjoyed listening to them while, say having a poo in the loo?
    Many ordinary human beings would forgive you for murder & so does it mean that Allah holds no candle up to them? Despite stating at the same time that Allah is merciful beyond your/mine/our comprehension.
    I am just trying to draw a margin. If listening to mind relieving, soul relaxing material qualifies for a punishment of any magnitude, no matter how small, then how much further punishment would be adequate for someone like, say Saddam or Pol pot.
    But then what? Burn the bastard repeatedly… would become boring eventually if indeed the guy doesn't grow immune with time, quite alike snakes that deemed legs unnecessary with time but evolved to become the world's most successful predators.

    By Blogger Luckybellybuddha, at 26.11.05  

  • mistletoe,
    I need to emphasize on the fact that the quote from the prophet was weak and has no other quotes to back it.

    As for God being merciful :: does that entitle you to abuse that gift? To do whatever you want and then say: "Oh God is gonna forgive me anyway, cuz he's merciful!"?

    As Temetwir wrote at the end of his post, the whole music thing is like a fighting ring, but at least we all agree that explicit music is prohibited.
    It's mainly widely used because of the increasing number of the illiterate & ignorant!

    According to the Holy Quran, those who are tortured in hell (regardless of which level), have their body recreated after each 'round'.

    I don't know what's your religion, and I know it does sound crule, but why look at the dark side and condemn, and forget about the bright side, which can be easily achieved?


    Pink Bubblegum/Puppylove, I don't have ego issues, male nor female!
    It's not about the gender...
    * I did read your comment the first time quite well;

    I'll refrain to further to reply to you, so as to stop a potential 'flame war'.
    If you need to discuss things, feel free to email me, or if you'd rather keep it anonymous, mirc!

    By Blogger MBH, at 26.11.05  

  • mistletoe hello
    as i have said at the end, there is controversy about the 'classical music' .. music which DOES elevate to be an ART
    come to think of it, what is "music" but art to the ear? .. but then AGAIN, im talking about songs NOT music of which u speak of

    the question concerning the punishment.. yes, nothing would go unpassed - sure, Allah is merciful, but then again Allah is FAIR and JUST

    i wonder why ppl take into consideration the "form" of the punishment .. just KNOW that it is something u can NOT imagine..
    which brings me to the point about doing something forbidden that is "small" in relation to something else..
    1st of all, on countless occassions in the quraan u find examples of a 'conversation', if u will, between Hell and Allah .. where Hell "asks for more sinners" .. so this is in response to the thought of Hell as a 'physical boundary'

    2nd, the comment abt punishment being "boring" .. allahuma la tableena (golaw ameen), laken yoom el aakhrah 3an alf sina mn 7isbatna right now .. so one day of punishment is just beyond imagination in its timespan

    now, how SEVERE do u think it can POSSIBLY be? thats right, its IMpossible to imagine

    so growing immune is just waaaay out of the question

    one last point, "el israar 3ala el sagaa'er, mn el kabaa'er" .. this is the case in anything .. if one were to say "oh well its just a 'smaller' sin - what have i got to lose"

    a) that attitude in itself is wrong, why? becoz its "estehzaa'"
    b) eventually, those 'small' sins would pile up to become unimaginable

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 26.11.05  

  • pink bubble u talk too much n have nothing to show for it, all im going to say is grow up

    mbh good man, zain sawait ely u put an end to it


    everybody else: excuse the mess

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 26.11.05  

  • With all due respect Temetwir, I'm a little confused: Are you arguing about songs being 7aram and that we should accept it? Or are you arguing about the right for a Muslim to 'report' an indiscretion to another Muslim without getting a verbal beating for it - and using music as an example?

    Hmm..actually, I don't agree with either and that's a personal choice and you have every right not to agree with me and we're both cool, so nevermind :)

    By Blogger McArabian, at 26.11.05  

  • mcarabian finally someone who sees the songs thing as an example - no one mentioned the other example, which im glad no one did

    and dont try to say 'songs' in one sentence and 'music' in another, mat6oof 3alay hal 7arakaat ;)

    im really good with a red pen tara, be afraid.. be very afraid

    and yes im 'cool with it' becoz i dont have anything to do with it in the 1st place :) good thing u didnt bring up the 'fuck' thing becoz it realllllllllly was getting old


    By Blogger Temetwir, at 26.11.05  

  • Although in the past I used to really love music/dancing, etc.. I must say that the whole 'dispute' on whether music is 'allowed' or not is a very important subject!

    I've been thinking about this very issue for the past 2 weeks and I find it very sad that I can still remember a song I learned in 3rd grade, even though I haven't heard it in years, yet there are many verses of the Quran I have yet to know by heart, or know well enough to quote.

    My own personal opinion, since we have time to listen to music, why not listen to Quran? It really does soothe the soul. Or you can listen to stories about the prophets, etc. There are also some songs dedicated to Islam/the Prophet/etc that are amazing.

    Temetwir: kudos on bringing up such a controversial topic & thanks for adding some dots on an issue I was already pondering.

    pink: at one point I used to get offended or upset when I used to hear 'foul language'. But then it got to a point where I realized that it's just words and someone's way of expressing themselves. Remember, you can't control what someone else does or says, but you can control your reaction. This is how Temetwir felt on the subject & he posted his views in his 'home'. We can agree/ disagree/ question, but I believe we should respect him in his home.

    Just my 75 cents! (it was definitely more than 2!)

    By Blogger MSB, at 26.11.05  

  • I just want to add that studies have shown that music is a form of brainwash (regardless if it's good or bad brainwashing).
    One of the reasons why Islam makes sense to me is that in our mosques we don't use music/musical instruments to pray (unlike other religions). Therefore abandoning the need to brainwash people to accept Islam.

    This post has been recommended to me and the topic quiet catching.

    By Blogger ILQ, at 27.11.05  

  • Inshall :-)
    & btw mbh, me is muslim & optimistic :-)

    By Blogger Luckybellybuddha, at 27.11.05  

  • msb you soooo speak the truth
    a- it truly is saddening that 'we' MAKE the capacity to memorise the 'words of songs' (and NOT poetry) far much more than when it comes to the quran.. BUT i could say it has a LOT to do with the fact that 'we' (our generation) aren't THAT good at classical arabic..
    i think this does play a part, in the reality that sometimes we just KNOW the aaya but cant place the words.. ie we do know the message and its function but not its form .. plus: if we knew more abt classical arabic, then we would 'anticipate' the next word/cluster of words.. which would make it easier

    b- the songs dedicated to islam and the prophet/ahl elbait/sa7aba etc are great (those with no instrunments, only 'effects') and the guys voices is just .. mashala incredible - those goes for both the "shee3a" and the "sinna" tapes
    now that u mention it, i miss my la6meyat

    iloveq8, greetings
    im sure that no two would argue that music does infact 'move ppl', and theres this v classic story abt the musician who played his insturnment (violin i believe) and made the ppl laugh first, then cry, then sleep (true story?)
    this is EASILY backed up by the fact that soundtracks in the movies for example make up a LOTTTT of the 'scene'

    and i really like the sense u make out of the fact that islam doesnt employ musical instrunments in the recitations and prayer .. i never thought of it that way and i think its an excellent remark

    glad u find it catching and id love to have u back here sometime again

    mistletoe, chairz ;)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 27.11.05  

  • Hey Teme,

    2 points :)

    1- I agree with you that music is forbidden in Islam. (paraphrasing, couldn't remember the exact wording) "ya'te qawmon yasta7ellon il7ir wal 7areer wal '7amr wal ma3aazif" (il7ir = zina, if I remember correctly this is in 9a7e7 moslim) I congratulate you on finding the willpower to stop listening to music. I don't have that kind of will and dedication. I listen to music every time I get in my car. Thankfully I use my ipod coz 99.7 SUUUCKS!! >.<

    2- While I love and always enjoy what you're trying to say, I sometimes can't find enough justification for the amount of vulgarity you love to use :)

    I don't feel that tanaquth is so bad as some of us love to point out. I think none of us are perfect and should do our best anyway.

    By Blogger mishari26, at 28.11.05  

  • oops.. for the non-arabic speaking audience. The translation of the 7adeeth is "People come later that (justify to themselves?) the acts of pre/extramarital sex, wearing silk (for men), alcohol and (musical instruments?)"

    By Blogger mishari26, at 28.11.05  

  • mishari
    la ma yabeelha shay enshala bas shed 3ala ro7ek
    o ghaaali wel 6alab rkhees taamer, ma 6alabt shay ill tone it down :))

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 28.11.05  

  • la la mo qasde to tell you to tone it down ;) *mefteshel*!!

    kaifek o inta 7orr.. I have thick enough skin to read whatever you say with a grain of salt and stand back and take in the whole meaning. But many others might not. Its just your preference on how wide of an audience you'd like to reach without offending ;)

    By Blogger mishari26, at 28.11.05  

  • Mashallah 3layk! Ye3jebni tafkeerek wa ya rayt people think like that nowadays! I love the whole "reporting" thing .. It's like "I'm telling you it's 7aram" mo 8a3da as2lek rayek bel maw'9oo3! And elmoshkila ena elnas ye83doon yesawoon excuses wa madri shnu and it's just like IT'S NOT UP TO YOU! I just want to thank you for saying that!
    ~ arabianeyez

    By Blogger Ex-clamation Mark, at 29.11.05  

  • mishari walaw 3azez o ghali
    and yeah i know where ur coming from.. i did try toning it down so lets all hope for the best now heh

    arabianeyez thank you for seeing the main point .. in addition to "mo ga3ed as'al 3an rayek bel mawthoo3"
    it also has to do with "im not interested in ur excuses, am not judging u, am telling u"

    chairz :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 29.11.05  

  • timitwir, although I am not in favor of using the F word, I do know, especially from reading blogs, that some people use the most sophisticated language to describe the most classless meanings and some people use vulgarity to pass along a very decent message. Also, this is informal writing so I would prefer to read something like someone actually speaking/thinking rather than read something that sounds too contained and stifled. I get to hear that often enough in the "real" non-blog world and I would prefer to read something more genuine in a blogspot.

    Aside from that, regarding the music issue, there is something with listening to music that’s harmful regardless of your religious take on it.. If you really listen to music and you really feel it, it could convince you that you're feeling something you're not. Like if you're a little sad, listening to certain songs make you 1000 times sadder. If you're ok being single, listening to a romantic song can make you feel very alone. I think that's why music should be avoided sometimes. Especially when you're going through tough times in your life, because if you are sensitive to it, it will make you imagine your situation to be worse than it is.

    By Blogger ZinZinQ8, at 29.11.05  

  • Zinzinq8:
    "some people use the most sophisticated language to describe the most classless meanings and some people use vulgarity to pass along a very decent message."


    Gigi, ecstatically ;D

    By Blogger Gigi, at 29.11.05  

  • zinzin
    the thing that most ppl seem to be UNaware of, is that i actually think in 'q8i' .. i dont think "in english"
    fa y3ni elkelma elq8iya teyeech 3ala "darajaat mn gelat el adab" heheh o ma laha ela one equivelant in english

    but oh well.. anyway

    i hear u on the music thing, y3ni el sara7a everytime im in the gym and rap is blasting thru the speakers, a7enn :P

    la jk but yea seriously i know what ur saying, welcome and chairz :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 29.11.05  

  • gigi, 7ayaty entai, you're getting a virtual hug from a5aytich zinzin.

    temetwir, your gym has rap music on? dude you're so ghetto. My gym has different TV screens and channels you can pick choose to watch. 7arraa :-P

    KIDDING!! la it6ale3 il "q80 thinking" malik 3alai

    By Blogger ZinZinQ8, at 29.11.05  

  • Yo! You thought I forgot, aih? Hahaha! IN YOR FACE! :p

    I told you I'll look into the "tafseer" and I did.

    el ayya elee ent katebha hatha tafseerha, sallamk allah ::

    allatheen la yatafakroon bi ayat allah wa yabta3edon 3an manhaj allah, ja3al allah 3ala qolobhim a'36eya wa a'3sheya wa 3ala athanahim 7ajezan 7ata la yafhamo al quran

    La 7awla wala qowat ella be allah.

    So as you can see, it's not related to your point. I will seek another book for another explanation and post again.

    By Blogger MBH, at 3.12.05  

  • ur kidding me right

    all i did was write the 1st 3 words, hit the 1st link and here u go:

    ( ومن الناس من يشتري لهو الحديث ليضل عن سبيل بغير علم ويتخذها هزوا أولئك لهم عذاب مهين *وإذا تتلى عليه آياتنا ولى مستكبرا كأن لم يسمعها كأن
    في أذنيه وقرا فبشره بعذاب أليم ))
    يقول الصحابي الجليل عبدالله بن مسعود رضى الله عنه مقسما بالله قائلا : والله الذي لا إله
    إلا هو إنه الغناءوالله الذي لا إله إلا هو إنه الغناء والله الذي لا إله إلا هو إنه الغناء
    ‏ أي أن الله توعد من يشتري لهو الحديث بعذابين الأول عذاب مهين والثاني بعد التذكير بالله عند قوله واذا تتلى عليه آياتنا بالعذاب الأليم لمن هذا يا رب إنه لمن سمع الغناء

    and just for the record i dont even know who ibn mas3od is, what he did, or whatever

    point being, il aaya wath7a o ent ga3ed tetkalam 3an the 2nd part

    anyway ent o rabek oboy, janetek o naarek beedik ent u dont have to convince me otherwise


    By Blogger Temetwir, at 3.12.05  

  • @@ convince you! DUDE!

    Ok, first of all, I could've searched the thing over the internet, but I don't trust the internet when it comes to religion.

    Second of all, I'm not trying to convince you, but rather discussing the verse to see if it has a link to music/singing or not.
    I want to benefit from this too!!

    That's quite a harsh reply :/

    By Blogger MBH, at 3.12.05  

  • btw, I forgot to mention :: If you/me are to take ibn mas3ood's word for it, then what he said was "singing", not music.
    Are both linked?
    Not necessarily, one could sing without the instruments...

    By Blogger MBH, at 3.12.05  

  • mbh la shda3wa mo gasdi
    and if u research el aaya nafsha betshof enha 3an el aqaani, besides lahw el 7adeeth "ma3rof" methel matgol bel 3rabi ena aghani
    and differentiating el aghani wel moseeqa shay thani, coz u can see i stated classical music feh wayed fetaawy.. o 7atan lo ma ra7 tkhalis lena ako eli yegolek "ay aala watareya"

    so the question really is.. is it THAT important, is it a PART of one's life?

    chairz mate

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 3.12.05  

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