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Feminism, woman-empowerment, or whatever it is they call it these days is utter nonsense. The whole issue about equality and what have you is merely a fabrication of someone's imagination. Whenever any woman achieves something, all women get all cheery and refer to that woman as a role model. Some men too act as if they are amazed and bewildered by what the woman has achieved, employing her as an example that women are indeed capable of achievements and doing something.

Well fuck the lot of ya. Many of us already know what a woman is capable of. Infact, come to think of it, no one really ever did say that a woman was incapable of this nor that. Here is where imagination mentioned above comes in play. Get this through your head, it's not a war. When you really think about it, it's feminism that presupposes women to be of a 'lesser' nature. It glorifies women who achieve something 'outside their homes', which in a way means that they never did expect it. It's more like Il Azrag winning one of the matches these days, tiseer khabba yomain ba3dain ma7ad yadre 3an hawa darhom.

Moreover, what kind of 'equality' is it when what is really being sought for is dominance? There's nothing wrong with ambition, on the contrary, it's something to be admired. But when it is the case that a group of women get together, decide that they are being oppressed, just because it so happens that no other woman, or a relatively smaller number of women, thought of reaching the same goal as they are seeking, then surely there is something wrong in the picture. More literally, something wrong with these women.

The exact 'something wrong' can be found in men too. Those who actually believe that they have something to prove just because 'a woman did it, so could I'. Fuck them too.

Let me just mention this, it's really sad (for me at least) to observe that a lot of women are reasoning their strife based on - not only a false notion that has no basis - but also a 'more recent' call. What's the matter, babe? You need someone else to tell you what to do? You need your 'fellow women' to support you to keep doing what it is 'women were born to do'?

Yeah, no wonder you think it's a man's world.


  • i agree with mcarabian. legislation in Kuwait is unfare and sicriminates betweent he two genders. Men get higher salaries. they get priority in in promotions.

    women (divorcees/widows)dont get housing loans. and there's alot lot more of inequality both social and legal

    By Blogger A3sab, at 6.12.05  

  • discriminates

    By Blogger A3sab, at 6.12.05  

  • i dunno where u get the "hate" idea from.. but anyway

    point being: feminism presupposes women to be lesser beings, yet blames 'others' for implying that they have a degrading look towards women

    and no, a woman didnt 'spit in my soup', but im appalled with the way some women reason their doings - just as much as some men do..
    why am i appalled? becoz i know its BS and yet thats all they want to confide in.. ive got a sister whos an engineer, a sister whos a businessperson and a sister whos thinking of becoming a doctor, and
    last time i checked, it was all becoz they want the better things in life and to give something back to the things they had .. nothing to do with 'feminism urges me', no stuff abt 'oooh i wanna prove myself in society becoz im oppressed' or whatever sad idea some women (and men) have got when it comes to basics

    yes. it is a bit embarrasing that in kuwait women didnt vote, but its not even near as embarassing as the fact that u attribute it to feminism when infact it all has to do with religion

    spare me the "islamiyeen galaw ma yejooz", fuck them.. im talking abt real teachings, untainted by politics, the 'essence'.. something which sadly many ppl (not only women) have taken for granted and assume whatever those who call themselves 'islamiyeen' to be true

    theres also another reason why there are 'books and books' on feminism .. and thats becoz some women (AND MEN) have no idea what women r capable of, acting as if they want someone to tell them.. so yeah

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 6.12.05  

  • om mejrin my bad u were commenting just as i was

    ur turning this into matters in kuwait and what not, and thats not the point .. the point is: why is it that some women (o 3ayazt wana agol AND some men) presuppose that women have an obligation to prove themselves as if theyre less than men?

    and if ur gonna discuss the unfairness, it really is sickening to see it being reasoned by feminism .. when infact something much better much more secure and something much more sensical IF u care to THINK has been right there


    as far as legislation and what have u in kuwait :

    - men get higher salaries when theyre married, el zawjeya mathalan and then the raise for each child

    - all other benefits/allowances have to do with the nature of job

    - ask any two new graduates, they both get same base and same social allowances and what have u .. el farg bel badalat w 6abe3at el3amal


    a3sab u mention the legal differences, mathalan eli gabel cham yom tajnees e3yaal el q8iya .. and yes thats wrong, but for the nth time, its been RIGHT there in il islam (and yes becoz masdar mn masadir el tashree3 el islam) .. most just r ignorant to that fact becoz of what they hear/see from so called islamiyeen

    stick to the topic wely yer7amli waldaikom..

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 6.12.05  

  • whats the matter with u and the f-word?
    o0 laish killa ta7ady?

    excessive violent posts are not nice..

    they make u sound like you have an attitude problem..

    tone it down..

    and as for feminism,
    sometimes its too extreme..

    i believe that whenever something iyzeed 3an 7ada they add the letters "ism" to the end..

    etc.. etc..

    7alat il omoor aw9a6ha..

    By Blogger Baroque, at 6.12.05  

  • charisma
    whats the matter with a number of u and not noticing anything but the word fuck?
    that is me toning it down btw, and ur right.. i "dont-sound-like-i-have", i actually do have an attitude problem :)

    "-ism" is just a suffix .. more like "-ion" for nouns and "-ate" or "-ize" for verbs .. nothing to do with excess

    anyway goleeli what do u mean feminism is sometimes too extreme? in what way do u reckon that to be the case?

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 6.12.05  

  • temm! :P i know that is a suffix!
    Bs qa9dy inna thats what it symbolizes to me..

    as for femininsm..
    madree in kuwait, its too excessive..
    we got our rights, so what?
    we've always been equal..
    at least thats what i have felt all along..
    thats how i was brought up..

    they should stop pushing it too far.. sarat il salfa maleeqa..

    By Blogger Baroque, at 6.12.05  

  • I hate you.

    Because I wanted to do a "Damn Feminists" post too!

    Hehehe Killa saabignee! Maiseeeer!

    And Tem please don't change your attitude or water anything down ;)

    We want our dose of you Pure and Unadulterated =D !

    Gigi, approvingly

    P.S. I mostly agree with what Mishari26 said about this subject in one of his comments on one of your other posts (can't remember which one exactly)

    And I also agree with what you said: IT'S NOT A WAR!

    I think I'll have to prepare my own post to define what I mean exactly.

    By Blogger Gigi, at 6.12.05  

  • charisma, i know what u mean by "sarat too excessive" and its somewhat what im addressing.. y3ni ga3deen yedakhlonha b kel isgeera wekbeera o aslan ma laha dakhal bel asas.. thats all, mo ga3ed "at7adda" y3ni as u mentioned in the previous comment..

    gigi, sebagteeny on the homo thing - but i did write abt it again becoz i felt what needed to be said was yet to BE said..
    so u go ahead and "prepare" ur feminism topic plz

    and as for the 'attitude' itll always be there but i DID tone down the language - didnt work i guess so might as well go back heh

    ill have to go see what ur referring to abt Mishari26 .. but i agree w/ him all the time, a wise man he is

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 6.12.05  

  • zinzin
    by all means, it is something to celebrate for both genders.. bel3aks am not saying anything diff, but u say it best when u say its as if an insult to women .. hatha eli ba6 chabdi, i personally have seen and know for a fact that women can do a lot better than confide in stuff like that

    and abt ur blog, FINALLY ma bagaitay? and it works just fine like the rest .. it takes u to the profile and on to the blog

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 6.12.05  

  • I think women tend to degrade themselves for no apparent reasons. I support my observation by the pointless "Miss World" competition(s). Indeed many (if not all) of those who participate are smart, but do they have to walk around naked to prove it? No.

    McArabian, women are ruling Kuwait behind the scenes.

    By Blogger MBH, at 6.12.05  

  • zinzin good thing u did, o join club "e3laimeyat el pcs" heh

    mbh valid point but someone could say the same for bodybuilders

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 6.12.05  

  • Temetwir, I counter attack with religion. (women wise).

    As for body builders, there's always a limit. I mean, what good is it to look like a Zeppelin? or an inflated version of the pink panther?!

    By Blogger MBH, at 6.12.05  

  • I read this somewhere:

    " women who seek equality, lack ambition"


    By Blogger PALFORCE, at 6.12.05  

  • mbh i know where ur coming from and i agree .. im just saying there are a lot more ways to cross the point

    palforce lol i quoted that somewhere im sure i did! and yeah .. so true

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 6.12.05  

  • "The whole issue about equality and what have you is merely a fabrication of someone's imagination"

    feminism, democracy,imperialism, capitalism , socialism ,,,whatever the rest of the names are... they are ALL the same to me.

    why picking on feminism bs ?!

    all ideas and dreams are from "someone's imagination"

    tabee el sej !
    women are more oppressed than the opposite sex in the whole world , we always have this "glass ceiling". =|

    By Blogger Mother Courage, at 6.12.05  

  • mcarabian sometimes our give/take sessions gets on my nerve, becoz it looks as if ur talking abt another subject on purpose

    first of all, i find it convenient for a woman to say that men suppose women to be lesser beings, i really do

    but then again, i wouldnt know what shes talking abt becoz i havent seen it, i just hear it as an excuse..

    as for why i think ur completely off-track, is becoz u (and everyone here im assuming) is thinking that im "frustrated with what women achieved", be it an 'empty' achievement or otherwise (ur words, not mine)

    i really, REALLY dont know how to make this any clearer, so ill just repeat it (for the nth time)

    what DOES frustrate me is that women themselves allow themselves to believe that they are lesser beings,, u say men think that? ok, for argument's sake lets say men do .. what? that makes it true? to me, la 6ab3an (and no its not just me)

    but .. to some women, sure it does seem true, those who have to go and make something like feminism up..

    in caps, 3ashan la7ad yegol ma shaaf..


    in other words, its presence or ABSENCE does NOOOOOT affect a woman's being/achievements, goals/dreams

    ya3ni if ur gonna debate me on THAT, then that just proves u want to argue for the sake of it, becoz im not saying anything new .. thats a scientific way of disproving or proving something

    everybody just calm down, before we have a situation here.. if u really want inspiration, try to look into something concrete

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 6.12.05  

  • and i didnt know what mcarabian was talking abt when she addressed mbh .. i just saw mbh's comment abt women ruling q8 behind the scenes

    and no, theyre not..

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 6.12.05  

  • Ugh! I get annoyed when I miss a post like this. There are too many comments I cant read them all Its too late...Im too tired. Hfff...

    But I will say this.

    I see where you are coming from Temmy, I understand what ur trying to say. I also understand where Mac and a3sab are coming from...i stopped there...couldnt read anymore.

    You know this is really annoying :/

    Oh, by the way I didnt feel u were coming to strong in this post. Its one of your lighter posts. :)

    By Blogger Delicately Realistic, at 8.12.05  

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