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A few weeks ago, charisma asked me what it is exactly with boys and cars. Over the years, I was asked a lot of similar questions. No matter how much I say that it's different, I still think people just don't get it.

For starters, let's get the facts straight. Owning cars has got to be one of the most expensive 'hobbies' I can think of; ma adri shlon that translates into a fact, bas 3ady 6af. The yachts and boats 'hobby' is more expensive; but collecting watches isn't as harmful to a bank account. Just to give you a better picture. But the thing with cars is that they can give you a different perspective; they really can if you're in it for the right reasons. So can a boat I guess, but I'm not a boat guy. Okay, I'm 'poor enough to not own boats', sue me.

Which brings me to my point: differentiate. Not all boys who are into cars are into cars for the same reasons. For example, numerous times I've been asked:

- 'shely yethabe6 akthar?'
- 'shaakheth? yakhi el twin ghali bas el borsh yethal borsh, tehaga el bokstar 3alaih nafs il gaz?'

Other times, I've been told:
- 'metkhayel el tharb eli beyseer 3al farary el yideed bel7ob'
- 'mo sij el tegembel lama maraina masafi6 kasbar bel galaardo'

Also commonly used:
- 'abi akon awal wa7ed bel kuwait ye6ob 3enda el AMV8'
- 'maylaish akheth Bentley GT, hal ayam emga6a6 kela banat yesogona o sar gadeem'

From the above, one can gather that all of those guys know jackshit about rides. All they would tell you is how much hp they'd be making at the flywheel, if that. They would typically care the most about how the car looks, what gadgets are to be found in the interior, and what color combo they can get that would be exclusive in Kuwait for a year or so. These are the 'nice guys'.

That, unfortunately, is how most would think when it comes to cars. Trust me, I know. If you would like statistics, I would have to say that 48 out of 50 guys/girls who ask me about cars, ask the wrong questions.

Yaksir kha6ry ely yes'alni so'al "sa7" about cars, I'd go on and on and on and on, without really answering the question. Not because I don't know the answer, but because I feel the urge to let it all out.

Moving on, to try to give the impartial-folk-towards-cars a clue at how to differentiate between 'us' and 'them'; always, ALWAYS, ask about older models. 'They' always want the newer model, the one which - in their minds - is always the better. Well.. realistically? They think the more expensive a car is, the better it is.

What to ask about is very, very easy. There are two machines that no real car enthusiast would mind having in his garage. Those would be a Porsche 993 turbo, and a Ferrari 512. These aren't even 'old', but trust me, if you want to seperate the men from the boys right now (literally, nearing 2006 ya3ni): ask about these two cars. The thing 'they' (which most would mistake 'us' for) would tell you is 'ra7at 3alaih', or 'gadeem'. What they don't know is that there is no such thing as an 'old' sports car. Really, there isn't. They only share a name.

One of 'them' would tell you all about the new shape, the new interior, and the collection of new colors offered. Period.
One of 'us' would tell you all about the engine, the noise it makes, and how much it makes you think about physics. And by then you'd be bored to death to know what the fuck just happened that got us all excited.


  • I love cars! Not the newest ones. Not the most expensive ones. But I love to know about the engines and all the details and words I couldn't imagine I'll ever understand. Does that put me in the 'men' category?

    By Blogger Papillona ®, at 4.12.05  

  • Temetwir 3agadtni alla yhadak. Either that or Im COMPLETELY out of touch with Kuwaiti urban lingo. Please explain the following:
    1)"tharb eli beseer 3al farary" Does that mean people will all have fararry's?
    2)What in the hell is "tegembel" ?
    3)What in the hell is "galaardo"?
    4)What's "hp"?

    Now, as a car connoisseur speaking to those of us who don't give too much of a damn about the kash5a or engine details but care a little about prestige and and care a lot about reliability considering Kuwait's weather and lunatics driving. (My S320 broke down every single friggin year since I got it and each time cost me at least KD300 to fix!!!) What do you recommend?

    By Blogger ZinZinQ8, at 4.12.05  

  • papillona that makes u a woman who knows WHATS UPPPPPPPP..
    but tell me, what r we talking abt here? which car, which engine, which yr? details details

    zinzin heheh yabeelich update
    1) 'metkhayel el tharb eli beyseer 3al farary el yideed bel7ob' = 'do u have ANY IDEA how exciting its gonna be when we hit the 2nd ring road in the new ferrari?'
    2) tegembel = THE BOMB = 'very hip' scene... or something..
    3) galaardo = Gallardo, the lamborghini? hello? anybody?
    4) hp = horsepower

    S320, im liking it already ive got an S myself .. what yr r we talking? if its the 98-2004, is it the Airmatic thingy? wasup wasup?
    and i just HAVE to say this.. ur driving a merc V6 and ur able to break it down every yr to the cost of 300kd .. TYPICAL OF A Q8I GIRL JUST TYPICAL DONT ARGUE

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 4.12.05  

  • what about girls who like cars?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4.12.05  

  • laialy
    thats just hawwwT.. but then again liking cars isnt the same as knowing abt cars .. but thats just me being technical

    anyway, maybe i havent made it clear enough, i was responding to charisma since she commented on 'what is it with BOYS and cars', so thats the main point

    but yeah, grls + rides = major appeal

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 4.12.05  

  • Dude what the hell is airmatic! La t3agidni! B3dain shino typical Kuwaiti girl, I didnt even drive it to the chalet or anything and the daily use was home, work, gym, home. And all three places were within 15mins of each other!! Plus I didnt try to park on top of the side like the jeeps do or anything! Lots of things went wrong:
    3)Safayif (is that the right word?)
    5)Weird electronic crap I don't get

    Plus Ive only gotten into three or four accidents and none of them were serious ilhimdilla and only two were my fault so WHATEVER

    By Blogger ZinZinQ8, at 4.12.05  

  • zinzin
    u said it broke down, so i assumed something would show up on the display .. the "airmatic" being one of them, bs 7amdelah it didnt (airmatic is the hydraulics - the car would basically drop)

    but yeah sefaayif and brakes are the "same", they dont break down, they just have a certain 'lifetime':/ they get used y3ni so chillll

    my sensors sometimes just come on out of nowhere, so i just ignore them .. i mean u probably know ur dimensions by now so just shut it off as it may be misleading

    do u service it bel Beshir?

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 4.12.05  

  • Yes I used to. Then I stopped caring about it SO much (had it for a few years now) so I started getting it serviced at random shops, I dont even know where, some sketchy areas. What do you its life expectancy is?

    By Blogger ZinZinQ8, at 4.12.05  

  • (Cuz I was telling my dad we should sell it now since it costs us so much to insure it and pay for break downs each year and we can probably still make some money off selling it now.)

    By Blogger ZinZinQ8, at 4.12.05  

  • zinzin yeah with Mercs its easy to service anywhere, but thing is always khalech fog ras`hom 7ata lo ma tadreen shelsalfa

    and if u use it 3adel, all u have to do is spend like 10kd each 5,000km, then something around 200kd every 40,000km .. manse7ich tebe3een, motar 3omor i just L O V E it

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 4.12.05  

  • Ok, gotchya. You have a point, it drives like a dream. It just annoys me so much that it breaks down on me once a year.

    Anyway,what do you think about jeep lexus?

    By Blogger ZinZinQ8, at 4.12.05  

  • zinzin
    good luck with the S, wise choice of keeping it..
    as far as the lexus is concerned, generally, am not a big fan "not my cup of tea", but ill say this: THEY SURE DO MAKE EXCELLENT DAILY DRIVERS

    i mean u can knock that thing around 24/7 using 100% of its resources and it'll still take it like a champ .. now as for the jeep, and i dunno im guessing ur talking abt the RX model (el isgheer, mo ely nafs el land cruiser) then im not too crazy abt it in ANY way, but as i say they sure make good cars

    for the money, id definitely go with a merc ML or a bmw X5 (even if it were the v6 models)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 4.12.05  

  • Ok the ML looks like its carrying a casket inside. Freaks me out I dont like it. X5 is gorgeous.

    But I wanna steer away from German brands because breakdowns cost an arm and a leg. Hence the question about the lexus. Also the Mercedez agency are so busy that when they take in your car they take ages to tell you whats wrong and then ages to fix it, etc. Ya3ni even at the time I had the warranty, it wasnt a question of money, it was just all the damn waiting that annoyed me.

    And you didnt answer me regarding the life expectancy of the S. How many years should you keep it?

    By Blogger ZinZinQ8, at 4.12.05  

  • zinzin yeah if u service them bel wekala they cost a lot and take a lot of time.. but im guessing the lexus is the same u gotta ask some1 who services there

    the "nice" thing abt the lexus is that u can get a lot of toyota parts that fit just as well althu they may have diff part numbers, but theyre cheap .. but yea u gotta ask about wekalat'hom

    and concerning the life of the S, i thought i did answer in my comment here: "and if u use it 3adel, all u have to do is spend like 10kd each 5,000km, then ..." meaning that if u do that regularly it can stay alive for like cham tabeen, 20? 30yrs? thats not a problem, in mileage? cham tabeen, 300k km? thats also not a problem :) it allll depends on how u drive it

    the only diff between Mercs nowadays and Mercs of the mid 90s and 80s, are the computers.. if u KNOW how to take care of those computers, then u have urself a life companion basically

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 5.12.05  

  • Wow mashalla thats amazing. I have no idea how to take care of computers 3ala goltik but i hope they take care of themselves. Thanks for the tips Temetwir.

    By Blogger ZinZinQ8, at 5.12.05  

  • My younger brother is into classic cars. I'd say more bs mabi aftha7a - he taught me everything I know about cars and because of him, I love classic cars too.
    A fella driving down Gulf Road with the newest Porsche doesn't impress me much (unless he can explain to me the exact workings of the Porsche engine and why, with the way it is designed, it reallys shouldn't be running at all but it does ;) - however if a guy is driving a classic Ford Mustang Cobra, he'll definitely get my attention.

    By Blogger McArabian, at 5.12.05  

  • Lovely post. I don't know a lot about cars, so if you don't min telling us more. What should we look for when buying a car? What are your favorite cars? Anything that would help educate someone that doesn't know a thing about cars, would be useful. Maybe a few more posts on this subject? :-)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5.12.05  

  • zinzin heh i hope they can take care of themselves all the time too.. but thats the price u pay i guess, good luck w/ that

    mcarabian shlon tefthe7eena ya3ni?
    anyway yea, classic cars arent my specialty becoz theyre mostly for showcasing and 'keeping it preserved' .. u mention a mustang so im guessing ur talking abt muscle cars, theyre nice to look at i guess but i wouldnt invest in one..
    american sports cars mid 80s and up however, i do like

    anonymous oooh am not too sure what to say or what id recommend .. all ull get is a list of numbers hehe
    but tell u what if ur in the market for a car, email me and we'll figure something out, taamer :)~

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 5.12.05  

  • Sorry, let me clarify: I meant I don't like giving away too much information about my siblings online without their express permission first :)
    But yeah - classic cars need a lot of care and knowledge, so the person who owns a classic car will probably invest a lot of time and love in it, which is why I notice them.

    By Blogger McArabian, at 5.12.05  

  • Sometimes when I am the first one stopped at a traffic light, I watch all the cars passing in front of me from the other side of the intersection.

    I see the porsches and the altimas and the ferraris and the waanaits. Somehow they all start to look the same to me!

    And then I think to myself "waaaaaih wallah inna i7na khabeen 3umurna when it comes to cars. They're all 4 wheels that get you from point A to point B. All the rest is "chocolate pudding" ;)

    Gigi, euphemistically

    By Blogger Gigi, at 5.12.05  

  • Note: I only started thinking this way conveniently after I got the car I wanted ;)

    By Blogger Gigi, at 5.12.05  

  • mcarabian makes sense i guess :))

    gigi ill make this real easy for u.. ur saying that this over here is no different than this one simply becoz they both go on a finger

    ofcourse, if u got the first ring, then ud be happy and all that .. as for myself, lets just say i wouldnt settle for 10 of those at the same time
    .. yes? no? maybe?

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 5.12.05  

  • temetwir, excellent response. gigi, my freind i think he's got you there.

    By Blogger ZinZinQ8, at 5.12.05  

  • Hahahaha shaklik ishta6ait oo raddait before you saw my incriminating Footnote ;)

    It was also meant to be a disclaimer in a way. (So that you would take my first comment with a grain of salt)

    About the first comment: Bas chithee bin6afrik maiseer? :D

    Gigi, cheekily

    By Blogger Gigi, at 5.12.05  

  • zinzin chairz ;) i was just trying to KILL gigi with one blow, becoz when the going gets tough .. that girl can make my head spin

    gigi heh la shda3wa, thats why i said "if u got the first ring, then ud be happy", referring to ur thinking in that AWFUL way after u got the car u wanted :p

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 5.12.05  

  • Hahahaha I am still laughing at the look I imagine to have come onto your face when I said "all cars are the same: nothing but 4 wheels that get you from point A to B"


    Gigi, gigglishly

    By Blogger Gigi, at 5.12.05  

  • gigi u have the wrooong idea
    i commute daily in one of those, thats how i roll from A to B to C to D and back to A, true story

    etha tabeen teth7ekeen, u should see some of the faces of my friends when i pull next to their cars if we're going for dinner wela 3ers wela "gaza" in it..
    i pretty much keep the others for diff purposes :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 5.12.05  

  • there is no such thing as an 'old' sports car. Really, there isn't. They only share a name.

    Merci...Very informative.

    Loved your ring example! Very smart :P

    By Blogger Delicately Realistic, at 5.12.05  

  • 512 simply a dream:)

    By Blogger Mohammad Al-Yousifi, at 6.12.05  

  • dCC, heh the ring example just clicked with u grls didnt it, chairz

    kila ma6goog, tell me abt it
    never drove one though :(

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 6.12.05  

  • cars..
    hmm.. clueless and couldn't care less! ;p

    i would have been more content riding a horse around town, but since that wasn't possible i had to get one..

    alas, they say my car resembles me.. (no comment) ;P~ lO0l

    you must be thinking typical, just typical charisma ;P~

    anyhoo, since u're a car fanatic.. can u guess what i drive? or what car resembles me?

    By Blogger Baroque, at 6.12.05  

  • charisma
    hehe no actually, i cant guess what ur car is .. i do have a list of 'charismatic' cars thu if thats what u mean

    lastly, u make the car its never the other way round

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 6.12.05  

  • a hint..
    its german :P

    By Blogger Baroque, at 6.12.05  

  • lo0l ya3nii 6al3a feeha 6al3a.. ;P~

    yeah i agree..

    i make the car! ;P

    By Blogger Baroque, at 6.12.05  

  • charisma something like a bmw y3ni .. if not, ka i just got ur email ill make a list and send hehe

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 6.12.05  

  • hence the phrase 'vintage classic'.. says it all

    By Blogger Extinct Dodo, at 15.12.05  

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