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Ta3deel il dawa'er el intekhabeya mawthou3 il wa7ed mallah men kether ma sawoha semarda7a shanabaat el majlis. It really does insult my personal intelligence that a number of members of parliament call for postponing the 'final decision' until the next registration of the electors.

Ya3ni, what the hell are you going to do with those numbers if they just represent the 'newcomers' to the scene in the next elections? So what if there are a lot of women who might register? ALL WOMEN HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE, regardless of whether or not they WANT to vote. That's a totally different issue. Ana mabi ashaarik, shlon ya3ni, mento 7a6eeny bel 7isba as an eligible voter? Bacher 6ag eb raasi basawet 7ag wa7ed yazatly shawarmeta, shlon ya3ni, akhareb 7esbatkom? Man, I don't even want to listen to the excuses.

Sure, it would be very childish if they were to finalise the matter just to prove that they're serious about the whole reform or reformation or whatever il eslaa7 is in english; but that doesn't mean that you use childish reasons to postpone. Hatha ely chethab o sadag chethbeta.
You want to know what the "accurate number" is? Fine, wizarat el she'oon 3ala ma aftekir ma sarlaha ONE SINGLE YEAR since they did a 'count'. O tara kahy Dra Ma3souma, dezolha message teredlekom in 10 minutes ta36eekom other numbers if Il 7aji mo tares 3ainkom, o ghaseb 6eeb betdakhlona feha a woman. Start from there. You got the figures, you got the population. You got the surface area, you got how many MP's can represent it, whatever equation they come up with; they have all the resources needed. Nisba o tanaasub tara mo biochemical-nuclear-astronomical-mathematical-linear-equational-algebra.

Sure, those figures don't show ay da'era the elector will register in. But last time I checked, you're already restricted to where you register; I honestly do NOT know what those restrictions are but I am sure they do exist.

Eeeeeeeeeh... denya, ely bizraan gamaw yet7achoon bel seyasa o yangedoon 3ala shanabat, ha?

PS: "tashkeel lajna" is the most printed phrase in Kuwaiti press. Unstatistical fact.
Ila chan allahuma kelmat "tashadug" b tasareefha as used by 3abdile6eef Lid3ay ely ma 3enda gair hal kelma men cham esbo3 la3an khair el ma6aabi3 feeha.. ma a7e6 b themety ana el sara7a wa7ed akhaf 3ala masla7at il wa6an.

Eeh na3am..


  • I have no opinion on what ur post is about cause I dont follow kuwaiti press. The reason im posting a comment is simply because I wanted you to know that your blog is entertaining and i'm a frequent visitor cause most of the time I could relate to ur entries and I do find many of them to be hillarius and true. So, keep on blogging, you're making my life outside kuwait bearable. Good job! and good luck with your studies. allah yiwafgik inshala witrid deertik o ur phd ib eedik or jan6itik or wherever u wanna put it... o tirfa3 ras ahalik.. :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8.12.05  

  • hala wala ma 3alaik zod, glad its clicking with someone..
    allah y3eena w eyaak 3al qorba, it can be a bit BORING more than anything else (every1 asks me homesick? and i just say, bored)
    and its an MA btw not PhD latfaawel :p plus, MARK MY WORDS: ra7 asheg il shahada.. u just wait heheh

    chairz :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 8.12.05  

  • hehe same here.. ppl keep asking me if im homesick and i never really know what to say cause i feel bad saying no you know.. hehe.. i dont know i have a love-hate relationship with the england and kuwait.. i guess its all about the company.. if uve got the right ppl around then u could live anywhere i guess (not really anywhere, anywhere nice).. and maykhalif allah yiwafgik ib ur MA degree oo 3o2bal il phd .. hehe oh and just for the record im not a guy..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8.12.05  

  • 11th muse yeah i hear ya on that, o allah kareem haanat
    all the best, and my bad abt the guy thing

    zinzin hehe thanks for clearing that up, and thanks for the compliment :))

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 8.12.05  

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