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I haven't done a 'realistic count', but I can imagine that the largest number of 'educated people' I know are doctors. Medical doctors. That makes me a very compassionate person.
Because I really do feel, and tell that I am 'sorry for someone who wastes the best years of life studying'. That seems to make all of the MDs flip.

It's not that I don't appreciate the hardships MDs go through. That is, if you consider studying and a closed-circuit social life as hardships. But what really makes me feel 'sorry' is the amount of time and effort being invested in that career, when really there isn't much to look forward to. In Kuwait.

Everytime I get into a discussion with one of my family or friends who are MDs, they get to tell me the same two things. Over and over again. First, that being an MD is not about rewards, it's about doing something good and saving lives. More or less a humanitarian career. I, personally, don't see the relevance since a policeman or a fireman can tell me they save lives. Or seat belts, if they could talk, could be saying the same thing. That makes the tailor who puts the final stitches on a seat belt a humanitarian too. Okay I'll stop now.

Second, my dear MDs go on and on about how they are the ones who discover cures and how they are the ones with the never-ending careers and that there is always something new to be learned. Seriously? In Kuwait? Which brings me back to my being compassionate and understanding; my dear MDs have been so caught up with their books that they do not appreciate the reality of their future-work places, or its adminstrations.

However, this could have something with the fact that il dowaneya tekon fathya lama ily yadrison 6ib 3endehom imte7anat. But I doubt it.


  • Doctors are hot!

    By Blogger the11thmuse, at 19.2.06  

  • hehehe.. i just wanted to be the first to comment.. lol.. im so sorrry :|.. i still think they ROCK:)

    By Blogger the11thmuse, at 19.2.06  

  • Hehe Tem you're always so cynical. ofcourse firemen and policemen are humanitarian professions. A lab chemist who tests water quality for the ministry of power and water is also saving lives. il7emdella the choices are plentiful to be noble. Man ,Alla laygoola, but imagine being sick with something that needs some urgent medical attention and find out that you have to wait for days before you can see a qualified doctor, or have to travel to get it. You'd feel so miserable and hopeless. Sickness really brings us down to humility land. being healthy is the highest form of wealth.

    And as far as our ministry, il7emdella healthcare in Kuwait is not bad. The more doctors we have the bigger pool of quality people you'll have to change things around no? :)

    By Blogger familiar_stranger, at 19.2.06  

  • 11th
    "dey ain' nobady sayin dey ain'"
    come to think of it, "uniforms" are hot be it a lab coat or high school skirts

    i know what ur saying and i definitely agree .. its just that when someone becomes a dr for all the wrong (a.k.a. mis-informed) reasons based on lack of understanding regarding the way it works up at the ministry of health,, it works me up becoz theyre my family/friends i grew up with so i want the best for them

    mad respect for the profession, its just that the motivation behind it most of the time doesnt fit the "job description" they get afterwards

    now, in regards wizarat elsa7a, el7amdelah theyre okay.. its ur 'normal ordinary ministry' regardless of the shit that goes down (went down lately)

    anyway all im saying: drs should really think abt their future and their prospective families instead of just settling for the "oh i wanna diagnose diabetic (sp) patients"

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 19.2.06  

  • the 11th muse: come see the doctors-to-be in KU!! ow 6egy rasich bil6ofa! theyr all short and ugly ;p

    now back to our subject..
    the reason am in the medical feild is becuz of the ppl.. not curing AIDS aw discovering a new drug and blah blah..

    the best feeling in the world is seeing the smile of a patient whom uve treated or gave advice to! its sooooooo rewarding! walla :) ow el a7la.. elda3wa el6ayba! t7es ina WOW allah ga3ed ya36eny 7asanat 3ala kil elta3ab ow elkaraf and u get da3awat tzedik 7asanat 3en rab el3alameen from others just cuz uve helped them get over a problem theyve had :)

    am not being too mushy am i? bs walla thats the truth.. ajer rab el3alameen a7la ow arwa3 shay fe inik tkon a doc..

    bs the hard part is ta2neb elthamer tho and feeling lost not knowing wut to do especially that ppl expect u to know EVERYTHING
    wer talkin about lives.. most cases come to us in a laaaaaaateeeee stage of the disease, where u find urself lost! imagine a person (especially a child, lets say of 6 months old) being terminally ill.. and he has a problem that can b one of many differtials.. its hard to diagnose him/her :< and u dont know how to respond to the family when they ask u "is he getting better now?" its hard to say "No waladkom 7alata ga3da tetdahwar" :(
    ow el7ukoma walllla el3atheeem ma tga9er weya elmartha! kil shay (and i mean kil shay) mawjod bilq8!! bs en3edam elwa3y elsee7y is why health service is bad in q8.. y3ny law kil wa7ed intebah 3ala nafsa ow 3alteah pw intebah itha ay wa7ed felt not well.. they should be aware that health shouldnt b taken for granted.. and doctors wont b able to help u when u urself let the disease eat u up all the way to death :<

    this is why doctors are under alot of stress :< they have to give the correct differential diagnosis for each case.. and most of the cases as i told u b4 are either vague or too late to b cured.. plus u dont wanna give wrong medications to patients hoping that it will b the right thing to give!

    announcing the BAD NEWS to the patient and his/her family is THE HARDEST part of the job..
    its hard enough for normal ppl to deal with the death of a loved one or a relative.. some doctors are sympathatic with certain cases for some reason.. u become emotionally attached to the patient (probably cuz their condition is the worst or patient is too young to go thru all the pain ad uffering).. when this patient dies.. i cant tell u how shockingly painful it can b "been there done that :~("

    ba3deen if we didnt have doctors.. who will help sick ppl? nyeeb kil eldekatra min barra?? shft shloon how important it is to have nerds who wanna b doctors :p.. plus ana wesalt elmar7ala illy astanis lama ashof hopeless case 3ashan akheth elpatient ow at3allam 3aleh(elgalb mat ;p)

    (just to clarify am NOT a nerd ;p, ppl hate me cuz am not a nerd like they r ;p am having fun at skool)and thats the way it should b.. my social life is HAPPENING ;p not in the has been days ;p

    badda3t i know.. fa khalas ill shush here ;p

    By Blogger jiji, at 19.2.06  

  • Temetwir,

    You have a good point there. But then some people will say that things are 'getting better', to which you can say 'getting better my arse', and to which they'll reply 'well, it's still "getting better" you know' and it can go on and on

    (I'm just so sleepy that's all, so don't mind the stupidity up there. Wuv your cynicism)

    By Blogger ScarlO, at 19.2.06  

  • temetwir, tara elwalid wa7id minhom, fa 5of 3alaihom allah y5aleek :)

    By Blogger Hattorihanzo, at 19.2.06  

  • jiji
    kalam jedan la6eef
    althu am not sure what gave u the idea that i was implying we shouldnt have any q8i drs..

    things can only get better in these types of situations when we have privatised health care operating just like govt hospitals

    bo fay
    7abaayibna,, ana bro7i mebtelesh bel a3mam wel khawal we3yal el3am w banat elkhaal .. kelesh mo mn sal7y eni ma akhof 3laihom hehe

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 19.2.06  

  • i meant ina sheno ra7 yser elwath3 mako q80 docs.. fa ra7 ne7taj n6aresh elmartha bara for 3elaj.. or we will have to request for doctors from other countries to come work in q8 to cover for the shortage

    By Blogger jiji, at 19.2.06  

  • jiji yes i know.. i just didnt think that ud think i was implying ena "khal yegelon q8i docs" :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 19.2.06  

  • la la laaa i know u wont think this way :) and u should know that i wont neither

    By Blogger jiji, at 19.2.06  

  • its not only in Kuwait same applies in Bahrain.... its on weekly basis that we see in the newspapers a dispute that erupts in the ministry of health.... and i know some of my relatives that suffered during their studies... don't even need to mention as you said the closed circuit social life

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 19.2.06  

  • Temetwir I am soOooOoooooo Sooo sooooOOooo curious to know what field you are in!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19.2.06  

  • hmmmm.....interesting prespective

    By Blogger samboose, at 19.2.06  

  • Tem I see what you mean regarding the amount of dentists in the making :P

    By Blogger familiar_stranger, at 19.2.06  

  • hmmm.. I dont see how its your business ~_^ Its their time and they can "waste" it if they want to.

    Besides maybe its actually their passion. It really bothers me when family or friends tell me photography is such a waste, its my time and I'll do with it what I please.

    By Blogger teagirl, at 19.2.06  

  • photoflow: How about he's free to care about their future career developments? and they're also free to ignore him? mo chethe a7san?

    By Blogger familiar_stranger, at 20.2.06  

  • jiji :)

    metfarigh yeah.. come to think of it, ako be3thaat of kuwaiti students to study medicine in Ba7rain
    anyway i think the best careers for them are in KSA and UAE (mad offers)

    laialy i dont have a "field" it doesnt work like that for me, im in the business of making money
    anyway i studied linguistics

    samboose and FS :)

    photoflow how is it not my business when we talk about our jobs, or when im asked to give 'advice' and weigh options..
    i did say "rab3y o ahali"

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 20.2.06  

  • uh, so what does a linguist do for a living in Kuwait? I'm serious.

    And you've been tagged, hon. Sorry, it's just that I love you so much and can't forget you when it comes to tags :-p

    By Blogger ScarlO, at 20.2.06  

  • scarlo
    if ur asking what a "linguist" does, then its absolutely nothing to contribute to 'the field' except if s/he pursues postgrad study in that major and comes back to teach it (which is why i tell laialy i have no "field" .. thats for MDs, engineers, and bankers.. poor wankers :P)

    if, and mostly this is the case, ppl settle for the BA.. u see them working in:

    any bank bel kuwait - qorfat eltejara - hay`at el estethmar - guys yedeshon thuba6 sher6a/jaish/ma6afy/7aras (ekhte9aa9)- sharekaat naf6 - sharekat da3aya w i3laan - wezarat el tarbeya if they want (VERY good for ppl who want to settle for "ur regular job" becoz they get kaadar + mako wayed q8iyeen (re'asat gesim and all that bser3a, especially for the gents) + pathetic timetables yel3ebon le3eb) - or, of course, 7aalhom 7al gairhom yegadmon 3ala el deewan yege6onhom any ministry - KUNA - if ur well connected, wezarat el kharejeya - the sect with "bait eltamweel" and "el tas'heelat" - MTC, wa6aneya - majles el oma - if ur a "real player", deewan ilameery

    the above is where my friends "te6asheraw", nothin i "assumed"

    and all that within 6 months of graduation .. i honestly can NOT think of ONE SINGLE friend who didnt get a job in 6 months, while OTOH elshabab who studied engineering and business are still "waiting for a call back" (or just employed, like 9-14 months after grad'ing)

    btw, ppl who studied "literature" are the same, they treat the BA as "english" o khalas .. 3endy wa7ed ga3ed yadris int'l business right now in london after working at GBK
    hows that for irrelevant? ;p

    elzebda: its just one of those things that u either appreciate and know what to do with,, or ur stuck with a 500kd 8 to 2 job processing mail ;)

    "im sorry, doctor.. what is it that u do again? oh ok, u save lives"
    nigga plz

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 20.2.06  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger the11thmuse, at 20.2.06  

  • Oi, matey.. cough cough.. whats that you say about engineers?..

    take it back...

    you shall rue the day!.. go on start ruing!..

    (btw im in character right now yaani yini stuey)

    By Blogger the11thmuse, at 20.2.06  

  • Fie On You..

    (still in character..LOL oh and in class)

    By Blogger the11thmuse, at 20.2.06  

  • don't worry I was just kidding either way.

    By Blogger teagirl, at 20.2.06  

  • 11th
    nothing personal (this goes to mbh too heh)
    why do u guys even care what i think.. go on do ur thing, "make the world a better place" *rolleyes*

    no disrespect :p

    just wanted to clear that up, walaw :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 20.2.06  

  • linguistics? i would have never guessed :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20.2.06  

  • laialy
    mo layeg 3alay 'daaris' shay, but humor me.. what'd u think ?

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 20.2.06  

  • Bil 3afks you seem very very smart i would have thought your were a philosophy major

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20.2.06  

  • or engineer

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20.2.06  

  • temetwir...look..i dont have comment...but mashallaaaaa everyone writes comments on ur blog ...hehe just had to say that ow enshalla yezedooon :)

    By Blogger SpiKeY, at 20.2.06  

  • laialy teslemeen :)

    spikey 7ayak oboy, o ent ba3ad latgaa6e3 manshofek ela bel shahar mara! :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 20.2.06  

  • hehe no worries i wount be i was just busy with finding a job ...

    By Blogger SpiKeY, at 21.2.06  

  • Y3ny sharid 3alaik?
    Y3ny shino you'd rather have no Kuwaiti MD's? Is that what you're saying?
    Cuz all these foreigners arent going to be sticking around here forever.
    There will come a day when Kuwaiti's will have to rely on Kuwaiti's for EVERYTHING.

    Hey, I know we all complain, about the long hours, the studying everything. Its tough, its hard. It sucks.
    Bs ajirna kbeer.
    I know this will sound corny.
    But as a medical student I do little to help patients. But nothing, I say nothing beats the smile in their eyes when they have someone to talk to. When they pour their hearts out with all their fears and worries. The satisfaction I feel when I discover the most trivial information about the patient that the senior doctors hadnt discovered is priceless.
    Noone said medicine was easy.
    But someone has to do it.
    I have chosen to do it.

    "there isn't much to look forward to. In Kuwait."

    I don't see how that is possible? We have many successful doctors around, contrary to what most people think we have excellent Kuwaiti doctors. Bs ma ra7 ata3ib nafsy and explain anymore.

    Normally I don't get angry at peoples opinions, I think everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I've always known this point of view of yours, but for you to write a post about it, I am truly and deeply disappointed and insulted.

    By Blogger Delicately Realistic, at 21.2.06  

  • "..they do not appreciate the reality of their future-work places, or its adminstrations."

    What makes you think that? Did it occur to you that maybe we do appreciate that but go through it all in spite of all that? .. While I'd be lying if I said that I entered this profession knowing what I wanted from it, I can say with some certainty that I hope to benefit society in som way, be it via treating a patient/s or educating a colleague/student .. It's true alot of people may have entered this profession for the wrong reason/s, but don't alienate those who entered for the right one :)

    By Blogger 7tenths, at 21.2.06  

  • 7
    "What makes you think that?"
    being told by many drs who've been practicing for 4-8 yrs?

    "Did it occur to you that maybe we do appreciate that but go through it all in spite of all that?"

    "I hope to benefit society in som way, be it via treating a patient/s or educating a colleague/student"
    inshalla allah ywafgek shay kelman yetmanaah.. but sorry i dont see the relevance of this to the actual administrations

    "don't alienate those who entered for the right one"
    that's what i wanted u to emphasize on.. what IS the right reason to becoming an MD.. i know its subjective therefore tell me what u think is the right reason and then we'll see if kuwait's ministry of health is the place to do it

    but let's all spare stating the obvious

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 21.2.06  

  • The right reason to enter medicine is the same as entering any other specialty, you promise to do your best & strive to perfect yourself in that field; I don't give a crap if the administration's messed up, or if it won't recognize my contributions, as long as in my mindset I've kept that promise I don't see why I should be any less satisfied than any person in any other field.. You probably need to actually have a hands on experience to realize that medicine (like every other profession) is unique, but more so in that your rewards aren't limited to that increment in your bank balance at the end of the month.. I noticed you say we waste the best years of our life studying-define waste? Waste implies we won't be able to put that to future use, but that is so not the case even in Kuwait; yeah sure we may not have an amazing administration but the world doesn't change overnight.. & a closed circuit social life is just a rumor, balance is essential

    By Blogger 7tenths, at 21.2.06  

  • Oh & the bit you didn't find relevant was just be trying to tell you that alot of life's answers can't be heard or read, they have to be felt; how's that got to do with the administrations? When you have a goal & there are hurdles in the way, how are both not intimately related?

    By Blogger 7tenths, at 21.2.06  

  • 7
    "you promise to do your best & strive to perfect yourself in that field"

    agreed, and that is where kuwait lacks offering opportunities for those who deserve it (namely, u, the dr who strives to be contribute) due to the lack of privatisation of hospitals (remember, priv. hopsitals cant even recieve emergencies first hand only by transfer) as well as research centers that offer the tools n finances for a dr (researcher) to 'do what hes set to do' .. plz do prove me wrong, id LOVE to be proven wrong as i myslef am appalled by this fact

    surely, u cant expect to 'strive' without actual practice.. i mean, if u honestly think that striving is maintained in the shifts then we have nothing to discuss.. but id like to think drs here, just like any other place, WANT more

    "but more so in that your rewards aren't limited to that increment in your bank balance at the end of the month"

    this is not what i meant, but now that u bring it up.. i feel that drs in kuwait 'mahthoom 7ag`hom' and all u have to do is check offers they recieve in neighboring countries .. how good of u to remind me ;p

    "Waste implies we won't be able to put that to future use, but that is so not the case even in Kuwait; yeah sure we may not have an amazing administration"

    the 'waste' being the effort going unappreciated by the adminstration.. which means that they retrict ur ;being able to put it to future use' .. yes? no? maybe? look above


    im not sure if u (7 and dc) are taking this 'personally' as if im insulting what u guys do but it sure seems like it .. when it really isnt what this post is abt.. in a way, im talking abt your (as in doctors' and not 7 indivudally or dc individually) your problems that ur bound to face becoz that is the reality of what u have accomplished with ur degree

    only question is: do u guys talk to ur doctors abt the politics involved or do u just focus on the medicine? my advice is to emphasize on the former :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 22.2.06  

  • Nah, I'm not taking it personally, I'm just trying to clarify some points; basically you said it, the administration here does need alot of work, but that doesn't mean we should turn our backs on the whole field and look elswehere; I do think that the approach to the field seems a bit too laid back & that's why I hope to continue my 'education' outside, purely because I'll get a heck of alot more experience, which I can then smuggle back here; & while the administration may not appreciate the hard work, I'm pretty sure (some of) the patients will, & that's the point of this whole profession :) It's a long road yep, but that's what life is in my opinion..

    By Blogger 7tenths, at 22.2.06  

  • damn it i should have read this post when u first wrote it.. well all i can say, u will never understand the rewards of being a dr less u try temetwir.. so hence u wouldnt understand..

    u think kuwait's medical system or whatever is bad? ya7lailik.. try comparing with european countries and u'd be surprised how we r actually as good if not better.. little do u know my friend.. stop listening 2 rumors, they r rumors my friend..

    By Blogger Dr.Lost, at 23.2.06  

  • dr lost yeah u shouldve

    anyway no1 is trying to 'understand' the rewards, o "ya7laily" eny "imsadeg rumors" that wezarat else7a feha balawi? khalas ok, 'rumors' o isha3at malaha se7a, o khalas dr bol7asan o bahbahani o elzaid kelhom "spreading rumors" heh mn sejek ent .. nase7a khalek razeen bel7achi we3rif shga3ed tegol lena kel kalamek ra7 yerid lek

    im not even going to try to dignify the "try comparing with european countries and u'd be surprised how we r actually as good if not better" remark with a reply .. i just SINCERELY HOPE that u dont mean it

    lena kelesh mo 7elwa b 7agek agolek "shlon?"

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 23.2.06  

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