السلام 98

Since I have made it pretty obvious by now that I believe in the invalidity of the constitution in our given space and time, which is simply motivated by the sayings and actions of "7aameen 7ameenna", ham ana manee me3terif eb ssar7ah o fa7waah just like the people who "put it" in the first place.
In addition to the following in the steps of kheeraat il sha3b il saadah a3thaa' majlis il oma il mowaggar, ham ana aby agool rayee eb meno yamsek ay wizara, and based on what I deem is fit.

Here goes, I want our ministers to all be less than 40 years of age. I also want them to be good looking women. I want them to be so smoking hot that I'm certain ra7 yektemil el nisaab in every single session.

Ministries that should go to men are: Il Awgaaf, Il 3adil.
Mo 3an shay ghair ena mo layeg wa7da me7lawa o wazeerat awgaaf aw 3adil.
Therefore, I do not want any MP becoming a minister simply because there aren't any babes in parliament. Yet. Aby ganoun entekhaab yedeed yegol eb saree7 il 3ebaara "only hotties are to run for the NA".

Nevermind whether they're shee3a, sina, bado, 7athar, aseeleen, beyasir, melyonaireya, madyonaireya, met3almaat, jaahlaat, met7ajbaat, sifoor, "taby masla7at el sha3b w tehemha 6abagat thawy il dakhl il ma7dod", or not; that is all out of the question. All I want is kel wa7da tegolek el zoud 3endy.

Ya 7abatha also if these ministers would change the employment policy and restrict male employees to the ministries of il 3adil and il awgaaf. The girls should all be good looking too. Therefore, modeer jehaaz il khidma il madaneya should definitely be a 20-something year old guy with not a care in the world on his mind.

The two male ministers kel wa7ed lazim yekon wa7eed omah o obooh. Mako sheghel, khaarba khaarba khal na3meeha.

If you think I'm kidding or I'm being ridiculous, you should look into some of what the MPs are "calling for" in the government-to-be.
Man, as rare as it occurs, I just love it when I'm right.

- Totally different matter -

I am appalled by the lack of any official aid to help out with the sinking of the carrier Il Salam 98. But then again, I am not at all surprised lena rabi3na are x's bitches and x's bitches only.

Allah yer7am ily ighreghaw o yissaber ahaleehom.

And I am only saying this TO BE PROVEN WRONG; not one single writer made a note at the end of his column t/yi3azy the Egyptian nationals in Kuwait. Don't mean it, just write it eksib or kesbay fehom ajir.
Oh I'm sorry, it's only humanitarian in certain cases and with certain people, innit?


  • صباح الخير....أنا جديده على مدونتك بس من خلال تعليقاتك عند أعصاب و ولاّده لفت نظري طرحك...بس عندي تعليق واحد بس
    و ان شاء الله تتقبله
    ليش تكتب باللغه العربيه بالأنجليزي
    ترا وايد متعب

    By Blogger nanonano, at 5.2.06  

  • Regarding the Constitution:
    نعيب زماننا والعيـب فينـا -وما لزماننا عيـب سوانـا
    ونهجوا ذا الزمان بغير ذنبٍ -ولو نطق الزمان لنا هجانـا
    وليس الذئب يأكل لحم ذئبٍ -ويأكل بعضنا بعضنا عيانـا
    I hope my point is clear
    التطبيق سيء فلا يجب أن نحمل الدستور أخطاءنا إن لم نكن نعمل به
    فنحن الخارجون عن نصه وروحه وليس هو الذي لم يعد يصلح لنا ولزماننا

    Ex: if some people started mis-using & mis-interpreting their holy scripture, will the scripture become invalid and/or dated?

    Regarding السلام98:
    Indeed, egyptians working in kuwait were some of the victims/survivors of Salam98, and it's so disrespectful & rude not to show our support for them.

    IMHO, the kuwaiti gov. didn't "help", because saudis are.

    and since saudis are "in", I think other arab countries will hesitate to step in, because saudis are sensitive to "being helped".

    I wish I'm wrong :(

    PS: I second what nanonano said.

    By Blogger iDip, at 5.2.06  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Anonymous Yadoge, at 6.2.06  

  • I see that you see the same thing I see in our country 10-25 years from now! ;p

    I think most of those who voted, if not all, for the current MPs, should be shot dead... twice!

    el mohem, isn't there a law limiting the stupidity of the requests? I mean, something like an I.Q. test before even being allowed to run for the NA!

    By Blogger MBH, at 6.2.06  

  • No need for hotties Tem, a bouffet would do the job just as well :)

    By Blogger familiar_stranger, at 6.2.06  

  • Allah yr7amhum ymee3 .... oo mizan 7asanatek oo thwabek

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 6.2.06  

  • So true about the Egyptian disaster. No one cared about it. What’s kills me is that the foreign media had better coverage than us The Arabic countries or so called the 3alem el3arbi. They bother with burning fags than bothering with 1000 dead bodies floating the red sea.

    That is what’s sad about it.

    By Blogger Hussa-G, at 6.2.06  

  • nano nano
    hala walla, and no not at all.. it's just faster for me to type that way but i should probably look into writing proper formal arabic too

    6ayyib, but does that mean that our religion has been "outdated" and therefore we resort to a constitution?

    by the same token, sir, in this day and time: does the fact that some people are mis-using religion for personal agendas (on a group-level, namely political islamists), means that it is no longer valid?

    be that as it may, i see what ur saying and i cannot not agree
    in regards Il Salam 98, im not sure what u mean by the saudis dont like being helped but thats not a reason .. and i too wish i am wrong about this

    forgetting the government, what about our population? the press?
    surely, the Egyptian population deserves our support and sorrow (regardless of their government), yakfy the enormous numbers of egyptians in kuwait..
    shame on the columnists AND the officials in kuwait wallah

    magyoola: rabe3na "humanitarian" o habbaat 3ala naas o naas :)

    ana agiss eedy etha wa7da 7elwa dashat el majlis :p
    and by the way, the current majlis OVERALL sucks, individually there are a number of very effective members (some that i, personally, have conflict of ideas with but respect them regardless)

    and no there isn't any "law" limiting who can run .. 30 yrs of age and 50kd etha mani ghal6aan

    familiar stranger
    heh it's all relative i guess :p

    o yer7am il jimee3, elaahy ameen.. a7sant

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 6.2.06  

  • 7issa sorry was commenting as u were also

    yes, so true.. i mean sure, the "media" is 'covering' it in the sense that they're delivering the news

    and in reality, there isn't much that CAN be "said" in the press .. but i mean if u remember how they reacted to 'other disasters' so far away with the sorrow and grief and aiding both financially and otherwise

    my dispute right now is with the 'people' themselves, and not the 'media' as a whole u know?

    allah yer7amhom o yesabir ahaleehom, o inshala ya rab yerrid ely nejaw saalmeen

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 6.2.06  

  • temetwir,


    I think I didn't write my first comment in a clear way.
    mis-using text (holy scriptures and constitutions) doesn't make it invalid or dated.

    so it's like:
    نعيب زماننا والعيب فينا

    By Blogger iDip, at 6.2.06  

  • temtwir regarding the Egyptian passenger ship that sank in Red Sea i was going to post about it and compare it to the titanic !! , titanic was a top hit news and everyone was talking about it because its Titanic !! but this passengers ship is like those economy class passengers in the titanic !! who cares if they die ? they're not "rich" or "important" ! they're "arabs" and people die everyday !!... sometimes i just cant imagine how cruel and insensitive one can ever be !

    3asallah yir7amhum bra7mitah w yisabbir ahalhum

    By Blogger Brava Valentia, at 6.2.06  

  • idip
    heh walaw, i got it from the first time.. i was just trying to make a point about the misuse of "holy scripture" does not entail that someone be given the right to look for another "type", or source, if you may, of governing

    hence: the invalidity of constitution

    of course, this is a rather DEEP subject that can never be dealt with in comments; so i do apologize beforehand :)

    mother c
    actually, i was thinking more or less about the recent hurricanes..
    OF COURSE they are not disasters of the same "magnitude" .. but that does NOT give "kuwaitis" in particular (of course, many gulf citizens too but i am not a follower of their press), or kuwaiti writers the right to disregard it

    esta7aw 3ala wyohkom, half of them edresaw eb masir el meshkela..
    shefty el ma'aasy eli sawaha wel eflos ely ga6oha 7ag aakher el denya last october?
    of course that was a very 'decent' thing to do, althu questionable in terms of the money.. bas ely ye7err o yebe6 el chabd ena bas 3ala naas o naas te6la3 hal ensaaneya if u know what i mean

    yen3adoon shuhadaa inshalla allah yer7amhom

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 6.2.06  

  • Hot mamaxita's as ministers!
    i'm feelin' it :p
    maybe i should run ... NOT

    Allah yer7am elii e'3regoo :( that scares me because i can't swim

    By Blogger LaiaLy_q8, at 6.2.06  

  • laialy
    heh it isnt literal.. and like i said, ana ages eedy etha wa7da "7elwa" dashat el majlis

    wazeera, ma yendara..

    u should learn to swim, not for swimming's sake but for jet skis and all that

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 6.2.06  

  • is this a joke?
    or just pent up frustration?

    By Blogger Baroque, at 6.2.06  

  • teme, everyone was bussy witht the boycot and denmark issue unfortunately...including me :-<

    By Blogger A3sab, at 7.2.06  

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