7i6 7ailhom Bainhom

While in the dowaneya tonight, one of the guys was flipping channels. I believe it was Al-Rai that had their 9pm news on and I told him to leave it on so we can all see what's new with the Israeli withdrawal of the Gaza Strip.

To my content, they were showing footage of the Israeli DFs fighting and pushing, pulling and struggling with the Jews who were not so 'ready' to leave Gaza just yet. Little talk started here and there discussing the thin line between optimism and ignorance, when it comes to freeing Il Quds, Inshala jireeb. Then we started talking about the kippot and what it signifies, why they wear it and whether or not anbeyaa' bani israel wore it or not. The philosophizing stopped just as an Israeli officer literally smacked the jewish guy, forcing him to the ground, and then his fellow officers ganging in on the guy. I let out a "eeh, 7aaaailek feeh ***** **** **** ****, la t'heda".

So then a friend talked about how it was crucial for them to evict all the jews, for their own good ya3ni and all that, with suicide bombings and what not.

The whole discussion then shifted to how "yestahloon", and how "etha 3ala b kel adab we7teram galolhom 6el3aw, o 6a7ola bachi wisyaa7, 3ayal lama dababat tedish b ebyot el falas6inyeen o ma7ad yet7acha sh maalah?"

Now, when they showed a kid who was like 5 or 6, crying his eyes out, I wondered. How come all we see of the Palestenian kids is "throwing stones" and cheering burning a US flag. I'm not saying I was 'happy' I saw that kid cry, I'm just thinking out loud how one-sided the media is (can be). As for the kid, I hope he gets over it. If he doesn't, he can go fuck himself when he's 16 or something. Yeah, I am truly that honest slash rude, however you see it.

Not that I personally care, but the fact that I get the "gal3at il falas6an yestahloon ely ga3id yseer fehom" quite a lot, suggests 2 things:
a- people who say that have no clue whatsoever what's really going on there, blinded by the "falas6an's" actions during the Iraqi invasion
b- they regard 'what is happening there' only concerns "il falas6an" and they have nothing to do with it

Sure, I blame parents/individuals themselves for not either explaining/knowing. But then again, I blame the media too for presenting not-even-half-the-truth.

What do you make of the withdrawal from Gaza?

PS: any remark with the implication of "laish ma tero7 tejahid ehnak 3ayal" will only suggest how naive you, sir/madam, are


  • In my opinion the Arab media isn't doing justice in helping the situation. I mean the world isn't aware of the whole story. I mean enough with the bloody and gory clips. Show us the suffering rather than the violence. Isn't it all about that?

    I fee l bad for the palestinians, just as I do the Iraqis. The thing is the majority of Kuwaitis disassociate themselves. It's sad that they think istahloon. I mean for every bad palestinian that did something "bad" during the invasion there must be at least 10 kids fighting for survival. It's wrong that they generalize.

    I think if peopole take away their hatred they might see clearer.

    By Blogger samboose, at 16.8.05  

  • samboose
    a PERFECT reply, exactly what i was hoping somebody would say

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 17.8.05  

  • Thank you! so did I pass the test? do I collect 200???

    By Blogger samboose, at 17.8.05  

  • samboose
    (gol la as'alakom 3alayhe ajran en ajrey illa 3ala allah)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 17.8.05  

  • Politics.. one word that answers a million questions.. its so weird, first they invade the palistinean territories, then they withdraw... hmm.. maybe there's a conspiracy.. god knows..

    By Blogger Baroque, at 17.8.05  

  • charisma
    i like the first part of ur reply : politics, one word that answers a million questions

    i wouldnt say "one day theyre in, other theyre out" .. what is it, 36-38 yrs? and they (jews) didnt evacuate 7ag sowaad e3yonhom, they were forced..
    what u do NOT hear in the news is that the jews got OWNED .. they claim that its a step stone to reach peace.. yahod, may3arfon yegolon wakelona teben ;)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 17.8.05  

  • Aint it sad how people generalize like that...I wonder if my post this morning will get me nasty comments??..please pass by and tell me your thoughts on my "For Gaza" post...I kinda figured I may not have many comments since the subject may not appeal to most...Oh well..let's hope there are more humanitarians out there...

    By Blogger MissCosmoKuwait, at 17.8.05  

  • misscosmo
    sad as in "i pity them", yes


    By Blogger Temetwir, at 18.8.05  

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