1- islamic history as a whole
2- islamic history post-wafaat il rasool immediately
3- the need for nou6 bo 100 dinar
4- 3ali il baghli's articles
5- how lame 3abdile6eef il id3ay can really be sometimes
6- how premarital relationships negatively affect on actually getting married/tawfeeg el zawaj
7- Corvettes
8- efficiency of organization
9- how good sleeping on the floor is/feels
10- il dara3a 3al bent anytime, anywhere
12- keeping up to date with the news - 7ata lo headlines
13- level of self content financial independence brings
14- the need for education/higher education
15- importance of getting rid of all lebanese accents from ads
16- urgent need to get rid of most lebanese presenters on TV
17- arabic/islamic calendar
18- growth hormone
19- how dull it is to wake after 12 noon
20- british accent
21- bad influence of songs on your subconscious
22- how expensive MTC/Wa6aniya minutes really are
23- importance of men knowing how to cook
24- how expensive internet providers in Kuwait really are
25- importance of men knowing how to "housekeep"
26- acknowledging the fact that homosexuality is a disease, and a perversion .. and how it's not "cool", nor acceptable
27- Vitamin C as the ONLY cure to the flu
28- what wonders honey can do
29- family ties/family gatherings
30- ponytails on girls
31- rou7at il ba7ar
32- caps on girls (kebabees, baseball caps)
33- ponytails sticking out of caps on girls
34- privacy of marriage - or any type of relationship for that matter
35- how long lying makes you look bad to the person you lied to
36- honoring one's word
37- political influence on world economy
38- Johnny Depp as the next De Niro
39- China
40- noise a Ferrari V8 makes over 6k rpm
41- beauty of e7jaab
42- conversation between spouses
43- how important it is for parents to understand to raise their kids through "leading by example"
44- how lame it is to make lists like these
45- being solely responsible for your actions
46- knowing the arabic alphabet by heart
47- deshdasha (bedon ghetra wi3gal) as both casual/official clothing
48- 6ireej el ma6aar for driving pleasure
49- making long term investments
50- lighting when it comes to presenting anything - photos, houses, rooms .. everything
51- israel's presence as a testament to what kind of bullshit the call for World Democracy really is


  • my oh my oh my...that was deep...enjoyed reading all of them...very enlightening..thanks..

    By Blogger MissCosmoKuwait, at 21.8.05  

  • 3ishtay, am glad u like it.. coming from u its one hell of a compliment :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 21.8.05  

  • Love your blog. Honest & straight to the point.
    A few comments thou

    "3- the need for nou6 bo 100 dinar"
    When every shop has change for a 20 K.D., then maybe then, the gov will look into the 100 K.D.. Countless times I see people running around for change, including myself.

    "8- efficiency of organization"
    Conway's Law:
    In any organization there will always be one person who knows
    what is going on.

    This person must be fired.

    "15- importance of getting rid of all lebanese accents from ads"
    I remember asking a lebanese about something, and he went on talking and talking. I said: "huh?". He replied: "Ma ib t3rf 3arabi, sho?"
    The dude mixes english with french and spices it with arabic!

    I'll stop here to leave space for follow readers.

    By Blogger MBH, at 21.8.05  

  • mbh
    hala wala, kelek nethar :)

    the list isnt to be taken seriously, yet still not fully regarded as a joke .. for example i was kidding abt the 100kd thing ena how sometimes u wish u could just spend one note rather than 5 for servicing a car for example, but wasnt really joking when i said here in q8 they should really consider using the lebanese accent in ads

    btw, ana ely emkhalis the change bel kuwait so u can blame me for that heh, id rather have 20 1kds or even 40 half kds rather than 1 20kd note

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 21.8.05  

  • 46- knowing the arabic alphabet by heart...

    I can only sing it like the way in "ifta7 ya sim sim" if you ask me to say it in normal people's voices I have to play it in my head before reciting it;)

    By Blogger samboose, at 21.8.05  

  • Oh and I love a man that knows how to cook and "housekeep"!!!

    By Blogger samboose, at 21.8.05  

  • temetwir...(blush)...thanks!

    By Blogger MissCosmoKuwait, at 21.8.05  

  • nice stuff :)
    bass i dont get some of them,,

    bass i never wear dishdasha with no head gear :P

    By Blogger Al-Hanbali, at 22.8.05  

  • Temetwir, same here.. but I even tend to keep a considerable amount of 100 fils.

    A 20 K.D. will do you nothing but humiliation when you're thursty & in college, after the cafeteria closes down.

    The 100 fils is my friend. Power to the people.

    By Blogger MBH, at 22.8.05  

  • samboose lol
    q8iblogger what dont u get?
    mbh they sure do come in handy also when ur filling up ur cars! heh

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 22.8.05  

  • "47- deshdasha (bedon ghetra wi3gal) as both casual/official clothing"

    7ag lekroosh !! No pleeeeeeeeaaase

    By Blogger Brava Valentia, at 23.8.05  

  • mother courage
    heh shako?
    u really worry me

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 24.8.05  

  • lol q8i - i used to wear my dads dishdasha at home so comfy but now hes fat tooooooooo big lol

    num 9 - i been sleeping on floow a month now lol n i love it

    By Blogger hibbalicious, at 24.8.05  

  • Loved the list : ) SO TRUE!

    By Blogger PeTiTa, at 24.8.05  

  • Absolutely loved this one! You know what else is underrated? This post!

    By Blogger Hazolat, at 21.8.06  

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