Ma Nin3a6a Wayh

A while ago, I read somewhere that the German Foreign Minister 'ga6 naqza hal kobor' 3ala one of the Kuwaiti officials. Who exactly, I do not recall. That's beside the point. What matters is that we Kuwaitis have managed to make the Germans like us yege6on naqzat. It would have been decoded to: "meta inshala naween tedfe3oon ya 7elween?"

Intermission. Khal en6ag6ig i7saabatna for a minute.
We got "il min7a il ameeriya" which was 200kd for every Kuwaiti; rounding things up and saying the population of Kuwaitis altogether reaches 1,000,000 would mean that 200million were scattered here and there. That's the number two, with 8 zeros next to it. NEXT.

Starting from September's salary (yanzil in October ya3ni), the 50kd raise will be issued. I don't have the statistics, but then again I don't really need the exact figure. Actually, I'll only need to say that this raise would cost the government more than 85million and stop right there.

Come October, the Assembly will be trying to return the amount of money being deducted from Il Mitga3deen who have paid what is deserved. Thinking about how much that would cost is just another irrelevant matter. "Akthar mn 85million", o khalas.

And with oil prices now peaking at $67 a barrel, averaging what, 62? no worries. Our beloved country bitsid hal "3ajz".

I'm talking about "il 3ajz" which the Ministry of Health is suffering from : "3ajz maaly le meeziniyat il 3ilaaj bel khaarij." Ila chaan Allahuma hal tefesfis ehny wehnak with all that money. Itseer, oboy, laish ma tiseer?

One question would be: wasn't il min7a il ameeriya, in addition to the 50kd raise issued because of the fa'eth bel meezaniya lel 3aam il mathy?

If so, you're telling me nobody projected costs of treatment in Germany, per patient, for atleast 3 years ahead? I can do it if I got the figures, and I suck at maths.

Water/Electricity bills anyone? The I-dunno-how-much-being-spent on a stupid stadium, that ALREADY looks dated, anyone?

So, we've been reading, hearing, watching everybody brag about how "il islaa7" and the campaign against corruption o madri sheno, and they can't even pay their bills? Two different matters, I know. But still, related in a sense. What sense you may ask? The sense that "we" are just not ready to take ourselves seriously. That's it.

I can only imagine how this would "make us look jedam il 3aalam". Wila bas habaabkom 7ana o rana womens' rights o 7achi ba6aali.
Kuwaitis now in Germany can't get treatment unless the government pays the debts, in full, cash.

I'm not really sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if that includes all Kuwaitis. And not those who are there on the Health's expense.

So much for those who say "health is more important than money".


  • yes i read about that in the papers..feshla!

    By Blogger samanthaq8, at 15.8.05  

  • tsk..tsk..tsk...mo 7aram...as kind as it was to distribute that KD 200...my blood boiled at the thought of waste that it was gonna go to...ellee sharat jun6a...elee shara kharabeet...sij 7arram...and now these innocent patients have to suffer...mafee man6ik at all!..but when was there ever man6ik to anything!...lil asaf..

    By Blogger MissCosmoKuwait, at 16.8.05  

  • They could have done so many more useful things with the money. Improving the cuntry would be a start. I hope they find some sort of solution or else if we continue like this then Kwuait's digging it's own whole.

    By Blogger samboose, at 16.8.05  

  • YA 7aram . WALLAH I feel you guys Allah yistur o yihdehum o 3ad aish nigool.
    Itkalamaney alan ma 9otana itba7

    By Blogger Noor, at 16.8.05  

  • samantha, fashla is the word.. thank u

    misscosmo, while it is true that the 200kd was a waste of money in my opinion, it has nothing to do with the situation now with the german hospitals.. none at all.. what i meant was : if u have that kinda money to spend, at least pay ur bills first

    samboose, "improving the country" how? a million ways to do that, and a million other ways not to .. personally? right now? let them pay what they owe the germans, ba3dain lena 7achwa ma3ahom

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 16.8.05  

  • I don't read newspapers a lot o mostly your blog keeps me up to date : ) (by the way, thanks) I agree wayid ga3den infasfis flos 3al fathi o one day ibnakilha big time!

    By Blogger PeTiTa, at 17.8.05  

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