The Price of Things

With all the articles here and there these days in respect to what has been said in an interview concerning the blackmailing and extortion involved in passing the Women's Rights bill, one has to ask: is it that far-fetched from being true?

That was not a real question. Ofcourse it's not far fetched. Heck, anything BUT that would be hard to believe.

Let me just say that this is news to me. I haven't seen the interview, and I did not read a full transcript. I am not all that interested in what was exactly said to be honest, but the fact that it has been said interests me.

Upon discussing this with my freind, Sector, he asked me whether or not I regard the fact that something like this being said "publically" is a sign that there are internal conflicts between certain branches (wrong word?) of the Il Sobaa7 family.
In other words, 7ag ely ma wida wela khaayef yefasirha, is it not a slap on the face 7ag il shaab il la6eef shaikh Sobaa7 Il A7mad?

Valid question. And yes, in some way or another (and depending on how you look at it), eventually no two would argue that something of this scale could be pulled off without shaikh Sobaa7's knowledge and/or approval.

However, I personally cannot care less whether or not there is an internal conflict between the Il Sobaa7iya. But the fact that the source is the head of the National Security, and yes a shaikh, leaves you with little doubt of questioning his credibility.

Granted, you could say that "since he is a shaikh, he can regard himself untouchable and therefore says what he wants and blames and calls names without having to worry of questioning later on".
But then again, who is he really pointing a finger at? (Enter Sector's arguement).

Like I said, it is not far-fetched. And if you think that "yam3awad, hatha raay il omma wel nas taby chethy.. o saar ely el naas tabeeh". All I can say is "ay naas o ay omma o ay ba6eekh?". Latsadgoon ena ako shay esma demoqra6eya bel 3alam, let alone believing that Kuwait is a democracy.

What I am trying to say is, yes I have no reason not to believe that the 7ag Il Mar'a Il Siyasy was passed by blackmailing and extortion. I also do not see it as something out of the ordinary.

Welcome to the real world, hommies.

It has also been reported in the interview that two members of parliament were financed by non-other than 7abaayib il sha3b wil ommatain il 3arabiya wel islameya .. Il Qaa3ida.

"Tantatanaanan tan tan"


  • Democracy is a mask used to hide the heinous acts of governments and those with power.

    There's no democracy in Kuwait and there'll never be. Those on top do what they want and move the rest of the country like a puppet-show.

    Need to hear/read more?

    By Blogger MBH, at 19.9.05  

  • you see I never got that either, I mean I never ubderstood what was the fuss all about! so women wanted to help a little what's the big deal! I seriously didn't get what was it, they made themselves look so weak and afraid of competition or something, really they made it an issue when it was simply just a thing.

    By Blogger Spontaneousnessity, at 19.9.05  

  • mbh
    well put.. but i resent the limitation of ur sentence to kuwait, as i do believe that democracy is a theory unrealized now - and come to think of it, am not sure it ever really worked

    dunno what the fuss is all abt if u ask me

    ru talking about the "islamiyeen" (which i believe is the wrong word for them) who were against giving women their right to run/elect?

    if so, im interested in how u focused on this point from the post

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 19.9.05  

  • Temetwir, it wasn't a limitation as it was an example.

    Corruption is in every country, from the poor to the richest.

    I've pointed to this issue in my post 'The Dark Ages'..

    Excuse me for this, but since those Badoo took over everything in Kuwait, it has been sinking -- morally speaking. I don't hate them in person, but there methods and ideology is just retarded and is moved by what Prophet Mohammad resented "Al-Qabaliya".

    By Blogger MBH, at 19.9.05  

  • temetwir, no bel3ax there were people without religious backgrounds if I may say ya3ni I mean they had no religious excuses just were against it for no good reason, my point was not getting the idea of being against such issue from the first place, I just don't get why all this fuss!

    By Blogger Spontaneousnessity, at 19.9.05  

  • mbh
    with power comes corruption

    and "bado" is the wroooong word, but i know who u mean and exactly what ur referring to.. i cant think of another word too, so i know where ur coming from

    ashkara u mean m7amad lem6air heh, anyway .. its not religious, and having said that maybe some of the members of the NA thought it wasnt acceptable to their standards, or plainly dont see a reason for women to run/elect

    i must say however, i dont know how my post turned out to discuss these matters .. interesting nontheless

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 20.9.05  

  • Why are the extremists referred to (always) as islamiyeen? in arabic/english media (Islamists) as if what they are doing or their ideology is islamic...

    I like how Kuwait copies the US in everything except things that are actually beneficial, ie women's rights.


    By Blogger Faith, at 20.9.05  

  • faith
    theyre not referred to as islamiyeen, they CALL themselves that .. and they DO have the right to call themselves whatever they want and in consequence one must "refer" to them with what they have labelled upon themselves

    having said that, this means that ppl should NOT follow blindly what they say .. SIMPLY becoz that is what they have called themselves, and not necessarily what they represent

    how do i say this without passing judgement .. theyre "marketing their agenda" ? sounds fair enough to me

    and plz do tell: how is womens'
    rights a benefit to the political scene?

    just a question, dont get ideas :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 20.9.05  

  • Temetwir, If I may contribute to that question: The impact of women in the parliament.

    The way I see it is that will create a sense of competition between males & females, which will eventually improve the judgements and acts of that rusty parliament.

    Of course, the women chosen now are amazing women, but I'm afraid of what might come through the next years.

    If women in the parliament start abusing their places and think of it as business, then Kuwait is doomed.

    By Blogger MBH, at 20.9.05  

  • mbh
    i disagree

    if the contribution of either gender is based on competition and who will stand out, or either gender trying to prove a point

    then THAT will doom the NA

    exactly like what is happening right now, its as if theres an unspoken of (althu it is apparent) competition between the men; either on the basis of agenda, religious belief, and/or political background

    they should thrive on prosperity, and not competition

    be that as it may, it would need an actual democracy to work .. and since i have made it loud and clear that i believe that there is no such thing in the world, let alone in kuwait, i am speaking about an unrealized theory .. and quite frankly i dont see it happening anytime soon :)

    this talk of men vs women always reminds me of those lousy lebanese tv shows!

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 21.9.05  

  • Temetwir, by competition I meant to compete on achieving most goals that have good reflection on the general public.

    Not a gender "cat-fight"!

    As you said, democracy is a dream far from reality.

    As for those sleezy men vs. women shows, spot on!
    Can you imagine such shows in Kuwait?! LOL! They'll be doing the most sexually tense game of all times, Twister!!! ;p

    By Blogger MBH, at 21.9.05  

  • i don't understand where the al sabah family comes in..? i don't understand why you are so judgemental about their internal family affairs? i don't get you?

    i mean, i couldn't care less about the al sabah internal clashes,etc. all i care about is that they are running the country well, and i believe they are sufficient..

    i mean, try to compare kuwait and its ruling family to the other GCC countries.. thats when you'll appreciate them more..

    we're the most democratic country in the GCC and Arab world.. our turbulent political standing, constant dissoloution of parliment, and stupid laws such as the segregation laws are all due to this democracy..

    think about it?

    i just have one last thing to say, allah layqayir 3alayna o0 ya7fi'6 il kuwait o0 sha3bha min kil makrooh..

    By Blogger Baroque, at 21.9.05  

  • mbh
    man, i cant even start to imagine it

    cant help but ask, did you READ what i wrote?
    ely ta7acha = kan ra'ees amn eldawla, o isma shaikh mish3al jara7 elsoba7

    o shaikh soba7 ela7mad oho ra'es el7ekoma lama marr ganoon 7egog el mar'a elseyasiya

    again, i must ask: u dont see this as a "problem" for shaikh soba7?

    personally i dont know where u get the idea that the post dealt with the soba7iya as rulers, or their efficiency in doing their job as rules - and comparing them with the gcc countries

    and like i said, theres no such thing as a democracy - let alone q8 being one :)

    plz read the post again after reading this o hopefully ull see what the discussion is abt

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 21.9.05  

  • charisma, a common mistake is compare something to something else that is already beneath it.

    You shouldn't be comparing Kuwait to GCC countries, why not compare it to Japan? Switzerland? ...etc.

    By Blogger MBH, at 21.9.05  

  • alsabah family have some fueds between its (TWO) branches!!

    alla yaster !

    By Blogger Brava Valentia, at 21.9.05  

  • mother courage
    do u mean i3yaal (nasl) mbarak and saalim ?

    i THINK those r the two "branches" that el 7ekom yeseer bel tanawob bainhom

    allah yaster ee, bas i dont see it affecting anyone other than the family itself

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 22.9.05  

  • are u kidding me ?

    the fueds are getting too deep , they're buying newab and every branch wants to get the power and that effects our politics in kuwait which also effects the economy since politics and economy are related ... no wonder why we're going down !

    By Blogger Brava Valentia, at 22.9.05  

  • mother courage
    no im not kidding u, and i disagree that this is the main cause of our problems

    however, if what u mean is personal/group agendas.. then yes i agree .. and is what ive said over n over

    but to propose that the branches of elsoba7iya and the "fueds" between them are the main reason for the recent/current problems is something that i dont stand by

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 22.9.05  

  • Temetwir

    am not saying its the "main" reason !. am saying that its very serious , we "the people" might have to do with this problem , but we cant just neglect it we must be aware of its dangerousness !
    ofcourse there are alot of "other" problems ! bs (shay yes7ab shay). if the head is corrupted how would the rest of the body work ? u see my point ?

    By Blogger Brava Valentia, at 22.9.05  

  • mother courage

    however (and i believe this to be true) the "election" of the elsoba7y who becomes il ameer isnt done by the ppl, neither by the NA, they just vote as a yes.. lets not kid ourself, thats just protocol

    tell u the truth, im quite surprised u (and charisma) focused on that point, while we both agree that it IS a matter worthy to keep an eye out for and what consequences it may have.. the discussion right now is abt what sh. mish3al eljara7 said .. which is that the current govt "mawwilat tamreer ganoon 7egog el mar'a el seyasiya"

    i will not say "a corrupt govt", becoz thats just a connotation which comes with the term "government" .. ie, in all reality y3ni, a corrupt entity

    which is basically what ur saying: if the head is corrupt, how would the body work?

    so, u tell me: theres a source (somewhat credible, althu u MUST question his motives) which claims that the CURRENT HEAD - sh. sobaa7 - is indeed corrupt and did indeed pass a law thru blackmail and extortion

    dont get me wrong i do believe that we're both talking about the same concept, but pointing the finger at different details :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 22.9.05  

  • basically this is an ENDLESS discussion !

    By Blogger Brava Valentia, at 23.9.05  

  • i am confused..
    i am clueless..
    i don't know where you're going..

    no further comments whatsoever..

    By Blogger Baroque, at 23.9.05  

  • MC
    it is, yes

    honestly, u started it hehe

    ah well, whats done is done :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 23.9.05  

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