Second Best

"Just when I thought that I was out, they pull me back in." The words of none other than Don Michael Corleone.

You plan things in the hopes that they work out the way you wanted them to in the first place. Expecting everything to run smoothly will just break your heart along the way, so it has become a habit of mine to expect nothing. Not the best, not the worst. Nothing. Expect nothing and you shall never be disappointed.

On very rare occasions, matters unfold to lay before you as even better than what you have wished for. You tell yourself you've been a good boy or girl and this is what good boys and girls get in return - errr - good things, that is.

Ofcourse, as always, there is a catch. When something better than you expected happens, you are better off with taking it and keeping your mouth shut. The Russian saying goes something like "When life is good.. it is better not to question why."

But what happens when you are one step away from even getting a yet better deal? Life sure can be sweet sometimes, you think.

If you are lost now, this is a review:
a- you expect something to happen
b- what you expected does not happen - something better does
c- however, you could get an even better deal than (b)

The question is, should one settle for what he has? The easy answer would be: Yes, espicially since it is even better than what he would have settled for in the first place. Ni3ma mn rab il 3alimeen, no doubt. But how about izyaadat il ni3ma?

I am not going to specify this to a "certain something", as to not limit the discussion. As well as to leave the floor for each and every one of you to understand it freely.

Would you really, honestly, settle for second-best. Given that you have already set your mind to accept third-best?


  • I tend to disagree on the ability to set one's mind not expect at all so as not to get let down. I think its one of those ingredients we carry that can only be managed when we have the time to decide, but certainly not when we are emotional or desperate.
    As for settling down for what we have, yes it is valid if the risk of changing was too high, but if results seem feasible then it makes the difference between using telex & sms.

    By Blogger Luckybellybuddha, at 16.9.05  

  • As mistletoe said, If feasible, why not take it?

    By Blogger MBH, at 16.9.05  

  • mistletoe
    great contribution.. love the fact that its not specific to any subject

    also, i guess u and mbh make perfect common sense.. "if its up for grabs, dont pass"

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 16.9.05  

  • "Just when I thought that I was out, they pull me back in." The words of none other than Don Michael Corleone.

    i love ... i realy love the godfather... it has the answers to lifes questions ... :)

    lol sorry emrakiz 3la ur 1st part of the blog... its nice :)

    By Blogger A.J.Q, at 16.9.05  

  • Temetwir, one shouldn't fear the options as long as the consequence is clear.

    "Those who fear, wear." -- MBH
    wear as in to fatigue, weary, or exhaust.

    By Blogger MBH, at 16.9.05  

  • I think if you expect nothing so that you don't get disappointed then you also will never be excited or happy. You just remain as is. No aspiration, aims, no goals. Isn't that a life of just mere existence?

    I think people should always aim high and try to acheive their dreams. Not to just go with the hand that's dealt better things are always around if you try to reach them

    By Blogger samboose, at 16.9.05  

  • ajq ma7ad yeloomek b the godfather

    mbh i guess that does make sense

    samboose hmm ur a bit off-course here,
    but since u mentioned that one should aspire to realize dreams .. would u settle for realizing the dream, period?

    or would u bargain for something that exceeds ur expectations of the dream, if the opportunity rises?

    the guys have agreed on that if its feasible and risk is minimum, then go with it and change the realization

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 16.9.05  

  • "Expect nothing and you shall never be disappointed" is a very wise way of life. It's true that no matter what you do u can not predict everything. But we still have to plan for our future and what we want, there for, the best plan is that which acknoledges the unknowns and leaves some space & flexibility to deal with them as they may come. I don't think I would settle for second best. I would be happy and content with it but in the long run I would want to go on and seek first best. Because each one of us deserves the very best they can do for themselves. That's what it means to live your potential fully & your not asking for much really, just the full aplication of what god already gave u!

    By Blogger Peach, at 17.9.05  

  • this italian guy once told me "don't expect anything and everything will be fine"

    I know it seems stupid but he has a point, soemtimes you have to let this flow, not to just sit back and watch but to do your best and expect the least expected.

    I tried, I couldn't do as well as I thought I could..

    I guess I was expecting more!

    By Blogger Spontaneousnessity, at 17.9.05  

  • peach u say it in much better words than i do .. i think we're eye to eye on this one

    spontaneous i like what u said about do ur best and expect the least in return.. and what about u? since u say u expected more, that means u wont settle for 2nd best?

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 17.9.05  

  • never, I try my best, I do let things flow bs mo ma3nata I accept where they go, to accept them is one thing and to settle for them is something else, accepting with some means adjusting..
    2nd best is still not best, we still try.

    By Blogger Spontaneousnessity, at 17.9.05  

  • I say aim high and if you reach it then start aiming higher.

    Life's a risk, anything you do will have some risk in it. All depends if you're willing to go for them or not. For me I go all the way because I believe I can reach it. Eventually at least;)

    By Blogger samboose, at 17.9.05  

  • spontaneous knew u had it in u

    samboose "aim high, shoot higher" i guess ;)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 17.9.05  

  • Yes I myself will settle for second best, gladly.
    But I can't and won't ever let the ones I love settle for less than the best.
    It's always been that way.
    I'd be thankful for whatever I get, and never expect too much from anyone, I'd spare myself the heartache.

    And I found out when u expect nothing you end up with a content soul and a fortune :)

    By Blogger Noor, at 18.9.05  

  • 'Tis important to aim for the best and go for the better but just as important is to be content with ones self

    "Alqana3a kanzon la yafna"

    By Blogger A3sab, at 18.9.05  

  • om siraj
    spoken like a true mother-of-the-year.. now that u make me think of it, i guess id settle for even third-best so someone i love can get the best .. great addition to the matter at hand

    a3sab sa7 elsanich, but what about u? do u expect in return (not really a reward, but along those lines) or do u do ur best and just wait?

    honestly, i didnt expect so many diverse opinions .. i thought it would be either a "yes" or "no"!

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 18.9.05  

  • i'm confused myself about this expectations thing..

    i guess you should expect certain things to happen, things that you can control, but to not expect things that you have no control whatsoever on..

    madree its confusing.. everything is confusing those days!

    bs i like your perspective on things..

    hehe took your comment into consideration, what do you think of my post now?

    By Blogger Baroque, at 19.9.05  

  • charisma
    interesting, but what can u really control??

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 19.9.05  

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