Working out can cause more harm than good for a guy. He senses the attitude towards him even when he's with his family going out. He sees it in the eyes of others when he's standing in row bel jam3eya. If he has one hand on the steering wheel, he turns to meet the stare of those alligned next to him on a red light. When he's being nice, you think he has an agenda. When he's acting normally, you think he's a dick.

No I'm not on steroids, all natural baby, WooHoo. But I know this to be true for two main reasons:
a) It happens all the time when I make the time to go to the gym for 2 weeks straight.
b) It happens almost every time I wear a t-shirt.

Oh yea, you know the t-shirts I'm talking about. The ones you just love to hate. Tight around the arms, fitted to the shoulders. Yeah bitch, I see you lookin'.

For those of you who know me, you know I have it easy since I'm not one of those pumped up on primo and decca and look no where near them. But when I'm out with one of my friends who are, it just gets... insulting (?) I guess.

I mean this one time we were in il Fanar's parking lot in the basement. We walk towards the lift and there's this group of girls, like 17-19 year olds. We walk in, and instantly you could just feel the tension in the air. The looks, the whispers. We're right here, you know?

So anyway the lift opens and they rush in, hands on their bags and give us the 'look'. No, I'm not imagining this and you know it's true. Still quiet, we go in and take the other corner. Shakelna ig6aawa wallah kel wa7ed raasa bel arth. We arrive at the cinema floor and while trying to get the tickets from the damn machine (the one which never works the first time, ely you book online), you see the moms rushing their kids away as if we're going to kidnap them or something. What the fuck, mom?

We make the mistake of our lives and walk in 10 minutes early before the show. The guys with their families in the upper rows keep an eye on us just incase we decide to make a move on one of their sisters or something. Sh teswa 3alaik ten6ag hehe. Chill, mafakah.

Needless to say, we took the stairs back down after the movie.

You probably have this misconception that all guys who look like they work out are gay or something. Well I got news for you, you're gay for thinking that. And yeah, gay is an insult so STFU. As far as steroids are concerned, loads of my friends are on that shit (and yes, one can do without), and loads of them are married. Many are parents for quite some time, while many others continue to have newborns.

Anyway, next time you come across somebody who looks like he works out, remember this post. To the guys, we do have families too, you know. And girls trust me, we wouldn't take notice of all the above if it weren't just so damn obvious on your part. Now STFU before I beat you up.

*This post is brought to you by "I-haven't-had-a-decent-workout-in-three-months".
*You doesn't refer to you. Same goes for STFU, so yeah, STFU.


  • LOL...How in heaven's name do you do it? The option still remains of my hopes that one day, your brain will be disected for research to explore the many wonderous thoughts and moods that land upon your "mashallah" controversial and inspring head! You jump from one subject to another at the pace of one of your fancy sports cars...:)...I love it! Of course I take credit for the fact that you are a Pisces like myself (regardless if you don't believe in this stuff) we are a species that are known for deep, shocking and untraditional thoughts...

    As for the big hunks that girls stare at...from my perspective...if a man has biceps that are worth looking at...(impressive) I don't see why I'm not aloud to admire them...on the other hand..there's the "BLIMP" looking guy who purposely sucks in his stomach, squeezes biceps and looks at us in the corner of his eye on the hopes that he's impressed us that looks pretty pathetic...so at the end of the day..I say that there are two sides to every coin...there is you..who no doubt couldn't give a rats ass if the girl was impressed and then there's the BLIMP who's doing the whole thing just to impress...just as there are girls who admire for the sake of admiration then there's the girls who want to figure out if the guy's gay or not....and now...without further adew...I shall...with all modesty and class....STFU!..:)...You're the bomb!

    By Blogger MissCosmoKuwait, at 23.11.05  

  • I don't know man, some people and I say some are like that especially the ones who used to look at other peoples wife's or sisters, e7aseb enaas killhom nafsa, and going to the gym is not only to look good as you know, it's to keep your body and heart healthy.

    so don't stop it just because you look good now, you'll have karshat elwajaha before you know it if you did ;)

    By Blogger Hattorihanzo, at 24.11.05  

  • It's good to see guys being subjected to the gaze, although it's not as objectifying as the one we girls get so often, anyhow, it's quite refreshing to know that we are not alone ;)

    By Blogger shosho, at 24.11.05  

  • misscosmo takhjileen tawathu3na 1st, and im not saying its the "eyeing of the sexes" .. im talking abt guys, parents, teachers, drs, everybody has this idea which is so obvious

    not sure what a blimp is, but if those r the guys who walk as if theyre on a stage for mr olympia, then yeah they sometimes get on my nerve, sometimes theyre friends lol

    oh and i think theres a great misconception towards guys on steroids in general when ppl (women) think that theyre probably gay becoz of what theyre "injecting into their body" ..
    which as i say is stupid

    -note: have no idea what the pisces stuff refers to

    bo fay, yea exactly .. now that u mention it im definitely not into the whole "lean body" stuff, on the contrary its just to stay fit - none of that stuff abt extreme diets, maydoor 6al 3omrek

    hahah 7elwa karshat el wajaha,, gasdek el waghaar :P LOL but yeah sarli fatra now mn yeet ehni i didnt work out - no gym, just walking .. ma yfeedni
    and btw i take it ur one of "us", geltly ena u work out at platinum or oxygen

    the thing with the "gaze" that gets on my nerve is its as if we're all being judged and being labelled as "hetleya" or "gizeeza" .. and its true, many times ive been asked directly the question so as i say im not imagining this

    that said, i contend that it has nothing similar to the 'looks' some grls get - becoz MOST often times than not, grls bring it upon themselves (first), and second, as i say to misscosmo, and is my main point: its not just abt the other gender, im talking abt everyone :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 24.11.05  

  • hehehe ;P
    u sound frustrated..

    u sound like u're going thru
    the "ma7ad yifhamneey/ no one understands me" phase...

    don't try to change the muscular male stereotype, cuz its more true than false.. and u may be a rare case that proves it wrong..

    + i don't get the whole muscle machine look with the tight shirts that seem like they're going to get ripped if one moves a muscle.. EwWw! disgusting..

    + advice, not all girls love this macho man thing.. the only attention u'll get is from bimbos.. to some men, thats a good thing.. oh well, "birds of similar feather flock together"

    ;p~ IS this long enough?

    By Blogger Baroque, at 24.11.05  

  • charisma la its not like that, im just saying it as it is (besides im not in q8 fa bas chethy 6arat 3ala baly elsalfa thekart`ha)

    anyway.. tell u what, email me at matyara911@hotmail.com with the names of 20 guys u know who work out, and then give me 11 of them which u KNOW to be from the "muscular male stereotype" .. i think that sounds fair

    i know what u mean abt the really REALLY tight shirts, and i agree ma lehom da3i

    and why is this turning into what girls like and what they dont?

    tabeen akteblich 10 kotob 3an she7ebon el banat o asdemich? :P

    and no its not long enough, qarday

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 24.11.05  

  • Allow me to make an arse out of myself, but what the hell is STFU?
    I've racked my fried brain..it's just not coming to me!

    I gotta say.. it is the consensus that when you go to the gym, any hot buff guy is probably gay or has an extreme case of metrosexualism. Then there's the inferiority complex theory..

    Personally, I just think it's nice to be healthy.. and if he wants to make it easy on my eyes, more power to him. But steroid buffed is just ...odd.

    By Blogger Trevelyana, at 24.11.05  

  • agree with charisma, most of u guys m3athleen have attitude problems

    especially ur steroids friends with their extra small tiny body t shirts

    hmm..i miss the gym too .. enshalla next week ill back on track

    keep it up

    By Blogger Mohammad Al-Yousifi, at 25.11.05  

  • i did a presentation on steroids back in college . seriously it sucks ... a7la shaii el natural ... i dont remember hot guys in our department ,,, wut class are you? ;-p

    By Blogger Mother Courage, at 25.11.05  

  • taking steroids is an art, very few guys know how to do it in a way that doesnt harm their kidneys, livers, and fertility.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25.11.05  

  • leeno its short for "shut the fuck up", just an expression not to be taken seriously

    abt the gay/metrosexual theory .. its just what the media is advertising .. and say WHAT, inferiority complex? never heard of that one, but im betting its a classic

    and there r hundreds and hundreds of anabolic steroids, each and every one of them does a particular job.. so if some1 doesnt know what he's doing or just wants size then yeah it'll look odd

    kila ma6goog
    LOL !! esma7li bas sej tha7akt, coming from u i KNOW ur just messing around hahah
    and my 'steroid friends' with extra tight shirts r ur friends too :p

    yea definitely missing the gym wel rabi3 here too :/ good luck with going back, take over and cover neyabatan 3ani 3ala ma arid so i can own everybody there again :P

    mother c, really? i did a presentation on steroids too (conversation class - BORING)
    who said anything abt me being hot? im probably the guy who u looked at and said "maskeeeen el jeker la3eb feh filem" :P
    but anyway, im a `00 guy ehehe
    besides, u know el shella ely kanaw yeg3edoon near the gym in kaifan? (3al benches ta7t el mathalaat) .. sometimes im one of them ;p

    anonymous THANK YOU THANK YOU .. i would add its a science, and then an art .. but YES thats what im talking abt
    and yea, if its unsupervised like it should be then a lot of shit can happen.. and im not denying that it did to a number of other friends too

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.11.05  

  • I wasn't talking about the nature of the gaze but the position of being subjected to it, and that's why I said that the gaze you are getting is not as objectifying as the one we girls get.

    And I don't like the argument that girls get attention because they sought it in the first place. I appreciate the fact that you placed 'MOST girls' to lessen the pain, but I still find it hurtful :(

    Oh and we girls do gaze on each other - checking the outfits and makeup :P

    By Blogger shosho, at 25.11.05  

  • Temetwir: That was fucking hilarious. You should write more directly more often.

    Concerning the muscled-man stereotype: So why do you (or they) pump up then? Is the attention you receive more than enough even if you don't act upon it? It's like how women state that they like dressing up (with a mask of a bitch of make-up) yet declare that it's just for themselves and no one else!

    One does not have to go to the gym nor lift weights of any kind to stay fit and toned.

    By Blogger TANTALIZE, at 25.11.05  

  • tantalize thanks,
    and yea its "they", am not pumped up in any way, however this is what i gotta say

    - its either a hobby, or a requirement (a LOT of PE teachers r into it becoz its what they do) .. just like running, just like swimming.. a form of excercise - which can also include a lot of swimming and what not

    - personally, id rather spend time at the gym and socialize with guys who all have something in common, just have a good time, and 'work out my problems' or 'happy moods', all over wasting time in malls or cafes

    - grls dressing up and then saying 'its just for myself' is not on the same level, simply becoz u dont see guys taking their shirts off and taking their wights and work out near Fridays for instance and say 'we like it here' .. as opposed to grls putting it all out there in public and then say 'oh but i dont mean anything'

    its more than abt fitness as i say, its a means of spending time and getting smthng useful out of it, as well as something which one enjoys, PLUS giving an opportunity for a lot of guys to talk abt stuff they all share interest in

    as for myself on an even more personal level, its a great chance to spend more time with my dad

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.11.05  

  • ;P
    maly khilg..
    dikht :P~

    By Blogger Baroque, at 26.11.05  

  • charisma
    khalas wala yehemich, lech mn elyom laih 26/11/2010 to prove it

    whenever u know what ur talkin abt, ill be happy to listen no worries there :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 26.11.05  

  • Personally, I find it refreshing how Kuwaiti boys are taking more care of what they look like. I mean us girls obsess about it endlessly it's not fair! Figures matter! Not just for girls, but for guys too. Also, keep in mind, most Kuwaiti guys are of medium heights so they're not tall. Actually they're often short by "ajanib" standards. So it would be better if they tried to add to their looks by pumping up.

    By Blogger ZinZinQ8, at 30.11.05  

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