مائة يوم ويوم

Things you learn in 101 days living in the UK.

  1. There's no place like home.
  2. A7la banat, banat il deerah.
  3. Not even 2 out of 98 British girls are attractive.
  4. Opening a bank account isn't worth the money (?).
  5. 8mb internet connection is a life-saver.
  6. You can get a degree without stepping foot in the library.
  7. Buses aren't all that.
  8. Only 1 out of 37 cars is worth noticing in the UK.
  9. You can almost say 'cheers' in response to anything.
  10. Don't ever say cheers, say 'chairz' with just a hint of the /r/
  11. Always finish with a tag question. "iz no' like amma finish the blady asay in a week, now iz i`?"
  12. Everybody sounds better than British peeps, they all have pathetic voices.
  13. But then again everybody sounds better with a british accent
  14. They take their lunch-breaks seriously here.
  15. They take sandwiches seriously, sheghel toast emgasas into triangles.
  16. They take chips even more seriously. PaKiTaKRiSPs <--
  17. You still wouldn't know why they laugh on something that's not funny, not in 101 days.
  18. British chicks will check you out on a regular basis if you're not RED and BLONDE.
  19. Mondays are the worst since it's the loudest before lectures. Probably because everyone got laid over the weekend.
  20. Over the weekend, you can tell exactly what the score of a football match is if you count the "YEAAAHH"s coming from the stadium near your apartment.
  21. You can tell how many times someone almost scored if you count the "OooooooHHHHHHHHH"s.
  22. And you can also tell how many "nice plays" there were if you count the applause.
  23. I3yal el engelaiz wayed wayed waaaayed id3al.
  24. You learn the importance of filters for running drinking water.
  25. You learn that it takes 15 minutes to organize a living room.
  26. And only 1 minute to mess it all over again.
  27. You can't learn to call a professor by his or her first name. You're programmed to say Dr first, no matter how much they insist.
  28. The Kuwaiti embassy sucks.
  29. You know that on one of the next 101 days, shakly ra7 a6eg the chinese delivery guy.
  30. There is NO SUBSTITUTE for: jeben abyath, khyar o 6oma6 imgasas weya khobz lebnani/irani.
  31. The Arab guys hate you once they know you're Kuwaiti. You refrain from resorting to violence.
  32. Your Kuwaiti casual wardrobe puts even models to shame.
  33. The British let alllll this rain go to waste. Ma yesta3rethon b parking lots.
  34. Internet shopping is fun since shipping isn't a bitch and fast.
  35. Temetwir + school work = 8mb connection + downloads, instead.
  36. Being asked out for coffee shouldn't be responded to by "Yaaaa.. I don't think so".
  37. Nor by "Yaaaaa.. am not too big on coffee"
  38. Everyone in the UK is tall. Even the kids.
  39. There are more babies in trollies, than there are mothers (?)
  40. You get the idea that babies are made, you rarely see fathers. Only mothers. But then again you see more babies than mothers (??)
  41. You get a clearer perspective as to what you want to do with your life here. Somehow. Madri.
  42. You still don't get a hang of the etiquette involved when the couple in line infront of you are kissing. But you almost always say "chairz" when they say "sorry".
  43. A moment when an English baby is slapped by his MuMMy is a moment of joy for you.
  44. You reallllly start to like the older crowd. Senior citizens are the shit!
  45. You keep quiet on an average of 22hrs a day. As opposed to the 9hrs back in Kuwait. That's a lot of not saying anything.
  46. Never answer the phone when caller ID says "Out of area" if you're not expecting family.
  47. After 101 days, you get the hang of deals and you start to appreciate the "2 for 1" offers at M&S.
  48. You becomes your best friend.
  49. Thoughts of your family keep you going.
  50. The UK is gay.


  • I grinned, smiled, and laughed. This is by far one of my fave posts on your blogsite :) Very honest and from the heart, just the way I like it :) Tc...

    By Blogger Erzulie, at 6.12.05  

  • LoooooooL
    ma adri lish i was trying to read it with a bri'esh accent


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6.12.05  

  • Hmmm
    Ok, I'd say:
    - home is where the heart is :-)
    - banatna wayed 7ilween ture, but I wouldn't generalize... btw, you've been to Sweden?
    - I'd agree with this one (but your percentage is unfair, big time) & btw this makes me think that you meant by "a7la banat" as in "physically" in which case, could I recommend for you to pass by Holland, Sweden, Belgium (or one of them), while you're there & then lets read your blog :-)
    - why? Tasheelat'hom a7san, try having a visa card in Kuwait vs. UK if you were self/unemployed for instance :-/
    - hmmmm… how?
    - la 3ad ashwa ma gilt ina our buses a7san…:-)
    - their purpose of buying cars Tem is more related to getting from A-B .
    - cool :-)
    - or Ta?
    - :-)
    - So what is the reference line for what "good sounding" ought to be like.
    - hmmm
    - awagif hinee, must go to work.. Allah eywafgik o trid bissalama :-)

    By Blogger Luckybellybuddha, at 6.12.05  

  • Thakartni when I lived in London and made the mistake of going shopping on valentines day. There was a love fest in the metro and its so friggin crowded that you dont know where to look to look away. bess tig3ad wit6ali3 il gaa3 chinik bayig. Wala if your mom is with you, 7adda fashla and I get so giggli!

    By Blogger ZinZinQ8, at 6.12.05  

  • With all the fog in Kuwait these days..and all this talk about London...it's giving me the chills..:)...that was fun to read...and I know exactly how you feel...ofcourse those that haven't left Kuwait in a long time...just wouldn't understand!

    By Blogger MissCosmoKuwait, at 6.12.05  

  • ambaaaaaay inta okhooooy sij

    u had me laughing grinning ashkrara and i forgot i was at the pc lab at college....people were giving me looks....anyway...i wish i could comment on all points

    The Kuwaiti embassy sucks.


    By Blogger Delicately Realistic, at 7.12.05  

  • Temetwir are you home sick ??

    usually you miss home in your first year , but then u'll get used to it and when u're finally home, u just want to go back to england.

    "A moment when an English baby is slapped by his MuMMy is a moment of joy for you"

    LOL totally AGREE

    but you also forgot to mention that they rarely take a shower !!
    i always thought they stink w sha3arhum kela mdahen!

    By Blogger Mother Courage, at 7.12.05  

  • SO TRUE!

    I could relate to most of it

    but the kuwaitis hate you part? Is that true? I thought Kuwaitis start to love Kuwaitis when their not in q8?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7.12.05  

  • erzulie heh yeah nothing controversial, ur a peacemaker rnt u .. glad u liked

    laialy 3ad ba3athhom ma yamshon ela in a bri'ish accent, good going :p

    me3rsna nop never been to sweden n all that but TRUST me, ive had it with europeans and blondes and what not.. NO MORE NO MORE .. man not to sound like a womanizer but every time i see a 'gulf-spec' grl here, i just smile..
    hmm the bank account was agonizing becoz the woman @ the bank wouldnt take my word for me being enrolled at the university, nor the unconditional offer, nor a letter of sponsorship hehe ..
    finally, british peeps have pathetic voices am guessing becoz of the loads of pints of beer they drink even before they could speak :P

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 7.12.05  

  • zinzinq8
    hehe o wedich yekonon 3al agal 3AL AGAL 7elween, jeyaker o maa te7la lehom el bosa ela at a line..
    heh the mom comment reminds me of when we were in london and my mom and aunts would tell us "cover ur eyes", ayaam :))

    true .. and am glad u liked too, i guess the UK is okay for a week with family or friends or both .. but it just isnt for every q8i

    dCC, heh shakla ur bro maskeen mo emkhaly shay em6ale3 7arreta bel sifaara .. is he an undergrad? i hear the treatment SUCKS big time.. myself, am just referring to the financial dept

    mother c, homesick? no (ive been asked this question so many times i now can answer in an essay) .. but, as i said to misscosmo, the UK isnt for every q8i am afraid .. y3ni ive got friends who love it here so it all depends.. and im only here for a year and 1/3 the way already, allah kareem..
    abt the showers, hmm la wala madri personal hygiene doesnt seem to be an issue,, maybe ur thinking abt the french heh

    heh thanks for the certification, i was wondering if some1 would relate or just take it for fun..
    abt the hate-part .. i didnt mean q8is hate q8is, not at all .. i meant syrian guys for example giving u an attitude when they know ur from kuwait, so much in fact u just wanna smack 'em
    but oh well, not all of them (mo men ketherhom aslan)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 7.12.05  

  • hehe Tem :-)
    La 7aram 3alayk, feehom ele et6aye7 el6ayr min el sema but speaking seriously, it’s the brains that count really.
    You know I find it sad what you're saying about Kuwaitis being not so popular, I lived with a large group of Iraqis & wallah there was nothing but sincerity between us. shame :-(
    By the way, a word of warning regarding the britts (& it can hurt btw), you can invite an English person, & I am not generalizing there are exceptions, for dinner, cigarettes, drinks you name it, everyday of the week but don't be surprised if he one day comes with a plate and sits next to you, goes through it without a word of tfathal.
    They think of it as "It was your choice to give me what you did but it doesn't mean that I should feel obliged to do the same". Hurts at the beginning but soon one learns to eat in front of them without saying tfathal or having the guilt of it. This does not apply to the Irish/Welsh o ppl min (scotlandah, I love them).
    Trid bisalama wil tawfiq :-)

    By Blogger Luckybellybuddha, at 7.12.05  

  • Temetwir great article i like it

    By Blogger Zeus, at 7.12.05  

  • me3rsna hehe never knew that abt the brits, but then again thankfully am not socializing with 'em much..
    and it is sad that theres tension, but u know maybe its just in my head and its their nature to be grumpy .. but who am i kidding heh

    wicked hala wala, and thank u am happy u did :))

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 7.12.05  

  • its funny how true this is

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7.12.05  

  • Guys, Im curious, wht's the deal with the embassy? When I was in London I didn't need them at all so never had interactions. Do you mean the cultural division?

    By Blogger ZinZinQ8, at 7.12.05  

  • anonymous chairz :)

    zinzin did u study or work here?
    i dont have to be in contact with the embassy that much, at 1st i had to so they send me the papers of sponsorship and financial guarantee that i present to the univ at registration..
    and then after setting a bank account, to give 'em the acc number and sort code..
    here is where i say they suck.. besides, they dont really answer phones, and for the life of me (7elwa hathy) madri laish they dont get a full q8i staff!

    so yes, the cultural office, and personally i have issues with the financial dept.. the undergrads have a whole lot of stories to tell abt the embassy as a whole

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 7.12.05  

  • Ah I see. The cultural division here in the States is great with that stuff. No problems at all mashalaa... Plus they use email and stuff so I can actually contact my advisor via email and she reponds pretty fast too.

    By Blogger ZinZinQ8, at 7.12.05  

  • No.1:

    A moment when an English baby is slapped by his MuMMy is a moment of joy for you. LOL!!

    "Never answer the phone when caller ID says "Out of area" if you're not expecting family." ..Why??

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7.12.05  

  • ok here goes... I am a British guest here in Q8, when I read your comments I was amazed at your arrogance, this type of attitide is what causes other nationalities to misunderstand Arabs in general. Not everything in my country is wonderful, but your ignorant comments on girls, cars and people in general are pathetic. to get something out of life you must put something in, you obviously go around with your head up your arse if all you can say is shit..... My experience of Q8's has always been great, thank God I have never met you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7.12.05  

  • zinzin wish i could hear the same coming from someone studying in the UK

    no.1 heh its true
    and the thing abt not answering out of area calls is becoz theyre mostly companies trying to sell u something, mobiles or whatever.. i would guess theyre calling from india or something ... rag3at el talefon bewyoohom eb baiza :)

    anonymous so lets see.. ur all worked up and called me an arrogant, lazy, racist, proud arab becoz i:

    -dont 'reckon' british grls attractive
    -dont 'fancy' suvs and boxes for cars
    -noted that there are a lot of mothers pushing their babies around in trollies
    -and that the majority of the population have thick voices

    and also for stating that living in the UK is way more expensive than in q8.. ?

    "aye? yer bein' a blady wonka so a sajest ye shut ye pie hole n stop actin' like a knit wit, jus' sod off"

    now if yel excuse yeself, amma gaw sip me a kap a tee n have me sam a doz biskits :))

    seriously now.. stop being so pathetic, ive been taught by the british all my life, lived with them during the invasion and now doing my postgrad degree with them again .. i really really dont need u to tell me how i should feel about them

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 7.12.05  

  • "Ma yesta3rethon b parking lots."
    senat el '3arga bel Kuwait, guys went on Jet skiis around the blocks helping people out, ... , and having fun.

    "There are more babies in trollies, than there are mothers (?)"
    Because they get laid per week...

    "A moment when an English baby is slapped by his MuMMy is a moment of joy for you."
    No police ninja cats jumping on her for child abuse?

    "You reallllly start to like the older crowd. Senior citizens are the shit!"
    I tend not to like my own poop, thank you.

    "Never answer the phone when caller ID says "Out of area" if you're not expecting family."
    The usual "Baba!! nabi khobiz!" call? Those freakin kids! They should be compressed into corn cans and sent to Mars.


    Enjoy your 8MB babe while it lasts...

    By Blogger MBH, at 7.12.05  

  • funny teme, but why would you wanna see a mummy slapping her baby??

    By Blogger A3sab, at 7.12.05  

  • mbh man tell me abt it.. 3ad in my area theres now a TWENTY-FOUR-MB connection, ammm7ag..
    but with 8mb, mo emkhaly shay o imsakeb my studies, hal door 24? la belaah ketabt one page heh

    om mejrin, by baby i mean like a 3-4 yr old toddler.. o madri wanasa lama yeray7ona men 7annathom o rannathom

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 7.12.05  

  • yallah 3ad, its not that bad..

    By Blogger Baroque, at 7.12.05  

  • charisma
    heh who said anything abt it being "bad"? its just things i got to know/observe over time.. chillll babes

    again, its not homesickness but thanks i guess.. shakelkom mn kether ma 7anaitaw that in fact it is homesickness, its gonna kick in over the holidays :p no place like home, a truth

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 7.12.05  

  • Temmy yeah hes undergrad...maskeen they didnt give him allowance for 3 whole months and wouldnt return his calls. O zain sawait ib anonymous u put him in his place. i3yal ilingilaiz id3al sij cuz they ask too many questions (u should have seen me when i was a kid...ma2saaaat) anyway....but i love it when they go:
    so cute!
    O and senior citizens rock! All u have to do is say hello and they will tell every little detail of the day since they woke up which is fun when ur lonely and have noone but urself. Luvs it!

    By Blogger Delicately Realistic, at 7.12.05  

  • dCC, allah ywafgah and yeah i heard abt the skipping of allowance.. golay 7ag okhoch "shlonha Malak?" heh ملك not ملاك

    o tara btw i just read ur previous comment o estaw3abt ur in college .. a7asbech metwathfa

    nou3y el thaher kel ma 6aal el nick, kel ma zaad el 3omor, 3arafty? hehe

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 7.12.05  

  • looooool

    ajma3een inshAllah :) Whats Malak?

    Lol I'm still older than u I think :/ Anyway if I had studied something else I would be mitwathfa min zimaaaan so ma ri7t ib3eed.

    By Blogger Delicately Realistic, at 7.12.05  

  • dc,
    malak is a woman working in the finacial dept.. he surely knows her or atleast spoke with her

    and good luck w/ ur major inshala nefra7 b takharujich soon hang in there

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 7.12.05  

  • lol this is so funny lol made me cwack up yo ;)

    e7em since when r english kids eda3l lol enjoyeddddddddd

    made me laugh cos i jus realised when u wrote it that i ALWAYS say yes miss or yes maam or yes sir lol to my lecturers like a nerd :(
    afaaaaaa gotta stop lol

    By Blogger hibbalicious, at 7.12.05  

  • hibba u should know abt the english kids.. all they seem to want is more bloody cookies n milk! enough already hehehe

    and yeah tell me abt it, if i dont call them "dr", i gotta use "sir",, am a soljaaaaaah hehe

    zinzinq8 check ur email!

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 7.12.05  

  • AWESOME LIST... The thing I related to the most was the "2 for 1" deals at Marks & Spencer. Folks, you just don't know how expensive grocery shopping can get unless you've lived in London.

    وبعدين عيال الانجليز مو متربين على سنع... يبيلهم تقرص :-)

    By Blogger Mushmushi, at 7.12.05  

  • Great fun reading your blog!
    And soooo true !

    By Blogger Evil Knievel, at 8.12.05  

  • I loved this list! It would apply to me in the US, save for the senior citizen bits. They're the ones who glare and mutter about terrorists.

    Besides, your broadband/internet connection becomes your best friend :D

    By Blogger Sapphire, at 8.12.05  

  • Temetwir: I know what you need to release all that tension and homesickness. No need to mention it here though in front of some of your female groupies. (kidding)

    The new breed of British "birds" are hot though. Maybe it's after seeing them in Spain especially Ibiza that they appeared hot. ;^)

    By Blogger TANTALIZE, at 8.12.05  

  • mushmushi hehe thats right, i was talking to a friend online awal ma wosalt o galy ha shlon il as3aar.. i told him 3aady mo ga3ed a7is.. he said "lo shetsawi, NEVER EVER EVER TRY TO CONVERT TO KD" lol .. 7a6ha b rasi now thats all i do

    evil knievel welcome, glad u like it :))

    sapphire am sure if u change itsy bitsies here n there itll apply on the states and works like a charm.. and the 8mb connection is ur worst enemy.. q8i mo mal itlageena wayh at 500kb/s dloading torrents hehe

    tantalize lol, so THATS why they want to learn "holiday spanish" .. but nah man birds here aint worth the effort of hunting down ;p

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 8.12.05  

  • Do they still say "Oy!" wila la2? i always hated that word.. wait it isnt even a word.. unintelligent freaks! (u can tell ina ma7ib british people :P)

    By Blogger the 101, at 8.12.05  

  • loool..that is one of the best :D
    LOVE IT..:D

    By Blogger Rimyoleta, at 8.12.05  

  • the 101
    heh Oy Vey hathee malat el yahod .. bas la i know what u mean "OY.. STOP BEING SILLY" heheh, o 7aram 3alaik the brits are the best :))

    rimyoleta hala bel gaa63a, glad u did :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 8.12.05  

  • "Female groupies"??!

    Hehehe someone sounds jealous!

    'Kidding' ;P

    Gigi, amusedly

    By Blogger Gigi, at 8.12.05  

  • me Not ga63a :D
    you Know I love everything you write ..wallah Missed you man:D

    By Blogger Rimyoleta, at 9.12.05  

  • Great post Temetwir !!

    I agree with you with every point. well nearly :-) I love your flow between Arabic and English.

    By Blogger BitterSweet, at 9.12.05  

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