He lay on the floor, on his back, supporting his neck with two cushions of the dowaneya's furniture. You would have guessed, judging from the look on his face, that he just heard a name he knew being announced dead on the tele. Far from it, in fact, since Jay Leno was on. He used to think Leno was the funniest guy on TV. Far from it now, it seems.
He looked to his side and cursed under his breath noticing the ashtray was full of the waste of the filth he's just acquired a nasty taste for two days ago. He sprung up and emptied the ashtray in the bin, got back to his covers and cushions and noticed his mobile swerving on the floor silently. He knew it was her, so he ignored and proceeded to the fridge to get a coke. Then returned to watch bad television.

He has been weighing his situation ever since he saw her. It was her birthday three days ago, you see, and so he decided to skip work at the bank and go to the hospital to meet his wife. No, it's not like that.
His wife's a doctor who just turned twenty five. His idea of being romantic was to pick twenty four white flowers and one red to stand out representing the new year. He also thought that since he was in a hospital, everyone who saw him would think the flowers were for a patient. That was his plan.

Sucking in the nicotine, now, he wondered what would be easier for him. Letting her go, or keeping her and making her life miserable. Both, he thought, would eat away at his manhood. If he did let her go, his family and hers would eventually know why he let her go. If he didn't let her go, he still couldn't have children with her.

No, again, it's not anything like that.

As he walked into the hospital three days ago, he did so slowly and turned the bouquet in his hands making sure it was meticulously organized and presented. He gave himself a smile.
He reached his wife's office and opened the door, only to not see her there. He felt like an idiot having that big smile on his face, and thanked god he didn't just scream `happy birthday`.
He made his way through the corridor, and heard giggling from the corner.
He collected himself and turned down the extension of his smile, making sure one last time that the flowers were presentable.

Now, as he surfed through the channels, he felt what he thought was anger building up inside him. His hand started to shake as he looked over his side to see the shaking mobile again vibrating and displaying his wife's name. He still ignored it. Where it, he thought, referred to his wife and not the mobile.

He opened the door where his wife's giggles came from, and saw her leaning on the desk with her back to her male colleague who looked like he was having a realllly good time as he was leaning into her.
He pushed the door wide open and stood there. The male doctor noticed there was someone at the door and sprung back. The look on his face translated into 'i-could've-sworn-i-locked-the-door'. His wife looked up and within a nanosecond - no, instantly her facial expressions changed completely. He proceeded calmly inside the office to the two pairs of eyes fixated on him. He lay the flowers on the desk and looked up to see the scared male doctor.

He flicked the remote control until the tele was back on Leno, who had a guest who looked familiar. He kept it back on Leno to remind himself who the guest was and on which series or in which movie he saw her.


  • That is absolutely beautifully written story. Very sad though.

    I sympathize with this guy. However, I couldn’t stop myself of blaming him (to a certain extend!) for, apparently, living in an illusion. I'm not sure if it was an illusion though.

    Can’t wait to read Nicotine II

    By Blogger BitterSweet, at 21.5.06  

  • =O

    love it..comes as a real shocker, I don't know but in the beginning you feel bad for the wife, and in the end you want her shot, so that indicates a story well written ;p

    By Blogger Faith, at 21.5.06  

  • I second Faith-O .. I was feeling like he's the typical philandering scum bag at the beginning, but later I realised that he's the kind of person that you'd want to take out the story to give a hug. Well, not literally, I just read that somewhere and wanted to use it.

    Well-written indeed. I doubt that there'll be a Nicotine II, though.

    By Blogger ScarlO, at 21.5.06  

  • 7adik 3lagtni what happend next!

    By Blogger Hope, at 21.5.06  

  • Well written Tem :)

    Now, about the story.. call me dash bel3arth, bass... in my very limited experience, for a wife to do... SUCH A THING.. some serious problems have to be present waaay before that fateful moment of discovery and confrontation, don't you think? ya3ne, either a "history" of sluttiness, which will surely reek and be noticed waaay before, or if not that, some long years of neglect and resentment between the couple. But from the flowers I get the feeling of calm and serenity.

    How shocking! :)

    By Blogger familiar_stranger, at 22.5.06  

  • A mistake, a misunderstanding, hurt, shock and anger. Pride gets in the way - love is pushed aside.

    And there you have it: a break up/divorce.

    By Blogger Sedna, at 22.5.06  

  • zain ma thbe7a or maybe he killed him..... well written .... he should leave her after all she isn't honest and wont be a good mother for his children

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 22.5.06  

  • great imagery i can actually picture it in my mind..can't wait to find out how it ends :)

    By Blogger Tinkerbell, at 22.5.06  

  • it's not like that! or so it seems!

    amazing how the mind jumps to conclusions and how ur story moves it from one direction to another!

    By Blogger MSB, at 22.5.06  

  • There is no Necotine II.

    I have just finished watching "Being John Malkovich" -- The pleasure your story gave me is as the pleasure as the movie.


    By Blogger MBH, at 22.5.06  

  • wow very beautiful..

    i was hopin that after hed put the flowers on the desk.. hed pull out the red flower and leave with it.. y3ny as if he took with him what was yet to come and left her with the past.. her past 24 yrs..

    By Blogger jiji, at 22.5.06  

  • bittersweet thanks.. and ur right.. maybe he does deserve to be blamed

    faith, scarlo, and MSB yep thats exactly what i was hoping for, thanks

    hope u tell us?
    sty b kel 3afweya, 6al3a mn galb ;]

    FS yea, its up to the reader to make up a scenario for that 'ending' .. the piece as i intended it deals with the husband being in a dilemma

    sedna heh ur abt the only person i know who can make a divorce sound so eloquent

    metfarigh thanks .. and ur right, definitely one side of the dilemma
    again, u prove to know wassup ;]

    tinkerbell thanks im glad u say that .. and it ends right there

    mbh good movie, and chairz

    jiji that wouldve been symbolic i guess ;]

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 22.5.06  

  • Beautifully written..I hope there's an ending..But honestly even if there isn't one..It would only add to its charm..I loved it how not only did you feel sorry for the wife in the begining but also how you moved form past and to present and vice versa..It was flawless..

    By Blogger LiLaCs, at 22.5.06  

  • kalba.

    this is even better than tarintino..

    the story is beautiful, shocking, scary, and at the same time it keeps u hanging til the very end..

    and i agree with lilacs, keep it without an ending, it's just great this way :D

    By Blogger Ms. Sarah, at 23.5.06  

  • lilacs
    thank u so much
    and as i noted prior, there's no 2nd part sorry for not making it clearer ;]

    samewise, i thank u for the compliment.. and again im glad most of u ladies and gents are saying exactly what i intended
    makes me habby

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 23.5.06  

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