Laith is a young man who specializes in women. No no, he's not a bad person or a lost soul.
He can be a messenger for a law firm, or can be finalising his paperwork with KIMS for his postgraduate degree in medicine.

Good looks are not a must, but many times, you tend to understand how he has grown to be of that specialty. Some other times, you tend to wonder "just .. how?".

Laith is not always a bad person. He could be someone who is seriously considering marriage, engaged and has no 'past'.
Something tells you sometimes that the Laiths out there are born that way, and they don't become Laiths, simply because there is no common ground on which all Laiths meet.

Laith can be a low-life. Especially when it comes to women, he could be the scum of the earth and has no reason to exist other than live off his women's money. Details of how Laith gets money from some women he knows are not available. But it is generally believed that sometimes he asks for it, and sometimes he recieves some pretty expensive assets which he then goes to liquidate.

On the other hand, Laith can be a 24 year old who was assigned to run a family owned business
under the supervision of a Lebanese or Algerian director who has helped Laith's father, or uncle found the company. Sometimes, Laith is supervised by the son of the so-called Lebanese of Algerian director if the company's inception was on the hands of Laith's grandfather.
But Laith is no brat. Even if it weren't for his family's business, he would've still made something out of himself. Having just graduated from Berkeley, and an MBA offer from Wharton Finance on the table, Laith is pretty much the perfect trainee over at some hotshot company in Dubai.

Laith is a young man who can sport a Ferrari Maranello, or could commute daily in a 1994 Mercedes which, as he remembers, used to take him to and back from school. He could be of the potential to offer a woman he knows personally a Rolex Pearlmaster - mind you, a diamond dial, bracelet and bezel - or his idea of a gift can be a box of Galaxy's Jawaher. Oh and, depending on what day of the month it is, sometimes he is forced into buying the smallest size offered of Jawaher.

See, just because Laith has the specialisation of women does not make him a womanizer. No sir, not at all. He could have been born into it, with females in his family running in circles that include pretty much the most sought after girls of his day and time in his country.
Or, he could be of a childhood where males in his family took him everywhere, and thus, pretty much knows all the men you want to know in his country; and, of course, most importantly, who their daughters are.
He could be a young man who wakes up at 4 and makes his way to the Mosque at 5 am for Fajir prayer, too. He was just born into, what some may call, the luxury of being Laith.

That does not mean, unfortunately, that that is the case. As we have pointed out earlier, Laith could be the scum of the earth personified. He may have had no education and makes 150kd a month which, depending on supply and who he knows, be all spent on liquor.

The interesting thing is, almost everybody knows a Laith. Men, of course. Women have the unfortunate luck of NEVER knowing who Laith is.
They merely hear of him, and sometimes his identity is blown out of proportion in exaggeration. Something which, luckily enough for the real Laiths, makes women deny his existence. But he exists, more surely so than a woman's orgasm. Yes. Indeed.

See, even if a woman were to marry a Laith, she would never know it.
Laith is the ultimate secret friend. He is the masterpiece of the modernised world since he is just about the only thing that everybody knows, but no one really knows.

Laith's function is not similar to that of a Kha6aaba, but he can be of the same use. But men do not refer to his Laithness for his listing of potential wives. Not at all.
A Laith is reached only after a prospective husband has found the girl of his dreams. Sometimes, and this is to prove the immense wisdom of Laith, prospective husbands ask about their "girlfriends" of years and years before they pull the trigger.

They just have to make sure that the girl 'checks out'. Only Laith can allow that certainty. Yes sir, only Laith can allow it.

The misconception Laith suffers from is that which comes from the other Laiths' actions in using their position in the Male Realm for some "no-no" reasons. Just as Laith has acquired the knowledge to know which girl is of great potential to be worthy of being the 'love of another man's life', he also has the not-so-great ability to direct lost-lustful men into the midst of girls who are 'definitely not the love-of-another-man's-life-material'. It is that knowledge that leads to the frowning upon on the Laith. But it is, ironically, that same reason why Laith is both feared, respected, and sought after for blessings.

Laith can be your best friend in setting you up.. Laith can be your worst nightmare: if you were a guy who did not believe in Laith's existence and hence did not check with Laith, you face the chance of facing some pretty grave consequences. Heartbreak, for instance, of the most shattering kind. The type of heartbreak which Laith can insure to never come. If only you believed, my dear brother. If only you believed.

Sometimes, however, Laith has no intention of being the reason for heartbreak or joy. Laith only shares, and reports. Laith does not care about being your friend. Laith does not care about getting you laid.
Oh, and Laith almost never ever makes up a story. Which is, again, a huge misconception of who Laith is.

And like most tragic characters from the dramas of ancient Greece, his being in itself bears the reasons for his inevitable doom, caused by none other than himself. That, literature would propose, is where the tragedy comes from.

But ancient Greek characters were not Kuwaitis now, were they?


  • Hmmm .. I made coffee and came to read this, coffee's cold now (which isn't bad) but you made me read this twice.

    Now, all through the article, Laith is portrayed as 'the Man'. But don't you believe that perhaps 'the Man' will seek help?
    Does a Laith stay a Laith until he dies? Or is there any phase in which he flips and becomes something else?

    By Blogger ScarlO, at 7.5.06  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger ScarlO, at 7.5.06  

  • in the sense of "gender equality".. is there a female version of Laith?
    and does he have female friends to whom he gives advice abt "the love of their life"? does he check for the good men the in the same manner he skims the good women?

    and.. does he pass his Laithness to his offspring? wut r the chances that one of his children will b a Laith?

    livin life.. i have seen and met my fair share of Laiths.. y3ny from ur description i mean.

    By Blogger jiji, at 8.5.06  

  • Actually women do know when they encounter a "Laith" but many prefer to stay in denial.

    Loved the connotation with the name. Great character analysis, Mr. Freud ;)

    By Blogger Sedna, at 8.5.06  

  • nice.. hehe.. hercules hercules hercules..

    teme sometimes u just crack me up wala hahaha..

    By Blogger the11thmuse, at 9.5.06  

  • scarlo,
    he's not portrayed as 'the man' at all .. he can be anyone who's born into a set of certain circumstances..
    not sure what u mean by seek help though

    i think u asked questions, and all answers are 'no'
    and chances of his children being the same is not relevant unless theres a given set of circumstances

    actually they dont, they may encounter players.. but definitely not Laith
    am happy u notice the irony with the name

    im glad u appreciate the humor and sarcasm of it all :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 9.5.06  

  • he is filled with contradictions and has alot of issues .... i guess so :)

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 9.5.06  

  • metfarigh
    majmo3at ensan, huh?

    btw good luck with your studies/exams .. i reckon ur 2 weeks away at the most

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 9.5.06  

  • Wow. I like. Now I know why i missed blogging. That was a great post. I must read it again. all u said is very accurate. I think Laith's are unfortunate misunderstood people in the end. They never do live happy lives after marriage. They know too much or have seen to much. If there is such a thing as knowing too much. (I believe there is)

    Another point I thought of when reading JiJi's comment. Laith's may not pass down all their wisdom to their offspring, maybe only some. But one thing I am sure of, is his female offspring will suffer the repercussions of his misdoings (that is if he was a "Bad Laith") & will be on the other side of the sword's of future Laith's to come.
    Hope I made sense.

    By Blogger Delicately Realistic, at 10.5.06  

  • im Laith

    By Blogger KiNGLAiTH, at 4.7.06  

  • fuck bro

    By Blogger KiNGLAiTH, at 4.7.06  

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