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  1. why does it make a difference how you turn in bed, i.e. if you want to roll on to your right .. you can either roll to your right straight ahead.. or, check this if you don't believe me, you would feel differently if you roll under yourself .. shda3wa pulling G's eb hal turn
  2. why does pizza taste totally different if you eat ib tharaaba with a fork and knife, as opposed to the 'traditional' way of eating pizza
  3. by the same token, why does food taste better when you eat with your hands .. ya ba3ad 3omri yal m6abag
  4. why do guys think virgins have 'to bleed' .. relax, asshole, you didn't marry a whore
  5. who exactly are "il naas" when someone says "il naas habbat eb x went lal7eenek 3ala y" .. or "taby il naas teth7ak 3alaik?"
  6. is there a difference between "dayyin" and "meltezim"
  7. if so, then why does something like "shimwadeek el strip club" trigger a response of "yaak 3ad il 3alaamah, khalna nestanis"
  8. why does it offend friends/acquaintances when, for example, i question and counter what they have to say or do .. i may be agreeing with you .. so why is a 'question' taken as 'a disapproval' .. 3ash socrates
  9. bill gates made a fortune of 50 billion dollars .. was he optimistic, or was he pessimistic
  10. how come majority of people i know think that my saying "the glass is half empty" (as opposed to half full) is taken to mean i'm pessimistic .. motherfucker even if it was full, i still would want a full bottle, even then, i still would want 10 bottles
  11. why do i get the impression that 'being optimistic' is taken to be a sign of happiness .. i think it's a sign of boredom .. where do you stand?
  12. aren't kuwait, along with cuba, the last two communist countries in the world?
  13. laish mako zelem yegool "real democracy in kuwait is with electing a prime minister"
  14. if .. 3afwan, when .. a7mad il fahad becomes PM (be barakat Baba 3oud), and only then 'agrees' (be barakat Baba 3oud, still) to the 5 dawa'er .. el nas betgol islaa7y?
  15. how come people think solar energy is cost-effective? 3ala ay asaas ya3ni
  16. laish lama agool "il 6eb wel handasa ma lehom mostagbal bel kwait", the reply almost always comes "3ayal shely yamshy belkwait?" .. al7en ent shako shely yamshi, 3aabil bely geltlek eyaah belawal .. i.e. how does that even relate
  17. for the guys: girl who can paint, or girl who likes cars .. who's more appealling? 7aas feek yaly gelt 'thentainhom mayte6awifoun' .. sa7 elsanik
  18. is there a difference between what is immoral (unethical?) and what is said or known to be forbidden?
  19. itha chees el esmint wosal 1,300 (sherra mn don da3m) in 2006, by 2016 .. cham yosal fi thell el 3elagat el khalejeya el iraneya?
  20. if 3awaad barad has 3 totally unrelated demands everyday, 6 days a week, does that make him a nagger or does that make him an active member of parliament? regardless of how silly 3awaadoo can be


  • Pizza can't be eaten by fork and a knife, it's like drinking water wit a straw.. ma ye9la7

    3awad Barad, is a parliament member .. In Kuwait; so what are expecting from him.

    By Anonymous True Faith, at 11.5.06  

  • true faith
    la u should try pizza with a fork and knife .. but make sure it's not a deep pan
    tharaba mos6ana3a heh

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 11.5.06  

  • dammit u need all bloggers to answer that post! lol. Hujoom 3al Mukh Min Jamee3 il itijahat :-)

    By Blogger Hazolat, at 11.5.06  

  • loooooool..... i hate eating bthraba and what really drives me nuts when i see people eating hamburgers with fork and knife.... pizza oo bl3naha bas hamburger laishhhhh?:/

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 11.5.06  

  • hazolat
    rakiz 3ala so'alain: a7mad el fahad la saar ra'ees wozaraa'
    o laish mako zelem ye6aleb b entekhab ra'ees el wozara'

    a burger? fork and knife? DAMN thats a first for me!

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 11.5.06  

  • eating pizza with a fork is disrespectful to pizza w dala3 zayd if you ask me..

    "who exactly are "il naas" when someone says "il naas habbat eb x went lal7eenek 3ala y" .. or "taby il naas teth7ak 3alaik?"

    nothing pisses me off more then that sentence "il naas habat eb this and you're still at this" who the hell cares what el naas habbat fe?! are you kidding me, have your own damn personality and get some back bone ;|
    Or nothing beats the precious ones who wear things that are "in style" yet look like crap, you ask them they'll tell you they dont like it, are uncomfortable, but HEY! its style...that warrants a smack upside the head

    By Blogger Faith, at 11.5.06  

  • faith y3ni agdar agool "ilnaas kelha takel el beetza b eedha, shma3na enta b shoka o sacheena"

    and that would be BS?

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 11.5.06  

  • I'm not sure if food tastes better when ate with your hands. I know that I love to eat my pizz with my hands.

    Glass is half-empty, that's realistic. Glass is half-full, that's like a desperate attempt to convince oneself that 'it's alright'. Which is stupid.

    Being optimistic can be a sign of extreme boredom. But you don't have to be pessimistic either; just be realistic and forget about optimism and pessimism.

    The immoral and the forbidden .. erm, I guess some forbidden things aren't immoral afterall. But then again, who's to deicide what's ethical and what's not?

    By Blogger ScarlO, at 11.5.06  

  • I didnt get the bed turning part but pizza tastes the same if u eat it the modern way or the pre-civilization way :P the only difference is one of the ways doesn't make your hands stink even after you wash 10 times with Lux.

    Food "tastes better when you eat with your hands because you can shovel more food, speaking geometrically more food means for tastebuds beings covered at any moment of time, resulting in a more intense tasting experience.

    The whole virgin bleeding situation I agree with tho, some girls ride horses/bikes, were born without one. Anyways..

    Nass is usually termed to mean society in general. So the majority of the people (nass) are doing this or doing that. Usually this majority is composed of conformists that value themselves based on what other people think of themselves. Im sure this doesn't apply to you since you are asking this question in earnest frusteration.

    Dayyin and meltezim, I personally think dayyin is the person who go the extra mile religion-wise, meltazmeen abide by the basic requirements.

    Offense is taken at questions because it suggests that the person was not clear enough from the onset, or that they were not convincing enough. Usually this applies to insecure biggots who need the constant reassurance of sychophants. God bless our society :).

    Bill gates made a fortune despite dropping out of college. I think he was extremely optimistic because and I quote, "..I saw my potential while my proffesors did not." If he was pessimistic he would probably be working a blue collar job at some low end consulting firm after dropping out. Optimisms definetly includes believing in oneself and ones' future.

    I can see how you are viewed to be pessimistic with the glass half empty analogy. Basically Seeing the glass as half full (full suggesting optimism as opposed to empty suggesting pessimism) means that you are happy that there is water rather than none at all. If you see it half empty it suggests you are not content with what you are giving and have a *pessimistic* outlook on your life. Please translate the following loosely, these are merely suggestions. Continuing..

    Being optimistic, or being hopeful and maintaining positive ideas about one's situation is generally coupled with happy people because these people believe in a better future, a better outcome. I don't think being optmistic relates to boredom. If you were pessimistic and unwilling to embark on new ventures you would definetly be bored. ;)

    Hmmm.. Kuwait might be more of a dictatorship consisting of many dictators rather than a communist country. In fact it is anything but a communist. hehe I would agree it is more of a Jeffersonian Democracy that it is communist. God I wish it was a communist country, wayed abrak min ily a7na feeh currently.

    Democracy moo bes prime minister, We need to get rid of the ridiculous class/social distinctions as well. 6ab3an mako a7ad igool chithy lana itha gal shay chithy bisawoon feeh nafs ily sawaw ib Jassim Boodai maskeen. Ely ib man9ib ikbeer mara7 igool shay so as not to risk his cushy executive position in society. Wily mala man9ib mita byigdar igool shay min bya36eeh wayh?

    Can't comment on a7mad il fahad for personal reasons.

    Solar energy is cost effective for a number of reasons. Negating the fact that the energy converters are expensive to build, solar energy is abundant, non-destructive to the environment, and will not run out for eons. If you consider the money spent to build oil rigs, purify the oil, transport the oil, clean up gas emissions, clean up oil spills and other environmental damage, Solar Energy is definetly cost effective.

    El 6ib wil handasa ma lehom mostaqbal bil kwait? Au Contraire Temetwir! El 6ib will have a mostaqbal wherever you go. If you mean profitablity wise, itha inta khireej jam3a san3a oo daris 6ib you will be outplaced in governmental hospitals by foreign doctors (read: Indian, Egyptian, etc) who are willing to accept lower salaries than you are. But if you go private... Etha inta mohandis, sure some companies can find other hard-working foreign engineers who will work for lower salaries, but if you are accomplished and from a great school, do you think
    Bristol-Meyers is going to pick khireej some unpronouncable school in an unpronouncable city over you just because you demand a higher salary? Hell no, you are an asset. Also, il mohandis moo shar6 yishti'3il bes handasa, engineering opens up the door for you to work in any profession. It gives you the problem-solving, analytical skills that you can apply in any field. Just a quick fact: top *private* Business corporations in Kuwait hire Engineers & pay for their training in business more readily than they hire graduates of MBA programs. But I think I deviated from your question a lot hehe..

    Girls that paint & like cars. Artistic, feminine, fun. Great combination in both sexes if you ask me. Actually for men it should be artistic, masculine, fun.

    Yes definetly there is a difference between what is immoral and what is forbidden. If you are speakin from an Islamic point of view, there is definetly immorality in stealinf from orphans but what is immoral about eating pigs? (Note that I do not condone eating pigs it is just a question to prove a point). Nothing is immoral about eating pigs, it is simply forbidden for health reasons by our religion. What about in general & around the world? Generally immoral things are "forbidden" by societal norms because they are immoral. So I guess there isn't much of a difference.

    Ham salfat il esmint mafahamt'ha. ;p

    Personally I do not know much about 3awwad, but it depends on the relevance of his demands to improving our country. If he is speaking and making demands just for the sake of exposure, he is not only a nagger but an attention-craving Lindsey Lohan wannabe. But if his demands are relevant then he is definetly a prize to our country. We need more. And please someone get rid of Msallam il barak.. How ridiculous can he get?

    By Blogger mabya3ah, at 12.5.06  

  • -pizza 7alah 5a9ah
    -yeah , who exactly are those “naas” what the fuss!
    -“'question' taken as 'a disapproval'” I think this only applies if you’re a girl :p
    -bill gates = akbar o athkaa bawaag fe el 3alam
    -nothing wrong with being a communist country, don’t u think

    By Blogger LaiaLy_q8, at 12.5.06  

  • scarlo
    - try kuwaiti food with ur hands .. bas zahbeelich laymontain for washing up

    - good distinction between the everlasting trio

    - good question, why is it unethical that i steal and wreck marriages? on what grounds, i.e. how do i as a human "install" Ethics v1

    hala walla.. yaaylich after this

    - shlon el pizza 7aala khaassa ba3ad heh?
    - im not a fan of communism because it can never coexist with human nature

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 12.5.06  

  • mabya3ah again:
    - thats a good way of looking at why food (supposedly) tastes better if eaten with hands

    - i really dont think that "naas" is meant to be "the majority of people" .. which gives it an even looser sense, in that anyone, anytime, anywhere can say it and contend that she is backing her proposal and comments up with a phenomena .. which really isnt there

    - i personally dont see the dayyin and meltezim distinction as a difference between basic requirements and something else..
    although on some level, i did understand what ur trying to say as being on the lines of "il dayin goes the extra mile which makes him get closer to being extreme in thought (but not necessarily application)"

    - thats a good way of accounting for why ppl r taken aback and sometimes offended with questions/discussions .. i dont like the emphasis on 'our society' though cause i (personally) wasnt just thinking of kuwaitis, neither did it happen to me (a lot) with kuwaitis only

    - "If you were pessimistic and unwilling to embark on new ventures you would definetly be bored"

    there, right THERE .. why is it that pessimism is taken to mean lazy or otherwise .. im not a fan of pessimistics (if thats even a word), which again is a false assumption when i say "theres nothing to be optimistic about"

    maintaining this to be abt ventures.. if i invest in something, i should not expect, nor want, anything but my capital to come back .. thinking im the shit becoz i got a tip and id be all optimistic and dreamy talking abt what im gonna do next cals for a slap on the face

    does that mean im pessimistic? i dont think so, but it really.. seriously.. does seem to be the general assumption whenever i shoot down optimism as being dreamy

    - the govt owns almost all sectors .. no, all sectors period .. 3ala golat madri-meno "wela fi dawla bel3alam lel7een b nafs'ha etsawi baskot?"

    - by "electing pm = democracy" i meant to say ena lets stop lying to ourselves and say that listening to what the ppl want is what democracy is all abt .. last time i checked we werent even a republic ..

    - abt solar energy, when i was in engineering i remember a presentation done by a guy who would disagree

    ur talking abt 'setting up shop' ..when really, we're talking abt x-measurement of energy, at y cost .. put it up on a graph, and see whats up

    if solar energy costs 4 times as much, then i dont see where thats going anytime soon..
    interesting thing thu, he showed up a pic of one of the private univs in kuwait being built (maybe it was ACK at the time? or the new GUST?) which was sporting the solar energy "shield" (yeah, im that creative)

    - i didnt think of the 6eb/handasa as to do with money as much as it is with realizing potential

    - 3awaad barrad is the sort of guy who can say 11 things, and whom u can safely say "10 of the things he just said need to get him shot" .. i just like to think of that one thing he said that makes sense, but homeboy comes il yom il thany b siteen malyon demand and fucks up whatever is left of 'acceptance'

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 12.5.06  

  • i'll choose my own question thank you. eating with our hands tastes better because it takes us back to our primitive nature.

    By Blogger Hazolat, at 12.5.06  

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