داي ان اه فايــَر

If he plays like a homo..
Walks like a homo..
Talks like a homo..
Acts like a homo..
Whines to the ref like a homo...

Then it's probably Cristiano.

Die slow, motherfucker.

Yeah that's right, keep praying. Jesus 3omrah ma ra7 yertha 3alaik yabnelkalb :(

I would say "wait until Henry sticks it up your ass", but you would like that, wouldn't you. Faggot.

Ronaldo fan? Fuck you too.
Chin up, England.

Edit: He better 'make it up' to me by keeping France out of the finals. Yes. I have no principles.


  • Hard luck bro!
    Powerfull cursing going on here. I agree with you thou, he must be gay.
    I didn't laugh for a while like I did reading I your curse: Die slow & Jesus won't yertha 3alaik and so on :-)

    By Blogger BitterSweet, at 1.7.06  

  • bitter,
    heh yeah im just being sarcastic of the whole thing
    fact of the matter is thu, he did act like an idiot with the ref in regards rooney's foul.. i just thought those guys were professional athletes, least they can do is be good sports and not act like bitches on the pitch :)

    what he did is what i would expect from a guy bel dawry el kwaity .. definitely not a manchester united player and a portuguese national

    but what do i know ;]

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 1.7.06  


    w ronaldo and portugal know how to silence the haters ;)

    im SOO glad brazil is out..stupid glory seekers, all hype but no play,

    Rooney...ayal ghabeee, he knew they were gonna lose so he did that lil show so people could say "england lost cuz rooney was out" noo..england lost cuz england doesnt have its head on, and portugal only has the best goalie ever!! walw ina i felt bad for gerrard :/

    By Blogger Faith, at 1.7.06  

  • holdddd it..temmie, what are you going on about!! where we watching the same game? rooney ihwa el 7mar, there was no need to push ronaldo...i do know that ronaldo is a whiner :D smillah 3leh, bas what can you do, bas rooney SIJ 7mar, you dont expect a pro athlete to act like its ur gr.7 school soccer team , w rooney al khayen el thoor..pushing his teammate!! if he hadnt pushed him, the call would have been for england :/

    By Blogger Faith, at 1.7.06  

  • I understand what you mean. In this whole W.C I didn't see any sings of sportive spirit, well maybe very little then…
    Couldn't agree more:He must make it up to you., ie Portugal should reach the finals:-)

    By Blogger BitterSweet, at 1.7.06  

  • barradt chabi!

    By Blogger iDip, at 1.7.06  

  • faith,
    ricardo was the star. no one else. mad mad maaad respect there.
    as for everything else, oh boy, the things girls would come up with to excuse a pretty boy from any wrong doing ;]
    at any rate, i was talking abt sportsmanship.. it's a guys' thing apparently since u missed the point.. and of course, ronaldo once again proves he's a sissy because he doesnt get it either ;]

    yeah, the irony of it all!
    u know, i think ur right.. the general spirit doesnt seem to be pure competitiveness.. its probably the cockiness and pride of these players getting in the way..
    not sure thu since im pretty new to the whole football scene

    ronaldo in football = jamal le3mar in elections.. ?
    what say you? ;p

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 1.7.06  

  • No, Your observation are absolutely correct!
    What I also noticed in this mondial, is how famous and good players are too busy trying not to get injured, instead of playing real ball. I guess playing for the national team (even in a World Cup) is of a lower priority, than playing for their clubs (where some of them gets hundreds of thousands per week).

    By Blogger BitterSweet, at 1.7.06  

  • Tem, as long as you recognize he's pretty we're okay :D

    By Blogger Faith, at 1.7.06  

  • LOOL =\

    By Blogger Mother Courage, at 1.7.06  

  • Temetwir, please don't insult my future, pretty husband Cristinao.
    Of course, let's not mention my lovers on the side, half of the Italian team...
    Akhhh...the reason I watch the World Cup...worldly hotness!

    Num num ;P~~~~

    By Blogger Erzulie, at 1.7.06  

  • *patpat*

    There there, ma3aleeh. Here's your hot 7aleeb kakaw and bo6a6 kitco :/ Ildinya ma tiswa.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2.7.06  

  • Hahaha, shekla you payed Rooney to push him around on the field! In case you didn't notice, all the 'good' teams are losing!

    By Blogger 7tenths, at 2.7.06  

  • *hilarious*

    there's A LOT of exaggeration on the field.. and the refs arent doing that great of a job either (germany got way too many breaks!!)

    Crouch ibsara7a stepped it up last night..!

    the drama continues...

    By Blogger MSB, at 2.7.06  

  • a7laaaaaaaaa post wallah

    hal 7qeeeeeer shefta eshlon shaiash el 7akam!!! o hathak el e7mar gam o 6arad rooney(9ej ena yestahal hal khnzeeer bs hm ma kan nawy y36eeh enthar)

    Ronaldo is dead when he'll go back to England... I'll wait him ma3a el holiganz :) bensheeega shaaaaaaag hal jens :)

    By Blogger Dakhtour, at 2.7.06  

  • bittersweet,
    that makes a lot of sense.. but i wouldnt be too sure that ANY footballer would risk playing/winning the world cup for any reason..
    and oh yeah i think i read somewhere that 50k quid a week was the 'normal' pay for players in the premiership.. good times!

    it is what it is

    mother c,
    ru laughing with me, or at me heh

    real men don't play football, they lift weights
    and let's hope italy win it now .. but i'm sure we all have our oh-so-different reasons :p

    kitco el akhthar please ;]

    this is the first time i see rooney play,, and to tell the truth i wasnt impressed :|
    and yeah .. argentina brazil czech england holland r all out, very interesting world cup that's for sure!
    or should i say european semis?

    it continues indeed..
    and yeah, refereeing was pretty awful all thru the tournament .. the best is yet to come

    heh tehaga ra7 yesawonla shay the manchester united fans?
    has it been done before?
    yam3awad we don't want to widow erzulie

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 2.7.06  

  • 3adi agool inik itbarid il chabd!! u said exactly what i wanted to say since that game started!!ugggh kil ma that baby yi6la3 3al screen widii i choke him!! ilmohim thanks;p

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2.7.06  

  • England's out :(

    HAHAHA but so are brazil :D

    -- Sedna

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2.7.06  

  • don't call him a homo :( he's just a plain old useless sissy! bye bye england :( i luv henry but he better break a hip or something next game can't wait to see how this world cup's gona end

    By Blogger Tinkerbell, at 2.7.06  

  • suck it up haha funny how people make excuses for there lousy playing ie england

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8.7.06  

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