بيكوز اي سيد سو

- Look at me. What is it exactly about my choice of font, or size of script here that makes you think I care what you think, when I know what you think is wrong?
I believe everyone has the right to think what they think, yes; but I also believe that for all matters there can only be one right stance. Luckily enough, I like to think I have (the) enough (amount of) self-respect to think that what I think is true and not what has been imposed or forced on my not so fine self. If you think something when you don't know it, then that's just a waste of time and effort.
Thinking you know is a whole different thing from knowing you know. The latter being just as bad as 'thinking you think'.
It's not personal; I fuck with everybody.

- Having spent two weeks in Kuwait, I have failed to see any of the reported, and recurring, annoyances that many people bore me to death with. Here is why.
I don't walk into a place thinking beforehand what I want to think of people. If I walk into a mall and think "all guys with chmaghs will look like rabi7 sagir", then that's exactly what I will see.
If I walk into a mall and think "all girls will be dressed accordingly", then that would not be exactly what I see, but it is what I will see, no doubt.
Here's the thing. There are far too many things in the universe going on at one time, that you only see what you want to see. If you think Kuwait is way behind and that it's where guys annoy girls, and where girls annoy guys, then please drop me a line and I will be very, very happy to pay for your one-way ticket to land on my dick.
However, if you wish to note that Kuwait is behind and does not take itself seriously on the more serious level, then that is something I would gladly discuss. Manners intact and all.

- I think individual thought is something that we as human beings lack. I think individual thought is misinterpeted when it is shown, and I think individual thought owns your life.
Relating to the first point - if you consider these to be points, like I do. Not. - I proposed that what you think you think is not what you think you know and that in turn is not what you know you know; and thus, please do yourself the favour of not believing everything you hear coming out of the mouth of a candidate running for parliament. This will in turn make my life so much easier because I would not have to hear about St. Abedal Naibarus, or Pope Welyadikt Tabtebater II.
Fuck the five constituencies/districts/circles if that's all those guys are going to talk about and fuck you too if you want to vote for them based solely on where they stand on the matter.
I know that because I am yet to come across a candidate who discusses Maktab Il Shaal's latest report.

- I think young moms are the hottest thing that ever stepped foot on this planet. Had to vent.

- Courtesy of my friend, I read banat il reyath on the plane. The Ba7raini flight attendant asked me to where I got when he saw the book in my hand, and I told him I didn't start it yet and asked if he'd read it already. He said he didn't finish it yet but that he thinks that what he has already read of it was true. I concur.
The only thing I would note about the book is that the author at times does not seem like she cares what I, the reader, think what she thinks. In other words, the reliance on the narrator (writer of emails) does flow nicely, but at times is sort of boring because there is no 'real opinion' (of the author) to which you may want to contend or agree with. Works both ways though, since at the end the narrator can be taken as a main character and not just a narrator. Yeah.
Mad respect to Dr Jamal Buresly.

- I bought an electric can opener yesterday. O wa7da mn el thentain, ya ana ma3arflaha, ya ehy sij ghabeya. I think it's a bit of both. You in the back who said ana el ghabi, chairz lav.
So, back to the 3ali-way of opening cans. Get a knife, pinch it in the metal, and "pull on it". That's one. You now have a "line that is cut". Take knife out, strike the metal again, and pull again. You now pull to make a Triangular-shape, making both "lines" meet at a point. Then you literally cut the point, raise the metal just enough to fit a finger, and proceed to open the can.
Sweetcorn never tasted better.

طلال العيار "أبغض ما عنده" تفرقة وتقسيم الشعب الكويتي الى طوائف وفئات و"كل تلك المسميات الكريهة". طيّب.
عيّل فسرلي بارك الله فيك يالحبيب, شلون ما تبي تقسم المجتمع وبعدين تقول لازم كل الفئات و"الشرائح" تمثـل في المجلس؟
مامداك, توّك تقول ما تبي تقسم, عيل على اي اساس تبي الجميع يمثل؟
بالأحرى, أي جميع وأنت من يقول بعدم وجود "الجميع" بل وجود "الكويتيون" فقط.
اذا فيك خير, دع "الجميع" تعني التوجهات والفكر من خلال الاحزاب.

قلت أحزاب يا بو مبارك, وليس أنساب.

تهجموا بعض الناس على محمد المطير لأنه قال لعبدالله النيباري انه كذاب, أو فيما معناه كذاب. وشتان ما بين الأمرين. لكن نطوّفها الحين ونشوف شنهي اخرة الدلع والمياعة عند البعض وعقلية لا اوعى ما اتؤلشي كدا.. "جاء ذلك جراء ادعاء" النيباري على ان محمد المطير مدعوم من قبل مجموعة الاخوان المسلمين. والناس زعلت على المطير ليش انه قال حق واحد "قد ابوه"- الله يرحمه - انه يكذب.
He may have said it, but not in so many words. مثل ما يقولون عيال خالتنا مارغرت

مادري, المطير ماخذ دور النيباري عند كاشير الجمعية؟
شدخل العمر بالموضوع, وانتوا نفسكم الناس الي قلتوا عمر النيباري لا يعيب انه ينزل بالانتخابات.
يقوله ماني راد عليك لأنك تكبرني؟ ليش ما يقوله خلاص اتنازل عن الانتخابات لان انت مرشح, وترى مو عن شي بس لانك اكبر مني.
أشوف لما "الياهل" الي بالادارية قام و"طوّل لسانه" على الدويلة كان عادي؟
وفعلا ً عادي.
المشكلة ان الي يسمع يقول الحين المطير عمره 18
يعني انا الي عمري 22 هم راح ينوخذ مني موقف اذا كنت عاتبت المطير وقلتله يحترم نفسه؟

وبعدين السياسي المحنك الي كل من يطبل له ويرفع فيه, يكون رده على ذكر تاريخه السياسي في خلط الأوراق والتقول بأن القانون المعني هو أيضا صوّت عليه من قبل جماعة فلان والا علان؟
وانت شكو من صوّت مع القانون؟
وهل رد "السالفة صار لها 14 سنة" عذر مثلا؟ طيّب, صار له 14 سنة لكنه طالع لمدى عشرين وللحين الكلام داير

يالله ما عليه, ممن يسمون ليبراليين ما ينوخذ منهم لا حق ولا باطل. أو بالأحرى, ما ينوخذ منهم غير الباطل.

وأخيراً, أبلغني "صديق البرنامج" حميّد المطيري بأن هناك "تصوّر" للدائرة الواحدة من قبل الحكومة.
"ذا كاتج" هو ان الناخب يكون له صوتين فقط.
قلت له انه هذا الشيء لن يطوف ولا يطوّف, لكنه أصر على خلاف ذلك.
شرايكم يا جماعة الخير؟


  • da2era wa7da and 2 voices only!! no way!! la yoba ma terkaaab

    Al least we should have 5 voices

    Wela eshrayek? ;)

    By Blogger ZiZoTiMe, at 20.6.06  

  • -kuwait is definitely behind and in need of a lot of change but I believe that change does not come over night we need to identify the problem and tackle it..complaining about something does not make it go away

    -the five districts seem to be taking over the country to a point where ppl forget about all other issues..screw 5 give us 1

    -i just started banat il reyath seems interesting though and the stories are definitely true some of them happen here

    -u cracked me up with the can opener..electric can openers are DEFINITLEY retarded I hate them..but u don’t need a knife! A regular can opener will do the job

    By Blogger Tinkerbell, at 20.6.06  

  • I would like to say a few things ... if I may ... I'll go ahead and say them then :p

    7amdillah 3alla esalamah

    Welcome back to the blogsphere

    The first part of your post is much appreciated and I think the following sentence "what you think you think is not what you think you know and that in turn is not what you know you know" should go down in history ... I just might get that on a t-shirt or something ... or even better get it as a bumper sticker :p

    By Blogger LaiaLy_q8, at 20.6.06  

  • please tell me what "drove" you to buy an electric can opener? ;p

    as for the elections, we have no saints!
    Yes we just have 80%-10% acceptable candidates, and we have to choose the less corrupt one of them.
    and when we think of the new faces, the choice gets harder..
    الله يساعد الله يعين

    وعلى قولة المثل: ما لك الا خشمك لو هو عوج.... وأيضا: الجود من الماجود

    then I'll vote for a candidate sainted by the "5"... since my options are BAD!

    and welcome back :)

    By Blogger iDip, at 20.6.06  

  • ahh @ the way you open cans..how do you manage to not cut yourself? 3ad cans are pretty sharp and they kill :/

    welcome home, though 2 weeks seems like such a short time :/

    By Blogger Faith, at 20.6.06  

  • -Very sweet-lipped, aren't we? :-p
    Not that you care ..

    -I won't start by saying "I agree", because you might tell me that this is not what you meant at all, but yes, I think if you think that this is this, then it will surely be this, not that. You can either think this, or that. Please pretend that I'm making sense.

    -Uh .. okay..

    -No comment

    -Morrie's mad..

    -see iDip's comment on that..

    -blah blah blah .. blah blah blah blah blah.. balh!

    PS: You should blog more often ;-p

    By Blogger ScarlO, at 21.6.06  

  • el baniadam lain bo'3a yedish el ente'7abat, "ynazel nafsa lel entekhabat"

    By Blogger MBH, at 21.6.06  

  • الدائره الواخده اكيد افضل بس فيها تنقيح للدستور اولا وثانيا موافقة ثلثي المجلس والامير فاشوفها صعبه تصير

    اهي لها تصورين اما صوتين او خمسين صوت على فكره ماهو تصور واحد وهذي يبيلها خبراء دستوريين وماظن تصير بهالوقت ولو صارت ماظن بكون عالصوتين اذا كل واحد ينقيله 2 من 400 مرشح نازلين مانخلص الا بعد اسبوع

    احنا نبيها خمسه دوائر تكون واقعيه اكثر وشكرا على موضوعك

    By Blogger Hashemy, at 21.6.06  

  • zizo
    i think 5 is okay, but for more representation .. i think up to 8 is also justifiable
    i completely agree with you though, 2 votes is a no-no

    like i said, depends on what you're talking about here.. if the real issues (anything not 'social' that is) then i concur

    allah yesalmech, o go ahead .. make me famous ;]

    شاكر لك حبيب الشعب

    وكأني بك تشدو "شالي عالمّر أنا حدني غير الأمّر منه" .. للحين ماني مقتنع لكن أصواتكم وديرتكم ومجلسكم وأنتم حرّين فيهم أجمعين يا شيخ

    3ewait yemken 7 sechacheen o kesartly cham wa7da ;] .. i still live for another day though
    and 2 weeks is indeed a short time

    yep yep, aha .. still pretending

    hahah yazatly

    كلامك سليم, لكن المسألة هني ان الحكومة هي من تفكر في تقديم هذا التصور للدائرة الواحدة ويكون للناخب صوتين

    الي وصلني من صاحبي ان هالحركة بيسوونها (وهي غير مستبعدة الطرح من حكومتنا الرشيدة) لكي يحرجوا النواب المطالبين بالخمس

    ان يعني كا يالله عطيناكم دائرة وحدة شفيكم ما تبونها الحين

    من التصورات التي انا اعلم بها, اظن ان افضلها هو ما تقدم به السيد مشاري العنجري كحل لمن يطالب بالعدالة وتقريب نسب التفاوت

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 21.6.06  

  • @@ Don't tell me you left Kuwait already!!

    By Blogger MBH, at 22.6.06  

  • Reading your posts always makes me smile. Are you this Mur3ib in real life? :-)

    I think you should see things according to what they really are, not according to what you want to see. Yuba tell it like it is, no matter how unprepared or unwilling you are to do so.

    I think fathers who publicly show affection to their children are the hottest thing that ever stepped foot on this planet.

    As for politics, don't wanna get into it now, makes my heart ache.

    Can opener? Int Wain 3ayish? There are cans now that have lids you can simply pull off. Ishtar Hanou3.

    Good to see you posting btw.

    By Blogger Hazolat, at 22.6.06  

  • 7amd lilah 3la il salama .... 6awalt il ghaiba ..... stereotyping is our problem (in relation to the mall example ) i do admit that sometimes i become stereotypical and in many cases i do end up exaggerating thimgs i do agree with u that we should not be influenced by these ideas .... electric can openner kas7'a :)

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 22.6.06  

  • young moms.....

    ......... you speak my language bo3alwa..... seriously you do

    By Blogger 7asoon, at 23.6.06  

  • mbh
    that is correct, yes sir
    and btw i got ur msg abt the sheraton thing.. i think i saw it the day before travelling
    or maybe it was the same morning
    at any rate, sorry lav

    mur3ib? me? how abt this for what im like in real life?

    allah yesalmek
    stereotyping, theres another way to put it .. however, to sum up a whole nation and call it stereotyping is just a tad bit silly innit?
    sadegny u wouldnt believe the amount of BS u hear ppl whining abt in kuwait .. makes me want to smack somebody

    bo 3ali
    atta boy ;]
    u have to admit though, it does sound sick when you say it

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 23.6.06  

  • welcome back bro! ana aguul UK mnawwir hal yomeen...

    The Elect-can-opener part is hilarious man!

    Good to have you back

    By Blogger BitterSweet, at 23.6.06  

  • LoL!! Yeah Right :-P

    By Blogger Hazolat, at 24.6.06  

  • idip

    "وعلى قولة المثل: ما لك الا خشمك لو هو عوج.... "

    عمليات التجميل صارت هينة هالايام


    شنو توجهك السياسي؟

    and i found bnat al riyadh to be very dull, boring and lacks a lot of novel aspects !! ashkara wasta !

    il7emdillah 3la il salama =)

    By Blogger Brava Valentia, at 24.6.06  

  • bittersweet
    teslam :)
    btw how far ru with the dissertation, u should be finished by now right?

    sheno, ma 6afat?
    does this seem more like it?
    the shanab part is true no matter what you say ;]

    mother courage,
    توجهي "مسلم" .. وللحديث بقية

    i wouldnt say banat elreyath was dull - definitely not boring - it just lacked the one single perspective .. other than narration there isnt much
    disagree with u saying it was boring though
    o allah yesalmech :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 24.6.06  

  • Welcome back, and 7amdellah 3ala alsalama! your place is empty :P

    I've been here a month already, and i have yet to see Dr. Buresly. I feel guilty >.>

    By Anonymous Sapphire, at 24.6.06  

  • Khubrek 3ateej:finished in March hamdullilah :-)
    Did u already start writin' urs? What's ur subject?

    By Blogger BitterSweet, at 24.6.06  

  • sapphire
    allah yesalmech :) laih meta ga3da belkwait?
    morray Buresly amana, yestahel kel khair wala o tara 7ada yefra7 lama yeshof 7ad mn 6alabta mashya omorah.. a true inspiration that's what he is

    MABROOK :)
    i didnt start yet heh, but ill switch on Turbo-Mode soon.. havent got anything but the diss left (inshala, waiting on the board of examiners' 'verdict' on assessed work)
    my topic is: "The semantic/pragmatic distinction in Relevance Theory and the Gricean Picture: Examples from the Kuwaiti Dialect"

    sort of a comparisson, but im aiming to conclude with a theory of my own.. not sure if thats gonna happen, but i thought it would be a good idea if i left an option open for a phd thesis


    By Blogger Temetwir, at 24.6.06  

  • temetwir

    كلنا مسلمين بس نختلف بتوجهاتنا السياسية على حسب نظرتنا الشخصية للأمور ..يعني انا ضد اي حزب سياسي لان الاحزاب تتطلب ولاء وبعدين بتصير بيريوريتي وننسى الهدف الرئيسي من وجود هالحزب اللي هو الوطن و ايضا ضد الحكوميين اللي يمشون ورا الحكومة مثل القطيع و اختلف مع "المتأسلمين" اللي ياخذون الدين كستار لهم و لمصالحهم الشخصية و اغلبهم ناس تخاف من التطور و تبي ترجعنا لايام الجاهلية الاولى ... شفت عادي قلت اللي عندي ماصار شي ...ليش متحفظ ؟

    By Blogger Brava Valentia, at 24.6.06  

  • Allah ybarek feek! Don't worry abt the assessed works, Allah yaskhirlik the board of examiners insha'allah.

    Your topic sounds very interesting. What is the Gricean Picture thou?

    And about the PhD: Gadha wu gduud insha'Allah. If you're absolutely behind this topic/subject, I think you should go for it bro.

    But on the other hand, you already had a PhD though, in life, remember? ☺

    By Blogger BitterSweet, at 24.6.06  

  • teme,

    Ee Chithi Tirham :-)

    By Blogger Hazolat, at 25.6.06  

  • Tem:

    I'll be around inshallah until mid-August. I'm thinking of going tomorrow morning to KU, actually, but not really sure of dr. J's office hours.

    He's such a great man, and he's given me some of the best advice before I left for the US.

    By Anonymous Sapphire, at 25.6.06  

  • mother courage
    قلت للحديث بقية يا طويلة العمر لاني ما افتكر هذا المكان او الوقت المناسب لمناقشة "التوجه السياسي" خاصة في عدم وجود امر معين يدور حواله الاخذ والعطا
    لكن على العموم, ان كنتي ضد من اسميتهم بالحكوميين فانتي تقرين بلزوم تواجد الاحزاب السياسية عشان تكون العملية منظمة ولا يكون للفرد كلمة حينما لا يعنيها ولا حتى يؤمن بها
    مو تقولون تبون مراقبة على الاعضاء وتقييم ومادري شتبون بعد تحت شعار الاصلاح؟ شلون اصلاح بدون تنظيم والا هي بس لون برتقالي وشوية طلعات عالبحر وتقزقز عند المقرات وقت الانتخابات وانا اخوج

    وللحديث بقية :)

    thanks bro, allah yesma3 menek.
    the gricean picture is the name given to the 'idea' of Paul Grice and how he understood communication .. or let's say, the way he illustrated it.
    pretty influential in a lot of fields, but it does have its problems

    abt the phd, i talked to a prof of mine (taught me at KU), she said that i should keep in touch with her for nxt yr becoz they might be offering a scholarship for semantics/pragmatics (my love), but im just not the kind of guy whos willing to spend so much time for a something he doesnt really want..
    i will admit though, it is alluring

    not sure if i should be insulted by the way many peeps here seem to think of me, but tigers are gorgoeus in everything (as far as im concerned) so ill take it as a compliment ;]
    one love

    enjoy it while it lasts :)
    here is Buresly's email if u want to contact him or if u want to know his office hrs in the summer - englit17@yahoo.com .. o ma3alaich amer send me a blank email to get ur address, i might be sending something ur way in the upcoming few days

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.6.06  

  • I must have heard of it during linguistic classes. Sounds really interesting to use exmaples out of the Kuwaiti dialect. Good luck

    PhD: Maybe in a year time this will change bro, so keep all doors open and keep in touch with the professor anyway.

    By Blogger BitterSweet, at 25.6.06  

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