Movies you need to watch after semester 2.

^ silly dialogue at first
but it gets better

^ only the best fight scene .. ever
disturbing to an extent

^ tries way too hard to excuse geishas
watch only if you claim to be opinionated
or if you appreciate some major cinematography

^ che guevara is way overrated
good character study though .. if you're into that kinda stuff

^ an answer to all the silly and simple-minded fucks who think elkwait is some special kind of place where only the wrong resides
also, unique POV since your narrator is a 12 yr old boy

^ only watch if you have a sense of humor ,, or it'll just go over your head
for those who've already seen it: "stop dripping" AHAHAHA

^ wish there were more of those

^ just in case you've been living in a world where you desperately need to consider killing yourself for not watching this yet

^ solid in ways brokeback mountain can never dream of
and btw: fuck all you homos and homo-lovers out there

^ makes you want to blow that hollywood sign up

^ probably best popcorn movie since ..

^ i was genuinely surprised when a friend told me she hasn't seen it yet
seriously, what the fuck?

^ what 'film' is all about

^ must watch again

^ definitely must watch again


  • I need to watch capote, V, and fight club... thanks for the review?

    By Blogger teagirl, at 25.5.06  

  • I liked V ..

    Haven't watched Fight Club, read a few books by the author, good stuff. He's a homo, btw :-p Some of these sound appealing ..

    Good post :-D

    By Blogger ScarlO, at 25.5.06  

  • i seen most of these movies so sad i know lol

    ummm am so glad u got Gael Garcia bernal up there hes just a fantastic actor so under rated i love his films why u dont have yu tu mama tambien up its AMAZIN tem watch it lol

    By Blogger hibbalicious, at 25.5.06  

  • I haven't seen many of those. Haven't watched many movie since I came here. Busy doing nothing...
    Malena is supposed to be fantastic.
    Thanks for the review.

    By Blogger BitterSweet, at 25.5.06  

  • I can c some good movies in your list but definitely I can say I won't forget Fight club cause it was really one of the top movies in the history

    Malena was good also

    By Blogger ZiZoTiMe, at 26.5.06  

  • 1) Thanks for the list -- I quit going to the movies 4 or 5 months ago. Now I have normal blood pressure and a bit more sane.
    Oh, and you saved me the trouble of looking for good stuff...

    2) ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! WHERE'S "Donnie Darko" ?!?!?!?!?
    But don't take the reviews' word for it. It's a must! And if you understand the movie, send me a summary! lol

    By Blogger MBH, at 26.5.06  

  • photoflow
    good choices .. all extremely diff

    fuck the homo.. Norton made fight club, not the book

    havent watched the movie u talk abt, will look into it.. chairz

    only a couple are "new", some of these date back to 1993
    malena is v unique

    watch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

    watch the last two.. theyre from the early/mid 90s
    i watched donnie darko on installments .. took me like 4 days so i didnt get it
    will look into it too n let u know

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 26.5.06  

  • watched mi3 in London it was an enjoyable experience other than the fact that the seats were bad and small ..... missed the cinemas back in Bahrain .... y36eek il3afya 3la hal post :)

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 26.5.06  

  • lol..I have not seen ONE of the movies you mentioned! Geisha..I tried, I really did..but couldnt commit :p wandered off...
    Fight club, you can't pay me to watch it..I do want to see V though , heard some good things
    Batman...once again, can't pay me to watch it.
    Recently I've been watching alot of movies..tryina catch up with the times :p

    By Blogger Faith, at 26.5.06  

  • i think we actually have bronx tale at home

    By Blogger Faith, at 26.5.06  

  • allaaah ! most of them look interesting ... memories of a geisha disappointed me leana el novel sounded much better .

    can't wait to see the last 3 ones in the list ... merci

    have you seen the da vinci code ??? some people asked for their money back !

    By Blogger Brava Valentia, at 27.5.06  

  • V for Vendetta was a treat, but partly ruined for me by my pretentious classmates whining about how crappy it was. I know I have a reason to hate English lit majors.

    Oldboy is on my list. Will watch sometimes this year ;)

    Memoirs was visually appealing, but didn't make a smooth transition from the book (like many other novel adaptations). Wayed '7al6 o '7arabee6 and didn't make a distinction between geisha and courtesan. Too simplistic.

    Aaaah, Good night and good luck.

    Fight Club, even more fun if you watch it with your mom (and she doesn't comment during the whole movie).

    I still think Capote was severely underrated. That's one of the few movies that kept me awake at night. It's even more chilling when you watch it in the theater with only few other people present.

    MI3 with our running commentary (which the audience liked more than the movie itself) :P Or so I hope. Rabbit foot. Hehe.

    I need more movies :(

    By Anonymous Sapphire, at 27.5.06  

  • http://rebirth.no-ip.com

    Click on the download monitor...


    By Blogger MBH, at 27.5.06  

  • metfarigh,
    ur right, it was an experience, too bad abt the seats though, over here i think the cinema gets a bit too chilly
    and btw is it just me, or does Tom Cruise have to RUN in all his movies?

    memoirs of a geisha wasnt all that, i disagreed a lot with the story and thats the thing that kept me going, mad respect for scenery though..
    batman begins is not ur regular comic book adaptation movie like the previous two,
    christopher nolan = memento/insomnia
    hence, batman begins + christopher nolan = must watch

    the last 3 are a perfect choice..
    and nop havent watched the da vinci code yet
    i think a lot of ppl expected way too much from the movie.. and also, a lot of the critics are bashing it because it messes with the nowadays-Christian concept of who 'Jesus' is.. so its really not necessarily that the movie sucked

    v for vendetta was really good except for the kiddish-discourse at times across the movie.. ruined the whole "political satire" side of things to an extent, but thats just me being a nosy movie critic.
    Oldboy is a must, lat7e6ena 3ala listat "this yr", 7e6eeh on "TOMORROW".. makes u realize how crappy most hollywood-studio productions are - look out for the fight scene, and tell me it doesnt put the 2 parts of Kill Bill to SHAME

    Capote was great.. u know the world is a politically-correct homo-tolerating place when a silly flick like brokeback mountain is even compared to Capote, let alone is argued to supercede it .. 3ala sheno? seriously, la mn el gessa wala mn el tamtheel wala mn el tassweer.. just appeasing the homos and homo-lovers
    a big fuck you from yours truly ;]

    the only commentary ud get from me watching MI3 constitutes of:
    - THAT did not just happen
    - i KNOW that THAT did not just happen
    - tell me THAT did not just happen
    - did THAT just happen?
    im not sure if i havent been watching 'action flicks', but i was really convinced with MI3 hehe

    and one-'more-movies'-post coming up la3youniK ;]

    u sneaky little computer engineer of a motherfucker ;[ lol!
    i wish i could be dloading like that w/o running windows like its crippled
    seriously thu, mad respect for the first 6 movies .. i hope the 2 foreign films are subtitled, but if not, not to worry u can get a hold of .srt files if theyre not included ;]

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 27.5.06  

  • how can i have only seen 3 out of all of those movies? :/

    (Fight Club, Old Boy & Donnie Brasco)

    must see the rest :D

    (especially: Capote, Good Night Good Luck, Motorcycle Diaries)

    By Blogger Swair., at 27.5.06  

  • swair
    3ayal what do u have to say abt the 34 in the new post ;]

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 27.5.06  

  • I've Seen them all;P

    By Blogger N*, at 21.6.06  

  • seen them all, don't want to comment on all the movies .. because I won't add anything new .. BUT, I want to just say that Oldboy, Amorres Perros, Motorcycle Diaries are GREAT choices .. to be honest I never thought someone would've seen these three movies. I salute you.

    By Blogger DonZz, at 21.6.06  

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