An Essay in Time

1. Pending.

- deshdasha
- ghetra we3gaal
- marag la7am
- "fotocheeny" elbait
- "ga3t-eljedir"
- weekend
- shabab el de3iya
- zaad elkhair
- temetwir sa7777
- really hot weather
- a7la banat beldenya
- izwaraat
- dowaween
- bekhtesaar kol ma latha wa 6aab .. not just in the food sense

2. Past.

Came back from The Da Vinci Code. I reckon five to seven people asked me if I saw it, telling me that they have read that the movie does not deliver as much as the book. That would in fact be an entailment of a presupposed truth - that you thought the book delivered.
The movie is okay. It would have been a lot better actually if the Langdon character was not played by Tom Hanks. Worlds apart from past performances, he comes off as giving you the impression that this is a Disocovery channel's documentary where he just narrates. The heroes of the movie are Audrey Tautou's legs. If you think I'm kidding then okay, the best performance was from Alfred Molina - despite the fact that he does not have a lot of screen time. If you, as I, think of Audrey's legs are merely adequate, then you'll probably finish the movie and foresake it the minute you walk away.
Interestingly, you wouldn't. The narration is good, especially with the flashbacks (or scenery let us say) from the past. Not really a surprise there noting that Ron Howard is directing.

All that aside, if you know the history of what is known as Christianity in the present day: watch the movie. If you don't know that, then simply don't watch. Think of it as a prerequisite, actually, that you gather an understanding of what the holy trinity belief is; why it is found in the first place; as well as, and none the less importantly, some general knowledge about the role of the Church - or better yet the influence it had some centuries ago.

If you just read the book, then that's not enough. Fuck the book, fuck Dan Brown, and fuck you too. It's a story of fiction, and at the heart of it - I assume as well as I should - is the argument revolving around The Last Supper painting.
Point being, the story is way too ambitious and in itself does not hold.
Besides, if you're a Muslim/a then the story should not be of any significane to you as it does not insult neither your intelligence nor your faith.

PS: If you do watch the movie, regardless of whether you have read the novel, try to relate to the true characters who are in fact telling the story in a way: Jean Reno's "Fache", and Paul Bettany's "Silas".

3. Future.

Two thirds across the path, I have trotted. Unconfirmed results, I await. For it is only in mid-August may one rest, that is when one faces one's moment of truth. Demanding as it may have seemed or have been reported, analogized at times as being a mountain's top which one shall climb, is what proves to be incorrect.
A title in life, one should pursue; since it is a title that wealth, indeed brings. Patience is a virtue to have, I must; said easier than executed, to that I conform.


  • 1. Pending
    "a7la banat beldenya" adri ana kint maq9odah benhom fa thank you :P

    2. Past
    Yeah, i didn't watch the Da Vinci Code nor did i read the book. is that bad!

    3. Future
    Bitofeeg inshalla :)

    By Blogger LaiaLy_q8, at 30.5.06  

  • 1. most of the things are pending too .... especially ga3at iljedr yum yum .... im thinking from now what im going to eat once i arrive in Bahrain is it Biryani deyay or majboos la7am? yummy, and i miss wearing thob and ghetra oo 3gal it has been ages

    2. the film had caused a furore in Bahrain .... ive heard its more than 3 hours is that true? coz i prefer to see it on dvd

    3. mwafag, inshalla u wont be effected by the strike :)

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 30.5.06  

  • 1.Pending:

    Fotuchhine !! Yabeeeeela


    U saw The Da Vinci Code? Where r u living man? Mamnooooo3 bel q8 o lazem we wait for it to come on Dvd ba3ad Million sena :(


    GoodLuck dude ;)

    By Blogger ZiZoTiMe, at 30.5.06  

  • laialy
    1. but of course babe, u know it ;]
    2. la that aint bad. if u want to watch the movie i suggest u first know what christiantiy is really proposing when it comes to JayZiZ
    3. ajme3een enshala mashkora

    dearest metfarigh
    1. ah yes, partner in deprivation.. worry not
    o enshala la radait elba7rain, regardless of what dish u first choose, ma ye7tay awa9eek .. debb bel khams ;]
    let the british fancy their own spoons for we are certainly not ones to measure civility on on'es table ;]
    2. nop it isnt 3hrs, just over 2 + im not sure why an overwhelming muslim population would CARE for what the film PRIMARILY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY suggests: it says, as well as we agree ena naby allah 3eesa 3la nabeyna w 3laih elsalaam (and not the Jesus "variant in present day christianity) is a great man and a huge inspiration BUT NOT A GOD
    we, muslims believe that to be true.. actually we emphatically refute the concept of the trinity: holy father/son/spirit or ghost..
    so really, it's free for all if they wanna knock "jesus" down for whatever the church wants to market him as
    case in point, we muslims dont believe that it was nabyallah 3eesa who was crucified
    we do agree that he was granted miracles: waking the dead as one example .. talking mn el mahd as another .. but we never thought of saying he was a god

    general note: in arabic nabyallah 3eesa is called روح الله

    3. ajmi3een enshala, o el7amdelah i dont have 'exams' so cancellation/postponing doesnt apply to me - however, atmanna ena ma yet'akherron in assessing papers ;] all the best 7abeb elsha3b

    1. tawny ana mn fatra wajeeza ta3araft 3ala hal 6abag el shahyy .. cant get enough of it now
    2. currently residing in the UK
    3. teslaam, ajmi3een enshala

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 30.5.06  

  • 1. lol "ga3at eljeder"

    2. i have to confess i haven't read tha da vinci code yet :( it's sitting in my room begging me to read it so i'm not sure if i should watch the movie..too many ppl have been telling me it sucks..i do love a good conspiracy theory though and when u add religion to it...

    3. good luuuuuuck :)

    By Blogger Tinkerbell, at 30.5.06  

  • bs b3aliq 3ala shy wa7id ;p

    "a7la banat beldenya"... finally insan yefham ow 3ndah nethar ;p

    and only in Q8 guys are also as good lookin as girls :)

    By Blogger jiji, at 30.5.06  

  • 1) Sounds like fun.

    2) Thank F*CK that there is someone out there who doesn't believe that Brown's words are the love child of the Muses and heavenly inspiration. Almost verbatim from another post, this is what I think of Brown. I've actually read three of his books, so I've given him a chance. This is partially bcz in my thirst for printed material, discerning taste falls by the wayside on occasion.
    His plot devices read like a giant Mad Libs where in the last book I read he not only moved around a few characters' names he *gasp* introduced cryptology into the mix, something completely different than Renaissance Art, honest! Except that the prose is tired and the plot twists are unpredictable in an entirely predicable way. My advice to you is to read one Dan Brown book in your life, anything more and you'll find your self reheating yesterday's leftovers.
    Obviously not a Dan Brown fan, but while everyone was raving about The Da Vinci Code like it was the second coming, I'd already read Angels and Demons. The Da Vinci Code was a good book, and it introduced interesting concepts but really, it was too much second verse same as the first for me, so by the time the third verse came around I was ready to throw the whole thing out, much like this metaphor.

    3) I have zero drive, so... better u than me. :)

    By Blogger SnoCone, at 30.5.06  

  • 1. If you just got back...7amdilla 3la al-salama.. if you're homesick.. haanat :)

    2. 3afya...sha6er. Teme! You ruined the movie for me. I should have stopped reading after the first sentence, but I didn't. Uff :@

    3. 9ara7a I suggest you change your blog's name from Temetwir lai Tefilsef :D Hehe I loved those last few lines :P Sounds like something I would say...but yeah, la t7aaty wayed :) you did well inshalla

    By Blogger Sedna, at 30.5.06  

  • tinkerbell
    now that the movie is out, u might as well just settle for it.. book was smart, but not as impressive as it was marketed
    nothing is actually
    and thank u for the wishes


    lol loved the "review" .. and yeah that does sound similar to what my brother tells me
    not sure if it was angels & demons he was talking abt or something else with "point" in the title

    1. allah ysalmech, 2 days en allah a7yana
    2. what? i didnt.. if u read the book, then u already know what will "happen"
    im just reviewing the film from a movie-lover's perspective.
    again, i remind every1: dont go off saying the plot is the shit when u dont know what christianity proposes in the 1st place
    3. think "Yoda goes to Britain" and ull get me ;] so yeah, definitely tefelsif
    o mashkora

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 30.5.06  

  • Hmmm..I do think the Da Vinci code should be of concern to Muslims, lets not forget how its portraying nabi Allah 3eesa ...

    though i dont have much else to say about it, didnt read the book orrrr watch the movie..so e7teram nafsi w asket wayid a7san :D
    if you're going home troo7 w tred bel salama inshallah

    By Blogger Faith, at 30.5.06  

  • faith mo shayfa elfilem wala garya el ketab.. shdarach shgayleen 3ayal?

    and like ive been saying all along, naby allah 3eesa 3la nabeyna w 3alih elsalam is not Jesus the one hear and read and see today .. prove to me otherwise please

    6ab3an ya3ni its based on the one person 3laih elsalam, laken if u really want to be insulted becoz ur a muslim .. u should be mn el kalaam ely christians yegolona halayam .. and not any1 else

    o allah ysalmech cant wait ;]

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 31.5.06  

  • Hopefully you'll be home soon before you know it!

    To tell the truth, I'm sick of hearing about people hating the Da Vinci Code (because of what suggests and how it's written), and equally sick of people praising it to high heavens. The main reason for that is what seems like the two parties are not willing to read anything else, and there are so many stuff out there worse written and plotted, or better crafted, but they can't let go of a fiction book that was designed as a fast food novel for Americans in the first place.

    I was just impressed by the author's willingness to argue the divinity of Isa/Jesus 3alih ilsalam, a point a lot of people seem to miss.

    Sorry for harping on this, but it's been nothing but Da Vinci talk for the past three months in Kuwait by people who can't be arsed to read regularly.

    By Anonymous Sapphire, at 31.5.06  

  • Make sure you let me know when you get back. I still have the play for you ;)


    By Blogger MBH, at 31.5.06  

  • sapphire,
    havent read a lot of novels in my time, and dont plan to, but i will say that Brown succeeded in writting a suspense novel
    sure, the whole religion take did help sell but it still was good in that respect

    and to some extent, as far as i remember from the movie at least, Brown's take on jesus' divinity is agreed with bel islam ..

    for those who have read the novel and 'remember' it: what did it say abt jesus himself? discuss

    actually, im in heathrow right now .. al7en ill email u ragmy

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 31.5.06  

  • I liked the book. Angels and Demons too. The other one I read (Can't remember the title), was nowhere as good.

    I'm not talking about the chase scenes or the "twists". I like the idea as a whole and his descriptions. And your right, the way he exposes Christianity probably comes as a shock to many people.

    Ahhhh can't wait to see the movie. "Worlds apart from past performances, he comes off as giving you the impression that this is a Disocovery channel's documentary where he just narrates."

    PS. Safe trip :) too9al b-salama

    By Blogger Sedna, at 31.5.06  

  • and to some extent, as far as i remember from the movie at least, Brown's take on jesus' divinity is agreed with bel islam ..

    I agree there. See my previous comment :) You won't be surprised though at the number of people either going "It's a mystery and has to do with the Mona Lisa!" or those harping on the whole Mary Magdelene thing, even Muslim critics. I liked that Brown had tackled the whole dvinity/non-divinity thing at all.

    By Anonymous Sapphire, at 31.5.06  

  • Saw the movie and read the book. I slept during a large part of the movie and I don't know if it's because it was late or because it was THAT boring. From what I did see though, the book is ten times better, mostly since you have time to reflect and understand things before going on to the next event. But, the book wasn't as good as Brown's Angels & Demons. All in all, the whole Da Vinci Code thing is much ado about nothing.

    By Blogger ZinZinQ8, at 1.6.06  

  • 1- me luffs that i'm one of "a7la banat eldenya" LOL (lialy and jiji know too :p)

    2- me luffs Fache..

    me gets freaked out by Silas..

    me hates Sophie..

    me loves Richard Gere (or) Sean Connery as Langdon..

    3- g'luck :D

    By Blogger Swair., at 1.6.06  

  • sedna
    heard angels and demons is way better than the da vinci code
    o allah ysalmech mashkora its great :)

    the only thing i can remember from the story that muslims can and should contend against is his marriage
    why? simple
    becoz e7na el muslimeen 3endena ena el anbeya mn 3ogb nabyallah Ibraheem mn waladaina Is7ag o Isma3eel .. nabyallah Is7ag 3alaih elsalam thoreeta tentehy fi meen? nabyallah 3eesa .. o nabyallah Isma3eel 3laih elsalam jah mn welda elrasol salla allah 3laih o aaleh
    gotheyya al amrr

    laken methel manty tefathaltay, they (whoever they may be) miss the point o yeg3edon yetkalemon 3an tha7kat el mona lisa o laish el yesar arfa3 mn el yemeen, missing completely what the author intended to do and what has really insulted some christians: jesus, their jesus, is presented as an 'ordinary mortal'

    we know it, they believe otherwise.. i say fuck em ;]

    not sure if id say the movie was boring, but the comment abt the time to process and gradual rising of events is duly noted

    sean connery wouldve been good for the mckellen part .. and yeah i think richard gere is more suitable for langdon
    not sure if im just saying this becoz i already saw the movie thu

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 1.6.06  

  • i'm saying that cos that was my mental image at the time, while reading the book...

    and remember There's Something About Mary? the guy who was posing as the architect who can't feel his legs when he was really a pizza boy?

    i have no idea, but i always imagined him as the dude with the mckellen part.. bs shway makeup to make him look older, of course.. he'd have to get the accent right, though...

    and STOP LAUGHING :p yes, i have a weird imagination!

    By Blogger Swair., at 2.6.06  

  • sheft la vie est belle?

    By Blogger Spontaneousnessity, at 6.6.06  

  • swair
    baaaaih sh6ary 3alaich the pizza boy from something abt mary heh
    yabela ashofa again

    la, 3endich ma7al mo3ayan a7asla belkwait hal yomain?

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 6.6.06  

  • 1) Njoy all that ma latha wa 6aab as soon as u get in Kwi.

    2) Just as u said before: Davinci Code (the movie) is no more or less than good pop-corn movie.

    3) I wish you'll all the best with the final bit. Do you're best make everyone proud :-)

    By Blogger BitterSweet, at 10.6.06  

  • موفق انشالله.... بس وينك صار لك فترة ما حطيت شي يديد :)

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 11.6.06  

  • bittersweet,
    teslam :)
    samewise, all the best to u too inshalla

    wallahe shagolek yal 7abeeb.. not much time spent online here o bs ag3ad achayek 3al others at night :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 11.6.06  

  • good luck

    it been a while since your last post ... 3sa mashar ?? hope everything is okay ?

    By Blogger Brava Valentia, at 12.6.06  

  • ops sorry tawni ashoof your commentes ,your in kuwait ... enjoy your vacation ;-p

    By Blogger Brava Valentia, at 12.6.06  

  • temmitwir el 3azeez :)

    a7la banat bil deera.. awafqik el ray

    Da VInci el book was way more fun and informative than the movie

    Mwaffag :) o0 welcome to K-Town yal 7abeeb...

    (tawni ashoof el movies 3al email... dude... that's HOT)

    By Blogger 7asoon, at 14.6.06  

  • mother c teslemeen :)
    o bashry wain wosalty enty 3al derasa meta ull finish enshala

    gasdek the ZO6 movies? aii walla hot.. o eskit yam3awad shefta thak elyom belshari3 (first time ashofa 3al6abee3a), nathra mashalla

    btw i THINK in the email geltlek "elkandery", when i meant to say "ashkanaani" ;]

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 14.6.06  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Fallen Angel, at 15.6.06  

  • Off topic: I found This post and I thought about you. It will be really cool to hear your analysis about it...of course, you don't have to ^_^

    By Blogger Fallen Angel, at 15.6.06  

  • 7mdla 3al salameh o bil tawfeeg.. ur blog readers miss u! (as for the da vinci code, prolly going to watch it today.)

    By Blogger MSB, at 17.6.06  

  • no.1 : e7em e7em .. ! hello?

    hellooooooooooooooooo !

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17.6.06  

  • no.1 : sorry! i just read the comments .. el7emmdellah 3ala el salama :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17.6.06  

  • fallen angel,
    that's a very interesting piece, appreciate it man .. especially the last part abt israel .. the iran nuclear program u already know where i stand on that (i hope in the sense of my reasons) ..

    did u have something in mind u wanted to discuss? it has a pretty large scope, so if theres smthng in specific u want to discuss, shoot lemme know :)

    allah ysalmech o ajme3een .. mad respect for the ladies and gents who like the space :)

    hala shaikhat elbanat :) allah ysalmech mashkora.. and im back in britain now fa a6aalbech b wa7da thanya heh

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 17.6.06  

  • ok tem!! we realize ur living it up in k-town, but we reserve the right to demand updates every so often :P i7na awla :D

    By Blogger Faith, at 18.6.06  

  • faith
    radait el uk sarly kam yom :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 20.6.06  

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