It's everywhere. Incompetence is the lack of ability to understand/prove something as it truly is. It's also a big word in Linguistics, so for those of you who had that in mind, kindly disregard your 'competence' of the word 'incompetence' in that sense, for the sake of this post.

Wazeer il tarbiya is facing chances of being questioned in October, mainly in regard to the whole bi3thaat o shlon il ta3leem il 3aaly is running the show. Before I go on, there is also a misconception of the whole Istijwaab thing. It doesn't mean the minister is so and so, it doesn't mean anything but what it really is: a questioning. Shlonek zain? Ee walla 7amdilah. Wain el arba3ta3ash malyoon ely yetbayan enha gair modrraja fi kashf deewan el mo7asaba le a3maal rob3 elsenah, laken laha 7isba fi tagreer el meezaneya mn wizarat el maaliya lel 3aam il flaany?
See? Questions. I don't know what all the fuss is about.

With thanks to our press, all we get is the headlines. So yes, I do not know what the other 20 criteria of the questioning are. However, knowing only one criterion, I am already questioning the questioning (you lost me at the 14 million, didn't you?).

Why is the minimum TOEFL grade set so high for high-school graduates to earn scholarships?

I believe it is 500 for some majors, and 530 for others. That being said, is the MP seriously negligent to the fact that all universities have a minimum requirement for admission? Most importantly in this case, an English Language Proficiency requirement.

In other words, does the MP (il mo7taram.. and yes it's in brackets ya3ni Optional) think that Il Ta3leem Il 3aaly are the ones who set the minimum for the TOEFL? If so, then I don't know why they're presumed scholars and academics. Mind you, I'm not wondering "what the fuck" they're doing in Parliament in the first place.

Incompetence? Yes, indeed. You think I'm done? Not quite. You see, it's funny how one stupid thing would seem genius, in comparison to yet another stupid thing. I am referring to the fact that, after 3 days tagreeban, Ma3aaly Il Wazeer (Il mo7taram, wink wink) has not made it loud and clear that "We, the MOHE, do not set the minimum requirements, and so are not held accountable. It is what the Universities abroad require, and thus we can all rest our cases and go back to doing nothing but get richer in ways I do not want my kids to know are possible......................... YET!"

That said, we have the rare occurance of what I would like to call Simultaneous-Incompetence; which is basically two or more individuals daasheen o 6aal3een b mosa'alaat ma laha la awal wala taly, based on .. incompetence.
Bearing in mind that the individuals involved all have the prestigious "Daal dot" just before their names.

Another thing I would like to bring up, is the increasing number of "il wufood il nisaa'eya" to various countries. And by countries I mean the United States. Coincidentally, there's an article in Al Wa6an for A7mad M7amad Il Fahad (who by the way I disagree with most of the time), in which he discusses the same questions you ask yourself while looking at some of the pictures for el wefood el nesaa'eya. Who are these women? On what basis have they been "chosen"?

Okay, so both Wizarat Il I3laam wel Khaarijiya with its embassies are incapable of explaining what is going on and how the political field is now different. And what, Il wifoud il nisaa'eya are? This is a time where Il Islamiyeen would appear wise if they asked Wazeer Il She'oon as to why kel hal khabba, and who is paying for those visits.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for 'restricting' the scholarships to those who really deserve it. As much as I am firm on my stance when it comes to women's "social" rights, before being political. However, the matter at hand (at least as I personally see it), begs to make one say: Ma dam chethy nimaayen maskeen el salfa, la bilaah kadaina khair.

etha konta tadry .. fa tilka moseebatan
wa in konta tajhal .. fal moseebato a3thamo


  • Ma agra the news o kilish mali shi8il ib kuwaiti parliament bes i understand what you're saying! O 3an ita3lem il a3ly thats the stupidest things ever, they gave people that graduate from EASY schools scoalarships when they don't deserve it! Ya3ni a person gets a 4.0 in uas and thats like a 2.0 ib ais or ask! How stupid is that! Half the people that get bi3that don't deserve it

    By Blogger PeTiTa, at 22.7.05  

  • m
    what do you mean "easy" schools? i was under the impression that American schools all do the SATs to graduate..
    not sure about GPA because i was also under the impression that the SATs have a certain "score" .. anyway, even if it were a GPA.. the fact that the students of both schools do the same exams, and the students of one school would excel, can only be due to 2 things:
    a- better teachers (school in general)
    b- student him/herself

    btw.. clarification:
    they DID "cancel" the TOEFL so u can apply for a scholarship, BUT u rnt granted a scholarship until u pass the TOEFL exam .. they gave the students a chance until December

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 28.7.05  

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