3ali was merrily walking to the parking lot. He had a lot to be happy about where he's coming from, and a lot of reason to have that ridiculous smirk on his face where he was headed to. He just got back his paper, scoring an 18.5/20. This was the subject which was being taught by a doctor he had his differences with. The most notorious, if you will, doctor in the department. You could say 3ali was now just happy he showed the Dr that not-doing-homework-doesn't-mean-not-knowing-what's-going-on.

In the parking lot now, he met his new car of less than a month with a heart-felt "hala walla". He was also meeting his dad at the gym as was agreed the night before. So all in all, things were looking up.

Approaching the roundabout, he was in the (correct) left lane planning to go 3/4 the way to the street leading to shari3 il7ob to lengthen the route; wasting some time and enjoying the new ride.

Not so fast.

He grabbed the wheel in place as the car swerved, turning to the right-handside mirror since he felt the impact coming from the back, right side of the car.

Welcome to a typical post-school accident.

The whole situation not sinking yet, he pulled over and got out of his car. He noticed the girl sitting in her car quite shocked. He walked over to her as she was rolling down the window. It was obvious that she was nervous.

3ali: 7asal khair kha6ach elso, feech shay?
bnaya: asfa.. tara..
3ali: la 3ady 7asal khair, feech shay enty al7en?
bnaya: la bas tara ma kan gasdi
3ali: ee adri, basee6a.. sayartech ma feha shay tabeen tamsheen tewakelay
bnaya: la baro7 el makhfar
3ali: agolech sayartech ma feha shay, ana ely sayarty et3awarat o ma a7taj ithen taslee7 adaber 3omri.
bnaya: okay bas ham abi aro7 el makhfar
3ali: .............
bnaya: ka el makhfar warana
3ali: adela..
bnaya: .....
3ali: naday okhoch, oboch atfaham ma3ah.. dashetich el makhfar ma laha lazmah, ekhti
bnaya: .....
3ali: 7elween?
bnaya: inshala

He got back into his car, taking it to the parking lot of masafi6 masra7 Kaifan. Got out and re-examined the hit. A bit depressed, he leaned on the fender waiting for the brother/father/husband/boyfriend to show up, all the while thinking whether or not he'll make it to the gym on time to work out with his dad. The girl parked her car nearby in the same parking lot.

Ten minutes go by and a small jeep joins in. A guy clad in dishdasha gets out and heads to the girl. It'll be two minutes before he makes his way towards 3ali.

Him: shsayer?
3ali: shely shsayer, 7adeth ba3ad sheno
him: shloon?
3ali: mo ehni el7achi, ent al7een imsh el makhfar khal ahalek yamshoon .. o 3ala asaas ena ent ely kent tesoog

Give and take for 10 more minutes and they end up in the mo7agig office of Kaifan's police station. To 3ali's surprise, the girl was there too. They waited and waited. Till finally:

mo7agig: kha6akom el so, shsayer?

Before anyone could say anything, the girl jumped, "ohwa 6ala3 3alay mesri3 o ana da3amta mn wara lena ma medaani asawi shay." 3ali turned to the girl with a look of disgust on his face.

The investigator intervened, asking the girl for details on exactly what happened. 3ali sat back and listened to the lies. Then he turned to 3ali saying, "O int? What's your version?". 3ali could see where this was going. He was a guy in a sports car. She was a girl in a saloon. He looked young. She looked young. They were obviously driving down the same path. And he was keeping quiet, she was not.

3ali: "Salamtek, sajelha 3alay khal enkhalis."
mo7agig: "mo le3eb el mas'ala.. nabi ne3arf shely saar"
3ali: "tabeeny achatheb-ha ya3ni wela ablish bent elnaas b loyat mekhaafir wela sheno belthab6"
mo7agig: "afham mn kalamek ena hal 7achi ma saar?"

3ali thought to himself Walaih.. hatha besawi feeha fahaameya o 7aawir zaawir.

3ali: "la saar, ana ghal6aan ya yoba bas khalsona bamshy"
mo7agig: "sabir sabir, enta ga3ed tegol enek ent ghal6aan?"
3ali: "ee.."
mo7agig: "asajelha 3alaik tara.."
3ali: "sajil.."
mo7agig picks up the driving licenses and gives 3ali a look, "Ee 3adel, 3ashan chethy."
3ali kept quiet looking at his watch.
mo7agig: "walla entaw yal shabaab ma menkom fayda .. ma te7isoon ma tegolon mas'oleya.."
3ali: "enzain.."
mo7agig: "wela 7ad yesadeg e3yal nas yesawon chethy? ana ma wedy at7acha wel akh mawjod", he said while pointing at the what-appeared-to-be-brother.
3ali: "ma3ak 7ag 3ami.."

The investigator went on rambling about how guys 3ali's age should really know their limits, and how they should consider girls their peers as sisters and stand up for them. As opposed to "hal kharabee6 ely shaaghla wagtkom", as he eloquently put it.

3ali was thinking to himself, 'Great, khayran taf3al sharan talga.. 3ala akher 3omri yayne ebnal kalb hatha berabeeni.' He could now feel the stare of the brother on him, as if knowing what was going through his head. He turned to face him and looked away thinking to himself 'il7amdelah wel shekir'.

When they were done, il mo7agig gave them the dreaded papers and they walked out of the station. The brother pulled on 3ali's dishdasha saying, "La7tha la7tha wain raye7." Looking down at the guy's hand grabbing him, he thought to himself 'Men seja hatha?'.

He shoved his hands on the brother's chest and pushed him hard enough to make him slam in the station's entrance door. "Nazil eedik la al7een ahefik kaf 3ala wayhek a3meek .. 7ageega nas fathya".

The guy just stood there, apparently stunned at where all that came from. Not that you could blame him. 3ali took it like a bitch back in the investigator's office. To 3ali, he thought he was doing the right thing. '
Mo 7elwa', he told himself, 'ina el bnaya tenyar laih el makhfar o etseer salfa o ta3aal fachich'.

It didn't bother him that the girl was lying and blaming. What did get on his nerve was the way the investigator made sense of it all. 'The nerve on that guy, lecturing me on how to act as if he knows what he's talking about'. As for the brother, well let's just say it was in his best interest not to fuck with a guy who had his new car screwed up.

The girl? 3ali would still tell you, what do you expect from a typical Kuwaiti chick?
The investigator?
What do you expect from a bored man when it comes to thinking all guys are 'the same' just because of the cars they drive or their physical appearance?
The brother? What do you expect from a wimp who feels he has to prove to everyone that he's the shit, when infact he's a pussy?


  • Regarding police stations :: Some egg-head ran into me and screwed my car on the first day in the semester and in the university's parking lot.

    I went to the police station to get everything over with (5 pm) and they told me to stay... I waited till 8 pm (3 hours in total) and then one dude came up and said: "Ta3al bacher. El fa79 el fani bas mawjood el 9ib7".


    Typical screwed up police-men...

    By Blogger MBH, at 19.11.05  

  • Yes isn’t it so sad what’s going on in this country when it comes to the law!!!!!!!!!! No respect!!!!!!! From the policemen and then if u have a big enough wasta halas u can be on top of the car and still they will say they push themselves under it!!!!!!!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19.11.05  

  • Regarding the brother :: The same egg-head who ran me, put a note later on my car saying he wants me to call him "urgently".

    I called and this is how he greeted me "alo? meno meno meno? o'7oy, ana elee ent de3amta..."

    As you said Temetwir, "khayran taf3al sharan talga"...

    By Blogger MBH, at 19.11.05  

  • talking about police stations ...
    well elmakhafaer ma menha fayda :p
    dashet makhfar 1 time in my life after a big acident! which I was the victim in, and now after more than a year the guy is still free and didnt pay any fils!
    I dont need his money el7emdella and I fixed my car long time ago! but what if I am someone who needs the money? where is the law? did the case just disappear?

    By Blogger Ra-1, at 19.11.05  

  • mbh heh sorry to hear and yea i know what ur talkin abt
    o 3al 2nd comment sorry man but i laughed so hard.. ive been hit by a guy once (also bel jam3a) .. u WONT believe what he did! but thats another story

    laialy sure did, 2003 .. my name's 3ali if that wasnt too obvious (?) :)

    anonymous am not sure about the was6a .. but yeah "certain KINDS of ppl in the police force need to BURN"

    ra-1 how did the guy get out of it? and am not sure etha "under law" ur entitled to any sort of settlement (money) .. it has to be thru the insurance company - which is why i entered the station not caring and didnt give/take any shit with el mo7agig :)

    tareqish ee walaaah.. sheft shlon yakhoy

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 19.11.05  

  • Hmmmm..to be honest IF Im 3ali, I wouldve not let that chick get away with her lies..shes the one who insisted to go to the police station even though her car wasn't damaged or anything. I would've thought ur a very nice guy and thanked you and left. but the fact she dragged you to the police station and started saying lies..bakhaleeha takil ha 3adil..7mara :P.

    It is true that there is the stereotype of how young males who drive cars like that are all after one thing etc etc..but that police guy did ask you...but for the sake of that 'poor' girl..u refused to speak..it would be another story if you did say the truth and the policeman stood against you..now that would be unfair..


    By Blogger Hope, at 20.11.05  

  • waaaiii ba6at chabdiii hal bent , seriously shes not bednt nas because shes not acting with manners at all . even her brother or the one who came with her seems to lack decencies.

    i've had similar accidents many times before . never been to makhfar il7imdilla and we'd both actually apologize to eachother even if it wasnt my mistake .

    but i guess this girl is "bnt fager" and maybe she was thinking i can get 100 or 200 kd out of this ... 76ait bthemetii ;-p

    By Blogger Mother Courage, at 20.11.05  

  • hope im guessing she lied becoz she thought she was in trouble.. ghasheema y3ni .. thats why i didnt care,, besides its not like am paying out of my pocket coz its all on my insurance (not to say that this is abt money since i believe id have done the same thing even if my insurance wouldnt cover)

    the investigator, its not like he asked mn seja 7alaal el meshakel hehe.. but even if he did, el bent kanat lazem teyee ma3ay fa7s fani akher el denya o b3dain ehya b nafsha tero7 el ta'meen o balawi if i insisted 3ala enha dasha feni.. baini w bainech marthaha 7ag ekhti fa i wouldnt want it for any grl

    mother courage, her brother lo rayal chan dash ma3ay el makhfar 3ala ena oho ely yesog .. am not saying yea yea lying is good.. but this isnt really a lie since no one gets hurt and he'd save his sis from a lot of trouble..
    o ee 7a6aity b themetich hehehe, salfa mo salfat eflos meny ana lena kela 3al ta'meen.. bs ma astab3id khayfa mn 6ragaat oboha :P ham ana 7a6 b themeti

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 20.11.05  

  • Temtoom...

    Widdik daa3ma feek mit3amda 3ala bu "it6ay7ik" ya3ni??! :|

    That might explain why she insisted on taking it all the way to the police station making a mountain out of a mole-hill... she didn't want you slipping out of her grasp so easily ;P

    Think this is far-fetched? Tara there's this whole urban myth among Kuwaiti girls about "ramming into a guy-you-like's car will lead to love and marriage and babies in a baby carriage". True story! ;)

    I mean come on- a girl ruins your lovely new car because she's a ditz that can't drive and chew at the same time, what's not to love?! :P Why, it is the stuff that Fairy Tales are made of!
    /end sarcasm

    (But seriously there are sooo many other psychotic old-wives-tales going around about how some girls have managed to seduce the most eligible bachelors. To be told another time perhaps ;)

    Gigi, enticingly

    By Blogger Gigi, at 20.11.05  

  • what the hell was up with that girl?

    hehe not all girls are like that :P~ believe me!

    + is she terminally ill or something?

    if nothing happens to the cars, you should not go to the maqfar.. "imsawya min il 7aba gowba"..

    if i was 3ali, i would have slapped her ;P~ that would create some action!

    better something worth complaining about like a slap ;P then nothing at all like the car crash..

    i just had an awkward situation today with an old guy old enough to be my grandfather, older than my DAD! long story, no accident.. he thought i was waving to him and flirting with him.. and we all know what he did then.. or should i elaborate.. ;P i'll leave the whole story for a post!

    By Blogger Baroque, at 20.11.05  

  • P.S. I'm still depressed because nobody is explaining to me what was the point I was missing from your Demographics post

    By Blogger Gigi, at 20.11.05  

  • gigi hahah
    kalimoona 3al isharaat, el7egoona, safi6oona.. dazaw 3alaina yedagdegon.. bas ydeshoon feena mara wa7da 3ad? lol
    bas la seriously now, thakarteeny b wa7ed mn el shabab he did that to a grl bel jam3a

    sej ena igzarat 3alaih, but hey whatever makes him happy i guess heh

    laken ma astab3id wujood hal nemaayen bel deera, bas not this one..
    btw i continued to see her for 3 more semesters, w laah 6aye7 3alaiha tegiz ba3ad heh

    abt the hypothesis, it was empirically refuted.. hayssay :P

    charisma gesham, el wa7ed shegool gair chethy..
    and im insulted tara.. 1st expecting a slap meny o then u have the nerve to compare a slap with a messed up car :P
    cant wait for the shaiba story thu .. estakhaf maskeen, bas amot wa3arf shemsawya enty eli estantaj ena ur waving heheh

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 20.11.05  

  • Temetwir, I think charisma was furiously playing with her hair - after an outstanding Herbal Essences adventure ! :p
    Of course we all know what Herbal Essences does to women's subconscious! It's a work of the devil, I say!
    "Kollo mo7datha-tin bed3a, wa Kollo bed3atin '9alala, wa kollo '9alala-tin fel nar"

    By Blogger MBH, at 20.11.05  

  • Of course it was refuted! it was hogwash! >:[

    I just wanted to know what it was that you kept on insisting I "wasn't getting" :'(

    Anyway, 6af? ;P

    Gigi, relentlessly

    P.S. shino ya3ni "igzarat 3alaih"?

    By Blogger Gigi, at 20.11.05  

  • mbh heheh
    dont forget, she IS charismatic.. so i wouldnt blame the old guy

    in no way am i objectifying you, charisma, rather merely stating the obvious :p

    gigi igzarat 3alaih .. hmm how do i say this.. in a way its the same as saying "ma siwat 3alaih" .. but then again its not

    so ..

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 20.11.05  

  • ya zeen sewalfik ya 3allawee....min 3ether 6la3t pisces mithel '7aweetek....aren't we the best or what?!...Loved the story...one time my sister had an accident and was so upset and called me up..it was in the summer and the men of the family where out of town...I told her let's not get upset and just walk into the ma'7far and figure this out...the driver she hit was a hindi and kept etfalsafing that he was right and she was wrong...the mo7akek was getting so pissed at the hindi guy who was speaking in English...so he turned to me and asked if I could translate because he couldn't understand a word he was saying..I translated what he was saying...and then the hindi guy jumped in and said that I was being biased in my translation! The mo7akik got so pissed off at the hindi guy that he ended up telling him that he's putting him in the 7abs and told us that we could go...when the hindi guy caved in and told the mo7akik the truth...he smiled and said..."inta faker ana ma afham engalaizee??" turns out the mo7akik could understand everything and was testing both of us!! Ya3nee 6ale3 feeha!

    By Blogger MissCosmoKuwait, at 20.11.05  

  • ;P~ nothing wallah..
    the nerve of u thinking that i would flirt with him.. hehe ;P just joking..

    la2 i was just waving that i wasn't going to move the car and inna he can pass me..

    he thought i was waving..
    he wished :P

    By Blogger Baroque, at 20.11.05  

  • charisma, so let me get this straight: He saw you waiving with your palm facing him, while your palm was tilted 90 degrees?

    So a rational explanation to all of this, is that his face was stuck to your hand, I guess.

    By Blogger MBH, at 20.11.05  

  • om siraj hala b ahl el reyaath :P
    and ur definitely right .. 3asa mashar shfeech?

    misscosmo heh shyabi the indian guy! shfeeh istakhaf, wel mo7ageg athrah 3alaih 7arakaat ba3ad
    and btw whats up with the horoscope talk, i have no idea what it represents

    charisma ga6aiteeha b rasi ha? as'hal shay bel denya ashof..? dearest mbh ely gaal, fa raja'an y3ni heh
    and whatd he tell u.. dont tell, write the full story on ur space sometime :)

    mbh eeeh 7ailek feeha 6ale3 menha el7achi lol

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 20.11.05  

  • no.1 lol ana mo7arni belsalfa ela el mo7aqiq madrey elsher6y :S

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20.11.05  

  • om siraj la tiz3al el 7ejaazeya :P

    number WAN ee mo7ageg.. chaykay ha seeda ma sadag khabar ma yegol ely wara oho eli qal6aan.. khaleeha 3ala allah

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 20.11.05  

  • u shouldve said the truth in mu7aqiq!..let her deal with it

    never lie:)

    By Blogger Mohammad Al-Yousifi, at 21.11.05  

  • temi, inta min sidjik sawait chithi...3abalik yinfa3 issana3 al7een. I hope you learned from your lesson. ew ba3dain 3adi yama da7'alna ma7'afir!!:-p (actually it was once) And we are all responsible for our actions whether man or woman. Why do we always expect the brother,the hsuband or the father to bail us out. we are independent individuals and believe it or not we CAN deal with the crap.

    By Blogger A3sab, at 22.11.05  

  • mbh..
    ;P~ i see u've taken temetwirs sarcastic role those days ;P~

    ;P~ wayn the so called blogger friendship.. i thought u would stick up for me against mbh.. yeah and i heard u quit ur sarcastic role and gave mbh the position., LoL ;P!

    By Blogger Baroque, at 23.11.05  

  • 7aram wallah, ma yestahel 7aram! Shnu hal bnaya wallah jed .. te7med rabha eno fakar ygoolha chithee bes yallah shngool ba3d?!

    By Blogger Ex-clamation Mark, at 29.11.05  

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