The Game

The following is a demonstration of true events that took and take and will take place over and over, unless both boys and girls get a dose of reality. Reader discretion advised. Most dialogue is translated and therefore might seem unnatural.

"Incoming", Faisal declared, tilting his head a bit to get the girl who just stepped in the restaurant in his view. M7amad looked over his shoulder, took a glance and shrugged as he turned back to his salad "Al3an abo thogek," he said. Faisal reached for his mobile phone, turned on the bluetooth and started laughing at the nicknames. 3ali was on the phone, discussing a final price for a car. As soon as he got off the phone, Faisal shoved his mobile in 3ali's face and was telling him to take a wild guess which nick belonged to the girl who just walked in.

"Ay bent? Shtabi?" 3ali asked. M7amad looked up, pointed his fork towards Faisal and said "Ya3ni ma tadry ena 3laiwi gaaleb 3alaina shareef Roma? Ma tedor 3enda hal sowalef." 3ali looked over Faisal's shoulder searching for the waiter, "You believe that shit? Motherfucker hasn't refilled me for 10 minutes now.. Fsail shga3ed etkhiz ent?"

Faisal was stretching his neck following the girl as she was looking around, as if searching for a particular table. M7amad mirrored Faisal's eyes and looked in that direction, noticing that the girl was alone, "Daasha bro7ha, wa7da mn thalaath: imwa3da, al7en b teg3ad weya shelat-ha, aw yaaya itethaba6" he concluded. Faisal was wishing that she would come sit across the floor on a table already occupied by a number of 'honey bunnies'. As all useless wishes, it came true.

3ali looked at Faisal, then at M7amad. He started "You know, the funny thing is that you're sitting here fucking in your head a girl that you don't even know who or what she is, how old she is what she does for a living and how many guys other than you are fucking her in their heads as we speak; all the while when she takes her seat and takes a look around checking "il wath3", she's gonna notice a guy who's staring at her, but instead of interpretting the look as degrading, she makes the choice to believe that you're actually interested. She'll feel flattered, she'll smile because she thinks she made the right choice in wearing that skirt along with those shoes. In her head, she's thinking of you as her knight in shining armor who's gonna make all her wishes come true. All because of that disgusting look on your face which she takes as a compliment."

"Aha?" Faisal blurted.

"Meanwhile, one by one, the other guys are going to notice that she's interested in you since she's looking back and they'll watch out for another girl to eye-fuck. And so it goes on and on. By now she's probably told her friends to check you out, ask if anyone of them knows who you are, what your car is, where you work and/or whether you're a regular at this place. Not to mention, she's now asking her friends if she knows myself or 7amood. Answers to those questions do not necessarily affect the conclusion that she will be moaning your name tonight after you sweet-talk her 5 minutes into your first session of phone sex."

"True, true." M7amad nodded.

"Gradually, you're gonna make the impression that you care for her and that you knew she was the one the moment she stepped into this restaurant. Ofcourse, you're gonna either precede or proceed by 'sadgeeni lama agolich' and 'ana ghair 3an il shabaab, ana neyety saafya'. Worst of all, she's gonna fall for it. Why? Because she doesn't have any fucking clue that we're having this conversation, because she doesn't know that while I'm talking to you right now; you can't wait for all the things I'm telling you are about to happen to actually do happen. She's gonna go on, lecturing about how love does exist, and how she was lucky enough to find love. You're gonna convince her to do all the things which deep down inside you know are wrong. And you're gonna feel like you're a man for making her do those things."

"Yeah Fsail, you're gonna believe you've got a 12-inch dick," M7amad nodded, signaling for the waiter.

"Look at her, you can actually see her thinking about how you're interested in her. She actually believes that you're looking at her and seeing the wife you wished for, a mother for your kids. Someone she would count on for the rest of her life, and someone who she would want to realise all her dreams with. You can almost see her thinking about you making sweet love to her with the candles she has prepared all around the room."

"Just like in Desperado man, just like Desperado" M7amad agreed, after taking a sip of his refilled coke. "Tell him about her friends, 3laiwi."

"Man, don't get me started. Her friends would secretly know that she's being played, but because they want to believe in love so hard they're gonna push her to stay with you. After you make her suck your dick in your car and then make up a story about how you regret her doing that because you really respect her and you would never want her to be like one of 'those girls'- but you couldn't fight it because she was just so beautiful. Her friends will tell her it's okay. You two are gonna get married anyway, it'll all be over soon. And it's okay anyway, you two were in love.. so what if you two expressed that love in that manner?"

"Now tell him about his friends, 3laiwi. Tell him about us." M7amad said, reaching for a napkin and wiping his hands.

"We'll be in this place some other time, right on this table, and you're gonna ask us 'hey remember that girl we saw a while ago over here?'. Obviously, you're gonna have to do a lot better than that since between the three of us, we would've shared up to a hundred girls in the past 6 months - telling them all the same stories with slight modifications here and there. And they're all gonna fall for it. So anyway, we all remember her and we say 'yeah, what's up?'. Then you're gonna tell us all about how she isn't as innocent as she looks, and that she's one raunchy bitch when itched the right way. Basically, we're all going to sit here and laugh have a good time while some poor girl's reputation and emotions gets literally fucked. And it's all because you wanted to prove to everybody that you're a player."

Faisal was nodding in agreement, knowing the drill; as he remembered all the times before that such things have happened over and over again between him and his friends. M7amad looked at both of them and said "You're kidding me right, you're leaving out the best part!"

The waiter placed the bill on the table, and 3ali reached out for his wallet "3alay hal mara. So anyway what is it 7amood, what did I miss out?" Faisal leaned in, showing the two of them the girl's number now since they had already exchanged numbers and promised to call once they're out of here. "You didn't tell him about our friends, the guys who aren't here," M7amad announced. 3ali paid the bill, and they were all getting up from their chairs now. Settling their iqtar and nasfaat, they started walking towards the door.

As they approached the table which the party of girls were sitting on, all three of them recognized that smile on the girl's face. The smile of a girl who just met the guy who's gonna fuck up her life; but to her is her 'new love'.

"Oh," 3ali said, "the guys would basically know who she is, where she lives and everything about her. After Fsail is done with her, he's gonna give out her number to the guys 'in dire need', and since she has nothing to lose now; she's gonna get around telling herself that love sure is out there. So what if Faisal was an asshole, I'm sure this way is the best in getting to know guys. She's gonna tell herself that she 'just knows it'"

They were in the parking lot now, and said they'd meet in the shalaih in an hour. Faisal said he would be a bit late, eyeing a girl walking towards her Range Rover. "Might as well double my chances in all you said back there, man" he winked.


  • Man...I hope guys don't think/talk like this! It's...scary.

    By Blogger Erzulie, at 13.11.05  

  • This is discussing, arrogant and has no taste at all, but nevertheless; it is true. I commend you for such writing.

    By Blogger AyyA, at 14.11.05  

  • Sorry to tell u, but girls aren't as innocent and naïve as u perceived them to be. They know exactly what they are getting themselves – the lion's den. Still that little flicker of hope drives even the most reasonable and sensible girls to do things u only hear about in stories and read about in blogs! The truth was never a pretty thing.

    By Blogger Kay, at 14.11.05  

  • erzulie boys sure do think/talk like that .. and i think 'sad' is a better word

    ayya at 1st i wanted the discussion to be in q8i - but then i figured it'd be just plain rude to read and wont get the msg across .. but im glad u see the contrast being it vulgar yet true

    wicked im not saying theyre naive nor innocent, im just saying that they can get played (just as some boys can get played) .. what u say in the 2nd part of ur comment proves exactly my point :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 14.11.05  

  • Temetwir, Your preception of todays girls is a bit off the hook, as WickeD suggested.

    And I'd like to state that most guys do that, but not all. MOST.

    2nd) I donno if you're implying to the increasing numbers of pre-marital sexual relationships in Kuwait, or not. But, I put the blame upon the girls. If they dress decent, guys won't harras them. If they used their heads instead of their hearts, they wouldn't fall.

    By Blogger MBH, at 14.11.05  

  • mbh i believe what u and wicked are saying is that: grls rnt that 'stupid' .. and im not suggesting that, ofcourse not.. however i will say that this DOES happen (1st source, 2nd source).. so everyone has to infer on his own as to the reasons why so and so takes place

    as far as the 'males' r concerned, as i made explicit to erzulie, its the boys .. 'guys' is a vague word, while a boy is a whole diff thing than a man

    and the point of this post is to show that such 'relationships' do not work, exemplifying by tackling one side of the story (note: ONE ONE ONE, la7ad yesaweeli feha la ur being unrealistic, ONE ONE).. i didnt want to 'actually' say it in the post, so that every1 wouldve had the chance to interpret as s/he deems fit

    the blame isnt just on the grl, no matter what she 'wears' or 'does' .. sure, she is held responsible but that doesnt give 'men' the right to abuse her wrong-doing .. on the contrary, they should rise above it - one of the numerous things that differentiate between men and boys :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 14.11.05  

  • am speechless ! and out of words !

    By Blogger Mother Courage, at 14.11.05  

  • I am aware that you haven't called them stupid, nor implied that. And yes, such relationships do exist, and I've witnessed, witnessing and will witness ever more;

    As you said, they won't work, EVER.

    By Blogger MBH, at 14.11.05  

  • mother courage
    becoz u agree/disagree? didnt know? why ru speechless..? share

    mbh faahemny, itbared chabdi ent walla :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 14.11.05  

  • what i find most interesting is how girls, even when they KNOW that what they're hearing are lies fed to them, they still want to believe that it's the truth.

    like u said, it's a game, it's been played for years, and it will continue as long as there are two parties willing to participate.

    Allah yaster 3al jamee3!!

    By Blogger MSB, at 14.11.05  

  • Wicked:
    Actually the majority of girls are that naïve. And the ones who are not, every single one them, has at least started out that way: idealistic, romantic, and hopeful.

    Very Raw & Powerful! And- as usual- delivered with your customary vitality and flair.

    Thanks Temetwir for this necessarily harsh 'dose of reality'. Thank you for show-casing the difference between Men and Boys(skirt-chasers).

    Oh 3asa Allah yzeed min amthaal 3laiwi ;)

    MBH: Mithil ma gaal Temetwir, you can't put all the blame on the girls, the boys must also be accountable for their actions and for their deception. I might even go so far as to say that it is the males who should be held more accountable, because as far as I know there aren't any girls who try to come off as having pure intentions when in fact all they want is to screw around :P I think it must be extremely rare for a girl to ever get involved with a guy unless it was with long term/pure intentions, whereas with guys it could be either way.

    Gigi, biasedly(?)

    P.S. Ok I have the feeling I might have in fact been a bit biased, cuz there are good guys out there who are played by girls. Khalas bottom line is: both genders are equally accountable.

    By Blogger Gigi, at 14.11.05  

  • msb well said, but actually.. 'the game' only requires one of the two to want to play .. dragging the other individual into it is what makes the game fun, and somewhat, addictive

    gigi sure thing, as far as who should be held accountable.. its both 'individuals' (not genders) who r willing to either "give it a try" or one of them wanting to "play" .. i guess what am saying is its a lose-lose situation, and i dont consider ur comment biased

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 14.11.05  

  • sad but true somebody was bound 2 let it out

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14.11.05  

  • you just scared the hell out of me.. i am gonna start translating every guy's stare into what you just said..

    not that i enjoy the attention or build castles in the sky from one stare..

    did i mention that i think that picking up guys from the street, restaurant, etc. is disgusting and degenerating and i condemn it..?

    i think u just over exagerated about the girl..

    those girls are bimbos.. i've never really understood the dressing up game and going to eat dinner at kuwaiti hotspots + see and be seen thing, and i don't take part in it..

    now i ask u..
    am i a unique case or belong to a small minority of kuwaiti girls that just know better?

    OR are you just wrong in portraying the girl's attitude and beliefs and have just used exaggeration to spice up the post?

    By Blogger Baroque, at 14.11.05  

  • Gigi, sorry but I can't agree that both genders are equally accountable!
    If horny dogs find no bitches, they'll hump something else. E.g., If girls are decent enough, guys wouldn't dare playin 'em.

    A big witness to what I'm saying is the girls and what they wear in Marina Mall -- it's like a freak show! (including the guys, especially with the spiky heads! Sonic-breed!)
    Unfortunately, I'm living an ugly time where low wastes are hip, showing thongs is a hip, transparent tights are hip ...etc.

    Who am I supposed to blame for making the guys this horny? Their imagination or the girls that are building that imagination?

    By Blogger MBH, at 14.11.05  

  • v6 chairz :) btw ur nick better not be what i think it is becoz if so ill be disappointed heh

    charisma i wish this was a figment of my imagination, i really do .. thing is, its true, not in the sense that "it sure as well may happen", rather "it DID happen" - this particular case itself y3ni .. its just becoz i know the ending that it may seem extreme to u :)
    and btw this is nothing compared to other stuff that happened .. since 'im on a mission', i will mention them some time .. whatever it takes to prove my point

    mbh but that doesnt mean that the guys should run after them just becoz of how they dress or how much skin they show..
    if u were to blame some1 for the guys reaction: u start with the guys themselves
    theres always a choice. THERES ALWAYS A CHOICE

    tawa ma sarlena moda mn ermothan, at times u get pretty hungry and crave something to eat .. as alluring as that thought might be, that still doesnt give u the right to do it.. even if it were right there infront of u

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 14.11.05  

  • Temetwir, I hate you and your valid arguments... 8P

    I never said guys are justified, I'm simply saying that it's mostly the girls' fault.

    Even now and then, I still see decent girls being followed by what I think resembles a male human being, or what's left of it. (knots)

    By Blogger MBH, at 14.11.05  

  • Hahaha!!
    Made me laugh!
    Wish more people realised that. Times and times before I have had that same conversation bs mako fayda, when a girl wants to ruin her life she wants to ruin her life.
    Its strange that some people who met from 'tarqeem' actually do find love and get married. But its sooooo sooooo soooo rare. Nowadays at least. And I really do hate this bluetooth business, teenage girls as young as 13 have access to it and getting a guy's number is as easy as taking a sip of water! And the things that they send! AHHHHHHHHHH! One time when I first got a bluetooth phone, I was happy with it and kept my bluetooth on. My friend was sending me wav's and i was accepting without checking the nick, by accident I accepted some guy and do u know what he sent?!?!?! A whole load of naked pics of himself!!!!! How sick is that?! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaai3! Anyway I've strayed from the main point, and I don't know what I was trying to say.

    Anyway, temetwir, your sis would like you to post about bluetooth and its misuse from your much admired perspective.


    By Blogger Delicately Realistic, at 14.11.05  

  • mbh hehehe yazatli i hate u and ur valid arguments

    dRR am really not that familiar with the bluetooth thing, but interesting subject to write about im sure (3ad ana 3ala 6raif .. asawi ay shay wala eni adris) .. btw wtf is up with the naked pics shfeeh akheena ma sadag khabar

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 14.11.05  

  • wala yal 7abeeb this is too long for me to read, but I promise you one day I will read it ;)

    By Blogger Hattorihanzo, at 14.11.05  

  • I mentioned this post in my blog, hope you don't mind.

    By Blogger McArabian, at 14.11.05  

  • omg :(
    i didnt know it was that bad

    By Blogger Unknown, at 14.11.05  

  • Tara mo shay yideed...

    By Blogger bumo, at 14.11.05  

  • I forgot t add that most of my friends that think like that are actually bisexual. Because they r just looking for sex. : /

    Just glad ana shift 5air before i turned into a jerk.

    : )

    By Blogger bumo, at 14.11.05  

  • That was quite the eye-opener. I think most girls are aware of "the game", just not the extent some degenerates will take it. Thanks for the insight.

    By Blogger Night, at 14.11.05  

  • oooh I really enjoyed this! Great writing style.

    By Blogger La La, at 14.11.05  

  • Ya Aba Al-7or....enta 3ejbah!!! It's been a while since I read a blog that got my face so close to the screen and hanging on to every word....mashallah...I could see the whole scene...it was a beautiful reality check...I won't argue about who's fault it is...I believe as you put it...there are individuals from both sides that have decided to play their role in life as such...extremely sad but exists all over the world...women of all nationalities may sit in a coffee shop and dream of meeting THE ONE and many men dream of having that easy catch to brag about...true it all sounds awful when we think the characters are Kuwaiti and where are their morals...but like you said...individuals like that exist whatever the nationality...

    As always, I commend you on such lovely writing and very interesting topic...

    Tara ana gairana min Um El7or min al 7een!..:)

    Allah yekather min amthalak 6al 3omrak...:)

    By Blogger MissCosmoKuwait, at 15.11.05  

  • Whatever, I think relationships all together suck. Poor girls.

    By Blogger Hope, at 15.11.05  

  • forgot to say well done Temetwir

    By Blogger Hope, at 15.11.05  

  • bo fay take ur time in doing so man, take ur time

    mcarabian not at all, althu i must say im not used to u being so quiet heh

    snookie is this who i think it is? and its even worst hehe, but thats just the way it is

    high octane ma7ad gal ina shay yedeed, and i dont believe that bisexual comment

    night sure thing

    la la glad u did :) thanks a bunch

    misscosmo coming from u thats quite a compliment i must say, and glad we're eye to eye .. AND FINALLY u call me bo il7or u got it right heh

    hope thats the theme .. and thank u

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 15.11.05  

  • temetwir Enjoy it while it lasts ;)

    Seriously though, I don't think I can add anything that other commentors haven't already mentioned. And I'm not really in the right mental space to be objective about Kuwaiti guys right now.

    But I will say this: Your style of writing is impressive, the content is brutally honest, and you've generated a great discussion from an intelligent and insightful audience here - I love that :)

    By Blogger McArabian, at 15.11.05  

  • i agree with u saying it's a lose/lose situation...
    i don't know how ppl can keep on doing tha when they know exactly what's going on :/
    great post, i loved ur way of phrasing and putting the conversation all together, i'll definitely be visiting ur blog more :)

    By Blogger Ms. Sarah, at 15.11.05  

  • la temetwir qasdee , hatha shai yefashel !!!!!! Cheap !

    By Blogger Mother Courage, at 15.11.05  

  • Hey guys, I think you all are missing an important point in this post, actually I see it as the most important point. It’s not about who is or is not responsible. This is normal and happens everywhere. What is not normal though and sickening as well is to brag about it. It seems to me that in this region, BOYS love to do that even it that meant ruining some poor girl’s reputation.

    By Blogger AyyA, at 15.11.05  

  • Tem:
    Yeah, I'm not talking about Every Single Girl in the World, or Every Single Guy, so that's not what I was referring to when I used the general term "gender". Well, I thought that should have been obvious because not every single girl/boy gets into these kinds of situations ya3ni. So when I said "both genders" I meant both the (individuals); girl and boy. Ya3ni we shouldn't lay the blame only on the girl (Or only on the boy. Bas.

    We are not all missing the point of the post. Some of us just wished to make a side comment on mbh's accusation.

    As for the point of Tem's post: true, I think Tem was showcasing unmanly conduct, which includes bragging about one's sexual excapades, but what I considered to also be one of the main points is that, in regards to such manner of pickups: This is not the way that (real and anti-Hollywoodian)love is found or should be sought.

    And that it is equally as unmanly to pursue meanlingless/debauched relationships in the first place.

    3adil tafseeri ya Tem willa sij I'm "missing the important point"? Heh. 3adi asaweeha.

    Gigi, questioningly

    By Blogger Gigi, at 15.11.05  

  • Gigi, accusations!

    I'm not gonna make this topic blow.. but I hope the following reaches the mind of the enlightened ::

    "Please, correct me if I got my facts wrong."

    By Blogger MBH, at 15.11.05  

  • no.1: thanks for opening the eyes of many blind girls :/

    They gain NOTHING but a bad reputation and lose their family’s and friend's trust and respect :/ or maybe more. They’ll regret it for the rest of their lives :(

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15.11.05  

  • temetwir: i disagree with you. there's always two parties involved in the game, you can't play with just one! however, one might just be oblivious to the fact that they're participating in this so-called game.

    see, if the girl ignores the guy and walks off, then game over! but if she responds, game on.. even if she thinks he's being sincere.

    once again i repeat, Allah yaster 3al jamee3 from those playing games.. and those of us misfortunate enough to get caught in one, hope u know when to jump out before it's too late!

    Good luck!

    By Blogger MSB, at 15.11.05  

  • temetwir: this has nothing to do with this blog, Man I hate you for making me watch OLD BOY, why did you do this to me :( man that was one freaking depressing movie, I have to say it was good, but I thought it was an action movie, ohhh my GOD, I don't think I can sleep tonight, all I say allah esam7ik, but we are still friend.

    By Blogger Hattorihanzo, at 15.11.05  

  • mcarabian thnx for the compliment, chairz :) i wouldnt exactly limit it to the "kuwaiti" adjective .. but i should know better by now

    swair ahlan wa sahlan 7ayach

    mother courage indeed it is wana okhoch, indeed it is

    ayya true, that is one v important point i wanted to mention

    gigi that is also a v important aspect of the discussion, although implicitly ull find the idea of "premarital relationships of any kind/nature do not work" embedded between the lines

    number 1, waaainech enty ya yoba.. 3ash mn shafich :)

    msb ofcourse there r two parties, and u said what i meant by 'one might just be oblivious' .. its all good

    bo fay hahah ya ba3ad rasi walla.. it does have quite the impact doesnt it! yakhi movies from which u actually LEARN something are very rare nowadays .. dont worry ull get over it heh

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 15.11.05  

  • Mbh:
    Heh, sorry if the word "accusation" offended you. I'll change it to "point" if you prefer :)

    Ayya, some of us just wanted to respond to Mbh's point that in these games it is primarily the girl's fault.
    But I can see why that made you think we were missing the point of Tem's post. It's just that I didn't have anything to argue about on Tem's post! Hahaha so I zeroed in on MBH *grin*

    Adri walla adri :P
    If I had said "THIS manner of pickups doesn't work", then I would have been limiting it to only these restaurant situations of which you wrote about in your post. But I said "SUCH manner of pickups", in order to indicate "anything of the same type".

    Gigi, patiently :P

    By Blogger Gigi, at 15.11.05  

  • Faisal is a hopeless case!!

    it's plain pathetic how some people think, face it you guys, we are not telling a story here it's the happening reality, every word in that post is true I could swear on it, girls are that desperate and boys are that lusty, wanna know what what's really bad? the situation keeps goin from worse to worse.

    You think a girl would learn!

    By Blogger Spontaneousnessity, at 16.11.05  

  • spontan
    glad u said that it isnt just a 'story' but infact true

    chairz :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 16.11.05  

  • Never underestimate Kuwaiti women. They can outplay any Hamood or Abood out there, even if she's a legalised virgin. Don't confuse their kitten behavior with their secretive intent of fucking as many dudes before marrying the most gullible guy out there while she has three to four of his buddies around her pinky finger to pick up her tabs later on in life. She's insured for life, whether married, single or divorced.

    Good job Temetwir

    By Blogger TANTALIZE, at 16.11.05  

  • I don't believe that relationships before engagement are healthy.. not even phone calls... Most of them end with loss.

    The Loss of things, that can't be replaced.

    By Blogger True Faith, at 16.11.05  

  • Great post and I do agree with most of what you're saying. Its scary to see that we have reached this disgusting level of thinking! I wonder how these guys would feel if someone did that to their sisters?!

    I blame society as whole for this problem. Guys play around with girls and its totally accepted and actually considered cool. The parents know most of what their kid is doing and they don't do anything. "Kaifa rayal" The girls, their so lost, desperate, and in great need of love, they'll beleive anything. But the guys also play the game amazingly and can convince the most inoccent girls with their lies. Alla yastir 3alaina

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17.11.05  

  • true faith my sentiments based on 1st hand experience exactly, chairz

    anonymous thank u, and since thats how u feel.. just scroll further down ull find a topic titled bel 3arabi "mn gal el rayal shayel 3aibah" .. it discusses a point u raise, ull like it atleast i hope


    By Blogger Temetwir, at 17.11.05  

  • Absloutly true ! and i just love the way u put it all together...as much as faisal sounds like a bad person here..hey u can't just blame him i mean blame the gurl too for being too stupid to really think he or any other random guy is prince charming n he'll sweep her off her feet to her dream land ! wake up n smell the hummos no such thing :P...not saying all guys r like that but most r..Good job u've done here n keep it up :)

    By Blogger Sugar Queen, at 21.11.05  

  • Absloutly true ! and i just love the way u put it all together...as much as faisal sounds like a bad person here..hey u can't just blame him i mean blame the gurl too for being too stupid to really think he or any other random guy is prince charming n he'll sweep her off her feet to her dream land ! wake up n smell the hummos no such thing :P...not saying all guys r like that but most r..Good job u've done here n keep it up :)

    By Blogger Sugar Queen, at 21.11.05  

  • That's absolutely repulsive :S
    It's really sad the number of guys and girls out there who think and behave like that

    In my mind, it's mostly and almost always the guy's fault no matter what. I don't care how the girl acted or anything else.

    i hate it i hate it and i hate the fact that there's nothing to be done

    you wrote this very well.

    By Blogger Bassem, at 28.8.06  

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