KU: Why is it the greatest?

Masma3? You studied in the states? Britain? Mafaka, you can't touch this.

Exhibit A:

The trip to one of KU's campuses depending on where you study, aw wain emsajel ekhteyary ma3a el rabi3, is one of the most interesting and rewarding things you can ever do on the road. Ever.

The prettiest girls, the flashiest cars, the range of ages you come across hopping and dancing to "baba fain" in the cars, the types of people you encounter on the road; being pulled over for doing 110 on a 120 road just because mr police officer saw you tailing that pretty girl in the flashy car we just talked about; recieving an sms from your "girlfriend" (kafo ely yemashy aflaam) telling you how cute you look when you've been a 'bad boy' (she would know, wouldn't she? Ah yes, you KU-graduate you) and pulled over. All the while, you're on the phone trying to get a hold of "3baid" el molazim awal 3ashan eyee yefokik mn hal balwa.

On more finer mornings, say a Monday and having already skipped your 8am lecture and now you're on ilkhaleej bet6awel el 6ereej et6eglek fara, you check your watch and it's 9.30. Your lecture starts at 11, so what do you do? Depends on who "you" are. If you've studied in the states or some other awful excuse for what you call an education, you're probably still wondering why the other "you's" out there skipped the 8am lecture in the first place. Nerds.
So here's the deal, if you're a Corvette owner, for example, you roam the lanes of the Gulf Road looking for the loudest sounding Mustang to fry. Once you succeed (o ashkara tawa 6ale3 mn share3 el me6a3em yayek maig mn wara), you check in the mirror that there's no dawreya in sight, then you proceed wetnagid ra3y el ford mn awal el sib7 wala tehaneeh eb legmeta. Then, you shall continue el ba7ar kela emsayar weya bolshabab, hearing all those excuses about shlon "ma rikab thaany yabnal7alaal" wela shlon "el seeneya mombadella sarlaha sentain, 3a6ny ragmek ent w mayser kha6rek ela 6ayeb ben3amy, in3eed-ha 7athreen lel6aybeen". Wetha ent 7adik eb tathbet wejoudek ka 6aalib mo7taram fi koleyat el adaab, ta36eeh sheghel "kaaaaak" bain el fayna wel okhra.

However, if one fine KU-final-destination gent is sporting a Cayenne turbo o baty tawa kan nazil, and it just so happens that *gasp* he sees "Danoh" ra3yat el "Rinnj" el azrag who obviously is - for those US/UK students who have no idea how we do it back in the motherland - is in the 11am lecture weya sa7ebna ra3y el cayenne; he does the simple calculation that Danoh mo yaya etgiz hal7aza, it's 9.30am, she's near el salmiya (3end 6arbaan if you must know), and all alone. Wa7da men el thentain, el bent ya emwa3da (o eb tes7ab 3ala mo7atharat 11am), aw enha betro7 takhethlaha 3asseer to neutralise the weather. Because we at KU are taught to be optimistic, our jolly-mean-good chap here wishes on a star that it's the latter, takes a U-turn, goes to "malik el3a9eer" mn wara (ee yoba, mn sob AUK, ashkara emsaweenha?) and finds our gorgeous Range-Rover-driving, Cartier-watch-wearing, Burberry-shirt-fitting, wavy-hair-wearing friend already parked there.
One year later, "Danoh" is heartbroken for learning that Khalid's name was actually Waleed, and that the Cayenne turbo he so eloquently fit in was actually his cousin's. And oh, the heartbreak? Yeah, that's because she learnt that he was a Philosophy major and not Engineering. To this day, the likes of "Danoh" would have you believe ena "el kalb shdarani hathy sowalfa, kan yesame3ni Asseel o 3abdilmajeed, ya raby mo sowalef elhailag ana shdarani" .. Abooch labo shagol al7een, emsaweelich mix tape wetgoleenly mo sowalef 3agad?
Look at the faces of all you US/UK grads, "but, how did she know he was a Philosophy major and not Engineering?". It's called a yearbook (somehow, this has come to be the item that makes it all worthwhile. You'll understand when you see one.)

But for all you dovey lovey bird things out there, you will be happy to learn that KU is known for its romantacizing as well. Ah yes indeed. KU, the university with no courses about love yet somehow is the school that managed to bring out the Don Juans in the majority of its students. Note: ma3a el ta7afuth ilshadeed 3ala 6alabat koliyat el 6ib.
From il 3daileya's space ejbaal el cafteria (sej sej shakhbare) to 'share3 el7ob' eb kaifan (emtedadan mn mabna 3abdala el 3taibi laih elbawaba ely eb wayh nady elkwait), to the infamous "skwair" in shwaikh 7ag el 3laimeya (ay wa7ed wasil will agree ena 'el lobby' is where it's all it) - those are the places that Shakespeare never knew about. Or else, trust me, romeo and juliet would not have a balcony. These, ladies and gentlemen, are the places that excuse the 3kd plus price on MTC's share price. Until the introduction of bluetooth technology. Aasif, kent metkharij by that time, we old school (or, just as might, ma kent adry sheno ya3ni bluetooth .. 3aady).

However, that's beside the point. We are in exclusive mention of all that has to do with the trip to KU's campuses. And fear not, dearest Harvard-slash-Oxford-grad-wannabes, for all is not lost. Gathaya el ma7akim o nesbat el 6alag bil balad tesh'hadly.

Now, seriously, doesn't that beat riding the train/bus or walking to school?


  • I haven't laughed this hard in a long time!

    Seriously...how do you do it?!

    By Blogger Sedna, at 5.7.06  

  • You forgot to mention, itha ma 3indik shi'3il grab a popcorn and sit in the square and laugh :P

    Yes Yes KU is entertainment to the fullest :P Studying in Kuwait laha jow 5a9 oo low itmoot ma it7a9la bara. And you forgot ily yerji3oon min bara most (I said most not all) of them turn into (mama papa types) dala3 3al fathy :P Just like how most ily ra7ow KU (5o9oo9an ilidareya) turn Mbaaa3


    By Blogger Blogger, at 5.7.06  

  • sedna,
    im glad you take it lightly :)
    and it is my misfortune of informing u that 'how i do it' is based on memory heh

    not sure abt the dala3-type they turn to, i wouldnt be too sure..
    i just keep harassing the US/UK grads in the piece as form of irony, given that i am one currently ;]

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 5.7.06  

  • This post has confirmed that I truely am naive. Everything's so calculated. :| It's like I'm watching a movie. Studying in the uk has brainwashed me I guess.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5.7.06  

  • Wala la itshoof ily shifta..ygoloon ilwalad y9eer rayal lai ra7 deras broo7a, gamow yridoon troofa :P ily ashgar oo ily spikey oo ily baye3ha salasil oo 7arakat..wala ma95ara :P

    By Blogger Blogger, at 5.7.06  

  • Lol I was referring to your sarcastic/cynical sense of humor...which seriously cracks me up :D

    Mashalla, keep writing you! Meanwhile :P I'll get a fan club started...

    By Blogger Sedna, at 5.7.06  

  • yellow,
    don't take it to heart 3ad 7abeeb ilsha3b, it's all for kicks :)
    not sure what ur referring to when u say 'like watching a movie' btw

    ma yat 3al dirasa bara walla, sarly sentain asma3 3an hal shaglat laken ma3omri sadaft .. mo 3an shay but it's just that i've never been to the places where 'sights have been reported' heh

    oh, i thought u were saying how i come up with these 'tales' so i was saluting ayam el 9ebba ;]
    thanks for the encouragement lav

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 5.7.06  

  • *GASPS* ga9 mo7a'6arat!! *FAINTS*

    By Blogger MBH, at 6.7.06  

  • mbh
    i can remember every single time i skipped class,, they were that few .. laken by the same token, i can remember every single time i actually studied too .. they were even fewer ;p

    err.. true story :|

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 6.7.06  

  • I only started skipping in the last year and for one subject only.

    Regarding the visiting experience you mentioned, I've been once or twice to Business Administration (BA) visiting highschool dudes, and I have to say that it deserves the bad reputation it has!
    Frankly, I prefer Arts to BA!!! (not as college but people-wise)

    madri shelsalfa hnak bel '6ab6 aw sheno qanoon el '3aba el mashee ... bas el '6aher enna kel yoom 3eed; Wallaho a3lam.

    mooman, ma asta'3reb hal shay men 6alabat/6alebat el "Manfa"! kel el 6alaba el fashleen y7awloon hnak (fact).

    By Blogger MBH, at 6.7.06  

  • Temetwir : eheh chenna I took it a tad bit tooo seriously. Maikhalif , haday ya yellow, cool it. :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6.7.06  

  • Well put. as for UK/US Grads, being that I am one right now .. I think they tend to look at things from another angle. Time changes everything.

    By Blogger DonZz, at 6.7.06  

  • و لا عزاء للفيلوسوفي مايجور

    Now you've got me all nostalgic! I'd hold myself back from bursting into a detailed explanation of the beauty of KU academic and non academic life whenever I had to get together with a US/UK-er visiting for the summer, turning their nose up at our 'humble' institution :D

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7.7.06  

  • mbh,
    no comment
    but i will say this: the college plays no, or little, part in how students represent themselves.. its all abt background
    .. all abt background

    chairz lav :)

    not sure what u mean there by look at things from another angle .. but i do think that students who ship off to study abroad right after highschool miss out on a lot of things 'the kuwaiti way'.. which is cool, which is cool, until they start telling me abt how its done over at where they used to live.. wtf do i care, right? RIGHT? ;]

    now here's someone whose opinion really sheds light on the whole matter since uve lived best of both worlds.. to agree is to certify, and to that i say yippee-kay-yay

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 7.7.06  

  • bo3alwah
    and i thought i knew it all....

    lol, I thought "Danoh" was heart broken because of what happened in the back seat of the cayenne.. anywho.. it's crystal clear to me now buddy.. or is it ?

    my dad just woke up to find out what's with all the laughing.. i guess i was a bit too loud

    By Blogger 7asoon, at 7.7.06  

  • Well, I dunno about that, people can sure experience the "kuwaiti" way even if they didn't attend KU. I tried it, and every scenario you created did go by me. But, the kuwaiti way will still be the luxurious/glorifying way .. whether we like it or not.

    By Blogger DonZz, at 7.7.06  

  • bo 3ali,
    hahah ma yenkhaf 3alaik.. i7temal waarid, sa7ee7, i7temaal waarid

    yea i didnt mean lazim attend KU, not at all
    i was referring to the comparison between the two ways one thing can be done, and its as if some ppl look down at how life passes by in kuwait, yekon ya3ni eb yentagdon elshay, laken lelasaf bel nehaya yangedon 3alaih ..
    where u at in the states/britain?

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 8.7.06  

  • i know ur opinionated. and u keep pushing the envolope.... ijust think u can do so much better if u lose the bad words in ur posts.

    so i guess ur chearing for the italians tonight.

    By Blogger Bloo, at 9.7.06  

  • vintage,
    thanks ill take that into consideration

    and yep, rooting for the italians this evening .. not too cocky just yet though

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 9.7.06  

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