Please make the time to watch this.

It does relate to the current war on Lebanon if you just take a minute to think for yourself as to how that is.

I do recognize the fact that, already, many here have deemed the 'western coverage' biased and ridiculous; yet there still are some presuppositions that are, in fact, primarily adopted and showcased by none other than the western coverage. That is a loop which many, unfortunately, seem to overlook, willingly or otherwise; and one, I hope you, sir/madam, would agree is ironic. And not in the haha-funny sense.

Again, this video does not discuss the war on Lebanon. This video, I can only wish, is intended to shed some light and provide a full-round picture for anyone and everyone who has ever taken anything for granted.
That would, I reserve the right to assume, be the majority of you - the readers. Simply because I doubt any of you has ever made it to "Palestine" (west bank/gaza).

Video again is here. Here, and here. Okay I'll stop now.

Adry imssakhat, bas wallah a3arf sowalef ba3athkom .. "NA7NO HONA"

PS: Naom Chomsky speaks. I really hope you know who that is. This is all in your head. There is no spoon.


  • Thinkers such as Naom Chomsky and John Pilger are a gust of fresh air, much needed after the rancid Western Media and their depiction of news around the globe.

    Freedom fighters are insurgents, terrorists, and cold-blooded killers if they protest, let alone lay a finger on the israeli military with their US issue boots and their US issue tanks. Reasons for protesting are plenty, as the video explains, ranging from destruction of their homes to the 'passive ethnic cleansing' happening under the guise of enforcing the law.

    A media circus is what it is.

    I'm glad the BBC is taking a better stance on things compared to American media, which is again gone through with great depth in the video. I wish everyone in the world watches it.

    By Blogger Zeecu, at 16.7.06  

  • Shukran for that. I say thank you, even though I have only watched 10 minutes of this, and I am already in tears. I only read about this, and see still images, so seeing this in video is really tough. How much tougher this is for those undergoing this oppression? Allah is certainly closest to them, and loves them most. Shukran again.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16.7.06  

  • Just as I thought

    Typical Hyde park crap

    Heard it all before

    By Blogger أبو جيج يدور نعاله, at 16.7.06  

  • Zeecu,
    true that

    also, i find the segment discussing the 'humanizing' of the israeli deaths as a strong, direct, and identical example of what is going on right now regarding the israeli hostages as opposed to the muslim or arab hostages held by the israelis

    digital nomad,
    you're most welcome .. and you are absolutely right
    the pictures don't do justice unfortunately .. so one can even now imagine what sort of idea a person gets when there is no pictures at all in the 1st place

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 16.7.06  

  • bo jaij,
    was commenting as you were.

    naom chomsky = hyde park speaking corner crap?
    ok, khalek mn chomsky

    khalek mn el rabbis wel journalists who are specialized and have lived the reality and have witnessed the reporting of the reality and the vast difference ..

    ham khalek mn el sard lel tareekh o el gararaat ely e6la3at wala t6abegat wel gararat which the states veto'd

    kalemny 3an all the footage that depicts the struggle bas..
    how does that exactly become speakers' corner crap?

    is it CGI?

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 16.7.06  

  • bo jaij,
    i have just checked your blog assuming that you may have responded there as well to my second comment only to find that you have deleted it

    in that case, i hope you have email notification and can save the comment for reference because i am seriously hoping that you would have the courtesy to reply to my questions

    here on this space, by email, or otherwise.. ana 7aathir went bas aamir

    -having already predicted that you would delete the comment, i have copy pasted it and have it with me if you do not have email notification/have deleted the email notifying-

    fe3lan atmana tekon rayal gad kelmetek o mas'ool 3anha wala te6la3 bayaa3 7achi

    -i will delete this comment upon your request sir-

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 17.7.06  

  • First of all let me make few things clear

    I don't give a damn about what happens in other Arab/Islamic countries. I stopped caring when I saw an Iraqi T-72 tank driven by a Muslim near my house, with a Palestinian Muslim "friend" waving and cheering for it.

    Now if you want to discuss Media double standard, I will only say this - We fucking deserve it. Anyone who is willing to kill children and slaughter women and shoot videos of his crimes, deserves all the punishments he will get from biased Media coverage to one ton "bunker busting" bombs.

    That's all I have to say , and let us focus on our own "local" issues. Which in my book is far more important and more worthy of my time than age old religious war.

    By Blogger أبو جيج يدور نعاله, at 17.7.06  

  • As for my earlier reaction in my blog, I want to aplogize about that. I was already in a heated discussion with pro Hozbollah Kuwaitis in another forum. And I presumed you were one of them after I saw the Hozboolah flag in your blog.

    By Blogger أبو جيج يدور نعاله, at 17.7.06  

  • Temetwir, "PS: Naom Chomsky speaks. I really hope you know who that is. If not, go fuck yourself. This is all in your head. There is no spoon.
    " ... should i comment on that!!

    Zeecu i support ur comment, and i too agree with the likes of Pilger and Chomsky, although.. if u check israeli newspapers, u would find the likes there.. in the most least thought of places.

    Bo jaij, u've hit a soft spot. i can't argue with u.

    By Blogger Bloo, at 17.7.06  

  • So it's because of Chomsky only, yeah? ;-p

    I think the vedio speaks for itself. Whoever dares to call any of the movements in Palestine and Lebanon "terrorism" my be completely retarded.

    As for Bo Jaij, I agree on the bit about people slaughtering others and taping their "heroic" actions. But that's different; that's Iraq, and Iraq is a completely different issue. What Iraq and the "occupied territories" have in common is the role of the US. I can't really care much about Iraq as much as I do the other countries, since Iraqis are the reason of their own trouble. As my friend put it, they US uncapped the bottle of the mad genie when they "liberated" Iraq. And now the mad genie is just that ... *mad* and commiting crimes and needs to be stopped when THEY, Iraqi people, DO stop the genie.

    Sorry for the irrelevence.
    Good post, though.

    By Blogger ScarlO, at 17.7.06  

  • Found something interesting here:

    By Blogger ScarlO, at 17.7.06  

  • I saw the whole thing and I'd watch it again and again and again...(I closed my eyes through the grosim parts) I just wish the rest of the world would see it too! That was amazing...bass 7arram ellee yengal 3an el thulm hatha ena its hyde park crap...wain el ra7ma...ina lilah wan ena elaihee raji3oon...amana makoo ra7ma....7eta el yahoodee fee el film shaf el thulm...we e7na la????...

    Thanks Temy...we need to advertise this...

    By Blogger MissCosmoKuwait, at 17.7.06  


    By Blogger Chai-7aleeb, at 17.7.06  

  • Ahh Noam Chomsky! the Jew that is "anti-semtic" but hey, anyone who dares give half an impression against Israel is anti-ba6eekh

    will definately watch when i get home, plus ive heard alot of good about an interview with Robert Fisk about the current situation, if its worth it i'll pass on the link

    By Blogger Faith, at 17.7.06  

  • bo jaij- you said

    "I don't give a damn about what happens in other Arab/Islamic countries. I stopped caring when I saw an Iraqi T-72 tank driven by a Muslim near my house, with a Palestinian Muslim "friend" waving and cheering for it."

    If you are willing to take blame for what some morons did, no offence but that doesnt make you any better then them. No we do not deserve it, its not inscripted anywhere for us to do what they did..their actions are out of their own idiocy, and i sure as hell well not take the "blame", ur also basing ur judegements on same pathetic personal encounter? I'm sorry but you really need to clarify your position, because right now you seem like the most close minded immature one around...[[unless i missed something in the posts you deleted...]] if you cant handle the subjet, don't comment on it

    By Blogger Faith, at 17.7.06  

  • bo jaij,
    i give two damns about what happens in muslim and or arab countries

    for example, i gave two damns and my heart was ripped out some two months ago for the last "events" in darfur and the millions of people who have lost their homes since this started 2003 and all the families who have lost and all the children who have been orphaned, killed, starved to death.. you name it
    just because it did not recieve this much attention neither from media NOR FROM THE POPULATION does not mean that it did not affect me and challenged all that i like to think i stand for .. the things which define me far exceed my being 'that kuwaiti guy' period

    i am trying to show that i dont care for lebanon because i heard about how "fun" it can be or the memories that my friends and family have made there..
    i dont care for lebanon because i have teachers or professors from there, friends whom i grew up with since school and thru college, and i dont care for lebanon just because it was the first country that has stood by kuwait during the invasion
    or whatever else..

    i like to think that my heart goes out to lebanon the state, and the lebanese - the ppl inside borders or out - for much more profound reasons because i know it deserves much more than my restricted circle of acquaintances.. for the fact that we share a lot of things and for the fact that - for the most part at least - we share faith (not necessarily faith in the sole sense of religion btw)

    what i am saying is i care about sudan just like i care about lebanon just as i care for kuwait .. just as much as i would care for indonesia .. i have chosen for this burden to be lifted on my shoulders, and i am willing to live with the consequences of it messing with my head every single day when my peers are out there thinking about what to do and where to go to and dig their heads in the grounds saying "im kuwaiti and im living okay so ill enjoy it while it lasts"

    you say an iraqi tank driven by a muslim near your house with a palestinian cheering for it, and i feel for you

    and i say: in london in 1990 when my father had to deal with a family of 5 + my mother + 2 of my aunts + my youngest uncle.. he tells me of the palestinians who were in london mocking him and calling him (and my mother) names
    i tell you of the martyrs and the injured and my friends whom i grew up with knowing they were orphaned or their fathers (for most part) taken prisoners .. this all done by non other than the arabs and the muslims i so care about now

    i am sure we have all been affected and i am sure we all wish for a better world ..
    the only difference is how pragmatic we are in choosing the manner in which we set our minds to deal with this

    yes, 'my faith in my faith' is what is directing me to be like this .. but this in no way undermines my pride in my nationality/country although you and i both can attest to the many downfalls it has had both for internal matters and external

    bema3na: i will focus on both the local issues and on the regional/global issues because they are all directly both related AND affected/effected to and by one another

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 17.7.06  

  • vintage
    - i have deleted that line .. sorry when u pasted it i saw that it wasnt 'funny' one bit :)

    - what you tell zeecu of the israeli newspapers is very true and is mentioned in the video .. i was not all that surprised really because i knew of the likes of chomsky speaking up..

    what i did find striking was what the journalists and rabbis kept referring to: the threats and harassment they are put thru whenever they speak their minds when it so happens that this undermines the Zionist (refraining from using 'israeli' now to draw a difference) regime and its goals

    i respect Chomsky for the fact that he was able to refute a whole school of thought that was dominating a large section of the research field (along with phd-thesis buddy cant remember the name now)

    his work, believe it or not, is what has - i believe - sparked the whole structural mind hypothesis and the nature in which the brain operates, learns, and then operates based on what it learned
    i need NOT tell u where this has been taken .. sociology & psychology for the most part are my main concerns ..
    i just find someone like chomsky speaking on this issue in such a manner reaffirms and strengthens "our" side of the story simply becoz there is no dispute to how respected and influential (as well as objective of course) he is eb shahadat nearly every1 who ever read a journal

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 17.7.06  

  • misscosmo
    have you watched "Why We Fight" ? a documentary on the 'military industrial complex' first labelled as such by ex pres Eisenhower .. the documentary investigates arms trade and the US involvement in the matter (back-story being the 9.11 attacks)
    if not, please look into it - ill try to see if i can get a hold of it online and let u know at once


    i think you were being sarcastic when you said 'the jew who is anti-semitic' .. right?

    funny that u should mention that actually, becoz i was trying to change my banner by putting that:
    being Anti-Israel is not being Anti-Semitic
    being Anti-US is not being Anti-American

    and yes please do make the time to watch it in full.. try to keep a level head and relate what is discussed to current "situation" and the war on lebanon

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 17.7.06  

  • Careful, Tem, else you'll scar the sensibilities of politically correct folk ;)

    I won't be able to put that video out of my mind for a long time now.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17.7.06  

  • vintage.. unoffically appointed as Temetwir occasional 'bad words' eraser.

    By Blogger Bloo, at 17.7.06  

  • objection!! on having hezbollahs flag on your blog!!

    By Blogger A3sab, at 18.7.06  

  • sapphire,
    i wouldnt want you to put that video out of ur mind for a long time, now would i

    occasional? ru kidding me that's like a full-time job heh
    i dont swear a lot thu, honest

    i had the lebanese flag up with the kuwaiti flag first .. then i wanted to do something abt "anti israel isnt anti semitism and anti US isnt anti american" to go with a post i wanted to write .. it didnt work (yet) because of the space and becoz i didnt have the time to write the piece
    so, i chose to put the 7izballah flag instead because it sums up basically all that when i think abt it

    yes, i support their cause.
    no, i never considered nor will i ever consider them terrorists.
    yes, i can back up my opinions.
    no, i dont think they dragged lebanon into war.

    u know me better ;]

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 18.7.06  

  • btw om mejrin, any thoughts on the video?

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 18.7.06  

  • i second a3sab

    By Blogger Mother Courage, at 18.7.06  

  • mother c
    join the club

    btw ive discussed this extensively with a3sab .. so please explain your opposition and back it up .. we'll take it from there

    *again, mother c + a3sab .. watch the video please

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 18.7.06  

  • Temetwir,

    Ya know that I love checking your blog between now and then cuz you provide some interesting facts and sources just like this post right here. But the thing that kinda bumped me out is the pic of Hozballah in your blog. Well, I guess everybody has its own view on the current situation and I respect your views as well.

    By Blogger Angelo, at 18.7.06  

  • fallen angel,
    halaw, appreciate the words

    as i have told mother courage, please present your opposition .. let me know why you were bummed out when you saw the flag to show my supporting the cause of 7ezballah

    i (like to) think you guys by now have come to know that my stances are always backed up with evidence and that i dont just swing and hang on to something just for the sake of inclination (this would be by judging from continuous arguments/debates in the comments' section following posts)

    so feel free to debate .. 3al agal u guys know what im about and dont jump to silly conclusions summing me and my life up in a word like "6aa'efy" and what not :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 18.7.06  

  • Temetwir,

    I wrote "ma8alah 6owelah 3are'9ah" about the current situation. Although, I didn’t present many evidences and claims, yet all what I have written is coming from the heart. And yes just as you said...what makes you different than the others is that you present your views along with good claims and counter arguments. So even though we might disagree on this one, that wouldn't mean I would have to repeal your thoughts [so far I haven't seen you using racial insults and that's an excellent work ;)

    By Blogger Angelo, at 19.7.06  

  • Temetwir

    شايف اليهال إللي يشترون لهم لعبة ويستانسون عليها لفترة, وبعدين يملون منها, ويقطونها, عشان يدورونلهم على لعبة ثانية

    هذا بالظبط إللي صاير, فيه ناس خلصوا من شغلة كانت مونستهم لفترة, والحين يحسون بالملل, فشنو احسن من إنهم يفتحون مثل هذي المواضيع وإللي يتهجمون فيها ويحللون بشغلة ما هم فاهمين فيها بالأساس

    تحياتي لك, وتحياتي للمقاومة بفلسطين ولبنان

    By Blogger لمياء الحالمة, at 19.7.06  

  • FA,
    great, i'll make sure to read it :)

    لمياء الحالمة
    اتفق معاج انه كثير كثير ممن تكلم ويتكلم مو عارف راسه من كرياسه ولكن لا ينطبق ذلك على الكل

    الامر المحزن والمفشل صراحة هو اطلاق الاتهامات التي لم تبنى على اساس وان بنيّت فأغلب الاحيان تكون على اساس طائفي ام غيره من التفاهات و"يكون مرقعها"ـ

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 19.7.06  

  • Tem, thanks for the link to the video, def. worth the time...passed it on to some friends that also liked it very much. Really makes your jaws drop at the level we have gotten to, and we still have people who laugh and say "you and your conspiracy theories"

    if they are willing to go that far to control media, lysh nstb3ed ay shay 3anhum?

    By Blogger Faith, at 19.7.06  

  • for some reason i never thought any one would blame hezballah for whats happening, i thought things were clear, i am truly shocked !!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19.7.06  

  • faith,
    very true
    problem is, many here base their ideas on what the US media has to offer, i.e. what the US makes available to the american citizens is what it (US) also takes to the UN, and what it also takes into acocunt -solely- as if it was the full fact <- evident in Bush speeches and what not

    so really.. i find it striking how some people can just be overwhelmed

    tell me about it

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 19.7.06  

  • Here are some links that I believe will be interested

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8.8.06  

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