بالأمس كانوا معي واليوم قد رحلوا

The 'okays' of politics.

- it is okay to wage a war based on a hunch, that there are weapons of mass destruction
- but it is only okay to do that if you are the president of the united states
- it is okay to win an election, by the way, after you waged such war
- it is perfectly clear that the kuwaiti government is corrupt..
- but the US? even on the same case that deems the kuwaiti govt as corrupt? oh no, the US gets a pass
- in 40 yrs time, someone will write "The then United States adminstration had the liberty to say, do and or claim anything. Not because of its possession of all that is media related and, thus, global opinion; but because the then Kuwaiti people excused it of any wrong doing. Even when, at the time, the Kuwaiti people have sprung up in protest to issues which were in one way or another related to that single case which deemed the Kuwaiti government as corrupt."
- terrorism takes only one form.. and that is the form of declaring-you-are-a-terrorist-on-a-videotape
- it is not cool whatsoever to ask "if those guys can allegedly put planes into buildings, dont they have dvd recorders or something?"
- sadam 7sain goes to trial .. and still comes on top because he's making a mockery of it all .. and mr president insists on this being,, mm,, justice? .. what would texas ranger chuck norris say?
- it is not "cool" or .. "hip" .. or .. "politically correct" - so it seems - to start your speech by "besmelah elra7man elra7eem, wel salat wel salam 3ala ashraf el khalg wa a3tham el morsaleen nabeyena mo7amad salla allah 3laih o aaleh o sa7beh ajme3een .. "
- why? well, because you can say "besmelah el ra7man elra7eem, bedayatan wedy akheth la7tha lel do3a' bel shefa' el3ajel ela 7abeebena wa mongethena wa manaarrena wa 3ezwatona wa man-kaadda-an-yakoon-nabeyyena-lawwla-el-7arraj a7mad el rub3y" .. it's what gets you elected,, salemly 3ala elsani3
- when you grow up and become the president of the united states, you get to say something like "diplomacy is a waste of time", get away with it, then have the biggest "inventory" of nuclear weapons/technology, and tell the world that any non-pro-business 'sovereign states' may not have any nuclear technology because you fear for the safety of .. the planet, i guess
- when you do grow up, become the president of the united states, say all that, you will be too smart to believe any of it .. but you're too smart you say it in a way that convinces people to back you up
- just like in the movies, all the good guys come from the united states, and all the bad guys want to blow up the united states .. even Superman knows that
- israel gets to launch strikes on a whole region/country for one "kidnapped" soldier .. keyword: soldier, the quotes tamweeh .. and they are excused
- sure, kidnapping isn't exactly the nicest thing to do if you want to negotiate over a cup of tea .. but what about all the murdered palestinian children? "it's a casualty of war" they say (and some kiddos over here say "gal3athom ewgefaw thidna bel ghazo") .. but apparently, holding someone, correction: a soldier, hostage excuses a raid
- to recap: kill children, and you get to say something like "it's a war" .. your killing springs the holding a soldier hostage: go kill more children, and say it's a war
- for the record: fuck 7amaas, but fuck the zionists a tad more .. or a lot more for that matter
- lesaan 7aal "nabeha khamsa" fema yet3alag b 7adas: "bel amse kano ma3y, wal yawm gad ra7alo"


  • Good piece Tem!

    "gal3athom ewgefaw thidna bel ghazo"

    Tem, what’s your personal opinion on this particular topic?

    By Blogger BitterSweet, at 9.7.06  

  • I'm having a surreal moment, and your post puts me in that state of mind. I won't post a longer reply for fear of reverting into asserting your post with sharp unapologetic sarcasam.

    Slain children are cheap and have no human value as long as they are not blue eyed blond haired fluffy angels. Sorry, delayed reaction kicking in.

    By Anonymous Sapphire, at 9.7.06  

  • bittersweet,
    here's the thing.. i understand that the palestinian govts and a sector of their population hates kuwait as a state and the way many many kuwaitis live (trust me, i have heard stories from my dad when we were in london even before el ghazo that would excuse me for hating their guts) .. but that does not mean i am happy to see their 2 yr old babies' bodies ripped open by some zionist asshole who gets away with it just because "it's a war" or "a tensed place where things like that happen"

    i like to see the picture as a whole concerning this matter, namely, that these people are muslims (majority at least, and even those who rnt muslims, theyre still raped out of their land as far as im concerned)..
    i dont care what they think of me based on my nationality, especially when they dont even know me or what im abt.. they can think what they want and they can keep wishing that 'oil runs out' or whatever it is silly-folk talk abt..
    and if they dont appreciate my country's grants to their govts, then that still does not give me the right to be a bitch and hold a grudge not against them, but against their children..
    MUSLIM children, if u may

    i see it as an issue of faith, and if not faith, what my faith teaches me in principle .. not that of nationality, land, or money

    these things do happen, and they sure as hell will continue to happen .. im not a pacifist by any means, so i can deal with that.. however, it is the reaction of some groups of ppl to what is really happening that bothers me the most and not the event itself

    post a longer comment ;]

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 9.7.06  

  • IF you are not of a particular creed or origin your blood is of no value and your sufferings are of no concern. The states will remain always in power simply becuase the step on everyone and yet everyone is so dependent of them. **shrugs** Kids dieing,wars erupting under false pretenses, Murders allowed justice..Its like the french say..C'est la vie..

    By Blogger LiLaCs, at 9.7.06  

  • even if it's a "fact" that people who pray for rub3y's recovery get elected, and those who pray for Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) receive "criticism"... still... it's not a good way to compare, I know many (or some) may find it strange... but bringing the mentioned two into a comparison is not a good idea.

    I got your point though ;)

    BTW, I love using el-basmala, el-7amd, el-salat & al-salam. It's one of the best "Deebaja"s in the Arabic language. But when the "speech" is totally political, I think it's "adequate" to start with:
    بسم الله والحمدلله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

    By Blogger iDip, at 10.7.06  

  • lilacs,
    the states will not remain as the sole power in the world.. and i think the US is dependent on everyone ;)
    it's just a matter of those whom the US is dependent on knowing what "Little boy" and "Fat man" used to refer to back in August, 1945 .. and it has been going on ever since

    i completely agree, it is a very retarded way of comparison if it were intended for comparison.. but if i got my point across to you sir then i am a very very happy man

    regarding the 'totally political' speeches, let us not forget that there is no speech with no audience .. of course, i'm sure we can both agree that certain persons go on and on rambling and quoting a7adeeth here, islamic figures there, and verses mn elquran elkareem in between ..
    i think that makes one 'not-agree' politically with that person if he chooses to be so (based on il nawaaya for these quotes if ur catching my drift) .. but does not grant one the right to oppose the quotes or perhaps suggest to opt for other things to say

    it's not exactly that much of a difference when one starts quoting churchill ;]

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 10.7.06  

  • WOW yebtha yaiiib kalam gowy ..... ya36eek il3afya :)

    By Blogger متفرغ, at 10.7.06  

  • I myself witnessed how many Kuwait-born Palestinians showed their "allegiance" to Kuwait during the time of invasion…
    It always amazes me (and I admire it very much) how the majority of Kuwaiti’s I speak on this issue (and their opinion represent the majority’s I believe) have on grudge or any/little desire for vengeance: Although what some of them did during the invasion was far beyond wrong, they are still fellow-Muslims, children, defenseless people who are left under the mercy of the Israeli’s (who haven’t got any…) and therefore deserve our support or at least our sympathy.

    This while Kuwait-born Palestinians I speak on this same issue give me a strong impression, that they would have done exactly the same, if the history repeated itself, but on the same time expect the whole world, especially the Islamic world to support their case, with words, grants and what have you…

    By Blogger BitterSweet, at 10.7.06  

  • metfarigh,
    allah ye3afeek yal 7abeeb
    nothing is more reassuring than the backing up of a political science major ;]

    what i find very silly is how some ppl act as if the palestinian crowd were the only ones who were against the kuwaitis in the invasion .. if anything, this proves our point

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 10.7.06  

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