1. "kela mn el liberaliyeen"
  2. "kela mn el isalmiyeen"
  3. mawthou3 el 7aflaat wel dagdiga.. espicially before ermothan wel 3eed
  4. girls : "badris mass communication and open my own ad company"
  5. boys : "badris business o 'bafta7' sharikaat"
  6. "bader el 7maidi shojaa3"
  7. ga66aat 3abdile6eef led3ay concerning sh. soba7 ela7mad
  8. pink as the favorite color for chicks
  9. 20 inch wheels (or larger) on trucks and SUVs - chrome 6ab3an
  10. kuwait vs saudi football matches
  11. "ana ma3a entekhabat eljam3a, le'anha el khe6wa el oula lel we7da el wa6aneya"
  12. bo raashid
  13. "banky? el wa6any"
  14. girls : "i would never settle for a guy who plays around"
  15. girls : "aham shay in a marriage is fidelity"
  16. saying that being gay is acceptable
  17. being "open minded"
  18. "that's just how Kuwaitis are"
  19. "i wish we were more like the US"
  20. blaming private schools
  21. boys : "el mo6reb el eflani jens, ana shaayfa"
  22. girls : "el mo6reb el eflani eyanin"
  23. LV files
  24. CHANEL sunglasses
  25. starting a sentence with "when i was in the US.."
  26. ending a sentence with "and i am entitled to my opinion"
  27. my lists
  28. girls : "wai3, ma a7eb ely yedegon 7adeed"
  29. boys : "badish naady o ajasim"
  30. questions like : "shlon ssaid el Ferrari? yesawi shay?"
  31. questions like : "shaakheth? Ferrari wela Porsche?"
  32. girls : "ana ma yehezni ay motar"
  33. boys : "ya 3ami .. lo eb motar chan esfe6at b thaanyetain"
  34. te6eg farra eb masaafi6 Nino went tadri enek ment naazil
  35. "el maada 121 mn el distoor temna3 3etho majlis il omma mn ta3yeenah b majlis idarat ay sharika"
  36. becoming an MD or an engineer
  37. getting your masters degree from Egypt
  38. questions like : "shlon el clubaat 3endik? laish matro7?"
  39. "ra3yat motar, ma7ad yegdar 3alaiha"
  40. boys : "ana bel gahwa, 7ayaak"
  41. girls : "ana eb chocolate bar marina crescent"
  42. "sog el Kuwait yelawi3 el chabd, mafeh shay"
  43. travelling to Cannes with your friends and staying at the Carlton
  44. "a7san jareeda bel kuwait el qabas"
  45. "jareedat el wa6an ma menha fayda"
  46. "ana ma ataabi3 mosalsalaat b ermothan"
  47. posing as if you don't know where the latest hot spots are in kuwait
  48. girls : "i love starbucks for the coffee, not the boys"
  49. boys : "i love starbucks ka taghyeer jaw 3an el dewaneya, not for the girls"
  50. claiming to be westernized, americanized or whateverinalised
  51. "laish ma niseer nafs Dubai?" Spontaneous .. yawday


  • Boy oh boy, you're gonna get flamed for this post :p

    - I don't wish we were like the US. We're much better.

    - What's wrong with being an engineer? jelous? :p

    - A guy I know uses the word 'americanized' to refer that he & his *current* GF have sex (they were in an american school).

    By Blogger MBH, at 26.9.05  

  • what's that all about =P

    By Blogger Spontaneousnessity, at 27.9.05  

  • ishfeeeeeeeeeeh?

    whats wrong with alot of things you have posted?


    By Blogger Baroque, at 27.9.05  

  • I like it : )

    By Blogger PeTiTa, at 27.9.05  

  • mbh ya tell me abt it!

    spontaneous whats what?

    charisma not necessarily wrong, not necessarily right .. just that theyre cliches

    petita glad u do and nice to have u back - thought u were gone for good for a second

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 27.9.05  

  • tem - these cliches r common not just in kuwait bas everywhere some r so true others got me thinking,

    what got u to write this post?

    By Blogger hibbalicious, at 27.9.05  

    ok I had to read it like a million times, kuwiti accent is sorts hard :S
    neways My hubby LUVED the list, I did not enjot it so much since:

    1- INshalla i'm going to start college next semester,,,
    girls : "badris mass communication and open my own ad company"

    pink as the favorite color for chicks

    3- Since when is Chanel a clich'e?
    CHANEL sunglasses

    The rest of the list was awesome
    i liked it my husband loved it thank you for making him think I'm a clich'e :P

    By Blogger Noor, at 27.9.05  

  • LoooooL!! its all trueee! wayiid 9ayra perceptive :P

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27.9.05  

  • oops sorry i mean 9ayir* :P

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27.9.05  

  • hibba yea i didnt intend to restrict to q8, some i see here too and saw places else - what got u thinking?
    and i duno, i just made the list

    om siraj heh no wonder u didnt enjoy the list then .. goodluck with ur degree nxt yr (u answered a HUGE question for me btw) o salmay 3ala bo siraaj

    anonymous what is it with u "ppl" and making me a chick, is it me? heh
    - anyway keep backin me up

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 27.9.05  

  • im afraid to ask
    but what ? is that?

    By Blogger Noor, at 27.9.05  

  • whats what om siraaj?

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 27.9.05  

  • whats the ? i answered?

    By Blogger Noor, at 27.9.05  

  • ? = question

    By Blogger Noor, at 27.9.05  

  • om siraj getting married and having a baby, and then continuing ur studies

    like i said, u make me regret not getting married heh

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 27.9.05  

  • oh so it was about the continuing studying,, inshalla inshalla next term so mit7amisa :)))

    ur still 21 what are u talking about?!! mashallah u still have lots of time!
    and if u want to get married ,,, than itzawij!
    why don'tu let ur mom find u a 3aroos? is that how u get married in kuwait or is it that men and women meet and then get married?
    im very intrested in knowing, and what about relationhips are they ok in Kuwait?

    By Blogger Noor, at 27.9.05  

  • wai la allah yesam7ek =~{

    yanait 3ala il underwater hotel =~{ we have alot of catching up to do to even start to "WANT" to do anything! =~{ I feel sorry for Kuwait, I wish I had the power.

    By Blogger Spontaneousnessity, at 28.9.05  

  • Pink and purple are my corporate colors!!! he he he!!!

    Purple's the color of my kitchen & Coaches.

    Pink is the color of my craft room whcih we actually call "THE PINK ROOM"

    So yeah yeah yeah I'm a typical chick!

    By Blogger samboose, at 28.9.05  

  • hey there, tadre shlon.. ur the type of spectator in an american football game who can see the blind angle's view of the missed foul. bas wain.. ma7ad mqadrik.. we do :) very good post

    By Blogger Bloo, at 28.9.05  

  • cool post bas liesh ya rijal you couldnt type the arabic in arabic!!! my eyes hurt now!

    By Blogger Kay, at 28.9.05  

  • om siraj lets not steer off course, ill tell u all abt it if u want email me matyara911@hotmail.com

    spontaneous like i said, "laish ma niseer nfs dubai" IS A CLICHE.. anyway dont feel la sorry wala shay, true that we're not that far away but trust me, we're worlds apart

    samboose heh .. purple kitchen? thats strange - or do u mean purple mixed with alum steel? like for the cupboards and all

    vintage thank you :) good to have u back

    wicked hala walla :) terribly sorry about that, ill try to figure out a way to make the kuwaiti-dialect-in-english easier to read next time!

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 28.9.05  

  • dont stop with those lists i luv them

    By Blogger A3sab, at 28.9.05  

  • we're not like dubai because we dont allow alcohol Beverages , night clubs , prostitutes and all that !

    in dubai u dont feel that u're in an arab country ! , its so westernized !

    my emarati friend once told me "e7na a'3rab w elajaneb asyad bderatna" they dont rule in their city ! its the "others" who rule and thats shown

    now guys if u do allow the stuff i've mentioned above i guess kuwait would look even better than dubai ! but would it be the perfect place to rase ur children ?

    well i would encourage the business investements ! , but tourism i dont think so !

    b3deen e7na let us settle down first , kilshway wa7ed nagezlenah
    first sadam now rabe3 '3loom !!
    3salla ye7afethna !

    By Blogger Brava Valentia, at 28.9.05  

  • Temetwir - it wasnt hard, i'm not kuwaiti but i can read it perfectly and understand fil nihayaa kilna bald wa7ad. but seriously loved ur lists! could work for us down south too. especially "why cant we be more like Dubai?" cliche

    but its like mother courage said, dubai lacks any identity, and trafffic that can make u want to commit a crime! it takes 2 hours to go a less then 10 km distance! things happen there too fast.

    By Blogger Kay, at 28.9.05  

  • Temy, Nooooo not EVERYTHING'S purple... 3ad I'm not geeziyah!

    The walls, the paintings..etc Ya3ni purrple accents. The major stuff's wood or steel...

    By Blogger samboose, at 28.9.05  

  • Funny bs walla 7aram u made me feel uncomfortable about myself :P I have a mass communications degree o maby afta7 my own ad company, I like pink, I wear chanel sunglasses, and I REALLY do like the coffee at starbucks and NOT the guys (ma arta7 aslan lemma there are a lot of ppl there, the whole place goes quiet all of a sudden when someone walks in or out of the place)...but of course, I'm an exception! I think i understand why noor aka om siraj didn't enjoy the post :P

    By Blogger Ms. Milk, at 29.9.05  

  • a3sab taamreen

    mother courage well said, but the others dont "rule" .. dubai is where it is now because it has no parliament

    wicked yeah am sure some of those cliches work all around the gulf! never been to 3omaan, but i hear that the scenery there alone could turn it into a tourists' heaven

    samboose heh thats what i said! anyway its still unique i guess

    ms milk what ur saying is exactly what the list is about, cliches heh .. nah just playin :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 29.9.05  

  • temetwir... you typing up such a list makes you the biggest cliche of all. No offense.

    By Blogger Grandma Funk, at 6.10.05  

  • grandma funk
    none taken, espicially when u look at no.27

    egry 3adel gabel latba6leen 7aljich, no offense ;)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 7.10.05  

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