Confessions of a Misspent Youth

Kuwait - 2002.

3ali and M7amad are still best friends. They were rolling in a C5 down the second ring road, dubbed shari3 il7ob. They were both 18 years old, and 2pac was swearing he would kill everybody of the "bitch-ass niggiz on the EaSide" in the background. Yeah, it didn't really go with what they were wearing. Clad in qetra o i3gaal, each one claiming the reserved rights to his own creation of el nasfa. The discussion going on was meaningless, both would tell you that much now. But at the time it sure was pretty much intense.

"Sadegny 3laiwi, nou3ha ghair .. hathy mo sowalifha ana a3arf il bent. Ment gadir 3alaiha lo 7awalt" announced M7amad, in hopes that 3ali would just shut up. You see, they thought they didn't have anything better to do than to discuss the "level of innocence" the 20 yead old girl they were talking about had. She was with M7amad in college, and 3ali knew her name and 'rep'. To 3ali, it was the thrill not only of the chase, but also to prove to M7amad that he did mean what he said about making Noor - the girl - fall for him.

You see, what M7amad did not know was that 3ali had already made Noor fall for him. What M7amad did not know was that Noor had just called 3ali while they were at the restaurant. What M7amad did not know, was that Noor was the one harassing 3ali with messages and missed calls to pick-up.
This really got on 3ali's nerves. It was his 'pride' up against itself. The pride he had in himself in proving that he can get what he set his mind to, and telling M7amad all about it. Against the pride he carries in that he believes that he does not 'kiss and tell'. They weren't complete assholes, afterall.

If you were wondering, 3ali never did tell M7amad about Noor. Infact, any time Noor would be mentioned, 3ali would just say "shakhbari, shyab el6aary". It was a game to him. Even now, he can't deny that it was a game. Sure, he did like her the most out of the five girls he 'spoke to' at the time, but it was still just a game.

Sitting now reflecting on the shallow kid he was, 3ali could not point out one single thing that could justify what he did. Fuck his content, he now realizes that these girls were pretty much all decent. Up until they met him, atleast. 3ali can only think of ways, lots and lots of ways, to explain how it was all wrong. Yet he can't even come up with one single excuse.

Not one excuse, except maybe that it was the girls' fault? But he voted against that. He agreed that it was his duty to take responsibility for his actions.

You see, what kills 3ali up to this day is that he believes he has the clarity now to know that these kinds of things are just plain wrong. Ofcourse, nobody would listen.

You could say that in his hopes of preventing hearts from being broken, he was the one left with the broken heart.


  • Interesting!!! I think more guys should write short stories about "GUYS" in relationships or mughazal for that matter.

    We all pretty much the take on girls so it's nice to get the other side of the story....

    By Blogger samboose, at 23.9.05  

  • Um.. I guess it's kind of noble of him to try and give good advice now that he has cleaned up his act, and it's a shame no one listens. But that's just human nature, everyone wants to have 'fun' not caring what the consequences might be at the end. Sad, really. But this happens all the time, guys grow up and the guilt from theirs pasts catch up with them and they try to make it 'right'. But is it too late?

    By Blogger Jaded Saudi, at 24.9.05  

  • To reach a level of maturity and notice that what was done was wrong, is good enough.

    Alas, I see kids in the age of 10 going after girls and some even say words that I don't even dare to say!

    Wasted Youth

    By Blogger MBH, at 24.9.05  

  • samboose theres nothing much to write about, from experience i can tell u hands down for guys its either a game or to prove a point - both of which may occur at the same time .. all the while, the girls on the other side of the story would be dreaming about the false illusion represented to her as love and what not.. i know, and i know becoz i used to make it happen :)

    JS id really like to meet such guys, to me it seems that the older some guys grow the more childish they become simply becoz as u said, the majority dont listen to ppl who know..
    and i think whats done is done, so it cant be "made" right unfortunately .. admitting it was wrong and stand by that is as right as it can get

    mbh i hear u on the kids but its not the same thing at all.. bas dam u say 10yrs old, shay ma ybasher mooleya :/

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 24.9.05  

  • Hey there! Long time fan, first time poster :P
    Temetwir: ur running a great blog here.
    Great story, could totally relate to it.
    Anyways, keep up the good work.

    P.S.: Sorry for being late on the comment.
    P.P.S.: Hopefully u know who i am!

    By Blogger OriginalWeddingCrasher, at 24.9.05  

  • girls are such suckers :/

    except me of course!

    By Blogger Faith, at 24.9.05  

  • I forgot to add, that I believe that it's the girls' fault as much as it is the guys' fault!

    If the girl had the decency to turn away, then guys won't bother her.

    The problem is in both genders.. guys & girls in provocative clothes -- and what's wth the spiky heads?!?!?!?

    By Blogger MBH, at 24.9.05  

  • Temy, you trying to tell me that men are really one track minded, they have no substance?? Come on I give some men a lot more credit than that. Maybe because I know many "GOOD" guys. But then again you could be right because they're not the norm. Sad that good guys are exceptions... Over and above it happens everywhere, not only in "our" society. It's the universal language of "guyness"

    By Blogger samboose, at 24.9.05  

  • OriginalWeddingCrasher
    hala wala, appreciate the compliment and glad that u can relate .. i knew somebody out there would know..
    but im terribly sorry i cant actually place u - 7amod?

    faith heh some girls, yeah .. and not u ofcourse

    mbh in this particular case? trust me, its the guys' fault .. she had all the decency and all the whatever, which is my point : some guys (not me anymore if i may add) r just in it thinking its a game . which is why am saying its wrong o its wrong - the girls believe in something that isnt there. period.

    samboose laa, bel3aks.. if the guys lacked substance, how could they "get" the girl? im talking about the intentions .. mo shayfa "cruel intentions"? thats pretty much it heh
    however, what i was trying to get across is that when i was like that, i was wasting my time .. so the whole thing is just plain wrong for guys and girls

    just trying to illustrate a point without mentioning religion, but instead real life experiences so that it would be understood by all :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.9.05  

  • wow, i never thought there was semi decent guy as ali, i liked his mentality, that he didn't kiss and tell..

    i thought all guys were blabber mouths..

    but i don't get one thing, could you explain to me why guys aren't faithful and don't have one eternal love?

    By Blogger Baroque, at 25.9.05  

  • charisma
    very simply put: in order to love someone - really love - u need some sort of relationship

    in this case, whats the bond? phone calls? 6al3aat? u call that a relationship?

    hence, relationships need commitment, and when im not commited, i would play 5 girls instead of 1 .. what difference did it make back then? its a game, remember

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 25.9.05  

  • I got distracted by the word NOOR


    Neways it is all games when ur younger , when u get older and still playing, than sweetie it ain't a game no longer. It'll be so much harder ro find a secure relatioship, nothing is like the movies or my much adored romance novels, where a player finds his true love and becomes the most decent and faithful lover.

    You proved a great point, men and women weren't supposed to have pre-martial r. IT JUST DOESN'T WORK OUT.

    ~ I'm sure Noor was the lo;veliest sweetest prettiest coolest most awesome girl in the uni, her name is NOOR after all :P

    By Blogger Noor, at 25.9.05  

  • ohh and btw , i just read that u are 21.

    sara7tan at first i thought u were a girl :S i have no idea why.

    But after i found out u were a e7m male i thought u were like 28 or 30 ( madreey leeh)

    I guess its the way u write and think
    mashalla very impressive :)

    By Blogger Noor, at 25.9.05  

  • om siraj
    ur not the 1st to say u thought i was a grl, shesalfa?

    but whats up with the age thing!

    ill take that as a compliment i guess :)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 26.9.05  

  • Temetwir, I wasn't restricting my point to this exact example... I don't want to generalize but sadly, this is the situation in Kuwait.

    I really don't understand what most guys do, though being a guy myself! I was always criticized for this, but hey, someone has to be different in a way!

    I believe this whole thing is the result of seperating girls & boys from a very early age.
    I think it's benefitial to keep together till finishing mid-school, then do the seperation part in highschool (pubirty...etc).
    At least by then, they would consider each other as brothers and sisters, not just someone from the opposite sex.

    Another crucial factor, is cultural background & customs. For example, Bado treat women differently from 7a'6ar (and to specify, those who to english schools).
    Neither are good nor bad, their broadly different.
    But it just falls when a guy doesn't look at a girl as his sister, thus respect her.

    I always wonder, why would guys follow girls and harras them? How would they feel if someone did that to their sister(s)?

    * Yeah, the latter is actually blaming guys.

    ** Sorry for the long post!

    By Blogger MBH, at 26.9.05  

  • Interesting:)...nice and I like:)

    By Blogger Rimyoleta, at 26.9.05  

  • teme:
    can i call u that its much shorter and easier anyways , pick one girl or old, i'd go with girl being an old man is no fun looool jk
    and i guess i thought u were old was because of ur maturness and stability and thats definatly a good thing

    U remind me soooooo much of my mothers best friends son MARA!
    i just had to say that

    and mashallah its great that u think that way, bss not all the guys are at fault, girls wear makeup and tight abayaas just so they can flirt with the men, if a girl does that , than u know shes dying to have a number thrown at her.
    Its all a matter of dignity and respect.
    If a girl or guy has that than most of the time they won't get bothered,

    By Blogger Noor, at 26.9.05  

  • mbh not at all be my guest, interesting point, rather contraversial, about the seperation from an early age

    om siraj sure u can, o ma3alaich zoud kelech nethar..
    yea and i was only kidding dont worry im secure abt who and what i am heh :)

    rimyoleta glad u do

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 26.9.05  

  • Noor, uhh thank you? I guess..

    Temetwir, well I studied aborad till I was 10 plus my second mom (milk mom? lol) is christian, add those to having a sister!
    I guess those influenced me in a way.

    But I do have to say, that with all reasons gone, religion was/is the way to respect everyone else -- not just girls!

    By Blogger MBH, at 26.9.05  

  • Temetwir - shino ilee khalak it'3ayer isloobik ma3a il banat?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28.9.05  

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