Among unfamiliar faces, except for one or two, he was stranded. Feeling the friction underneath, his body was slightly thrown right to left and left to right. Accelerating in a straight was always a thrill. Looking to the side, he figured they were doing only around 160km/h, but it felt faster. Much faster. But not as fast as he would have liked.

The engine soaring, he changed into 4th gear feeling the suspension tighten and the tires kick, gripping the road by digging away on the asphalt. An inch or two infront of the turbo now. As the engine symphonised, the nose was as if lifting. Just over 9k rpm, into 5th gear, the Ferrari dived and rised again within a fraction of a second. The turbo gained the lead and he could just see its wing. Owned like a motherfucker. The transition to 6th gear was smooth as a baby's butt, he felt as if the car was being pushed from the back; but that wasn't enough for him to catch with the turbo which was by now a whole 2 cars length away.

Defying physics by using it against itself, they were all airborne. His first time at doing this 'return after the return', and he wasn't liking it one bit.

Five hours and thirty minutes later, he was thinking of that race as if it were a return home. Jolly good times, you feel you're on top of the world. Only to be bitch-slapped back into reality with the massive plane tires' jolt; or the fact that you're doing over 280km/h already, with the end of the road racing towards you and not vice versa.

Life. It's just what it is, innit?


  • it's what we make it..

    By Blogger MSB, at 13.1.06  

  • hmm during this weather, u need to focus on the road dude!

    By Blogger kila ma6goog, at 13.1.06  

  • mind you this is a quite ravishing description.. I admire your eloquence.. and loved the "innit" its funny innit.. you have to read this comment in a stuey-like voice/accent (stuey from family guy damn you vile woman)aaight maitee toodiloo then

    By Anonymous the11thmuse, at 13.1.06  

  • wala that's life, you just have to to be a head of it.

    By Blogger Hattorihanzo, at 13.1.06  

  • Your description of life is just superb

    By Blogger LaiaLy_q8, at 13.1.06  

  • oh life !

    By Blogger Brava Valentia, at 13.1.06  

  • msb exactly! hence, the hardships and stuff u dont really like but u do nonetheless to 'make something out of it'

    kila ma6goog the race wasnt hal ayam,, but since u mention the weather.. u shouldve seen the landing in 40mph winds !

    the muse glad u like, no idea who stuey is thu

    bo fay also true.. it's all about catching up with it at least :)

    laialy rnt u the perfect lady?

    mother c what did u think it was then?

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 14.1.06  

  • hm.. in my point of view, life is 10% what u make it and 90% how u take it.. it all depends on the ups and downs, but how to handle the downs and get over them is the only way u'd know u had a firm grip on life.. and u have control over yourself if not 100% over ur life..

    By Blogger Swair., at 14.1.06  

  • swair i disagree becoz that is to say u have no say and no control over what u do or what u can make out of life

    sure, "taking it" is just as important, but then again u have to take it becoz it's a consequence of ur actions (simply coz life IS what u make it, and u have to take responsibility if something goes wrong)

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 14.1.06  

  • Aham shai in life, is to buckle up. and at the speeds you mention, an ejection seat with a parachute would also be nice.

    3eedek mba3ak 7aje Teme :)

    By Blogger mishari26, at 14.1.06  

  • a7rajtnii

    bs i am :p

    By Blogger LaiaLy_q8, at 14.1.06  

  • mishari heh itsadeg yabeela ejection seat .. what do u reckon? the landing site should be 'family'?
    ayamik sa3eeda

    laialy we all know that already, u can ask to make sure too if u dont trust me

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 14.1.06  

  • The "landing site" could also be death.

    3athem Alla ajerkom.

    By Blogger mishari26, at 14.1.06  

  • ajerna wajrek a7sant

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 15.1.06  

  • i like that :)

    By Blogger DareDevil, at 15.1.06  

  • daredevil chairz mayn

    By Blogger Temetwir, at 15.1.06  

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